I'll Be The Warrior's Mother

I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother C1-10

Chapter 1


The ornate bedroom door opened silently.

Ilena slipped into it and closed the door.

‘You’re sleeping. Good.’

The light from her lamp lighted the interior of the bedroom.

Ilena swallowed a dry needle, and then walked over to the big, antique bed on one side.

On the bed, her husband, Duke Kaifin Mayhard, lay silently without breathing.

Ilena passed the needle again.

‘You can’t make a mistake.’

This time you have to be sure to succeed.

Ilena said, looking at the bed her husband was lying on.

Normally, the subject was dressed in a neat and tight manner, as if measuring with a ruler, and the appearance of sleeping was quite disorganized.

Even if it was distracted, the collarbone was visible under the open collar.

Ilena’s face, imagining the firm muscles that existed underneath it, flashed up instantly.

‘No, wake up.’

But it was also for a while.

Ilena calmed down the black heart that was trying to rise.

Don’t forget your duty.

She is not here for that purpose now.

No, that purpose was correct, but it wasn’t just selfishness anyway.

‘It’s all to save the world.’

Ilena, who had become inside again, put the lamp on the table.

Then she took the blanket that her husband had covered only partially.

“… … !”

Ilena, who threw the blanket as far as possible from the bed, climbed onto her husband’s body.

“… … Ilena.”

Ilena’s husband, awakening, looked up at her with confused eyes.

Ilena curled up her lips, feeling a sense of accomplishment.

‘I did it!’

Not long ago, I remembered that my husband, who had been hiding in the bedroom as it is now, turned him around with a blanket to keep him from moving.

I wonder if I will suffer such a failure again.

The blanket was removed.

Her useless and sweet and caring husband would never choose the option to force her away and go get a blanket.

As soon as Ilena’s eyes were triumphant, her husband sighed and moved his hand.



Without a chance to think about what it was saying, after a while, Ilena’s upper body rolled into a cloth at once.

It was only after half of her body was wrapped in a swaddle that Ilena could know what it was.

‘Bed sheet!’

Bed sheets are usually secured by tying strings on the corners to the bed posts or legs.

Or put some of the edge fabric firmly under the bed mattress to fix it.

It seemed to sound like that by grabbing it at once without unpacking it or removing it.

The question about the sound was resolved, but I wasn’t happy at all.

Ilena struggled to untie the rolled sheet around her upper body with her own power, but needless to say, it was not enough.

It was possible to move without unwinding the sheet, but it meant nothing.

If I couldn’t use my hand, I couldn’t attack my husband!

“It’s late at night.”

Her husband defeated Ilena, who was making a futile attempt, and laid him next to me.

Then he hugged him tightly in his arms and patted his back.

It’s like holding a child who doesn’t listen to comfort him.

It was a gentle touch, but of course I didn’t need this.

I really didn’t need it.

Something like this pure touch!

Ilena bite her lips with a fiery glance.

Her husband hugged her as if she could see such a face said.

“Next time, do you plan to make your own bed sheets?”

As Ilena paused after reading her thoughts, a pleasant, quiet voice continued.

“It’s useless. There are curtains then.”


Ilena opened her eyes to an unexpected obstruction.

Looking at it, there was a window right next to the bed, and it didn’t seem that difficult to reach out from the bed and grab the curtain.

However, in order to do something with that curtain, I need to remove the curtain hooked on the metal bar on the window with force… … .

“… … It’s all because of its power that you’re called a monster.”

Ilena spit out in a dissatisfied voice.

Her husband laughed with a soft resonant voice, adding.

“But you won’t fall asleep in a bedroom without curtains, sheets, or blankets, so don’t be afraid in the future. wife.”

‘If you say that, who will give up?’

Even when she kindly wedges her to give up, Ilena snorted.

She never wanted to back down like this.

‘Look. Who wins.’

I thought it would be easiest and quickest to sneak into bed at night and hit him, but contrary to the plan, this method doesn’t seem to work.

‘Then, we have no choice but to seek other means.’

There must be some way.

Because people always find their way.

She was no exception.

At least Ilena thought so.

“Would you like to sleep here together like this?”

As I rolled my head in advance, I heard my husband’s voice.

Ilena thought for a moment and nodded.

It was very regrettable that I had to sleep quietly, but my husband had a sense of stability in my arms.

‘Is it because of my physique?’

The husband was a head taller than her.

‘I have a lot of muscles… … .’

The chest that confined her is hard.

‘If only my hand was free, I might have touched it while pressing hard.’

As I imagined, the regret doubled.

Even though Ilena knew it wasn’t going to happen, she opened her mouth.

“Please release this. I won’t do anything.”


“You have already failed today. What do I really see as a shameful person who is asleep?”

It wasn’t something the person who had already broken into the bedroom for that purpose would say.

But Ilena was shameless, while her husband was determined.

“Yeah. I can see it. No.”

“… … .”

“Let’s catch this. It’s late, so your wife will be tired too.”

‘If I fall asleep after this, then I will release it.’

It was the same last time.

When I opened my eyes in the morning, it seemed to me when the blanket that had wrapped her body tight like a cocoon was loose and covering her body.

The owner said that she had never entered the room, and her clothes were messed up as usual when waking up.

Ilena had a bad sleep habit.

When I fell asleep, I turned around quite a bit.

The fact that her clothes were tossed to the point of that point means that her husband had released her straps long before morning came.

It was probably released shortly after falling asleep.

It was drawn on the eyes.

‘If I was the type that wakes up while sleeping… … .’

Otherwise, if I could have made my sleeping acting amazing.

However, Ilena was both devoid of spirit.

Once I fell asleep, I didn’t wake up quite a bit until morning, and I often pretended to sleep and actually fell asleep on the way.

‘A useless body.’

Ilena sighed.

I felt my husband’s muscular body flinching as if the breath was in contact.

Then what one.

Even if you blow your breath a few more times here, nothing will happen.

I’ve already done it before.

Ilena blinked her eyes, and then stuttered again.

“good. It’s okay if you don’t release this. But you, isn’t it a little stuffy when you sleep like that?”

“… … .”

“It was said that sleeping wearing clothes when sleeping is not good for blood circulation. The best thing is to sleep naked.”

“… … .”

“I am not even in my teens, but I have to take care of my health. So, naked, that’s true, then sleeping without a jacket… … .”

The answer did not come back.

Ilena fluttered for a while, then gave up and shut up.

‘Next time… … .’

After leaving her regret, Ilena closed her eyes in her husband’s arms.

The night was deep.

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