I'll Be The Warrior's Mother

I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother C101-110

Chapter 101

            They glanced at Kaifin with longing eyes until just before leaving the Countess.

Having seen them catch the monster they barely knocked down by pincers with only one arrow, it would have been inevitable that respect and envy were created.


Ilena’s shoulders rise.


His nose was also raised.

When my husband was recognized, for some reason, I felt more proud of her.

Ilena was so happy that she humming.

However, the feeling of being so elevated did not last long.

“I beg your pardon?”

Ilena looked at Kaifin as if she couldn’t believe it.

“Now, did you say you’re going to take me away?”

After the Crown Prince left the Countess, Ilena and the group were ready to go to excavate the holy sword early the next morning.

Of course, Ilena knew she would be on the journey too.

Before leaving, however, Kai-Fen made it clear to her that he wanted her to remain in the count.

“It may be dangerous. As Morgana Young-ae said, no one knows what will happen in the process of excavating the sacred sword.”

“nevertheless… … .”

Ilena’s eyes shook.

My mind understood my husband’s decision, but my heart could not accept the reality of being separated from my husband.

“That’s why I brought Andy. Wouldn’t it be okay if there were three?”

“It will be safer for you to stay here.”

“Where are you saying that there’s a safer place for me than your side?”

Count Morgana, who was watching the situation, stepped a step away from Ilena’s words, opened her eyes in a circle.

There was admiration on his face.

‘honeymoon… … !’

Soon his eyes got wet.

At one time, he and his wife were like the peacocks.

Although now, his wife became angry after a fierce couple fight and went home.

‘okay… … I really loved you at one time… … . I didn’t want to be away from her for a moment. Ah, honey. When I come back, I’ll do really well!’

Unknowingly, Ilena, who helped improve the relationship between a middle-aged couple, quickly dropped her head.

She knew too.

As for the fact that he is using force.


“… … I’m worried about it.”


“In the first place, I asked you to go find the holy sword. But I’m in a safe place, and I’m sending you alone in a dangerous place… … .”


Kaifin reached out.

A gentle touch passed Ilena’s hair behind her ear.

Ilena held her breath and focused on the texture of her fingers rubbing my ears.

As if touching the cartilage behind the ear, the hand that carefully trimmed the hair was somewhat itchy and subtly tangy.

When Ilena was implicitly tense and gave strength to her back, Kaifin raised her hand.

His mouth opened.

“Fine. I can promise. I will return safely.”

“… … .”

“I will come soon, without any injuries. So please wait a bit here.”

Ilena recalled three knights Thomas, Collin, and Max, who had left the Duke for a while.

The injuries healed a lot, but they were not fully recovered, so they deliberately separated them.

‘If they could have spent it with my husband… … .’

Ilena thought about it and then shook her head.


Even if the knights were here, I thought my husband would have chosen to go alone.

In fact, from my husband’s point of view, that might be the best option.

If you think of your husband’s helplessness, the people around you will be burdened by him in the event of an emergency.

Ilena opened her mouth with a broken momentum.

“Andy uses it well. This will help. Because it’s a spirit magician… … .”


“When it gets dangerous, I leave it to Andy and run away.”

“Hey, am I? How is my safety?”

Andyden, who was silently staying there, opened his mouth in excitement.

Either that or not, Ilena made a snowball with Kai-fin.

Kaifin smiled as if to be relieved.

“I’ll be back.”

‘I’ll just hand over the right to excavate the holy sword to the Crown Prince and steal it later.’

Ilena, who was left in the count, looked out the window with confused eyes.

The belated regret came.

This was all because the Crown Prince was too unlucky.

‘Even though he was a little less nasty, he would have made a convenient choice to pursue practicality.’

Sitting in the tea room on the second floor, Ilena sighed for a long time.

“Why are you trying to excavate the holy sword?”

Then Grace, who was sitting across from Ilena, opened her mouth.

Ilena’s gaze turned to a quiet young lady who was a teatime opponent.

“Hmm… … .”

The sacred sword has tremendous value in itself thanks to its symbolism.

However, Grace’s question was not’why do you want a holy sword?’, but’why do you excavate a holy sword?’

Even though it is a question that doesn’t make much sense to’why’ from a general point of view trying to excavate a holy sword.

Of course, it meant that it was a relic that anyone could covet.

Ilena had a special reason for needing a holy sword.

“It was revealed to the world that the sacred sword, which was sealed by a barrier, was revealed… … Maybe it’s a warning that war will soon happen. A war that cannot be helped by human power.”

“Do you think there is no need to unearth the holy sword?”

Ilena suddenly thought about asking that question.

‘It’s probably not because of his inclination or judgment that Count Morgana gave up excavating the holy sword… … .’

At that moment, Grace replied.

“I’m anxious.”

“You’re anxious?”

“The forest of the Countess where the holy sword was found. Originally, there was nothing.”

Grace said, fiddling with the teacup.

“The barrier completely hides the existence of the holy sword. By the way, the power of the barrier has weakened… … Suddenly, the traces of the holy sword were revealed to the world.”

Grace stopped playing with her hands while she was fiddling around the teacup.

The small, short fingers remind me of Grace’s young age.

In other words, there was nothing else that made Grace look like her age.

“What if a war breaks out?”

“… … War?”

“I’m not talking about man-to-man war. The holy sword was made to kill something that cannot be killed by human power.”

Grace lifted her gaze down near the teacup.

“… … I think that’s why I’m honestly not glad to see Sunggum.”

Ilena looked into Grace’s eyes and swallowed her saliva.

“… … .”

‘I knew it was intelligent, but… … .’

That was the level of looking forward to the future.

That insight belongs to a 10-year-old child.

At first glance, Ilena recalled Prince Barthez.

Such a human being and this child are in one kingdom.

‘Is this exactly the balance?’

Ilena opened her mouth while she was thinking about it.


It was an answer to Grace, but on the other hand, it was also a word to Ilena herself.

“Even if there is a war, we will surely win.”

Ilena, who was spending time stuck by the window like a mangbuseok, opened her eyes wide.

“… … !”

The wagon the husband and Andy had left on was entering the county site.


A little less than half a day has passed.

At a return faster than expected, Ilena ran down right outside the gods.

Then he stopped.

The appearance of her husband getting off the wagon was somewhat different from when he left the Countess.

He had a sword in one hand, but he couldn’t see where the jacket was blown, and some buttons on his shirt were unbuttoned.

No, it seemed that the button wasn’t released, but it had been torn.


What happened while excavating the holy sword?

It was time for Ilena to approach him with anxious face singing Kaifin.

Kaifin, who found Ilena, stopped and stepped back.

“… … ?”

“Don’t come, ma’am.”


“Oh, so… … You will smell blood. The smell of monster blood.”

Andyden helped explain.

“When I pulled out the sword, a lot of monsters appeared inside the barrier. What I caught in the mountains was aegyo, aegyo.”

“I took off my coat, but… … It will smell bad anyway.”

Ilena glanced at Kaifin and opened her mouth.

“… … Where was the injury?”

“There is not. It’s fine.”

“I have to go closer and see it.”

“No, ma’am. The smell of blood is worse than I thought.”

“does not matter.”

“But… … .”

As Ilena took a step closer, Kai-Fen retreated that much with embarrassment.

Anddyen, who watched the pattern the two made up, shrugged and opened his mouth.

“It can’t be helped. I can help.”

Andy flicks his finger.

That moment.


Suddenly, a lightning bolt spilled from somewhere, making Kaifin wet from head to toe.

“… … .”

Kaifin, who became a mouse-like, soaked in water out of nowhere, stopped high in a confused face.

Water droplets flowed through the wet hair and face.

The thin shirt was soaked in water and stuck to the body.

The inside was clearly visible, and the curvature of the upper body was clearly revealed.

Ilena opened her eyes wide and stared at Kaifin.

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