I'll Be The Warrior's Mother

I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother C11-20

Chapter 11

            Are you nervous and sore throat?


I looked out the window.

The sun has not yet fallen.

It was said that there was a long time left for the Duke of Mayhard to visit the bedroom at night.

Ilena was embarrassed by herself, who was nervous too soon, and soon realized.

‘Oh, I have no choice but to.’

This is not just a union.

It wasn’t just like a couple sleeping in the ordinary.

Because it is the cornerstone to save the world.

‘right. Because I have to give birth to a warrior.’

Ilena put down the empty glass of water.

Only when she has the child of Duke Mayhad, later that child will become a warrior and save the world.

When I remembered my mission, my mind that was shaking with tension somehow calmed down.

Ilena thought it was the effect of clearing her head on her sense of duty.

‘Child. You must have children.’

It is a marriage that I tried to do.

The future of a world rested on her shoulder.

The weight of the responsibility on the shoulder was heavy.

Ilena no longer touched the glass.

The night came right away.

Ilena sat in bed after getting ready to sleep, and was amazed at the sound of the door opening.

In-young stopped walking through the open door.

“… … Did you surprise me?”

“No. Come in.”

Ilena beckoned.

The door was closed behind Duke Mayhard who had just entered the bedroom.

Ilena thought as she saw the approaching peacock.


I was sitting in the office during the day, so I couldn’t even think about it, but it was really big to see him standing up like this.

The first impression I had at the wedding hall came back to my mind.

I suddenly became worried.

‘… … Will it be okay?’

No, it should be okay.

What if it’s not okay?

There was no other option anyway.

As Ilena made up her mind with that thought, the Duke of Mayhad got closer to her bed.

As the distance between the two decreased, the face or body was more detailed than the other’s overall silhouette.

Ilena looked at the peacock’s outfit, feeling the body freeze with tension.

His outfit was certainly lighter than what he saw during the day.

In the office, I was wearing a vest, a tie, and something cramped, but now I was wearing a light shirt and pants.

It seemed naked to see that the button on the chest was pulled tight, perhaps by putting on just one shirt.


Ilena thought unintentionally and panicked.

‘What am I thinking now?’

While Ilena was so surprised and embarrassed by herself, Duke Mayhad came up to bed completely.

A light on the side of the bed fluttered and lit him.

Ilena swallowed a dry saliva for a moment.

When she curled her hands on the bedspread anxiously, said Duke Mayhard.

“… … Really.”

“… … ?”

“Will you really go to bed with me?”

Where to ask such a natural question.

Ilena nodded coldly.


“… … .”

“I told you. I don’t have a hobby to sleep alone. Who would you sleep with if you weren’t your husband?”

Just in case, I brought back the excuses I made in the office during the day.

But while I talked, Ilena didn’t understand well.

Isn’t it natural for a couple to sleep together?

I don’t need to say this or that.

“… … .”

However, the silent Duke of Mayhad seemed embarrassed.

It seemed as if he hadn’t expected this situation.

“… … Okay.”

It took a long time to answer, and Duke Mayhard reached out with a lamp.

Ilena asked.

“You want to turn off the light?”


Wasn’t it natural?

Is it natural?

‘I left it dark on purpose.’

I was trying to lower the mood.

It was agreed to lower the brightness of the lamp as it would spread to a fire if it fell down while preparing a candle.

‘But I guess it’s better to be dark at all.’

Well, it was better for Ilena.

If you don’t see anything, you’ll be less nervous and less scared.

‘Although I have a subtle regret for some reason.’

Then Ilena suddenly recalled that her husband trying to put out the lights had not taken off her clothes.

Isn’t it more comfortable to take it off and turn it off?

If you want to make all the buttons blue, it would be better to release them while you are clearly visible.

It doesn’t mean anything else, it just means.

Considering convenience to the last.

Ilena said slightly.

“Aren’t you taking off your clothes?”

Duke Mayhard responded, paused.

“This is comfortable.”


Ilena interpreted his answer.

What does that mean?

Are you saying it’s comfortable to turn off the lights and take off your clothes?

That, otherwise… … .

As soon as Ilena was about to fall into confusion, the lamp went out.

The bedroom was quickly engulfed in darkness.

I could feel the peacock moving and the bed rocking.

Ilena didn’t know what to do, and then lay down.

I don’t know anything else, but things (?) usually don’t happen with the woman lying down.

She lay straight, closed her eyes, and waited for something (?) to come to her soon.

But when I waited, nothing happened.

‘… … ?’

Ilena stood a little more in a floating position in a quiet bed, and became puzzled and opened her eyes.

As I turned my head, I could see Duke Mayhad lying quietly at the distance from her, with a familiar view of the darkness.

He was quietly closing his eyes without even moving.

Like a person who sleeps.

“… … ?”

Ilena blinked.

Of course you won’t really sleep.

It was too short a time to fall asleep.

But that wasn’t the problem.

That appearance seemed to mean that no one would sleep.

Ilena was embarrassed.


The situation I was seeing was not immediately understood.

‘You’re sleeping?’

So, you’re sleeping?

just like now?

Doing nothing, just?

My head turned tight. I was confused.

Ilena lie down and watch the peacock still motionless, blinking and closing her eyelids.

‘What… … ?’

But Ilena’s agitation didn’t last long either.

So she was already too tired.

It was neither an exaggeration nor a lie about what she said in her office during the day that she had lost sleep waiting for someone for a few days.

Ilena quickly fell asleep.

The next day, as soon as I opened my eyes, Ilena realized that she had slept well.

The body was light. With long-awaited good luck.

After a few days, I slept very well, really well.

But unlike such a refreshing body, the mind was complicated.

“… … .”

Ilena stared at the empty seat next to her with confused eyes.

His eyes opened quite early in the morning, but the Duke of Mayhard had been away first.

When Ilena first woke up, she slept in bed.

I felt the warmth in the empty seat.

That means she left shortly before waking up.

‘You are diligent.’

But what really matters now is not his diligence.

Ilena thought as she washed her face with the lukewarm water that her bedroom maid brought her, and waited for her clothes.

‘Why did you just sleep last night?’

Yesterday was, strictly speaking, the first night.

It was the day Ilena married and had the first bed with her husband.

And according to Ilena’s common sense, nothing must happen on the first night.

There had to be something to do with the couple.

But nothing happened.

Ilena and her husband, Duke Mayhard, just slept. Pleasant.

I slept well, but no matter how much I thought about it, it was absurd.

“Would you like to have breakfast at the restaurant?”

Asked the maid, who finished serving clothes while Ilena was thinking.

Ilena suddenly recalled a scene from a novel she had read before.

In the novel, after spending the first night with her husband, the heroine did not go out for breakfast because he was ashamed to see his face.

“… … .”

Ilena somehow became uncomfortable with planting.

“okay. Let’s eat at the restaurant.”

She went down to the restaurant without hesitation.

There was nothing to be ashamed of, or rough.

However, there was no Duke of Mayhard in the restaurant that headed for that.

“Does the Duke skip breakfast?”

“Often you do it simply in the office.”

He said it was the same today.

Ilena ran out of steam somewhere.

“… … like that.”

She ate breakfast right away, and by then, she agreed about last night’s work.

It was because I remembered the experiences of acquaintances.

Ilena’s acquaintance, who became the Countess, married her husband and spent two months on the first night.

I heard that the husband waited for her to be ready because she was considerate of her wife who married to a strange place overnight.

When I thought about it, I understood the same way my last night, when nothing happened.

‘I don’t have to wait.’

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