I'll Be The Warrior's Mother

I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother C111-120

Chapter 111

            Ilena, who swallowed a spiteful smile, wrapped Kaifin’s cheeks with her palms and kissed Kaifin’s lips with’side’ to his lips.

It gave me a very short warmth, and my tight body fluttered with regret.

As Kaifin raised her arm to wrap her around her waist, she said, pressing her shoulder down.

“No, stay still.”

“… … .”

“Until I say I can move.”

“… … Okay.”

Would you have a foreshadowing of the torture (?) that will continue in the future?

Kaifin’s neck was screaming.

While Illena was visible, she gently swept her husband’s masculine neckband, raised her hand and wrapped her side head.

Side, side.

Ilena kissed Kaifin lightly on her face.

Forehead, nose and cheeks.

Kissing baptism continued all over the face while avoiding the lips.

Kaifin’s hand fluttered several times with a feathery kiss.

“… … wife.”

“Yes, why?”

Ilena replied naturally and swept her husband’s hair.

Then, when I was taking a quick breath, I heard my husband’s voice, which seemed to be more split than before.

Fine black hair wrapped around her fingers.

“… … .”

When Kaifin couldn’t speak and shut her mouth, Ilena slightly avoided his lips and kissed him right next door.

Eventually, a repressed groan leaked from Kaifin.

“Ilena… … .”

‘Looks like I’m freaking out.’

Ilena flashed her cheeks.

Why is that voice that splits like a beggar so good to hear?

However, Ilena decided to stop playing around here.

Because she was getting harder too.

Thirst seemed to burn my throat.

Ilena put her arms around her husband’s shoulders, wrapped around the back of his neck and lowered her head.

Lips and lips smoothly meshed.

Kaifin’s lips opened naturally as if waiting.

Ilena gently pushed her tongue through it.

“Huh… … .”

Tongue entangled, lips swallowed lips.

Whenever there was a slight gap in her lips in the middle, she groaned.

My back was stabbed, and between my toes was itchy.

“Sigh… … .”

Ilena lifted her lips with her hazy eyes.

“Can I move?”

Ilena blinked.

“… … now.”


It wasn’t harsh or rough, but it was tenacious.

I was thinking what she was talking about, and suddenly what she had said came to mind.

‘Stay still. Until I say I can move.’

“… … Ah.”

He hasn’t said in his mouth that he can move.

Ilena looked down at the back of her husband’s hand, whose veins were strong enough to stand out.

Somehow, he said that his hand was quiet throughout the kiss.

Ilena opened her mouth, feeling a little sorry for nothing, and coughing a little.


“I want to kiss you.”

“… … Yes, it can be too.”

Kaifin’s sturdy arms wrapped around Ilena’s body, fearing that permission was not given.

Big hands securely wrapped and supported her back.

Rounding, Ilena’s vision changed in an instant.

A soft bed mattress touched her back, and her husband, who was below her, looked down at her from above.

“… … !”

Kaifin pressed his lip against her lips, holding the bed with one hand to support his weight, and still holding Ilena’s back head with the other.

“Oh, eup… … .”

The narrow gap between the lips was widened, and the invading tongue swam through the delicate interior.

As if exploring the inside, when the tongue sweeping through the corners once swept through the extraordinarily soft place, Ilena’s waist trembled by itself.

Ilena closed her eyes tightly, pressing her arms around her husband’s neck.

That way, my head got distant, and I wondered how much of a kiss that I couldn’t tell you was fluffy and fluffy.

“… … Ha, ha.”

When her husband’s lips receded, Ilena gasped like a runner who had finished running.

‘Are you stopping now? … .’

Half regret, half satisfaction.

In a subtle mood, Ilena opened her eyes.

Then I immediately corrected my thoughts.

‘No, I guess it’s not.’

The desire that dyed her husband’s eyes in a dark color was surprisingly the same.

Compared to before the third kiss, there was no sign of fading at all.

The reason I stopped kissing, however, seemed to be to give her time to rest, as Ilena seemed to be struggling.

“… … .”

Ilena was a little embarrassed, but her heart trembled with unavoidable anticipation.

‘But I have to take a rest.’

Ilena thought, choosing a breath while lying down.

Actually, it was difficult to see if I used up quite a bit of physical strength.

As evidence, she didn’t get into her body.

In particular, the legs were completely relaxed.

It was vague whether it was because of exhaustion or for other reasons.

Anyway, he said he needed a break.

Kaifin, who gave Ilena time to replenish her stamina, looked down at her silently.

Receiving his silent gaze, Ilena reached out and touched Kaifin’s lips.

“… … Tomorrow, your lips will be swollen.”

“… … .”

“Of course I am the same.”

“… … is that so.”

Kaifin grabbed his lip-squeezed hand and kissed him as it was.

“Ah, wait… … .”

I thought he was only kissing his fingers, but his lips went through his wrists and palms and left a brand on the back of his hands.

Kaifin stopped moving at Ilena’s voice.

Ilena opened her mouth, looking at him with a scorching face.

“Still, I see you… … Why are you so good at it?”


“Why are you so good at kissing?”

Kaifin blinked at Ilena’s question.

“… … Did you do well?”

When asked, Ilena was speechless.

‘well done… … Isn’t it?’

In fact, even Ilena wasn’t sure.

I didn’t have anything to compare.

It’s my first time trying to kiss a man, but how do you tell if it’s good or not?

‘You did a good job.’

Ilena decided to think so.

because… … .

“It’s a good thing.”

“… … .”

“Because it was nice.”

Kaifin’s eyes shook as if he was embarrassed by the comments that suddenly appeared.

Ilena thought his ears seemed a little red.

“Anyway, tell me quickly. Why are you doing well?”

“that’s… … .”

“You haven’t tried it with someone other than me before, right?”

Ilena opened her eyes, hurt by the family she brought out.

Kaifin shook his head in haste.

“no. Absolutely, it’s never been like that.”

“Yes? of course?”

“Well, just how to kiss… … .”

Kaifin hesitated a little before talking.

“In the past, when I was camping during monster subjugation, the knights had to give and receive obscenity once in a while while standing still.

“… … Are you talking about obscenity?”

“I swear I never tried to listen, but… … .”


It wasn’t intended, but my head remembered it, and it was clear that I used what I learned that way now.

Ilena stared at Kaifin with her poop eyes.

When I saw my husband who was embarrassed or embarrassed, I had a strange urge to give it a try.

Just like now.

“So, all you learned then was how to kiss?”


“I asked if there was only a lecture that kissed the knights’ obscenity. I don’t think it is. I think there must have been a lot of things.”

“that’s… … .”

“Are you going to practice with me step by step now?”


“just joke.”

Ilena opened her arms and hugged her incomprehensible husband.

A large body hardened in a sudden hug.

Ilena wiped her nervous husband’s back.

It was swept away in the sense of relaxing, but the more I touched it, the more tense I felt, so Ilena, who stopped her hand, opened her mouth.

“I feel good.”

“… … .”


“… … .”

“How about you?”

“… … I feel the same way.”

Ilena released her hug and looked at Kaifin.

Ilena’s eyes folded into a half moon.

The emotion that filled my heart as if it would overflow right now came out of my lips.

“I love you, Kai.”

Kaifin’s eyelids trembled slightly.

“… … I love you too, Ilena.”

Ilena closed her eyes.

The couple overlapped their lips again.

*** The

peacock couple lie side by side on a bed.

It was Kaifin’s bedroom.

Ilena lay on her side, faces her husband, and blinks.

‘Is it a dream?’

Of course, it wouldn’t be a dream to see the lips that I kissed passionately a while ago, but it didn’t feel real for some reason.

When Ilena stared at Kaifin without saying anything, his mouth opened.

“… … What do you think?”

“Do you think reality and dream are also different?”


“it’s nothing.”

Ilena has just found one more piece of evidence that this is a reality, not a dream.

Although the kisses I shared in my dreams and the kisses I shared today were different, they were so different.

The imagination exercised by his unconsciousness was insignificant and poor compared to the reality.

‘This is a real kiss.’

That too, maybe… … Adult’s kiss.

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