I'll Be The Warrior's Mother

I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother C121-130

Chapter 121

            “… … !”

There was no need to check the identity of the sound.

Heuns dropped Ilena’s wrist and flew fiercely in the distance and was put to death.

“Madam, are you okay?”


Ilena hurriedly turned her head.

When the hell came, Kaifin was standing next to her, revealing a great presence.

“When here… … .”

A half-open terrace door came in to Ilena’s view.

I guess he didn’t even know the door was opened because he was concentrating on playing with Hearns.

Ilena made a loose expression as if snow was melting in the spring sun, and then immediately looked at Hearns, who was crumpled in the corner of the terrace.

Hearns, as if fainted, drooped and did not move.

no… … .

‘Aren’t you dead?’

You must have passed out, right?

Ilena asked Kaifin, who still couldn’t take her eyes off her wife.

“How hard did you hit it?”


“… … Did he die?”

Ilena recalled the sound reverberating on the terrace the moment her husband struck her.

To put it a bit exaggerated, it wasn’t hitting people, it was the sound of something popping.

What if it was the sound of Hearns’ remaining strings bursting?

Ilena touched her chin while seriously thinking about the post-processing.

At that moment, Kai-fin breathed out a breath of relief at that moment’s weak and erratic appearance.

As if I was relieved that Ilena looked safe, he said with a more relaxed energy than when he had just appeared here.

“It will be alive.”


“… … Maybe.”

Additional words flowed out a little confidently.

I did control the force so that the other person would not die. It was like a habit of Kaifin’s body.

It is the strength of tearing up monsters with bare hands. When dealing with people, both consciously and unconsciously, I was always careful.

However, when I hit Hunz a while ago, my body moved before my head.

Ilena stared at her husband, unsure of Hearns’ survival, and sneaked up to the corner of the terrace.

Then, when she tried to put a finger under the nose of Hearns, who did not even move, she exhaled a sigh of relief.

“I breathe.”

“… … i See.”

“thank God. Then what about this child… … .”

Ilena glanced at the terrace door.

The party hall’s lights and music flowed through the open door.

‘It looks like it’s dance time.’

Fortunately, the people inside the party seemed to focus on their respective dancing partners, not paying attention to what was going on on the terrace.

Illena beckoned to want it all this time.

“Father, please fix it and listen to me.”

“Kai-fin, come here.”

She quietly whispered to her husband who approached me.

“This human, could you lift up and drop it under the railing?”

“Everyone heard the story?”

“You mean the story of Hons Person’s Youngsik?”

“Oh, of course I heard it.”

Heuns Person became a nerd of the age who fell down the terrace by accidentally stumbling over an old lover who had been married at a celebration of the return of the princess.

Rumors quickly spread to the aristocratic social circles who welcomed provocative gossip above all else.

“You’re doing such an ugly at a party where your Majesty’s Majesty is not anywhere else. Tsutsuk, whether you have an idea or not… … .”

Some people who want to look good in the royal family.

“Hons Person? Huh, I thought she would. That child hasn’t had an answer since before. Would you like to listen? What was Heuns like in the past… … .”

Some of the people who usually had a personal feeling for Hearns.

“I don’t know if it’s the right thing to do to leave the diplomacy to Count Person as it has been. If a person who can’t properly guard one son will do a good deal with other countries… … .”

And, as if they had waited for the place of Count Person, they rushed and pointed at Hearns’ actions and scolded them.

Count Person, who was still in the fifty line, turned over his desk in his office.

“The crazy bastard! Are you sane now?”

Hearns, lying flat in front of him and praying, hung on the Count’s leg.

“Illena, that sneaky girl decided and spread rumors. Look at my face.”

Hearns’ face, which had been beaten by the Count, was a mess.

But even when he had just arrived at the Count’s book, he wasn’t in good shape.

“It was already bursting before I was beaten by my father. Who would have done this? Like rumors, it crashed while crashing on the terrace, absolutely not. It was Duke Mayhard.”

Hearns desperately continued his argument. His voice grew louder and louder in resentment.

“It was Ilena that girl who first brought me to the terrace and seduced me! Then, when my husband appeared, I put it all over me… … .”

“I’ve already done it all.”


“Investigation is over, my bastard.”

Earl Pearlson’s eyes, who endured with anger, shone brightly.

“While you were away from the party for a while, the Duke and Mrs. Mayhad entered, and you came back to the party late and heard the news?”

“No, that’s… … .”

“It was after the two had already moved to the terrace. There, the Duke of Mayhad was called by the Crown Prince.

“Father, I said… … .”

“There are many people who have seen you give back money to the attendant and watched the Duchess locate the alone terrace.”

“… … .”

“I like the trash motherfucker!”


“I can’t. I have to kill you today and send your body to the Duchy. That is the only way for me and my family to live. Come on.”

Heons, kicked in shoes, rolled around.

By the way, it was already right a little while ago.

“I didn’t say much even when I was going to meet only the girls you were filthy married.”

Count Person removed the stumbling ring.

He picked up a marble nameplate that fell on the floor.

“Because I only meet people who I knew would not be a problem, and I thought that if I stopped doing the post-processing, I would do well.”

“Ah, father.”

“By the way… … Not at any other party, but at a party held in the royal palace?”

A shadow fell over Hearns.

Horrified Hearns stepped back, shoving her ass back.

“Father, wrong… … .”

“Hopefully you touched the Duchess of Mayhard. Everybody talks about monsters and monsters, so sometimes there are guys who think the Duke is an incompetent idiot… … .”

Count Person laughed. It was a vain laughter.

He was a military officer when he was young, and now a diplomat and businessman.

He knew the Duke of Mayhard better than others who weren’t paying attention other than the gossip heard in the social world.

Earl Pulson’s bid for a stubborn impression was twisted fiercely.

“Ah, father! sorry! Help me! please… … Ouch!”

For a while, the sound of threshing continued to leak through the door of Count Person’s office.

Ilena feels very cool.

Heuns, who spread rumors by hitting the player… … .

‘The guy you met at the mask festival was that child.’

As it turned out, he learned that he was the same person as the man who had troubled her and her husband at the mask festival in the past.

Ilena looked back at her memories and compared the masked man and Hearns to each other she met at the festival.

The voice, the physique, and the unpleasant eye laughs all matched.

The fact that he was with a married woman who seemed to be in an affair at the time at the festival also strengthened the hypothesis that the man and Heonz were the same person.

At this point, I was sure there would be no problem.

In addition, Hearns brought out the word’letter’ on the terrace.

That means.

‘It means that the child sent a suspicious letter from the sender.’

Heonz disappeared after leaving a word to “I will contact you” to Ilena during the Mask Festival.

After that, the letter that arrived in front of her, not including the sender, seemed to be the contact person.

“Woah, it’s refreshing.”

I didn’t know who the man I met at the festival, but when I saw it again, I thought I would never leave it alone.

You really put that commitment into practice.

As if I had picked out a sick tooth, I had no choice but to feel refreshed.

“I can’t run away today.”

Ilena recalled a handwritten letter of apology from Count Person.

He won’t lose Count Person and Chuck on the job.

He was a cold person, and instead of struggling with the duke, he took the path of thoroughly disciplining his fourth son, who wasn’t there.

Ilena laughed as she recalled the contents of the letter that carefully described how beastly Hearns was beaten.

“It seems that Hearns has been dealt with, and all that remains… … .”

Ilena lit her eyes in a quiet bedroom.

At that time, the bedroom door opened after a knock sound as if waiting.

“Ile… … .”

Ilena grabbed his wrist and dragged him to the bed before Kaifin couldn’t even call her name after entering the bedroom.


It was weak enough to be ignored, but Kaifin, led without resistance, fell on the bed.

Ilena climbed straight onto it and squeezed her husband’s tight waist with her thighs.

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