I'll Be The Warrior's Mother

I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother C131-140

Chapter 131

            Dennan asked for this.


This time his abilities showed an overly near future.

It’s sad enough.

Kaifin left the barracks, narrowing his eyebrows.

Then Kaifin’s expression hardened, and the holy sword shivered thinly.

[Well, crazy… … . Why are they suddenly appearing here?] A

horde of beasts was gathering in black.

A corridor full of blood.

An embarrassing voice leaked through Rebecca’s lips.

“The Duchess is not here right now?”

Her face was stained with frustration.


When asked to guide Ilena to the place, Rebecca immediately brought the Demon King to Duchy Mayhad.

But, by the way, the other person was away at this time.

The servant, lying in the hallway, replied with trembling.

“Yes, yes… … . You left for the capital early this morning.”

Rebecca looked down at the servant sharply.

It seems to be trying to confirm the truth of the words.

However, there was no sign of lying to the servant.

He was scared enough to wet his pants all over.


Good blood scattered all over the wall.

A pool of blood accumulated on the floor.

The amputated body that rolls over it.

Even if I did not lose my mind, I was confident enough to endure it.

There will be no time to dare to make a lie and confess it.


Rebecca quietly chewed her lips.

I wasn’t lucky.

No, in this case, do I have to say that the other person was lucky?

Rebekah, who caught his gaze from the servant, slowly turned around.

Then he spoke to the man who was looking at her with blood-red eyes.

“Sorry. The woman I told you about isn’t here right now.”

The man didn’t answer right away and looked around silently.

His gaze passed the wall on one side of the corridor, blood splattered all around, and the body on the floor.

The man slowly closed his eyes and then opened it.

Red eyes sprinkled with eerie eyes.

‘Thousand years.’

I waited for a thousand years.

About a thousand years ago, Trizef, the ruler of the man-demon world, had invaded the human world.

Because of the two humans who were so called.

‘Saint… … .’

However, the aggression failed.

The warrior and the saint.

Trizef used the king’s power to summon evil spirits to the land.

At that time, the saint was a big headache for him.

The saint was not at all affected by the power of the demon, and saved the dying person.

How many times has she ever brought back a warrior who was all dying, no, or even a warrior whose heart had really stopped?

Trizef’s bid, recalling the past, became hard.

He tried tirelessly to capture and kill the saint at the time.

However, it failed once. Because humans also knew it.

That the saint is their hope.

So they threw their lives and hid the existence of the saint.

Trizef killed countless numbers of people who pretended to be saints, but the real saint couldn’t see a single hair.

Until the servant warrior pierced his chest with an ego sword.

‘It was bad luck that my heart went out.’

It took a thousand years to heal the wounds he suffered that day.

To be precise, it was about to be summoned by some human beings, leaving ten years to a thousand years.

One seal didn’t matter.

In any case, Trizef has regained almost all of his powers of the past.

There was no shortage to invade the human world again.

In fact, the invasion has already begun.

Even at this moment, the demon who responded to his call was tearing up the space and coming over without a break.

‘Must find and remove the descendants of the saint. And… … This time, I will get the human world.’

Trizef’s gaze crossed Rebecca.

The human who summoned him.

At first it was absurd.

He, the only ruler of the demon world, was summoned by only one human.

But now I thought it was going well.

Thanks to that, I knew that the descendants of the Saints exist in this land, and I was able to get rid of it.

Trizef opened his mouth.

“Where did the capital go?”

The servant, lying on the floor, answered the question immediately.

“Lee, Marquis of Linden. You said you were going to the Marquis of Linden!”

“Do you know where?”

This question fell to Rebecca. Rebecca nodded right away.

“I know.”


At the same time as Rebecca responded, the servant’s head was separated from his body.

A fountain of blood sprang from the cut section.


Degururu. The severed head rolled into Rebecca’s feet and stopped.

“… … Yes.”

Rebecca passed the dry spit and followed Trizef.



“Get back! Don’t try to fight, get back!”

Screams and yells hit my ears sorely from everywhere.

Kaifin swung his sword towards the flocking demon.

Each time he swung his sword, several beasts were cut out at once.

‘There is no end.’

The number of cuts and cuts did not decrease and continued to appear.

It was almost as if there was a hole to pour these out somewhere.


As I thought about his wife’s face, his chin was pulled firmly.

Will my wife be okay?

Where are you now?

Is the situation similar to here in other places?

My wife… … .

“The captain opened the retreat!”

“Everyone drives their horses away!”

The reinforcements who survived the gap between Kaifin killing the beast and clearing the way fell into the rear and boarded a horse.

Kaifin confirmed that most of the reinforcements had escaped, and he also took the horseback.

Then he stopped.

‘The words are too slow.’

Even if I ran day and night, it took more than five days to go to the capital.

I can’t even guarantee that my wife will be in the capital.

He could have evacuated to another place, or maybe he was in a manor.

There were many places to go, and the speed of the horse was even less occupied by his castle.

‘The faster means… … .’

At that time, a new form of beast wandering in the sky stood out to Kaifin.

Kaifin, narrowing his eyes, picked up any sword from the floor and threw it at the demon.

The sword gently touched the wings and cut off some of the beast feathers.


An angry demon raised his beak and rushed fiercely at Kaifin.

Kaifin slightly turned his sharp beak aiming at him to avoid it, and then climbed on the back of the demon as it was.


As if panicked, the demon flapped his wings.

As if trying to shake off Kaifin, the demon floated into the air and shook his body.

Kaifin calmly put a few fists down on the demon’s back.


The demon shook, and Kaifin repeated several punchings.

Soon afterward, the demon was quiet.

The demon flew quietly with Kaifin on his back.


Kaifin grabbed the beast’s neck and adjusted the flight direction.

Whenever he flew in an unwanted path, he applied strength to his grip as if he would twist his neck, and he changed direction on his own.

[What am I seeing now… … .] The

holy sword muttered absurdly.

After all, it was a lonely self-talk with no one to listen to.


“Madam, are you getting upset?”

Ilena opened her eyes in a voice touching her ears.

When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was an unfamiliar ceiling.

Ilena turned to the side where the voice was heard.

There, Max and Colleen stood with thrilled faces.

“lady… … No, no black.”

The two smiled deeply as if I was happy that Ilena woke up, but tears flowed down her cheek.

Ilena raised her eyes and sat down.

“Here… … .”

“This is the lordship of Penel’s estate, Madam.”

Max replied with a snoring nose.

‘Penel’s estate… … . You arrived safely.’

I was worried about what would happen on my way, but I was fortunate.

“What about Thomas?”

Ilena asked.

Colleen replied right away.

“It’s okay.”


Ilena sighed.

I was a little worried that Thomas wasn’t there, saying that he was okay, but since he died and survived, I wondered if he was in the middle of a separate medical treatment.

“… … .”

Ilena looked down at her hand.

Saved people.


“Well, ma’am… … .”

Colleen cautiously spoke.

“The light from the wagon… … It must have been a divine power, right?”

Ilena nodded softly.

The pure white light that saved the dead.

There was nothing to explain other than the divine power.

‘I had divine power.’

Ilena suddenly recalled that she had seen the light before.

‘When you hit the Inkan and blow it away.’

The power that appeared to her at that time was also a divine power.

‘Still, then maybe you broke the jewelry of the necklace Rebecca used… … Awakening the power of the holy sword… … .’

What if it was all divine power?

Given that it was true, Ilena could add one more speculation.

‘I, if I only use divine power, am I fainting?’

It was a plausible hypothesis.

At that time, the door to the bedroom that had been closed opened and a person jumped in.

“Knights, please help!”

The woman in a maid outfit, gasping for her breath, exclaimed whether she ran in a rush.

“Some monsters have crossed the wall!”

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