I'll Be The Warrior's Mother

I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother C141-150

Chapter 141

            It was two days ago that the bandages were removed, but I didn’t know if I watched a little more, and now I was really sure.

It was completely refreshing as if washed!

Ilena looked for a fluttering line near the bed with a throbbing chest.

After pulling the rope, a maid appeared at the place.

“Do you have anything you need, ma’am?”

“I need to take a bath, so please prepare a bath agent and a perfume.”


“Oh, bring me wine too. Anything kind is good. However, don’t be too harsh.”


“And… … .”

After hearing all of Ilena’s requirements, the maid soon bowed down and left.

My heart keeps beating.

‘Calm down.’

Again, there wasn’t much effect.

Ilena’s gaze moved out of the window.

Without knowing, the sun rising in the middle of the sky felt very harsh.

How long have you been tormenting your toes by squeezing and straightening your toes and fiddling with your innocent hair?

The maid is back.

“Madam, the bath water is ready.”

Ilena jumped up in bed.

Ilena’s ears, moving to the bathroom, were reminded to be slightly redr than usual.

The night has come.

I don’t know how time has passed.

I couldn’t remember what I did during the day.

All that came to mind was that I had been waiting and waiting for now all day long.

Ilena sat in bed and put her hand on her left chest.

From the daytime, I felt a thumping sound that was continually thumping.

Then, the bedroom door opened.

At the moment, Ilena, who was so surprised that she jumped slightly out of the bed without her knowledge, quickly looked back at the door calmly.


The lightly dressed husband slowly approached her.

Ilena glanced at the tip of her husband’s wet hair and opened her mouth.

“… … Did you get a note from me?”

“… … Yeah.”

[I keep my promise today.]

This day, Ilena ordered a maid to deliver a memo to Kaifin.

The content of the memo was simple.

Kaifin had a promise to Ilena.

At Fenel Juseong Fortress, when Ilena’s ankle is all healed, she said to wash it together, but before that.

When her husband’s campaign was decided to conquer the barbarians of the northern border.

‘I promise. When I come back from the campaign, then… … .’

Ilena had not forgotten the covenant her husband whispered in her ear that day.

Until now, there was no time to ask them to live up to that promise.

She was busy, and her husband refused to touch her because Ilena was injured.

But now the situation is different.

The busy work was also quite solved, and Ilena’s injury healed cleanly.

First night.

It’s time to finally receive the choya that Kaifin promised her.

Ilena grabbed Kaifin’s neck and pulled it to her.

The husband was gently dragged. His hand touched the bed.

Ilena’s lips were trembling and lightly touched the opponent’s lips and then fell.

“I’m very nervous right now.”

“… … .”

“Do you?”

“I also… … That’s right.”

My husband’s voice, sitting in my ear, whether it was a lie, sounded stiffer than usual.

Ilena stretched out her hand while looking at her husband’s neck, which seemed to be more prominent than the other day, perhaps because of her mood.


Her large body convulsed as her hand touched her chest.

I could feel the heat under my palm.

The thin shirt was so full of force that it couldn’t hide the tight muscles and the beating heartbeat.

“… … I was really nervous.”

Ilena’s lips curled up with a strange feeling of satisfaction.

Kaifin pulled the tail of her mouth and glanced at Ilena smiling, and then put my hand over the white, slender hand on his chest.

Then he climbed fully onto the bed and found Ilena’s lips.

As I pushed my tongue through the naturally open lips and scanned the sensitive interior, a small nasal sound came out of Ilena.

“Huh… … .”

Kaifin’s muscles under his shirt became tighter and tighter as he moaned.

Ilena’s heart pounding on her palm was heard more intensely than before.

Ilena stopped kissing for a moment and muttered.

“Ha, you… … .”

Her gaze reached Kaifin’s chest.

“This will burst my heart.”

“It will be fine. It’s an organ that’s tougher than it looks. The human heart… … It doesn’t explode well.”

No, that wouldn’t really explode.

Ilena stared at her husband with a look of absurdity.

The expression and voice were very serious because I was responding as a joke.

Ilena looked at her husband’s neat and elegant face.

He seemed to have no idea what he was talking about.

Apparently, her husband now seems to be much more nervous than she expected.

For some reason, it felt so adorable at the moment, and Ilena cracked down on a bid to collapse without a rush.

My fingertips tickled.

At that time, a glass of wine on the side table suddenly came into Ilena’s view.


Then it turned out that there was wine left. A little bit.

“Would you like to drink wine?”

“… … Can’t you drink it later?”

“Only one sip. It’s because the taste is good when I drink it.”

In fact, there was something I wanted to do, so I took wine.

Ilena moved and brought the cup on the side table.

Then he tilted the glass, took a little bit of the remaining wine in his mouth, and kissed Kaifin as it was.

“… … !”


Kaifin’s neck was swaying and wine ran over his neck.

Ilena bite off her lips.

“How is it, isn’t it taste good?”

“… … With this.”

Kaifin said, staring tenaciously at the wine on Ilena’s lips.

“I’m not sure about this. I have to drink one more sip to taste it.”

Ilena took the wine in her mouth again.


That can be helped.

Eventually, the two emptied all the remaining wine.

The empty cup rolled down the carpet under the bed.

Ilena’s body fell back. The texture of the fluffy bed mat touched my back.

The kiss continued. Every time I exchanged saliva and breath without hesitation, my head seemed to be dazed.

‘So… … .’

In the midst of her mind becoming hazy, Ilena struggled to recall the contents of a couple-related book that she had been upset with all night long.

However, whether it was because of the drunkenness of drinking wine or another reason, there was not much that came to mind right away.

Just one thing.


The first thing I thought was that I had to take off my clothes.

Ilena raised her hand and pushed Kaifin away.

Kai-fin, who was stopped, took off her lips and was gently pushed away.

A question arose in his blue eyes filled with heat.

“Why… … .”

Instead of answering, Ilena sat up on the bed. Then I took my hand to the button of Kaifin’s shirt.

It was then that Kaifin, who noticed what Ilena was trying to do, was quietly silent.

Ilena got rid of it several times.

The buttons on the shirt weren’t loose than I thought.

‘… … Is this not going to work out like this in the first place?’

It may be because of tension.

Even though my head knew that it was easy to do it calmly, my hands didn’t move like my heart.

When the waste treatment was repeated, it took a long time to release only two buttons.

Kaifin showed a sign of conflict as she watched Ilena wrestle with the button of her shirt, then gently grabbed her hand and lowered her.

Then he grabbed his shirt with the other hand.


The remaining buttons were ripped off at once, and the front of the shirt quickly became a rag.

Ilena’s eyes are round.

“Can I do that?”

“… … It doesn’t matter.”

Well, you won’t run out of new clothes.

As Ilena convinced, Kaifin’s shirt fell to the side of the bed.

The lighting to illuminate the bedroom was faint.

Under the dim light, her husband’s upper body, wearing nothing, was revealed.

Ilena swallowed a dry saliva for a moment.

When I saw her husband’s bare body, filled with strong muscles, her mouth was dry as if suddenly thrown into the desert.

Ilena, who couldn’t take her eyes off the finished man’s body, inadvertently took her hand with her cracked abs.

As it swept away along the shape of the muscle that was closely positioned as if it had been formed, a suppressed groan leaked out of Kaifin’s mouth.

Ilena took off her hand, amazed at the moaning.

My heart was beating, and the fingertips that touched my husband’s body were burning.

An unidentifiable heat sensation bloomed in my stomach.

“… … My clothes are.”

Is this feeling an expectation?

Ilena said, feeling a burning thirst, anxiety, and an itchy excitement.

“You take it off.”

Negligee and a thin slip rolled around in the corner of the bed.

The bed linen touched my back without a single thread.

Ilena turned her cheeks red.

The sensation of showing a body that wasn’t wearing anything to others was unfamiliar.

“… … Why do you look that way?”

Her husband’s gaze added to an unfamiliar shame.

Kaifin, who was in her sight as if Ilena’s naked body was carved into her, touched her lips.

“New… … It’s too small, your wife.”

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