I'll Be The Warrior's Mother

I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother C151-160

Chapter 151

            Common sense, it was unreasonable for a body to suddenly come back to life tens of days after death.

However, the opponent was the Demon King.

I could not think according to human common sense.

In that respect, Count Penel’s statement that there was no sign of trespassing from the outside as well as anything from the storage room did not reassure Ilena.

However, unlike Ilena, whose complexion was getting worse, the voice of Sung Sword was still easygoing.

[I said something else.]

Sacred sword yawned drooping against Ilena’s head said.

[Do not worry about uselessness.]

‘Are you worrying about uselessness?’

[The Demon King can’t survive. I couldn’t break my heart, so I made it into powder. How do I survive?]

‘… … Are you sure?’

[I was made to kill the Demon King. I don’t know anything else, but I know it for sure. The Demon King is completely dead and cannot be resurrected.]

The voice of the Holy Sword contained stronger confidence than ever.

“… … Sigh.”

As the tension was relieved, my leg was weak. Ilena sat down on a nearby sofa.

Kaifin immediately grabbed the holy sword and sat next to her and made Ilena lean on me.

‘Then why did the Demon King’s body disappear?’

[I don’t know that.]

‘ I’m anxious… … .’

[There is no need to be anxious. It’s a corpse anyway. What can he do?]

‘That too.’

[Maybe it was summoned to the demon kingdom.]

‘The demon kingdom?’

[They’s hometown.]


[Because the devil’s body is like a foreign object in this world. You went where you should be.]

‘Isn’t there anything special?

[No, no. In the first place, it is not easy to come from the demon world to this world. I was able to do it because it was about the Demon King, but he was dead.]

So, I said don’t worry.

The voice of the holy sword rang as Ilena reigned over her heart.

[Then I… … I sleep again. Don’t wake up this time. I’m going to sleep deeply anyway, so I don’t think I can get up even if I wake up… … .]

‘Good night, Terry.’

Ilena greeted her involuntarily.

Until now, I have never given a good night greeting to a man who said he was going to sleep.

I didn’t feel the need to do that.

But it was different a little while ago.

The moment she heard the word’sleeping deeply’, somehow her inner self made a voice.

As if I felt something.

Sacred sword did not answer Ilena’s greetings.

It was a long-awaited nickname, so it was a way to show a happy reaction, but my mind was quiet.

“… … .”

I was in a strange mood. Is it an illusion?

For some reason, I thought that I might not be able to hear the voice of the holy sword for quite some time in the future.

Ilena, who was still silent, soon took her strength completely out of her body.

Asked Kaifin, who felt a delicate body leaning on me a little deeper.

“Is it resolved?”

“… … Well, maybe.”

“If there is anything I can do to help, please tell me.”

“No. It wasn’t much. I was worried a little by myself, but I think it was a breeze.”

Ilena shook her shoulders slightly after saying so.

It was creepy.

It turned out that until a little while ago, I was distracted from having a conversation with the Holy Sword, but the terrace was cold.

Her new dress was short sleeves.

Kaifin noticed that Ilena was in the cold and quickly took off her coat and wrapped it around her.

Ilena did not give up and received a coat. As she looked up and stared at her husband, she laughed as she bashfully.

“Thank you.”

It was good in many ways.

The warmth added by covering the outer garment.

Husband’s fragrance from clothes.

Also, the appearance of her husband, who was lightened by the wind of taking off her clothes.

‘Who is the husband… … .’

My shoulders and chest are so… … .

Ilena, who had put Kaifin’s body in her eyes without even thinking of hiding her blatant gaze, suddenly opened her mouth.

“Well, you.”

“… … ?”

“While I wasn’t there, someone in the banquet hall… … No, didn’t you talk to me?”

Kaifin couldn’t answer right away and hesitated for a moment.

It was a sufficient response to infer the answer.

Ilena’s eyes turned thin.

There was a lump.

“who? Woman?”

“… … Yeah.”

“What’s your name?”

“It’s the Countess of Roda… … .”

“Oh yes. What does it look like?”

“I don’t remember that very well. I didn’t look closely.”



“What did you say?”

“Greeting… … I don’t know exactly after that.”

Not only did he not look closely at his face, he didn’t even hear what he was saying.

Ilena stared at her husband’s face, and soon hugged his chest.

As I rubbed my cheeks under the collar of my shirt, I felt my stiff body hardened.

“good. Well done. All other women except me are invisible to you. I will continue to do so in the future.”

“… … Yeah.”

‘The Countess of Roda.’

Ilena added a name that she will not forget for a long time.

“… … Oh, it’s good because it’s warm.”

Saying that, Ilena squeezed into Kaifin’s arms.

The stiff body became more stiff due to tension.

Ilena buried her face in her tight husband’s chest and felt her heartbeat quietly.

My heart beats fast.

Ilena, who was listening to the beating sound as if it were sweet music, quickly raised her head.

“Shall we kiss?”

Kaifin’s blue eyes fluttered.

Without a reply, he grabbed Ilena’s chin and lowered her head.

Ilena closed her eyes.

I wondered if the shadow had faded and darkened in front of my eyes, then my breath lightly touched my cheeks, and then my lips overlapped.

I opened my lips slightly, and my tongue pierced as if I was waiting.

The invading heat gently scratched the ceiling of her sensitive mouth and irritated her, and it strongly lifted Ilena’s tongue root.

“Huh… … .”

The sensation of passing through the back stem caused the toes to bend, and a feeling of heat accumulates inside the belly.

Suddenly, a large hand steadily supported Ilena’s head. Ilena put her arm around her husband’s shoulder.

At that moment, at first glance, the old woman’s voice came to Ilena’s mind.

‘It’s still too early to be completely relieved and thankful… … .’

When the devil loses his mind after the death.

This was what the old woman said to Ilena in a white space all over the place in the unconscious mind.

It was a word that created anxiety, but Ilena focused on the remarks that followed.

‘It will be okay. Anyway, the two have already proved the power of fate.’


It was a word that relieved my mind.

At the same time, it was a sweet word that made every corner of my heart flutter.

Ilena’s thin white fingers intertwined between Kaifin’s black hair.

The sound of music from the banquet hall played by the orchestra faintly leaked through the tightly closed terrace door.

*** A

gray sky that seems to be covered with ash.

The atmosphere of the castle soaring as if reaching the sky was dark.


“Saving Trijef-sama… … It will be difficult.”

A man with three horns on his head looked down at the people lying down in front of me.

Behind them was a pale corpse ascended to a flat stone foundation.

The man opened his mouth.

“Go back.”

Those who had been prone to the order fought away and left.

The man remained alone in his seat and silently approached the body.

The man’s eyebrows overlooking the corpse were wrinkled dreadfully.

“What’s wrong with this, Mr. Trizef.”

The absolute ruler who has ruled the demon world for thousands of years.

He was summoned to the human world some time ago, then returned dead.

At first, the demons could not accept the death of the ruler. So I tried to save him, but it was impossible.

The heart crumbled without leaving any shape.

Thirty nights, filled with all efforts, had passed, but my breath did not return to my cold body.

The man stared silently at the corpse and then bent his knees.

The man stood up after filling the blood with a two-finger glass bottle.

Sharp nails pierced the middle of the corpse’s neck.

The corpse vomited out of still fresh black blood.

Before long, the man’s steps reached the innermost, secret place of the castle.

There were some huge eggs stored there.

The egg of the mashinsu.

In the darkest and deepest place in the demon realm, a demon, a creature left behind by a god in the past, lived.

It lived ten thousand years and laid an egg every few hundred years, and the one born from that egg ruled the demon kingdom with great power.

The man approached the milky egg.

‘If it was originally, it would have been broken as soon as it came out into the world.’

Trizef has broken the tribe where the eggs of the evil spirits are formed so far.

It is because he did not want to take over his power to the next.

However, this egg in front of him was born when Trizef was finally summoned to the human world.

“… … Yes, now is the time to meet the new ruler of the demons.”

The man poured blood in a glass bottle over the egg.


The egg that absorbed all the blood beating greatly

Chapter 152

            The man stroked the surface of the egg. The beating was felt better.

“When you see that he died in the human world, Trizef was the only one in the end.”

In the dry voice, there was no loyalty or courtesy toward the dead.

In fact, the man hasn’t liked Trizef for a long time.

About a thousand years ago, when he went out to the human world and gave a piece of wings and a chest to a man named Wen Warrior.

Suspicions and complaints arose.

Can those who have been victimized by humans continue to rule this world?

It was just a mind that couldn’t be revealed.

Although Trizef was injured, he was still the strongest in the demon world, and the man did not have the power to defeat Trizef.

However, the seeds of disloyalty that once blossomed in the man’s heart did not disappear easily.

The man was greedy.

The greed of wanting to serve a more powerful and perfect master without any stains that were defeated by humans.

But in the meantime, an opportunity came.

‘I felt a powerful summoning wave in the human world.’

A wave that attempts to bring life from the demon world into the human world.

It was an unusually strong energy. The high-level creatures of the demon world can be called out without difficulty.

The man touched the wave.

He added his strength to the already enormous energy, making the wave reach Trizef.

Trizef responded to the summoning energy that reached him.

If you wanted to reject it, you could have rejected it, but it was probably interesting.

After Trizef was summoned to the human world, the man quietly waited for the opponent’s return.

It was a test from the perspective of the man.

He knew that Trizef had suffered minor injuries about a thousand years ago, but he had not recovered all of them.

soon as Ilena returned to Duke Castle, she washed herself and sat down on the bed in light clothes.

If we could safely conquer the human world even with our weaknesses.

Then, the man decided to devote his heart to Trizef again to be loyal, as in the past.

“… … The result came out like this.”

There was no regret in the voice.

Rather, it was filled with anticipation.

“Good. Because the stronger ruler is the blessing of the demon world.”

The man’s hand touching the egg trembled.

The energy emitted by the eggs was not already bad.

I didn’t see it myself, and I’m not sure, but I thought it was probably not that much of the egg that had Trizef back then.

The man swallowed dry saliva.

Thirty years. In general, it was the time it took for the eggs of the evil spirits to hatch.

However, the man assumed the timing a little earlier.

He fed Trizef’s blood on the egg. Nothing is as good a nutrient or stimulant as the blood of a powerful man.

‘Twenty years, no, maybe even earlier… … .’

“Come out into the world, new ruler. Break the cramped egg and put me and the demon, and furthermore, everything under your feet.”

The whisper of the man filled with aspiration blended into the beating of the egg.

*** When the

Kaifin approached and dried Ilena’s wet hair.

Ilena muttered, quietly feeling her husband’s touch.

When the fluffy touch touched, a drowsy sigh erupted on its own, as if the fatigue was washed away.

In other words, it was like saying that he would immediately recognize Kaifin as the blood of the royal family.

“… … I didn’t know the king would make that decision.”

Before leaving the castle, she recalled the gigantic buzz that ate the banquet hall.

It all stemmed from the words of the king who belatedly gave his face to the banquet.

‘Not only for conquering the immigrants in the north, but also for recognizing the devil’s defeat and awards accordingly.

As soon as the king appeared in the last seat, he called Kai-fin in front of the platform. Then he awarded him a medal and a territory.

The banquet hall was loud.

Merit for defeating the Demon King.

The rumors had already spread, but only the rumors and the official words from the king’s mouth differed in weight.

Songs spread throughout the banquet hall. But it didn’t end there.

Subsequently, the king threw a bigger bomb utterance.

‘In addition, it is announced here that the Duke of Kaifin Mayhad is recognized as a descendant of Remetheus I.’

And this time, the banquet hall responded as if even a real bomb fell.

Remetheus I.

He was the master of the holy sword in the past, the person who founded the now-disappeared empire, and the ancestor of the present dynasty.

The last was important.

It was only then that Ilena could see why the king appeared at the banquet so late.

Unlike the princess who adhered to her casual expression as usual, the prince sitting on the left side of the king was dyeing her face red and green, as if tolerating an anger that seemed to burst at any moment.

Maybe it’s been time delayed by fighting with the prince until the very last minute.

It seemed to me that the image of the prince who bit the crab bubble and opposed the king’s decision was clearly drawn in my eyes.

Anyway, as soon as I entered the banquet hall, I opened my eyes to see Kaifin, and then I held my fists and shook my body throughout the words of the king.

The look the prince showed was a pretty enjoyable sight.

As much as that, the king’s decision was still unexpected.

“Nothing will change.”

Kaifin replied, using a towel to wipe the excess moisture from Elena’s hair.

“Because I will still be here. Gynecology.”

The king made a remark that recognized Kaifin’s lineage as belonging to the royal family, but did not say that he would bring him to the castle.

Even if such an order fell anyway, Kaifin would have objected.

Ilena turned to face Kaifin.

“I know. You’re not going anywhere leaving me.”

“… … .”

“How do you live without me?”

I said nasty, but the opposite was also true.

Ilena now had a hard time imagining life without Kaifin.

A life that has lost this warmth, this gaze, and this feeling.

At least it will never be in a fine enough form to name it life.

Suddenly, the past years she had lived were puzzled.

How did you live?

Without meeting this person, without knowing this gaze.

It was less than a year ago, and it felt like I was in my previous life.

Ilena touched Kaifin’s smooth cheeks, and then struck him in surprise.

It was an act I did without much thought. My husband’s cheeks are so nice to kiss.

Kaifin’s eye color is slightly darkened.

The moment he wraps around and pulls Ilena’s shoulder, Ilena suddenly rises out of bed.


She said brightly, who couldn’t find her husband’s hand floating in the air.

“So, it turns out, you didn’t dance at our banquet today.”

Kaifin lowered his regretful hand and nodded.


I spent most of my time on the terrace and didn’t have time to dance or something.

“Did you dance?”

“… … no.”

“Have you learned?”

“There is.”

“Then you want to dance with me? Now here.”

The bedroom was large enough for two people to hold hands and jump around.

you are good?

In fact, it didn’t matter if the place was small. There were many kinds of dances.

For example, in blues where men and women dance together.

It is enough just to have space for two people to tread.

Kaifin awakened to Ilena’s sudden offer.

He was trained to be trained in this kind of development.

At that time, Ilena flashed her pink eyes to see what idea came to her.

“Because it’s not fun if you just dance.”

She moved to the side table and filled the glass with water.

Then he leaned against the wall, holding the glass as if it were a glass of wine.

“How about this? This is a banquet hall, and you were the first to meet me here today.”

Ilena said, using her wrist to lightly turn the glass.

“And you, who fell in love with me at first sight, request to dance.”

In simple terms, it was a story to play a situational drama.

Kaifin stared at Ilena for a moment without an answer, then quickly moved up and approached her.

Eventually, leaving a step apart, he stopped and reached out to Ilena.

“… … I’ve been watching it all the time.”


“Would you please give me the honor of dancing my first dance with you?”

Ilena blinked.

“If it’s a nice gentleman’s request, I’d be happy.”

It was awkward and my ears were a little red, but this is a passing score.

Then Ilena lowered the glass of water and put her hand on Kaifin’s hand.

The two took their hands and slowly moved to the middle of the bedroom.

The fluffy carpet was stepped on my feet.

Kaifin led Ilena better than expected.

It wasn’t that there was no clumsy part, but it was close to the first level.

Ilena whispered while feeling Kaifin’s strong shoulders and arms.

“Good-looking gentleman, you dance really well.”

“… … It’s an exaggeration.”

“I think you’ll be good at other things.”

Chapter 153

            The moment a quiet voice fell in the bedroom, Kaifin stopped his feet.

Ilena stepped on his foot.

Kaifin opened his mouth with a confused face.


“Why does the gentleman apologize? I stepped on my foot.”

Of course, if Kaifin hadn’t stopped suddenly, Ilena wouldn’t have stepped on his feet.

“Shall we keep going?”

The dance, which had been paused for a while, continued at her words.

However, Kaifin’s motion was somewhat stiffer than before.

Ilena put up with the oozing laughter and spoke naturally.

“You haven’t misunderstood what I was saying a little while ago? I was just saying that because he was so strong, he would be good at horseback riding and swordsmanship.”

“… … Yeah.”

“Are you good at it?”

“I just do as much as others do, and there is no great skill.”

“You are humble.”


Is it because we are really having conversations that we would like to talk about between first meetings?

A subtle and subtle tension settled between the two.

Of course, at the first meeting, Ilena’s attitude was a bit nasty.

The dance continued.

There was a sound like the floor of the slippers stepping on the carpet, and the hem of the chimatsu rubbing Ilena’s shin.

Kaifin, who was dancing at appropriate intervals, pulled Ilena tightly on the way.

It was one of the dance moves.

Ilena was gently dragged to Kaifin. The sound of the heartbeat was clearly heard when I hugged the other person’s arms as if they were close.

Ilena tapped her lips and let out a hot breath.

His tight body, touched by his breath, reacted with a flinch.

The two bodies fell apart again. Ilena raised her head and looked up at Kaifin.

“I have a question, why did you ask me to dance?”

“… … I fell in love at first sight.”

Ilena bent her eyes slightly as she watched Kaifin steadfastly following the situation she set for the first time.

“Yes? Where did you fall in love with me?”

Ilena’s voice was playful. She thought this unannounced question would embarrass her husband.

However, Kai-fin responded calmly without any signs of slowing down or struggling unexpectedly.

“… … Eye.”


Are you talking about the color of your eyes? Kaifin’s words continued when Ilena thought unintentionally.

“Lips, shoulders, hair, voice… … .”

“… … .”


“… … .”

“It was nice to see you holding a cup. Even when you put your hand on my hand… … I also fell in love back then.”

“Oh my gosh.”

Ilena opened her mouth and spit out sincerely. Her cheeks were hot.

“Good thing.”

“… … I ask.”

Ilena’s eyes were thinner.

I was trying to see the embarrassing reaction, but if I struck it like this, there was also a secret vibe on this side.

As she continued the dance, she thought of other topics to make fun of her husband.

Fortunately (?) I was able to quickly find a suitable topic.

“Good-looking gentleman, do you know?”

“… … ?”

“The gentleman has the coolest appearance I’ve ever seen.”

“… … Thank you.”

“How are you feeling?”


“I’m curious about how you feel when you’re so handsome.”

The tip of Ilena’s lips rose triumphantly.

It seemed to me that this time was a question that was not enough to embarrass my husband.

As she expected, Kaifin showed a pause for a moment. Soon his mouth opened.

“Do you like it?”


“I want to know if you like my face.”

“… … Are you asking me? Of course I like it. Some women don’t like their handsome looks.”

“Then I’m happy.”


“I asked how I was feeling. I am happy.”

“… … So that means, I’m happy to have a handsome face that I like?”


Laughter flowed from Ilena.

There was nothing to say.

No way to come up with an answer like this.

“Since a little bit ago, really, well… … .”


“Have I ever given a name to a gentleman?”

Ilena replied, taking off her pretense. It meant that the situational drama was not over yet.

Kaifin opened her mouth in silence, looking for an answer to Ilena’s reply.

“Excuse me. When I looked at you, I remembered the portrait I had seen a while ago, and I inadvertently called it by the name of the person in the work.”

“A portrait? Whose portrait?”

“It was a portrait of a goddess.”

Ilena’s foot squeezed Kaifin’s foot.

“Then I have something to hope for.”

This time, it was obviously her fault that Kai-fin wasn’t making a mistake.

“… … Sorry.”


“You, the hell… … .”


“… … .”

Why are you so good at coping?

You couldn’t have learned it anywhere, were you born?

Ilena held on to what he wanted to say and looked up at Kaifin.

okay. It’s just started, you can’t see the end in vain.

The end of this development… … .

“A gentleman who does not know his name. Did you say that dancing with me was your first dance?”

“That’s right.”

“I have a request, can you give me not only your first dance, but also another first?”

“which… … .”

Ilena pushed Kaifin. The trained body was pushed back without any resistance.

Soon Kaifin fell on the bed, and Ilena climbed over him and grabbed him by the shoulder and pressed it.

The lips touched lightly and then fell.

“This is the first time.”

“… … .”

“Give me all of you. I want to have it.”

“I’d be willing to give it to you, but… … .”

Kaifin hugged Ilena’s body. He opened his mouth, confining his slender waist to his chest with his strong arms.

“Did we meet for the first time today?”

“… … Yes.”

“… … .”

“Please have a formal relationship with me on the premise of marriage. Then I’ll give you all I have.”

Ilena puffed a small mouth. Soon there was a laugh.

“You are a sincere person.”

I can’t sleep with someone who isn’t in any relationship?

You said you fell in love at first sight.

Somehow, it was like a husband.

If I really met in this situation, I thought it might have actually flowed like now.


Ilena said her permission.

“We have a formal relationship. To meet you from today.”

“… … .”

“Then, can I accept what I want to receive now?”

Kaifin turned over. Illena was laid down and he looked down from above.

The lips met. Everyone’s hands touched each other’s hot body.

The light that gently lit the room went out.

A breath filled the dark bedroom.

When I opened my eyes, Ilena was standing in front of a big ornate door.

“My lady, I’m going to open the door now.”

Someone spoke to her.

As I turned to a familiar voice, I saw Mary’s face.

“… … Merry?”

“Are you okay?”

She stared at Ilena with an ugly and anxious look.

“If you’re too nervous, would you like to take a break and go in? It will work. It may be a little delayed, but if you say that you are not feeling well… … .”


Thinking what the hell was that, Ilena soon realized what she was wearing.

A snow-white dress.

A veil that runs down the shoulders and back a little cumbersome.

‘It’s a dream.’

It is to dream of the first wedding ceremony in the temple.

Ilena turned her gaze forward.

I don’t know why I suddenly dream like this, but now beyond that door… … .


Ilena did not answer Mary’s call and reached out directly to the door.

Then Mary quickly stepped forward and opened the door.

The door opened and Ilena stepped into the hall.


Like her destiny, the blue sea caught her gaze.

Her father Count Sorte approached and clasped Ilena’s hand.

Slowly, step by step, Ilena approached Kaifin, dressed in formal attire and wearing a mask.

The husband stood there silently and watched her getting closer and closer. Because of the mask, I couldn’t confirm my expression.

Ilena couldn’t take her eyes off Kaifin the whole time she approached him.

As if caught, I couldn’t look away from his blue eyes.

My heart beats, and a slight heat rises around my ears.

I don’t think I want to drink water, but my throat is a little burnt.

Is this the feeling that the’self’ dreaming in reality feels right now?

Otherwise… … .

“Ilena. No matter how amazing it is, if you look at it as if you are looking at it, excuse me.”

As I stopped close and looked at Kaifin, I heard a small whispering of Miel, who was standing by the bridesmaid.

Ilena shed the voice in one ear. Then he reached out to Kaifin.

When I grabbed him and pulled him away, he kissed the lips that were revealed below.

“… … !”


In amazement around her, Ilena stuck her tongue through her husband’s stiff lips.

The thirst that burned my throat disappeared from the moment I met the deep blue eyes.

Oh, I see.

Why dream like this.

What this dream is trying to tell her… … .

Chapter 154

            The dark dawn light colored the bedroom.

Ilena blinked her eyes several times. As the number of flashes increased, the field of view became more and more clear.

Soon, the face of my husband, who was sleeping quietly, was clearly visible.

Ilena silently engraved a neat face in her eyes.

A white forehead with black hair scattered.

As soon as the deep blue eyes bound Ilena, Kaifin grabbed her hand and pulled it to him.

Long, dense lashes that create shadows under the eyes.

Balanced nose.

Soft, no, actually soft lips.

“You know what?”

One by one, Ilena, who had engraved in her sight, opened her mouth and whispered a little.

“No matter where or how I met, I would have come to like you.”

Because I fell in love at first sight.

Ilena groped her memory. now I get it.

When I first saw my husband.

From the time she discovered the sea at the ceremony, she was already obsessed with her opponent.

I was just living without realizing it.

Ilena laughed at her new lips.

As if passing by before, I had thought about it at least once. When the hell did her husband come into her heart?

It is a question that I just passed over because it was difficult to give an accurate answer, but now I know the correct answer.

Thanks to that dream too.

‘It was me who fell in love at first sight.’

The situational drama and reality that I had impulsively did last night were opposite.

Maybe thanks to the situational drama, I have dreamed like this.

Ilena contemplated and reached out to Kaifin’s face.

But then, the other person who thought he was sleeping opened his eyes.

“… … I also.”

“… … .”

As soon as I was held in my tight arms, my breath fell into my ears.

“No matter how you met, you must have come to love. Your wife.”

The voice that fell down with breath was very sweet.

Ilena closed her eyes and dig deeper into her tight arms.

It was a cozy dawn.

Barthez’s head seemed to burst. I tried to get rid of my anger all night, but there wasn’t much success.

Eventually he visited the king the next morning as soon as it was bright.

He visited without even a message, but the servant of the royal castle did not stop the crown prince, loved by the king.

“Bartes, what’s going on?”


As soon as he entered the king’s office, the crown prince raised his voice.

It was a passage that allowed us to see how long he had been under the overflowing love of the king.

“No matter how much I try to be patient, I can’t accept it. Please cancel!”

“What do you mean.”

“Don’t you know? How can I turn a monster like that into a royal person… … !”

The king stared at the face of his son, who resembled him and his maintenance in half.

He took care of the son he had given birth to at the risk of damaging his health by his beloved maintenance, but at times like this, his head was sore and a sigh leaked out.

The king pressed his forehead and opened his mouth.

“Crown prince.”

When the king called Barthez by a position other than by name, it was mainly when he blamed him.

The prince stabbed and killed the momentum.

“I think my sister told me yesterday. As long as the Duke of Mayhad killed the Demon King, we should no longer antagonize with him.”

“Are you really sure you killed the Demon King? It could be rumors… … .”


The king removed his hand from the eyebrow. There were a lot of wrinkles.

“How on earth would you argue that it was rumors?”


“What will the eyewitness do, and what are the traces left on Lord Penell’s castle? Also, what about the holy sword?”

The crown prince’s lips stuck to the word “Sacred Sword”.

The king knew that in the past the crown prince had competed with Kaifin for a holy sword and then lost.

“Well, I saw the Demon King’s body. … … It was real.”

The blood on the king’s face faded.

He secretly visited Fenel’s lord’s castle without telling the outside world.

It was because I was curious if the news that the Demon King appeared and that he was dead.

And there, I saw the corpse of the Demon King that Count Penel had left unprocessed to show to the king.

The king closed his eyes tightly. I wasn’t feeling well.

Even though I was just catching what I had already stopped breathing in my eyes, my legs were agitated.

The fact that the Duke of Mayhard had killed this kind of thing belatedly slapped him in the head.

The king thought.

It’s the worst.

“Whether we admit the rumors or not, the Duke of Mayhard will be the hero who saved the world from the Demon King. I can’t stop it.”

It was obvious that the rumor had crossed the border earlier.

The rumor spread to the private sector, and even the king could not crack down.

“Other countries may covet Duke Mayhard. You can try to get him out on the best terms. Imagine a peacock at the forefront of the enemy!”

The king trembled with a clenched fist attached to the desk.

The moment Kai-Fen was in exile with evil spirits, his country was over.

In the past, foreign countries may have been reluctant to him because of the rumors and stains of Kaifin, but now it is the opposite.

If the peacock leaves, it won’t be prevented, then… … .

“Crown prince. Be grateful just for not punishing the past actions you committed to the Duke.”

The king somehow had to hold Kaifin as his man.

So the choice was to recognize him as a descendant of a distant royal ancestor.

‘It would have been better if it could be tied up by national marriage.’

Even if Kaifin wasn’t married, the king would have promoted her marriage with the princess.

‘It doesn’t matter much if it’s remarried, but… … The duchess won’t step back.’

The king recalled the rumors that followed Ilena.

It is rumored to be a descendant of a saint who saved people by using divine power in a few hundred years.

Heroes and saints.

It was like a pair that fate mate.

It would be difficult to forcefully split it up. Public sentiment will also worsen.

The king briefly drew a picture of his daughter, the princess seducing Duke Mayhad, but shook his head soon.

I knew it well because I was a child. The princess didn’t have such a trick.

Even if there were, they wouldn’t even try to obey the princess’s sexual order.

In the end, the king made the best choice. I couldn’t overturn it.

The king stared at his son with cold eyes and gestured as if he would not treat him any more.

“Go out.”


“Don’t you hear the words to go out? And I won’t be allowed to talk about this problem anymore.”

The resolute and cold words squeezed the prince’s jaw.

He bit his teeth, but he couldn’t rebel against the king who had hardened his heart.

“… … I will go back.”

After a while, the prince returned to his residence and screamed in a seizure.

“Fuck it! Ahhhh!”

Wajangchang. bang.

The sound of him throwing as far as he could reach, kicking as soon as he touched his feet, and smashing household items rang out for a while in a large place.

“Oh, huh.”

“Damn, damn it… … .”

The crown prince stopped defeating until most of his stamina was exhausted.

His teeth wheezing and exhaling harsh breaths mixed with swear words.

“… … .”

Kaifin’s face popped into his mind.

The face of the prince was stained with a sense of defeat.

The Crown Prince has always been superior to Kaifin. I thought so.

His words and actions were enormous and shameful because he thought he was worse than him.

But now?

What happened overnight?

The peacock, who laughed at him as a cursed monster, suddenly became a hero who saved the world, and his appearance changed like everyone else, even though he didn’t know what happened.

Is that all it? Even so, it was even officially announced as a royal family member.

The prince couldn’t beat Kaifen even by bloodline.

The person he thought was under his feet suddenly became equal to him.

No, in fact, in many ways, the Crown Prince fell behind Kai Fen several times, but the Crown Prince never wanted to admit that.

“This is ridiculous. I can’t admit it… … .”

The prince muttered, biting his nails.

According to the royal rule, he could not talk to Kaifin in the future. It was terrible.

“How do you say to that monster… … .”

The prince who had messed up his nails stopped.

It was Ilena’s face that suddenly came to his mind.

The image of the other person I saw at the royal banquet hall the other day filled a corner of my head.

With her shiny silver hair hanging down, she wore a light yellow dress and folded her eyes and laughed.

In fact, it was a laugh at the prince who was astonished when he saw Kaifin’s face, but he didn’t know the details.

The Crown Prince passed over the dry needle.

It was beautiful.

‘Was it so pretty in the first place?’

Ilena saw in the banquet hall dazzling enough to blur the impression of the past.

Suddenly, while Kaifin was away for a campaign, I remembered the last plan he had tried to seduce Ilena.

He fell unfortunately and hurt his head, so he couldn’t put it into action.

too bad.

The crown prince was very disappointed at that time.

As he patted the bed on the floor with his fingertips, he immediately called the attendant.

“Go get some stationery, a pen, and some flowers.”

Ilena, who had not read the letter sent by the Crown Prince, burned it in the fireplace and threw the enclosed flower through the troughs, opened other letters piled up like a mountain.

Chapter 155

            The celebration held in Wangseong lasted for ten days.

And as soon as those ten days passed, letters began pouring out to the Duke of Mayhard.

It was mostly similar.

An invitation to invite the Duke and Mrs. Duke to meetings and banquets held in their castle or mansion.

In a polite sentence, they let me know how earnestly they were prepared to treat the two, but Ilena did not reply to any of them.

Because the intention was too transparent.

‘This family and that family… … It’s a place where everyone flirted with rumors from my husband before.’

It wasn’t even funny.

Ilena remembered some of her voices at social gatherings she had attended occasionally before marriage.

Those faces that freely referred to her husband as a’monster’ and giggled.

Ilena, who was not interested in Kaifin’s rumors at the time, cursed it with a memorable voice that was loud enough to be remembered.

“Well, I’m sure it’s a child.”

Ilena mumbled and grabbed the end of the letter with both hands.

The opponent who took the lead in mocking and reproaching became royalty overnight.

Where are the ones or two whose hands are trembling and can’t sleep?

Even now, how anxious I will be after sending an invitation like this.

‘I don’t know.’

If it was pleasant, it was pleasant.

Bum profit.

‘There will be no shortage of firewood for a while.’

Ilena tore the letter in half and put it roughly in the corner of the desk.

Stack it up like that, and later the maid who cleans the room will take it all at once and throw it into the stove.

Thinking so, Ilena glanced over the letter, which had not yet identified the sender.


Soon the gaze stopped in one part.

Next to Count Penel’s letter to reflect every day after being caught trying to hide from Ilena the fact that the demon king’s body has disappeared.

I saw a familiar name.

… … Maybe I’ve seen it wrong.

Ilena carefully scrutinized the letter with faint anticipation.

Soon a agonizing sigh flowed out of her mouth.


During a walk, Ilena called her husband. Kaifin’s gaze immediately shifted to her.

“I have a question.”


“Dennan Thraces… … No, Sir Millisto. Are you very close to you?”

When I put’Millisto’ in her mouth, Ilena stumbled a little, but Kaifin didn’t seem to notice anything strange.

“It’s not enough to use the expression of being very close.”

“Is it true that you have a close friend?”


“The answer is ambiguous?”

“Well… … When I was on the northern border, Dennan would have been very wise to follow directions.”

You call it by name.

Ilena realized one thing. Well, he also called his name at the banquet.

“Anyway, you’ve got along well while you were together.”


Kaifin replied and looked at Ilena’s face.

“What’s happening?”

“No, I’m not saying it’s a job… … .”

Ilena, who was in conflict, opened her mouth.

A voice of determination scattered into the air.

“I think your guests will come sooner or later.”

Dennan wrote in a letter in a very polite manner asking if he could visit the Duke Castle in the near future.

After reading the letter, Ilena pondered, but the answer was decided.

“Thank you for allowing me to visit.”


‘It’s not my guest anyway.’

Dennan Millisto had a deep relationship with her husband.

Of course, he would have announced his intention to visit the Duke Castle to see his husband.

‘It’s also weird to keep me from coming.’

And in the first place there was no reason for that.

A sincere young man who follows her husband well and has straight eyes.

It is rather unnatural to be reluctant.

Dennan, who dressed more easily than he saw at the banquet, was tying her long dark brown hair neatly together.

In many ways, I felt that the appearance was straight.

“The butler will show you the room to stay. When the meal is ready, I’ll send someone up, so come down.”

“Yes, thank you for your consideration.”

Thank you for the brief meeting twice.

Ilena turned around without giving a long glance to Dennan following Ben.

I didn’t know that Dennan’s gaze was belatedly turned to her.

The dinner went smoothly, and the day went by normally.

Ilena paid little attention to the existence of Dennon, who visited the castle as her husband’s guest.

… … No, I didn’t want to care.

It could have been enough.


If I hadn’t encountered Dennon from time to time while walking around the castle.

‘Why do you keep meeting?’

Even every time we met, we made eye contact.

It’s as if Dennan was stalking Ilena and watching her… … .



What is the reason for that to the other person?

‘You must be mistaken.’

Ilena answered clearly.

It would be a coincidence.

But, as if laughing at her answer, that afternoon, Dennan first spoke to Ilena.

“Duke, I have something to tell you.”

‘Can you give me a minute? Please, please.’

‘What is it?’

Ilena sat in the drawing room and looked at Dennon, trying to hide her anxiety.

Dennan said with a serious face. I asked so politely that I could not refuse.

Ilena, who endured the uncomfortable silence, suddenly said in a bright voice.

“Is it related to your husband?”


Hope is out.

Ilena held back what she wanted to ask, asking why not.

It’s not about my husband. So what is the other person saying to me?

Dennon seldom opened his mouth to the subject he asked for to take time for a minute.

Dennan made a voice just before Ilena urged him.

“Sorry. I got nervous… … .”

Whether it was a lie, he clenched and opened his fists.

Thanks to that, Ilena also became nervous.

It was a tension with a bad meaning.


Anxiety grew in size.

‘Why are you nervous?’

What are you going to say?

An ominous imagination ran through my head. Ilena wanted to shake her head.

No. It won’t. It shouldn’t have been.

Then Dennon spoke.

“I’ve been thinking about it all after the Wangseong banquet.

“… … .”

“I kept hesitating to find out that this shouldn’t be easy to come up with, and it could be rude… … .”

awhile. The rush wasn’t too bad. Ilena’s accident flowed without hesitation.

Come to think of it, how did she connect with Dennan Millisto in a future that is no longer coming?

It was easy to guess that Andy would have served as a stepping stone.

In the first place, Ilena was going to be introduced to Dennan by Andy.

I made it something she didn’t have.

‘surely… … .’

Ilena’s eyes shook.

Just because men and women are introduced doesn’t mean that everything goes well. It was a very natural story.

In order for a relationship to progress, usually both sides, at least one side, have to show goodwill.

Particularly, if it is enough to get married, there will be no beginning to the degree of favorability.

A great affinity, so for example, at the level of being in love at first sight and actively courting without worrying about the surrounding gaze or the environment… … .


Ilena touched her lips.

Before I even listened to the other person, it seemed that the word “no” would pop out first.

Dennan took a deep breath.

His chest was swollen. The ominousness in Ilena’s heart also swollen.

“It’s no different… … .”

At that time, Dennan, who was trying to continue talking, stopped and suddenly woke up.

“Excuse me for a minute.”

After seeking patience, Dennan moved to the door of the parlor. After a while, the door that had been closed quickly opened.

“I brought out the car. Sorry for being late… … Oh!”

Mary, who came in somewhat hastily, stepped back.

The tray in her hand leaned forward.

Then Dennan took it as if he had been waiting.

He supported the tray with one hand, and with the rest of his arm, he firmly held Mary’s waist as he was about to fall.

“Are you okay?”

“… … Oh yes, it’s okay. Go, thank you.”

After setting up Mary, who was wondering if it had happened in no time, Dennon returned to his seat with a tray himself.

Ilena blinked, looking at Dennon with a strange look.

Looks like you just knew in advance that Mary was going to fall. Is it an illusion?

Ilena’s eyes narrowed.

Before she asked about it in detail, Dennon put the tray down and sat back on the chair and opened his mouth.

“I’ll keep telling you.”

He spit out a tense voice.

“I would like to take the maid who made the duchess’ dress to my mansion during the last great celebration.”

Chapter 156

            Ilena opened her eyes wide.

Mary’s eyes, who have not yet left the parlor, have also changed dramatically.


“The moment I saw the Duchess’ dress at the celebration, I was captivated. So I asked the Duke who the designer was. He said it was made by his wife’s maid.”

“… … .”

“I’m planning a dressing room business, and I’d like to recruit that maid as the main designer of the dressing room.”

“… … So.”

Ilena blinked, then belatedly opened her mouth again.

My head, which had been stiff in an instant at unexpected words, gradually began to function.

“I want you to take the maid who made my dress up as a designer.”

“That’s right.”

“… … Did you ever visit Duke Castle to bring out this proposal?”


The moment the affirmation fell from Dennan, Ilena’s mouth opened slightly.

As it collapsed, a sigh flowed out of the teeth.

What, it was like that… … ,

‘Wait a minute.’

There was a question that spontaneously passed through my head.

“Excuse me?”


“Don’t you say that it could be rude a while ago?”

‘I kept hesitating to know that this shouldn’t be taken out easily and could be rude… … .’

Ilena clearly remembered what Dennon said.

It was a rush that seemed to follow a great confession no matter who heard it.

“I was curious if it would be rude to want to hire a public maid as a designer.”

At Ilena’s gaze mixed with confusion and doubts, Dennan said ah, and replied.

“I heard from the Duke. The Duchess is a maid she has been with since she was a child.”

“… … .”

“I was worried about saying that I wanted to take such a person. Even if you are uncomfortable, I think there is nothing to do about it. Even if you don’t allow me… … I will take it sweetly.”

Dennon concluded with a cautious appearance.

And Ilena finally completely relieved tension and boundaries.

… … Aha.

“What else do I say… … . I thought even love and war would begin… … .”

“Yes? Excuse me, but what did you just say?”

“Nothing. By the way, your proposal.”

As if nervous, Dennon stiffened.

Ilena spit out a bit quickly because it was absurd and a little embarrassing that she had misunderstood.

“It would have been to ask the person for their opinion, not to ask for permission from me.”

“Can I do that?”

“Do you have anything to do without being?”

“Thank you.”

“I can ask you right now while the words are spoken.”

“Now? Oh, would you like to call me here?”


Ilena spoke as Dennon felt embarrassed.

“I’m already here.”

Ilena’s gaze shifted to one side.

Dennan’s head turned naturally following the other’s gaze.

His silver-grey eyes captured Mary, who stood awkwardly in the spot.

“Talk to it. I will leave you for a while.”

Mary panicked and pondered for nearly two days, but eventually accepted Dennon’s offer.

The morning Mary decided to leave, Ilena finally confirmed.

“Did you make sure you made up your mind?”

“… … Yes. I’m sorry, ma’am.”

“Why are you sorry for me?”

Ilena imagined Mary becoming a designer and making her name.

It wasn’t drawn easily, but it didn’t feel particularly awkward or weird.

Was it because I knew that Mary’s dexterity was outstanding?

Still, I didn’t know it would be this level.

‘You came to Dukeseong because of Mary.’

Of course, the reason Dennan wants to hire Mary as a designer isn’t entirely about her skills.

“If you come back from the clothes room, will you accept it?”

“Then, I’ll leave you alone.”

Ilena replied that way, but she thought it would never happen.

The Duke and Mrs. Mayhard were the hottest topic in the social world right now.

Here and there will be their names going up and down every day.

It was obvious without seeing it.

In such a situation, what if the dressing room with Mary, the exclusive maid of Ilena, opened as the main designer?

Even if the designer’s skills are poor, if it’s Mary’s skill at the stage that will make a big break… … .

Ilena laughed bloody.

This was the first time I had a face-to-face conversation, but Dennan showed a glimpse of entrepreneurial skills.

‘Although it seemed sincere to say that I liked the dress.’

Mary said Dennan explained how beautiful the dress she made was, in a way that was special, and how it could captivate clients, so close to an hour in the parlor.

I wouldn’t have said that if I had chosen Mary just for Ilena’s fame.

In the end, Dennan had caught two rabbits.

There were no complaints. Anyway, because Mary looked happy now.


“Mary, did you say you had some shares in the dressing room?”

“Yeah. It was a really unconventional contract.”

“Call us when the 2nd and 3rd stores open. I’ll send you flowers.”

“Oh! I don’t know if there will be such a slope, but I will.”

Instead of telling her that it must be, Ilena smiled quietly.

Mary moved her stopped hand to comb Ilena’s long hair.

Complex emotions, including regret, were contained in the touch.



“… … My owner is always the only lady. You know?”

Ilena did not point out the title of a girl.

“Yes, I know.”

“Wherever you are, I will always serve you with my heart.”

“Yes, I’ll always think of Mary as an exclusive maid in my heart.”

“Oh my goodness!”

Mary, who exaggeratedly exaggerated her feelings of excitement, continued to brush her hair after she had finished organizing.

The time that Mary decided to leave was delayed a little, but no one complained.

“Go carefully.”

“I will write to you as soon as I arrive. I write a letter on the opening day, and on the day when the first dress was sold… … .”

“Do it all you want.”

Ilena gave a light hug with Mary.

Dennon stood silently one step away, watching the two.

After saying goodbye to Mary, Ilena opened her mouth when she made eye contact with Dennan.

When I thought that Dennon was here because she wasn’t her, I felt comfortable.

“I have something to ask.”

“Yes, speak comfortably.”

“Would you like to be among the maids serving you now… … .”

Ilena recalled the appearance of a maid who defended her from the future 20 years after she had peeked and instead had her ship pierced by a demonic claw.

After groping the memory and explaining it in as much detail as possible, Ilena looked at Dennan.

“… … Is there a maid like this?”

“I think of one person… … .”

“Do good. Don’t ask me why.”

Dennan seemed puzzled, but he followed Ilena’s words not to ask why.


“Go carefully.”

The see-off is over.

Dennon bent down, and Mary pulled out a handkerchief and lifted it up. Ilena turned around.

Dennan, who soon got upright, looked at Ilena’s back for quite some time, but Illena, who had never looked back, didn’t know.

As soon as she walked into the castle after seeing off, Ilena took a short nap in her bedroom.

I pretended not, but I felt strange as I thought I was falling forever with Mary.

When I got married and left the Countess, I once said goodbye, but I guess I didn’t get used to it.

Anyway, thanks to him, I was a little nervous the day before.

As soon as I leaned on the bed, Ilena quickly fell into the water.

Then I had a dream.

In a dream, the resurrected Trizef was making the world a mess.

‘You said you didn’t resurrect!’

Of course, it was a dream, so I couldn’t argue with anyone.

Ilena flees from the beast who eats humans and Trizef, who was eager to kill her.

But Trizef, the damn man he met in his dreams, persisted.

Ilena followed endlessly where she ran away.

Finally, the retreat was blocked.

Driven by a dead end, Ilena stared helplessly at Trizef as she was getting closer.

Her bright red eyes and sharp nails threatened her pressure.

“The descendants of the saint, finally four years… … .”

At that time, someone intercepted between Ilena and Trizef.

With a long sword in his hand, he quickly pierced Trizef’s left chest.


Trizef fell helplessly.

Ilena looked at her back and called her husband’s name.


The opponent slowly turned to Ilena. Ilena only noticed something strange.

Is it because it is a dream?

Even looking through her eyes, she couldn’t know anything about her opponent.

Is it tall or small? Is it a woman or a man? How is your appearance?

Only one thing can be known… … .

When the blue eyes of the sea were stuck in Ilena’s field of view, the opponent’s lips were sweet.


Chapter 157

            Ilena opened her eyes.

The first thing that caught my eye was Kaifin’s face.


“… … Kaifin?”

“I came here because I was worried that I had skipped dinner. You were sleeping.”

Ilena, getting up from the bed, stared at the window. It was dark outside.

When Mary saw it off, it was still noon.

“… … .”

I thought I was going to fall asleep for a while and then wake up, but I thought I slept longer than I thought.

‘… … No, that’s not what matters.’

Ilena looked at Kai-Fen, blinking her locked eyes.

The savior I saw in my dream had blue eyes just like Kaifin.

And… … .

‘I said it’s mother.’

It must have been said so.

The voice doesn’t come to mind, but the appearance of the other’s lips moving was still clear.

It was definitely the word.


At the moment, Ilena’s hand turned to her belly without her knowledge. The gaze moved accordingly.

… … Come to think of it, when was the last time you did a run?

“Do you ever have a stomachache?”

Kaifin’s worried voice caught Ilena’s attention.

Ilena raised her head.

“Well, that… … .”

“I’ll sing Dagter.”


Ilena somewhat hastily grabbed Kaifin, trying to get up from her seat.

If what she is thinking is right, then… … .

I wanted to see her alone. When there is no Kaifin.

“I’m not really sick enough to call a doctor. It’s a little uncomfortable… … If the abdominal pain gets worse here, then I will call it myself.”

“Really. If you really care… … .”

Ilena is back in bed. Then he grabbed Kaifin’s hand and put it on her stomach.

“My husband’s hand is weak, please. Then I think it will be okay.”

Kaifin, who hesitated, finally moved his hand slowly as requested.

Even a small movement of her large, elongated hand left a trace in every nook and cranny of Ilena’s belly.

Ilena closed her eyes, feeling the warmth transmitted through her clothes.

The bright blue eyes I saw in my dreams came to my mind again.


The next morning, as soon as Kaifin went to work in the office, Ilena visited Dagter.

“You have met.”

Ilena’s lips were sweet.

The thick lips spread slightly upwards and downwards, and then sticks together again and again.

Finally she made a small voice.

“… … Really?”

“Yeah. It’s estimated to be around 6 to 7 weeks.”

Ilena closed and opened her eyes.

Really. I really have a child!

Ilena almost got up out of the chair and managed to endure it.

The precautions I picked up from where the pregnant women had to be careful about their behavior ran through my head.

Instead of getting up, Ilena carefully placed her hand on her belly.

There was a trembling on my fingertips.

Ilena was silent, putting her hands on her stomach.

My belly was flat, and of course I couldn’t feel anything.

But I have a child.

In this.

The seed of life that blossomed between her husband and her husband was heard.

It was amazing. There wasn’t a sense of reality yet.

Ilena touched her belly very carefully like someone else’s body, not mine, and then suddenly opened her mouth.

“Still, 6 to 7 weeks?”

“That’s right for me to diagnose.”

‘then… … .’

Ilena was counting the dates and recalled the first night she had with her husband.

‘What if?’

Was the child stepping in right after the first bed?

I thought it wasn’t impossible. That’s because the two haven’t been out of the bedroom for two days.

“… … greatness.”

Ilena coughed with red ears.

‘… … If so, is it related to the child that my husband’s stain disappears and that I get less cold?’

It was more convincing to see that the cause of the change was children rather than sleeping.

It’s all speculation anyway.

Ilena was thinking about this and that, and soon asked Dagter firmly.

“Dagter, please keep this secret for a while. Especially never tell the peacock.”


Instead of asking why, Dagter nodded.

He was a doctor, and he knew that many women wanted to inform their husbands about pregnancy.

Long ago, so did his sister.

Dagter recalled the day when he first learned the taste of his sister after failing to take care of his mouth in front of his uncle.

The molars that had been shaken at that time also hurt once in a while when the day was bad.

Dagter’s eyes, remembering the pain of that day, became firm.

“You can trust it because it will never be released.”


“First of all, since it’s in the early stages of pregnancy, I’m going to tell you what you need to be careful about. I will write down the details and send it to you through Avi… … .”

Ilena turned to a rather vague face and stared at Kaifin.

I was eating.

Kai-fin looked at her wonderingly at the gaze that did not fall for a long time.

“Do you have anything to say?”

“… … no.”

Ilena shook her head.

My mouth tickled.

At any moment, I wanted to talk about the new life in her stomach.

But not now. It was a pity to convey this plainly.

What could be a more ingenious way?

‘Voila!’ And how to tell the husband about the child’s existence.

“… … .”

Ilena fluttered her hand, which became a habit of putting it on her belly.

Of course, she touched her belly under the tablecloth, avoiding her husband’s eyes.

‘Would you please?’

At first glance I thought about it.

My husband did not want children at one time. Of course, I could see it as a thing of the past.

The fact that I was sleeping with Ilena would have made me think positively about my child.

nevertheless… … .


You may not be ready to like your child yet.

If you were just loving your wife and decided to match her decision.

My mind got more and more complicated. Little by little, my taste buds ran away.

Ilena first learned today that she is such a sensitive and thoughtful human.


Kai-fin, who noticed her wife’s ideals, called her.

Ilena smiled silently.

As if trying to get rid of anxiety, Ilena grabbed Kaifin’s hand. My slender hands got tight.

Three days later, a theater company called by Ilena visited Duke Castle.

I’ve been thinking for days on how to tell Kaifin about the child’s existence.

It was the result of that effort.

In the banquet hall, the Duke and his wife watched a performance prepared by the troupe.

Kaifin didn’t seem to be greatly puzzled that Ilena suddenly sang a troupe to the castle.

After the show ended, Ilena asked.

“How was it?”

“It was good.”


“The actor in the play was good at acting.”

Kaifin answered purely.

Ilena became proud to hear the answer.

It was annoying, but I was good at arranging a famous theater company.

After all, I was reluctant to take my husband’s time with poor performances.

Even though the performance… … .

“Did you enjoy the performance we prepared?”

Even if it’s just an incidental thing for this moment.

An official from the theater company approached and spoke to Ilena and Kaifin, who are still sitting in the banquet hall.

Ilena responded naturally as if the official had spoken to her.

“Yes, it was fun. It was great.”

“Thank you. If so, can I get the admission fee?”

Usually, when a theater company is invited to perform in this way, the price is naturally paid in advance.

Ilena felt that Kaifin was weird and said quickly before she intervened.

“Yes, how much is the admission fee?”

“An adult is three silver coins and a child is one silver coin.”

The pricing method was also weird.

Are you going to get paid for the number of audience heads for an exclusive performance designed just for two people from the beginning?

However, Ilena naturally continued the conversation as if she felt no problem.

“Then, if there are two adults and one child, there are seven silver coins. Right?”

“That’s right.”

“Now, here are seven. It’s exactly seven for’three people’, so count it well.”

“Thank you.”

As soon as the company officials received the silver coins, they disappeared.

As if you had done your part.

Ilena’s heart pounded.

My mouth was dry and my throat was slightly tightened.

Did you notice?

Was what she was trying to say was well communicated?

Turn your head and look at your husband and you will find the answer.

But for some reason, I didn’t have the courage to look back.

Ilena was unfamiliar with herself, who had become a coward. I wasn’t used to it.

This situation was unfamiliar to me, where I was frightened beyond being nervous.

‘I will laugh.’

Yes, you will laugh.

You will be happy and laugh. A husband would.

Ilena went back several times, then breathed deeply and turned her head.

Then he stopped.


Surprised Ilena’s eyes slightly increased in size.

Chapter 158

            Kaifin was completely enchanted.

Would that be the face of a person who was beaten in the back of the head in succession by about ten?

Ilena was embarrassed, feeling more ecstatic than expected. It seemed like I had to spread my palm in front of my husband’s face and wave it.

Just before Ilena put the idea into action, Kaifin was amazed.

“Madam, now… … .”

“… … .”

“… … Is that what I think is right?”

“Yes, that is correct.”

Ilena replied a little cautiously.

I was expecting to be surprised, but I didn’t know that he would show such a spirited appearance.

Ilena examines Kaifin’s face.

It was then.

Tears fell from his face.


How surprised Ilena jumped up from her seat.

I couldn’t even remember what the pregnant woman was saying.

I saw my husband’s tears for the first time. Ilena, who stood in front of Kaifin, was restless.

“Why are you crying?”

“… … Crying? Am I crying now?”

‘You don’t even know he’s crying?’

Tears are falling so thick that I don’t know how?

Kaifin raised his hand and stole his cheek with the back of his hand.

The face that he realized only then took off from the moist moisture.

“… … You are crying.”

Ilena only blinked.

My husband now showed tears, but in many ways it was not the same as usual.

It feels like there are at least a couple of screws missing than usual.

“Are you okay?”

Thanks to this, Ilena was forced to ask this question.

Instead of answering a question full of worries, Kaifin came down from his chair.

Then he knelt on the floor, aligned with Ilena’s belly, and hugged her.

Kaifin pressed her cheek to Ilena’s stomach. Very carefully.

“I am the father of the child.”

“… … .”

“Your wife will be a mother.”

“… … Yes.”

“I’m happy.”

“… … .”

“I’m happy… … really.”

Kaifin thought with his face buried in the soft, warm arms that brought him joy.

Since when.

Every moment has come alive since his wife appeared in front of him, but nonetheless, it could not be clearly distinguished.

Since when… … Are you convinced that the child who will be born between him and his wife will not be unhappy?

From what point in time, when I pictured the future, I wondered whether the two children were engraved together in that picture.

When was the first time I began to have hopes and expectations that I would have laughed at as nonsense if I had heard of my past self… … .

I didn’t know.

But what is certain was that he was happy now.

More than anyone else.

A pulse came from my wife’s arms touching her cheek. It was a stable sound.

Ilena’s hand broke through Kaifin’s hair.

Stroke slowly.

It was a sweet touch.

Kaifin didn’t let go of Ilena’s hugged body.

He closed his eyes in the glad warmth that had been saved to him from some time he could not remember.

The remaining tears that had formed on my long lashes fell to the floor.

Chapter 13 Fate

After the fact that Ilena’s meeting was known, Dukeseong was engulfed in a festive atmosphere.

Dagter wiped out the fact that he no longer had to be cautious and worried.

“You know.”

Ilena opened her mouth as she saw Kaifin with her cheeks on her belly.

After learning the news of her pregnancy, Kaifin would get out of the office and stick to Ilena during work.

Exactly on her tummy.

“What do you feel then?”

“… … Nothing yet.”

I will. Dagter said there were at least two more months left before birth begins.

Ilena was fascinated by Kaifin, who showed interest in her belly from time to time.

The ship wasn’t released, and there’s not much that has changed on the outside.

“… … Hmm.”

Kaifin said, without taking her face off her stomach, if she had read Ilena’s question.

“Just good. If you are doing this.”

Although unfamiliar, Ilena did not like Kaifin’s attitude.

No, it was actually good.

When I found out that I had a child, I was worried about what if Kaifan wasn’t very happy.

Even if I pretend to be happy for my beloved wife, it was just a pretense, and what to do if it wasn’t sincere.

If you think about it now, how useless it was.

Ilena gently melted her mouth as she saw Kai-Fen, who seemed seldom intent to remove her cheek from her stomach.

“Because you’re doing this, I remember you cried.”

“… … is that so.”

“Have you ever cried like that before? Not when I was young.”

“There is not.”

In fact, even when he was young, Kai-fin wasn’t so much tearful.

When I was first abused by my mother, I was so surprised and afraid that I shed tears, but that was the only time.

Especially when I cried for reasons other than sad… … .

“This is the first time. I cried out of joy.”

Ilena silently touched Kaifin’s hair.

Her husband’s honest words kept touching a corner of her heart. My heart beats fast.

Ilena, who was wandering around her fine black hair for no reason, swallowed a sigh in her heart.

So close.

‘I want to fuck you.’

It was like that.

Honestly, I want to knock my husband on the bed right now and get on top of it.

But I couldn’t.

One of the precautions that Dagter gave in the early stages of pregnancy was that he had to refrain from sleeping.

Stop coffee, avoid standing for as long as possible, or stay away from flower tea because it’s not good for your body.

Ilena simply nodded at all other precautions, but when she heard that, she couldn’t.

Refrain from sleeping!

Don’t worry about having a husband like this other than anyone else!

‘I can’t help it because it’s for a child… … .’

There was absolutely no torture.

Especially when my husband behaves lovingly in front of her like now.

Ilena chose to talk as a way to forget about her irresolvable desires.

There was also a topic that came to mind.

“Kaifan, I have a question.”


“Did you really have no idea that I had a child until I told you?”

I wouldn’t know. Since I didn’t know, I wonder if I was so ecstatic and even saw tears.

However, when I think about it now, there was a question.

“I must have been a little different from usual for a few days back then, but I was wondering if I didn’t feel anything weird… … .”

Ilena was belatedly awakened.

After learning that she was pregnant through Dagter, until the extreme arrived in Dukeseong, she was acting quite unnaturally.

At that time, I thought I was acting perfectly, but when I look back on it, it wasn’t.

It was surprising that Kaifin hadn’t noticed that she was hiding something.

“I used to feel that my wife was something different from usual. But… … .”


“Not so long ago, my wife’s maid left the castle, so I only guessed it was because of it.”


Ilena nodded small.

Right. understood.

Then it turned out that a letter arrived from Mary this morning.

The main content was that he arrived at Dennon’s mansion in the capital.

Mary declined the offer to use the mobile portal installed by Cidion and climbed directly onto Dennon’s wagon.

Perhaps it was the intention to have time to get along with the employer and the business partner to be with for a long time in the future.

Whether the intention worked, Mary seemed to be quite friendly with Dennan.

I could see it by looking at the letter.

In the letter, Mary comfortably referred to Dennon.

‘I wrote Dennan Nim.’

You may have guessed that Mary’s friendliness to Dennan also contributed to her being a friend of Andy.

Mary trusted and liked Andyden, whom she had seen since childhood while attending Ilena.

The fact that I had a close relationship with him would have relieved my alertness.

‘How close did you get in those days?’

Mary added a lot of love for Dennan to the letter, as if she had a good heart.

Thanks to that, Ilena learned things that I wasn’t curious about.

For example, Dennon wants to save money to buy titles and estates.

The reason is that I don’t want to inherit anything from my scornful father.

In addition… … .

[And this is a speculation, but I think this person has been broken up recently.

As I looked out the window from the carriage, I heard somehow muttering with a lonely expression.

‘Would something have changed if I met first… … Did you say’?

No matter how much you look at it, you seem to be sure it’s a car?

Even if I have both good looks and wealth, love is still difficult.]

Chapter 159

            [That’s right. Love is difficult.

Ex-boyfriend, no, just meet again in that XXX capital and just XXXX… … .]

Since then, Mary’s letter cursed her ex-boyfriend who broke up for half a page.

‘I have to reply.’

Ilena thought I had to reply to Mary within today.

Even if I didn’t know anything else, the decision not to leave my ex-lover, who had betrayed, was about to support me.

Actually, I think I’ve already heard that the harpoon was put out before, but well, it would be okay to do it twice.

From one day, Ilena became very sensitive to the affair and betrayal of her lover.

Kaifin raised her head as she sent her death sentence on a man she didn’t even know her face.

He couldn’t take his eyes off Ilena’s flat belly and said in a regrettable tone.

“I have to go back to the office.”


Ilena didn’t catch Kaifin. My husband was extremely busy right now.

It was because of the estate given by the king.

The estate was located near the capital and was bigger and busier than expected.

You will have an agent to rule, but before that, there were quite a few things that had to be done procedurally.

“See you later.”

But when she said to see you later, Ilena’s hand didn’t let Kaifin’s hem.

“Oh, without knowing it.”

“… … .”

“… … Would you like to kiss goodbye?”

Instead of answering, it was her soft lips that fell on Ilena.

While having a kiss, Ilena grabbed Kaifin’s collar and pulled strongly.

Both of them fell on the bed.

‘I told you to refrain from sleeping… … Yes, you just have to refrain from sleeping.’

Isn’t it just necessary to cross the last line (?)?

Thinking as she wished, Ilena pressed Kaifin’s shoulders down and climbed onto a solid body.

Trapped in the bedroom with your husband for two days?

It wasn’t until a long time since then that Kaifin was able to leave the bedroom in a somewhat disorganized manner.

Ilena wrote a letter to inform close people about the meeting.

Naturally, many guests visited Dukeseong Fortress.



The first hitter was Rosaline.

As soon as she heard the news, Rosalin came to visit us right after hearing the news, as she is close to her.

“I came quickly.”

“Of course you have to come quickly! What did I hear.”

Rosalyn’s face was burning red with excitement.

“You become a mother before me… … . I feel really weird.”

“Yeah. I thought you would be faster.”

Rosaline married a year earlier than Ilena.

She raised her finger and looked very carefully at Ilena’s belly.

“I’m still newlywed… … .”

Rosalyn knew that Ilena had begun flirting with her husband after marriage.

When I think about it, it was really earlier than expected.

“What’s the secret?”

“Well… … .”

Ilena lifted the teacup, cherishing the answer. It was a rooibos car.

The use of the Duke Castle alternated between Rooibos Tea, Ginger Tea, and Garlic Tea to Ilena these days.

All three cars were known to be good for pregnant women.

Ilena thought rooibos was the most drinkable. rest of it… … Especially the garlic… … .

Still, I haven’t bitten a car for my child yet.

When Ilena cooled moderately and swallowed the warm rooibos, Rosalin pulled out something.


“I still had a gift for you. I just brought it while visiting Dukeseong.”


“I received it too, but it’s wasteful to write it alone… … .”

What Rosalin presented was a one-finger glass bottle.

“It’s enjoyment. You can apply it on the back of your neck.”

“What enjoyment?”

Rosaline, who doesn’t particularly like the strong scent, never enjoyed using perfumes or perfumes.

Rosaline smiled meaningfully when Ilena, who knows her friend’s taste, tilted her head.

“It’s difficult to write it now, but… … Try it after about two months.”

Bowing her upper body forward, Rosaline whispered a little.

“It’s a very good enjoyment to use when you have a wish between your husband and your husband.”

“… … When you and your husband make a wish?”

Ilena blinked.


“Then, I don’t think I’ll be able to use it after two months.”

“It’s good to use it in those cases, but it doesn’t mean you should use it only then. Try it anyway. really good.”

“is it?”

Rosaline said in a confident tone. So Ilena did rather than ask more details.

Anyway, the other person was the love teacher she once trusted very much.

“Okay. Thanks for the gift.”

“What, we should share good things with friends.”

“Thank you for coming in like this… … . Are you going to stay?”

“I will.”

Rosaline happily returned after spending two days at the Duke Castle.

And as soon as Rosaline left the castle, the next guests arrived, as if waiting.

“Ilena, your letter!”

“How are you, Ilena?”

“brother. sister.”

It was Edward and Liliana.

As soon as Liliana saw her, she hugged her.

Edward showed up confidently, and he writhes when he put Ilena in front of him.

“You, hmm, that, letter… … Is it real?”

“Then would it be a fake?”

“… … I didn’t have a boat.”

Edward muttered as he glanced at Ilena’s belly.

It couldn’t be an ignorant remark.

“It’s been less than two months yet. No wonder it didn’t come out.”

Edward, who heard Finnzan, replied dumbly, but he knew.

I learned the basics about pregnancy and childbirth.

However, in front of the problems that suddenly came to reality, my head just went on strike for a while.

Liliana simply patted Ilena’s shoulder. It seems bold.

“My father also wanted to come with me. However, the maximum capacity of the portal was two.”

“Oh, that’s right.”

The mobile portal that Cidion installed, connecting the Duke and the capital, could only be used by up to two people at a time.

“I used to repair and increase it… … How long it will take.”

“Father, I can bring you next time, well.”

“Why are you?”

Edward intervened. Liliana struck him.

“You are busy.”

“Is Edward busy?”

Ilena asked as if she was purely curious.

As soon as I heard it, Edward would have asked if he was treating him as a limit, but for some reason he was quiet.

No, it’s not quiet… … .

‘Are you shy now?’

Liliana said when she read a light that floated over Edward’s face and Ilena wanted to prick her in an instant.

“He’s going to get married sooner or later.”

It was a calm voice, but the content was shocking.


“that… … Hmm.”

Edward swept his neck with an awkward hand.

“Oh, that’s it.”

“with who?”

“… … With you.”


“With Princess Josephine of Aiden Kingdom.”

If it were the kingdom of Aiden, it was the country next to it. And the princess… … .


Ilena’s eyes have changed greatly.

The brief abbreviation of the story behind Edward’s unprecedented seizure of the next princess’s bounty was as follows.

“I was lucky.”

“It did.”

Liliana nodded in front of the table.

The story was longer than I thought and continued to the dinner table.

‘I think Princess Josephine of Aiden’s kingdom was friends with her Majesty Princess Kedilla.’

It was a coincidence.

When the evil invasion broke out, Princess Josephine finally stayed here in the royal city of Librande to see her friend.

Cidion had taken Ilena’s family and fled to the city.

At that time, the princess and Edward had a surprising eye contact.

“He said he fell in love with the way he flew his body valiantly to protect him from the beast. Actually, I was stumped.”

“Stop telling me.”

Edward turned his face red.

“I mean, it was my heart that I tried to protect the princess after that.”

“Yes, yes.”

Regardless of the occasion, it seems that the marriage was still a relationship.

Ilena thought, taking a piece of meat that Kaifin had cut into her mouth.

‘Then, the countess will be inherited by her sister.’

I thought it would happen from the beginning, but now it’s really clear.

To marry the princess, Edward would have to leave for the country next door.

I was in a strange mood. fairly.



Liliana and Edward, who were in the midst of awakening, gave a glance to Ilena’s call.

“congratulations. Live well.”

Edward lingered at a sudden drop in greeting and opened his mouth.

“… … I will live like you.”

Ever since he entered the restaurant, he glanced at Ilena and Kaifin and his wife once at a time.

Kaifin’s face seemed astonished, and it seemed as if he was just being stepped on by a nice couple.

Ilena opened her eyes round at Edward’s words, and then quickly laughed.

“I have a big dream.”

*** After

Edward and Liliana, Andyden came and congratulated them and went back.

Even after all the guests left, Dukeseong still maintained the festive atmosphere.

It was about that point when Jessica Averine Young-ae, who is called the Flower of the Kingdom, arrived at Duke Castle.

Chapter 160

            However, the butler, who disappeared after saying so, returned soon and gave Jessica a guest room.

“Please Have Tea Here.”

“… … thank you.”

“There is also a cookie.”

“thank… … .”

“Cover the blanket too! The air in the parlor is a little cold today.”

Jessica’s green eyes shook aimlessly.

It does well.

The employees of the Duke Castle have done excessively well to uninvited visitors.

Thanks to that, Jessica felt more like sitting on a thorn cushion.

“Nice to meet you, this is Ben, the butler of this castle.”

After a while, an old butler appeared in the parlor.

Jessica was very nervous, but his attitude wasn’t very different from other users.

The butler with a kind smile said kindly.

“You came to visit the Knights Templar?”

“… … Yeah.”

“You sent a letter a few days ago.”

It is true that Jessica’s family, Viscount Averine, sent a letter to the Dukes a while ago.

But I didn’t hear the answer.

Jessica came blindly in that situation, so there was nothing to say even if she was kicked out like this.

“Can you wait a minute? We will deliver the room as soon as your mother’s permission is given.

Jesaka was uncomfortable as she walked through the ornate corridor to the residence.

Why are you so good?

Why are everyone so kind and kind?

‘I deserve it… … .’

At that time, the noise of the maids passing through the corridor flowed into Jessica’s ears.

“Will a Princess or Confucius be born?”

“I wish I was a princess! Just thinking about being a lady who resembles her so much… … .”

“I think it would be good if I was Confucius. However, the appearance of the peacock was inherited from ancient times.”

“Either way, I’m looking forward to it.”

The maids sneaked past Jessica.


Jessica only realized it.

This floating atmosphere surrounding the castle.

Where does the leisure to welcome even uninvited guests kindly come from?

‘like that. The Duchess… … .’

Soon she arrived at the room she was assigned to. As soon as she unpacked, she sat down on the bed.

I covered my face completely with both hands.

“Worst… … .”

Jessica bit her lips. The cold voice I heard a few days ago flashed into her mind.

“Go to Duke of Mayhad.”

“… … Duke Castle?”

Viscount Avery ordered as soon as Jessica was called into her office.

Jessica feels cool.

I didn’t have a good feeling. just as expected.

Her mother left Jessica, who was skinny enough to suffer from malnutrition, in her own writing.

“Go and have the seeds of the peacock. Somehow.”

Jessica’s eyes were dizzy. The complexion turned white.

“The duke hasn’t heard of the child yet. If you care for a child, that child will be long-aged, so hopefully he will be able to take over the successor.”

“… … .”

“Even if it’s not, I’ll give the woman who gave birth to my child about a second wife, so it’s not a business that is losing money.”


It was too explicit to write about her daughter, but her own writing was calm.

In fact, it would have been.

Jessica Averine was not her daughter.

She was the maid’s resurrection. To be precise, the husband of Viscount Averine communicated with the maid, and Jessica was born.

As soon as the maid learned that she had a child, she left the mansion as if running away, but when Jessica was ten years old, she could not endure her life and returned to her own writing.

‘I’m buying a child. Call the amount you want and get out.’

Averine’s own work was a business.

Instead of being angry at her husband’s affair, she calculated the value of a 10-year-old girl.

At the time, Jessica was remarkably pretty even though she was dry and groan because she couldn’t eat properly.

‘Uh, mom. Don’t leave me. Mom… … .’

‘You will be happier being here too.’

After making his debut in the social world, he even got the nickname’the flower of the kingdom’.

Jessica became Jessica Averine like that, and she grew up dazzlingly and beautifully, proving that her own eyes weren’t wrong.

The more so, Jessica became anxious and choked.

It seems that the day when Viscount Averine is going to sell her at a high price is nearing.

And it really became a reality.

“Uh, mother. No, Viscount. I am… … .”

“Did I ask for your opinion?”

“… … .”

“Don’t be aesthetic, and start within today. Oh, if you come back without income, it would be better not to think about walking around.”


Jessica’s hand penetrated the bed sheet.

Soon she spit out a bleak laugh.

“What should I do, Viscount. The calculation was wrong for some reason. Even if I have a child, he is not the first.”

Jessica muttered, but there was no such thing as really thinking of having a child.

To have a child of a married man.

Is it tempting from here too?


A child born from the injustice of his father.

Jessica despised her own birth more than anyone else.

The father didn’t even consider her a daughter. She treated Jessica as if she saw blemishes and flaws that could not be erased her whole life.

To cheat directly on me who has lived such a life?

‘It’s better to marry an old man who has eaten seventy.’

It’s terrible, too, but at least you won’t have to suffer from self-loathing as you do now.


Jessica sighed and approached the window.

Green eyes, praised for being fresh, sank darkly.

I saw the peacock couple walking in the garden outside the window.

“… … .”

Jessica, as if possessed, couldn’t take her eyes off them.

The Duchess was wearing a large overcoat that completely covered her thin body.

She laughed.

Then the peacock looked at his wife with the face of a man who had all the world.

Jessica, staring at the two in vain, drew the curtain and turned around.

I suddenly knew.

She can’t squeeze between those two. No matter what number you use.

No matter how hard I tried, it was impossible from the beginning to follow my own orders.

I felt at ease. I was relieved.

… … I was envious at the same time.

My heart seemed to burn black and then break. Will you be able to meet someone like that?

‘I can’t.’

Viscount Averine will be asking for a ridiculous amount for Jessica’s ransom.

It is obvious that the person who will pay such money and take her will be nothing more than a rich and greedy man who, after all, regards the woman as a prize or trophy.


It feels like a hole in my chest. Jessica escaped the room as if running away, choked.

I stepped outside and walked wherever my feet touched.

I didn’t know that I walked so insanely that I got lost or that I was bumping into someone.


Jessica was almost bounced out of the wind hitting her hard body.

Jessica, who was about to fall, caught her in a hurry.

“Are you okay?”

Jessica was very lightly dressed. The person who saw it took off her outerwear and covered her.

Then he paused belatedly and began to panic.

“Oh, sorry. Shortly after training, you may smell sweat… … ”

“… … I can’t.”


“I’m not flying. The smell of sweat.”

Jessica bowed her head.

The jacket the opponent took off was too big for her.

The duchess wore such a large outerwear.

I looked happy.

“… … Black, happily.”


“Huh, huh, huh huh!”

I tried to hold back my tears, but it wasn’t easy.

The jacket was big and warm, and the voice of the first person I met today was uselessly good to hear.

Ilena, hanging from the terrace railing, muttered, looking out.

“There are all special days.”

Jessica ended up crying. The other person was embarrassed in front of her who started crying and was restless.

Then she hugged and patted Jessica slightly, really lightly, with a largely determined face.

It was a flimsy hand.

Dukeseong was overturned a while ago.

This is because Thomas left for the capital to get permission to marry.

The opponent was Jessica Averine Young-ae, who is called the flower of the kingdom and the jewel of socialite.


‘This is betrayal! Ahh!’

Thomas bastard! When you come back, don’t leave!’

In the Knights Templar, Thomas naturally became the No. 1 target to be defeated, but Ilena knew the price Thomas paid to marry Jessica Averine.

“Even if I pay it all my life, it will be difficult to pay it all… … .”

Thomas borrowed a huge sum of money from Kai-Hack, and virtually the rest of his life was mortgaged to Duke Castle.

“Well, that’s good.”

Ilena put her arm on the railing and squeezed her chin.

After dying and coming to life, Thomas behaved like a man with 10 lives. Ilena didn’t like it all the time.

Especially when I tried to do something similar to suicidal behavior with a rope tied around my waist at Yeongjuseong, Penel, how amazing it was.

‘Now I won’t go anywhere and throw my life away.’

I have someone to take responsibility for.

The inside became a little cooler. Ilena thought about this and that as she looked at the scenery outside.

Then the hard arms that appeared from behind hugged her.

“What do you think?”

Ilena quietly put the content she was thinking about just before.

“I was thinking about what the name of our yum yum would be.”

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