I'll Be The Warrior's Mother

I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother C161-170

Chapter 161

            It was the birthplace of a child in Ilena’s stomach.

The reason I was called yum yum was simple.

Ilena has never had morning sickness after pregnancy. Rather, there were fewer foods to cover than before.

‘Baby, you’re really good at eating anything.’

The name of the unique child who doesn’t bother her mother became Yum Yam.

“name… … .”

Kaifin’s hand, which was wrapping Ilena’s shoulder, naturally descended.

A large hand, cautiously, fell like a feather over his still flat belly.

Even though it wasn’t visible on the outside, it seemed that my husband never forgot that there was a baby in it.

I didn’t hate the itchy hand.

Ilena turned and grabbed Kaifin’s collar and pulled it.

While kissing her cheeks and lips in turn, Kaifin stayed quiet like a prize winner.

After the baptism of a light kiss, Ilena opened her mouth.

“Do you have any name you have in mind?”

“… … I do.”

I just threw it up, but when they came up with a name.

Ilena, who became curious, hurried.

“What is it?”

“I’m going to solve the regrets a little later. Now, then, starting with the name you will give your daughter when she is born.”

“If you kiss me one more time, I will tell you.”

Ilena blinked.

Hoo. Soon you will be a father, and people are very… … .

“Open your mouth.”

Of course, it’s welcome here.

Ilena, turning completely, hung her arm around Kaifin’s neck.

The couple kissed deeply on the terrace. My body temperature has risen and the air feels less cold than before.

Kaifin hugged Ilena’s waist tightly.

How much warmth we exchanged with each other. It wasn’t until the tingling and swelling of her lips that Ilena breathed and stepped back.

As I exhaled a new hot breath, my breath came out lightly.

When Kaifin saw that, he immediately took Ilena from the terrace into the warm bedroom.

Ilena, sitting on a fluffy bed, touched her husband’s hair, kneeling on the floor under the bed.

“Are you going to tell me now? name.”

“… … Yeah.”

“strange. Why do you seem regretful? He said it was definitely one kiss.”

Kaifin slightly reddened his ears at the teasing words.

Ilena laughed a little when she saw it and said.

The sex of a baby is not known before birth.

So, usually in the family where the child was born, two names were decided for each child.

For a daughter or a son.

After a while, Kaifin opened his mouth.

“… … Diana, how about going?”


“The nickname is’Dana’… … .”

Did you even think about your nickname?

“What is your son’s name?”


“What is your nickname?”

“… … Anne.”

Ilena blinked and covered her lips with her hand. I really couldn’t help but be a prepared man.

“Both of them mean’gift’ in an ancient word that was extinct.”

“… … Yes.”

Blessing, gift.

It means that it is used often, but it was a perfect name to give to a child.

“Dana, Anne… … .”

“… … .”

“I like it.”

“Is that true?”

“Yeah. I’ll see if Dana will come with us or Anne will come.”

Kaifin’s face was a little reminded.

He seemed to be imagining the future, cautiously blowing out the air.

“I wish I was a daughter.”


When I asked if I liked my daughter or my son, she said I didn’t know.

Even though I wasn’t aware of my pregnancy back then.

Kaifin replied after hesitated for a while.

“For some reason, I think that a daughter will be more like your wife… … .”

“How, it’s a prejudice.”

“is that so?”

“But I also can imagine a son who resembles you in my heart. I wish I was a son.”

Ilena moved her hand.

The fine black hair was gently wound and slipped out without getting caught between the fingers.

Ilena thought inwardly.

Will the child really resemble her husband’s black hair or will he inherit blue eyes?

What I saw in my dream was blue eyes, but… … .

‘It would be nice to have both.’

Black hair and blue eyes.

Then the child would be like a small scaled-down husband.

Ilena’s heart trembled. My God, it was so cute just to imagine.

‘Black hair and blue eyes. Black hair and blue eyes… … .’

Then said Kaifin, who was burying her face in Ilena’s knee.

“I want a child who resembles a rabbit to be born.”

“A wife like a fox and a child like a rabbit, when you do that rabbit?”

“Rather than that… … .”

Kaifin’s words continued in a small voice.

“It looks just like a rabbit… … .”

How does something that look like a rabbit look like? Are you talking about small, round eyes?

Ilena, who was tilting her head, then opened her lips.

“Oh yeah. Come to think of it, did you like your rabbit?”

I remembered the past.

“You told me before while shaving off a rabbit-shaped apple.”

I remember being surprised to learn that my husband had an animal he liked.

“I guess you still like it, rabbit.”

“… … Yes, I love it.”

You like’very’? That’s it.

“Shall we raise our rabbits? To sponsorship.”


“Oh, it’s cold now. Then you can raise it in the castle.”

“No, you don’t have to.”

“Why? You said you like rabbits.”

“I like it, but… … Anyway, it’s okay.”

Ilena leaned her head to one side at a subsequent refusal.

‘Well, then it is.’

In fact, Ilena didn’t like rabbits that much.

There were many cute little animals besides rabbits. Like a squirrel or a bird… … .

When I was very young, Edward told Ilena that you looked like a rabbit, so I grabbed my earpins and pulled them to try to increase my ears. … .


Ilena blinked.


She stared at Kaifin. Kaifin, feeling the gaze, raised her head from her knee.


“… … Huh like that. Ah, that was it.”


The tip of Ilena’s lips curled up without hesitation.

Ilena said, encouraging her lips to crack down on her facial expressions.

“Would you like to stand up?”

Kaifin gently arose. Ilena grabbed the opponent’s hem, whose eye level had risen, and lifted her weight.

“… … !”

Ilena’s back touches the fluffy bed, and Kaifin, who has lost her center, rises above it.

Ilena touched her lips as she engraved her husband’s face in every corner of her eyes, which had a slight embarrassment.

“Now I’m thinking of solving my regrets.”


Kaifin, who understood what I was talking about, spit out a little elasticity.

Soon, a little hastily, skinny skin met each other. Ilena hugged her big body happily.

*** A

few days later, Liliana visited the Duke once more with Count Sorte.


Instead of my father, I called him Dad this time.

Count Sorte couldn’t speak right away. My eyes were red.

“… … If I cry here now, am I going to be a person with too much control?”

“No, if you don’t cry, you become cold-blooded.”

Count Sorte finally showed tears. I tried to steal it right away, but it didn’t seem easy.

“I think of your mother. When I found out I had you, I was really surprised.”


“Do you know how ingenious your mother was then? Suddenly he came and grabbed my hand and told me to do a treasure hunt in the garden. So I searched the garden, where children’s shoes and clothes… … .”

The Count had a long talk with Ilena.

Count Sorte and Liliana were prepared to leave three days after the mobile portal became operational again.

On the day of his departure, the Count hesitated for a long time, holding Ilena’s hand.

“I don’t have much memory of being a friendly father to you when you were a kid. I’m sorry.”

“No. You loved me and you loved my mother again. Enough.”

“… … okay.”

Kai Fen greeted the smiling Count with wrinkles around his eyes.

“Thank you, Count.”

“… … No, I’m more grateful. I also ask for a grandchild who will be born soon with my daughter.”

Originally, the Count raised his words to Kaifin, but Kaifin encouraged him to speak comfortably now.

Count Sorte whispered in Ilena’s ear while glancing Kaifin.

“You also resemble your mother.”


“Because your mom also married me when she saw my face.”

“… … .”

I thought it wasn’t, but Ilena loved her father, so she just cherished the answer.

After returning from the capital, Thomas immediately married Jessica.

And then suddenly the day got colder.

When the wind blew, Ilena reduced the number of times she went out and naturally began to focus on prenatal education.

Of course, it was prenatal school, not alone, but with a couple.

“… … Kaifin, what is all that?”

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