I'll Be The Warrior's Mother

I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother C21-30

Chapter 21

            “Can’t this be like this?”


The maid nodded hard.

Then the other maids stepped forward one by one and said similar words.

“I heard it too. That said.”

“I said,’No way… … ‘I think I said this.”

“Me too. I heard it muttering that there was something wrong with this, and that it couldn’t be.”

However, no one really knew why the other person said that.

That was all the strange thing the maids remember.

Elena thought after leaving the maids out of the room.

‘It can’t be… … .’

What does it mean?

Even listening to the testimony of the maids, it seemed that many of the people who quit work had said that.

Ilena, looking at the floor and contemplating, immediately raised her head and opened her mouth.


“Yes, Madam.”

The father, who was waiting close, approached.

“Can you prepare what I’m talking about by tomorrow? priority… … .”

Ilena took a deep breath to relieve tension, touching the bracelet on her wrist.

And finally knocked on the door of the residence.


The door opened and Inkan appeared, looking down at Ilena with amazement.

Ilena lifted the bottle in her arms.

“I have a problem I would like to consult with you, do you have a moment? It’s a little bit because I’m talking with my bare mouth.”

“… … .”

“It’s precious.”

It wasn’t a lie.

Ilena prepared specially expensive liquor carefully.

Expensive, very strong alcohol.

Inkan stared alternately at Ilena’s face and the bottle of liquor in her arms, then stepped out of the doorway.

“… … Come in.”

‘I heard you like alcohol, but that’s really it.’

Ilena soothed her fast-running heart and stepped into the Inkan’s door.

The Inkan closed the door and turned around.

“It seems to be an early time to enjoy alcohol.”

“is it? But it’s hard to talk about without alcohol.”

Ilena checked the brightness of the room while putting the bottle down on a table in one side of the room.

It wasn’t very bright because it was early evening, but it wasn’t so dark that it was difficult to discern things.

Ilena asked, touching the curtain.

“Can I put on the curtains? I prefer dark drinks.”

“… … I do.”

Ilena, who darkened the room as much as she wanted, took the chair out of the table.

“You sit too.”

At a natural invitation, Inkan hesitated for a moment and then settled across from Ilena.

“What are you worried about? … .”

“It’s not great. However, it’s a worry that gets in trouble when it gets into the peacock’s ear.”

Ilena said, opening the bottle and leaning it into the glass.

The Inkan said he would do it, but Ilena shook her head.

“But you know, are you the only outsider in this castle right now?”

“… … .”

“Apart from that, I was also judged that your mouth would be heavy.”

Ilena pushed the glass full of liquor in front of the Inkan.

“If I’m wrong, tell me now.”

“… … .”

The Inkan looked at the wine glass in front of me, and then he picked it up and emptied it.

“… … good. What you said here today will not go outside.”

“Thank you. I’m glad my eyes aren’t wrong.”

Really fortunate.

Ilena grinned and pushed the bottle toward the Inkan.

Inkan picked up the bottle and filled his cup by himself.

Ilena took my cup in the gap, pretending to drink, and poured all the alcohol in her knees.

A thick towel that she brought along with her liquor lay on her lap.

The dim lighting in the room made her actions relatively easy to mask.

“The alcohol is very strong.”

“Good alcohol is always reading.”

“is that so?”

Even though he only drank one cup, the Inkan seemed to be getting drunk already.

‘Is it so strong?’

Ilena sniffed and sniffed her nose filled with alcohol.

‘… … It’s strong.’

I know just by smelling it.

‘Abi, you saved me something really strong.’

I asked for something strong, but it was difficult to empty the whole cup with Ilena’s alcohol at this level.

‘Please, please, a towel.’

Ilena pretended to get drunk as naturally as possible and bumped the Incan and the glass.

Inkan, who usually enjoys alcohol, seemed to like strong alcohol.

“What’s the name of the liquor?”

“I went to the kitchen and asked for the best liquor. I don’t know the name.”

“Hmm… … .”

“If you like it, I will leave the empty bottle here, so you can check it yourself later.”

“Haha, yes.”

Ilena shared a glass with Inkan in a slight tension.

Of course, towels drank most of Ilena’s share of alcohol.

By the time the thick towel over his knees got wet, Inkan’s eyes were slightly loosened and his speech slowed noticeably.

Ilena breathed a sigh of relief, sweeping the jewelry on the bracelet without knowing it.


“so… … What is the worries of the duchess?”


There is no such thing.

The worries counseling was just an excuse to make this place and pour alcohol to Inkan.

‘Not worry, I have a question. What the hell did you do to the maids who stopped working?’

I want to ask you right now, but no matter how drunk you are, I won’t answer your open questions.

Ilena contemplated how to speak, and for the time being, she came up with any thoughts to continue the conversation.

“As I said, it’s not a big worry. Should I say it’s a child problem.”

“A child problem?”

‘There are no worries as common as children’s problems between couples.’

There is a corner that connects to Ilena’s actual concerns.

Then the Incans were told.

“You haven’t been married for a while, but already… … Do you have any concerns?”


I forgot. Ilena only remembered that she was a newlywed.

Just a month after marriage, it’s a child problem.

It may not be possible at all, but it was a bit unnatural.

Ilena quickly found an excuse to attach.

“That’s right. Rather than worrying about having no children… … .”

“I understand.”


“Duke’s wife’s troubles… … I understand. Of course you will.”

‘What do you mean you understand?’

What would it be?

Ilena couldn’t understand the Incan’s words, so she only blinked.

In the gap, the Inkan continued to open his mouth.

“What would you give me?”


“If I solve my wife’s concerns… … What would you do for me in return?”

That’s a meaningful word.

Ilena frowned at the overconfidence of his words.

‘Is it resolved? What, how?’

There was some doubt that it was just drinking out of breath.

Moreover, Ilena was in a position to look and doubt every corner of the Incan.

Ilena struck first, looking at the Inkan’s appearance.

“Well. Can’t you do anything?”

“Whatever… … .”

Inkan looked down at the table and soon grabbed his glass with half of the liquor left.

Then he poured the drink into his mouth at once and said.

“Whatever. Okay.”

“… … .”

“I have medicine.”


Illena’s expression, blinking her eyes, was soon disappointed.

‘I am again. I said what he was going to say.’

Are you referring to drugs that help you have children?

Such drugs have already been widely and spread on the market.

“It is not a medicine to help you meet.”


“It’s a medicine that makes you meet.”

Ilena thought about what was the difference between the two.

‘Isn’t it the same thing?’

The latter only emphasizes the effect of the drug more… … .

“With this drug, you can meet without having to deal with the opposite sex.”

At a moment, Ilena almost spilled the wine glass in her hand.

Ilena, barely holding the cup right, stared at the Inkan.

“What did you say?”

“It is exactly what I said. Even a virgin can have children right away by taking medicine.”

“does not make sense… … .”

I was so stunned that a snort came out.

No matter how drunk you are, there are jokes to make and jokes that aren’t.

It’s not like that anywhere… … .

Ilena thought like that, and at a moment, she hardened as if she had been hit by lightning.


The testimony he had heard from the maids the day before came to her mind.

It is said that the maids who quit working within two months after the Inkan’s visit made them almost in common.

It can’t be like this.

‘It can’t be… … No way… … surely?’

Ilena’s heart beat fast.

Inkan slowly opened his mouth toward Ilena, who had no words.

“It has been tested. You can trust the effect. How is it?”

“… … .”

“Isn’t that the drug the Duchess wants?”

As the eyes met, the Inkan spoke.

“There is a desire to fly a successor to take over the Duke in the future, but you really don’t want to have a monster child.”

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