I'll Be The Warrior's Mother

I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother C31-40

Chapter 31

            Ilena lowered her hand covering her face.

In this situation, what should I start with and how?

love. It was too abstract.

To be clear, Ilena didn’t know love.

I know it’s about love in romance novels.

However, I was illiterate about real love.

It was like when I didn’t know anything about sleeping.

However, I was able to learn somehow through the Master of Sleeping Books, love… … .

“… … .”

After sitting on a garden bench and thinking repeatedly, Ilena quickly got up.

‘Let’s drink even hot tea.’

First of all, I needed something to calm my mind.

If I kept doing this here, I really thought my head would be going.

Ilena immediately returned to her residence and asked her father for a car.

The special tea recommended by the veteran maid Abi had an excellent effect on mental and physical stability.

“Woo… … .”

Ilena, who poured warm tea into her throat, buried herself on the couch and sighed for a long time.

It was then.

“Madam, are you there?”


Ilena responded wonderingly to a familiar voice.

I didn’t have anything to do, but for some reason.

“Come in.”

Ben walks over to Ilena’s residence.

He paused when he saw his father attending the car, and soon approached Ilena.

“What is it?”

“I came to tell you about alimony.”


Ilena blinked.

When I heard that it was alimony, I immediately thought that I would like to claim compensation for mental damage from the old woman.

While thinking differently for a moment, Ben explained.

“I will match the amount you want. If desired, it is also possible in the form of a certificate of rights from the top or business. Anyway, the master’s instructions are to match the mother’s wishes as much as possible… … .”

“Wait, wait.”

Ilena cut off Ben.

Ben’s belatedly’alimony’ came into my mind.

“Is that alimony right now or what I think it is? So… … The Duke will give me alimony?”

“Oh, the proceedings are going to be annulment, not divorce. However, alimony is sufficiently paid regardless of the procedure… … .”


Ilena, who put the teacup down, jumped up.

The bottom of the teacup hit the table and made a loud noise.

Ben’s mouth shut in a sudden act.

Ilena said, staring at Ben as if glaring.

“Duke, are you in the office right now?”


The door of Duke Mayhard’s office opened loudly.

As the Duke saw Ilena getting closer to me in a rapid pace, he raised his hand and let all the people out of the office.

Ilena, who arrived in front of Duke Mayhard’s desk, terrifyingly emptying the office, struck the desk with both hands.

bang. It sounded quite loud.

Duke Mayhad opened his eyes slightly as if surprised.

“Madam, hand… … .”

“Look at me.”

Ilena grabbed her husband’s gaze toward my hand.

Duke Mayhard’s gaze, staring at Ilena’s hand, turned to her face, as if he was bothered by hitting the desk hard.

“You are going to divorce me? Is it real?”

Duke Mayhard stared at Ilena, who seemed fiercely angry, thinking she was misunderstanding something.

So I corrected the misunderstanding.

“It is not a divorce. Since the ceremony has not passed half a year, the marriage can be canceled. There will be no stains on your wife… … .”

“Or or that! You’re gonna get me out of here anyway!”

Duke Mayhard’s mouth was shut.


It was an expression that I never thought of such an expression.

Ilena bite her lips.

Coming this far, I have already breathed deeply several times.

Still, the voice seemed to come out trembling.

Ilena spoke with a lot of energy on her chin so she wouldn’t stutter or tremble.

“… … Why suddenly? Why are you suddenly going to split up with me?”

“that’s… … .”

“What did I do wrong? So you hated it?”

In a day like this?

It was nonsense.

Illena’s hand was weak.

It’s been less than a day since my husband rejoiced as if he believed in me enough to tell a personal story, and if I finally got my husband’s trust.

‘But you mean divorce?’

surely… … .

Ilena suddenly realized it.

Was it an illusion?

‘Is it really an illusion to think that you told me that because you trusted me?’

Maybe it was the opposite.

I’m going to break up anyway, so it might have been the last thing to know the reason.

It was kindness that meant eating and falling.

“to me… … You know it was too short a time to say you were tired, right?”

“It’s not like that.”

Perhaps embarrassed, the Duke of Mayhard stood up.

Eye level, which had just been slightly below, jumped above Ilena’s head.

Ilena turned her head to the point where she had a sore throat.

As he sat down on the chair again, he lowered his eye level and opened his mouth.

“… … I don’t know why I thought that, but it’s not.”

“Or not?”

“I thought my wife wouldn’t want to keep this marriage.”

“I beg your pardon? Why am I?”

“Because I can’t give you what your wife wants.”

“If it’s what I want… … .”

“I mean the child.”

Ilena stopped.

The Duke of Mayhad said, looking at her complexion.

“My wife thought that the purpose of marrying me was in the child. I don’t know why… … . Anyway, I told my wife that I didn’t want any heirs.”

“… … .”

“That’s why my wife decided that she would like to return this marriage to what was not there. … . Was my judgment wrong?”

Duke Mayhard asked in a very cautious voice.

Ilena couldn’t answer anything.

The Duke’s point was pinpointing.

However, if it is different from reality that Ilena did not give up sleeping with him despite his saying that he did not want a posterity, would it be different?

“That… … .”

Ilena touched her lips.

Some of you are right, but I couldn’t immediately say that I haven’t given up my child with you yet.

Ilena replied after a moment of sweet lips.

“Yes. You made a mistake. It’s wrong.”

“… … Is that so?”

“I’m not divorcing you. I don’t want to. The same goes for the annulment of marriage.”

Ilena, who passed the dry needle, said, as if she was nailed firmly.

“In the future, for whatever reason, I will never want to separate you first. Keep in mind that my doctor does not change.”

I wanted to tell you not to dream of divorce for your whole life, as there will be no things that will let you go.

But that seemed to be too obsessed, so I endured.

Especially in a situation where only the bright colors are the only couple and the reality is nothing.

Ilena left that word and tried to turn right away, but stopped.

Soon she hesitantly asked in a very small voice.

“By the way… … Is that really all the reason?”


“To split up with me… … I just thought I would want it so I was just going to proceed.”

After taking a small breath, Ilena added.

“Maybe you have any complaints about this marriage… … .”


The answer was quick.

Ilena exhaled the breath she had inhaled with relief.

“Isn’t it really? What, are there any small complaints?”

“Ilena, you… … .”

Duke Mayhard seemed to hesitate for a moment and then opened his mouth.

“You are doing really well. As my wife.”

“… … .”

“Let’s be oversplit.”

There was a sign that he couldn’t understand somewhere in the words that followed, but Ilena missed the feelings hidden in them, focusing only on the contents of the words.

‘You are doing really well? … … Did I do that?’

After Ilena came to Duke Castle, she recalled her achievements.

Well, I did catch the Inkan.


And what else is there?

… … Little came to mind.

But even if I don’t know what it is, I guess he was doing well anyway.

“Hmm, yes. If you think so, that’s it.”

Ilena turned back with a brighter look.

As I was about to leave the office, I suddenly heard my husband’s voice.

“I will send you a cream and ointment that are good to apply to your hands.”

Ilena looked down at her hand without knowing it.

It turned out that a little while ago, I lost my temper in anger and struck my husband’s desk a little hard.

‘Will you pour it out after time?’

Ilena replied without looking back when she grew upset.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to send the ointment.”

“… … .”

“I definitely said it was okay. Don’t send it!”

“… … Don’t let it go, really.”

Ilena stared at the ointment and cream in front of me in a complicated mood.

Was it the problem that I left the office without receiving an answer?

My husband sent me telling me not to let it go.

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