I'll Be The Warrior's Mother

I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother C41-50

Chapter 41

            Ilena’s surprise ambushed Thomas.

“Oh, yes, of course. That is of course. I was really wrong back then. I am still reflecting on it.”

“… … Actually, I was very angry that day, and I wanted to get him out of the Duke Castle?”

Thomas’s body was stiff.

It seemed that I could hear the sound of breathing and breathing in.

“But the Duke blocked it. He said he was a sincere and skillful knight.”

“… … .”

“I have a little bit of a habit of mouth but.”

“Sorry, I’m sorry.”

“Well, the Duke said it was okay. But I’m not okay, so if you have any idea to look good to me, you’d better fix it.

“I will definitely correct it!”

The answering voice was blazing.

Ilena stared absurdly at Thomas, full of energy.

Thomas seemed to have forgotten the current location for a while.

People walking through the alley in the shopping street glanced at Ilena and Thomas.

‘Yes, it’s better than not being able to answer properly while hesitating anyway.’

Ilena, who had decided to think good, nodded.

“Good. Then have a good holiday and come back and have a good job.”

“… … Thank you.”

Ilena left Thomas and turned without regret.

It was time to achieve the real purpose of coming to the shopping street.

After returning to the Duke Castle, Ilena was a bit upset.

It wasn’t about the gift. I bought the gift well.

Rather, I lived so well that I was so narcissistic with my own eyes on the way.

But there was something else that complicated Ilena’s mood.


After confirming the possibility that the knight might be a better human being than I thought, Ilena began to get upset.

In any case, she investigated Thomas’s reputation in the Duke.

Surprisingly, it was generally positive.

In particular, the majority of good reviews came from users.

It seems that Thomas often helped a maid or a servant that he encountered on his way home after finishing training.

‘Huh… … .’

As Thomas’s good side was further revealed, Ilena became more upset.

She finally went to Ben to hear from the butler who manages the castle.

“Ben. I have one question, maybe the article Thomas… … .”

However, Ben’s reaction was unexpectedly intense.

“That child?”

Ilena stopped.

“… … That child?”

“Oh, I made a mistake. Let me correct it. Is that him?”

It got worse.

At this point, what he thought of Thomas was a question that was meaningless to Ben.

Ilena asked to change the content of the question.

“You hate Thomas?”

“If I could, I would have been kicked out of the castle. It’s beyond my authority, so I’m patient. Tsu, if I notice it, I will take care of it with my own feet. … .”

“Why do you hate it so much?”


As if Ben was waiting, he opened a double heart in his eyes.

“You’ll understand when your lord hears the madman chatter with a crazy snout.”

That bastard, he, the lunatic.

Ilena asked after silently chewing on Ben’s fiercely changing Thomas’s title in the third stage.

“The article named Thomas… … Which article is it?”

“It’s very simple. He is a child who has no cramps and is united only with a sense of inferiority toward his master.”

“No rat horns?”

“… … No, in fact, it’s not without it.”

Ben said in a small voice whether he thought it wasn’t again after swearing.

And when I sighed, the momentum softened.

“Sorry. First of all, I apologize for the inexperienced appearance I showed to her earlier. As I got older, I had a bad habit of being emotional when I heard a specific name, and one of them was Thomas.”

“I understand.”

“Thank you.”

Bet cleared up his feelings with a cough and spoke.

“Thomas… … I joined the Knights of Duke Castle last year. Skills are pretty good. No, it’s really outstanding. It was called Shindong in the area where he was originally.”


A prodigy.

Ilena was a little surprised by the unexpected overreview.

‘They said they were compliant… … .’

Since when did you mean that you are good enough to be called a genius in a region?

Ben said while Ilena accidentally checked her husband’s skill set.

“Because there were no enemies at a young age, I would have written quite a bit. But that arrogant confidence came to the Dukeseong Fortress, and when I met the master, it broke.”

Ilena recalled the scene of her husband’s battle she had witnessed.

His head nodded.

“I must have been.”

“If it is broken, either accept the reality quietly as it is broken and devote ourselves to training, or go back to home and live with the sound of prodigy. … Oh, sorry.”


Ben, who showed a friendly appearance in many ways following today, coughed again.

“Hmm, anyway, this inexperienced knight with an inexperienced personality and a more inexperienced tongue was terribly broken by the master, and then began to show inferiority and envy toward the master.”

“Is it in a way that I don’t care about my husband?”

“That’s right. Whenever I see the master, I cut his tongue! Or let’s get out of here! I said so steadily, but!”

“You must have not heard it.”

“… … Yes. He said he had no problem with his skills as a driver anyway.”

“Hmm, by the way. Except for the knight Thomas, the tongue, the evaluation was very good in other respects?”

Ben snores at Ilena’s comments.

“What do you know? It is true that no matter where the child usually goes and does what kind of good deeds, the fact that his tongue is not an imperious match against his master. I can’t let it go.”

“Are you sure? That’s what I mean!”


“It turns out that no matter how good the article is, what is wrong is wrong. It’s natural to be punished for doing something wrong. Isn’t that right?”

“… … What happened?”

“actually… … .”

Ilena confessed to Ben what had happened at the gym a few days ago.

When Ben heard all the stories, he made an expression that he couldn’t feel any better than this.

“Somehow, when I saw it before, I was limping and going without a look… … . Madam, you did a great job. I mean it. I respect you.”

“By the way, Ben. Because my husband saw me step on Thomas’s foot?”

“Yes. By the way?”

“That… … Maybe I was quick to judge a person by looking at a part of it and acted rashly, or something like that… … .”

Ilena bothered about crushing Thomas’s feet.

Of course, I wasn’t saying that Thomas was concerned.

Rather, against Thomas, Ilena was more confident than anyone else.

The opinion that you were stepped on did not change because you did something to step on.

However, I was wondering if my actions were not good in my husband’s eyes.

Only that got me in my mind.

‘Am I so timid?’

I had the awareness of being timid enough to think about myself, but apart from him, I had no skill to get rid of the worries.

Ben blinked, looking at Ilena’s serious expression.

Soon he shook his head as if he were talking.

“Madam, I bet it doesn’t happen. The reason that the master leaves Thomas him alone is because the child’s skills are useful, not for any other reason.

“… … okay?”

“I’ll be honest. Your master won’t be interested in his reputation or anything else. It’s just good enough to handle the sword, but if an old butler doesn’t, he’s a knight who gets hot because of his frivolous snout.”

“… … Ohh.”

“Is your mother crushing him? You may just think it was worth it.”

“Is that so?”

“I bet. Madam, who am I? I have been by my master for the longest time in this castle. Trust me.”

“… … butler!”

Ilena’s face was refreshed. She said sincerely.

“Thank you.”

“What, I’m more grateful that the lady harpooned Thomas’s child’s foot.”

“No, I thank you more.”

“I thank you more.”

Haha hoho.

Laughter blossomed on the faces of the butler and hostess.

The atmosphere of the Dukeseong was friendly.

As the sun went down and a little more time passed, someone knocked on the door of the Duke’s office.

“… … busy?”

It was Ilena. Kaifin put down the papers he was reading and answered.


It wasn’t empty words.

Kaifin finished all the urgent work he had to do today.

The document he was looking at was actually a chore that he didn’t have to deal with himself.

Ilena smiled and suggested.

“Then go for a walk with me.”

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