I'll Be The Warrior's Mother

I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother C51-60

Chapter 51


“… … no. Well, then how about that?”

Kaifin pointed somewhere.

Ilena inadvertently moved her gaze in the direction he was pointing, then widened her eyes.

“That man… … .”

He was a man wearing a splendid cloak, a luxuriously decorated mask, and a flashing fake sword that was difficult to forget even if he tried to forget.

The man was holding a sign.


“I don’t think your wife is worried about it there.”

A large tent was seen behind the man.

It seemed to be performing a play written on a sign in a tent.

The tent was large, but rather shabby.

Certainly, it didn’t feel like a place that would show interest to the nobles who came to the festival.

“Do you like theater?”

Asked Kaifin.

Ilena, looking through the tent, nodded immediately without worrying.

“I like.”

Even if I didn’t like it, I had no choice but to like it now.

Ilena took Kaifin’s hand and moved to the tent.

The fact that her first date with her husband wasn’t over yet lightened Ilena’s steps.

The inside of the tent was more plausible than what I saw from the outside.

In particular, it made the stage layout plausible.

Ilena sat in the middle of the seat alongside Kaifin. They still didn’t let go of their hands.

Ilena glanced at her husband’s large hand, which covered all of my hands.

“… … .”

Somehow I was sitting still and holding my hand, so I felt more conscious.

The lights in the tent went out to see if the play was about to begin.

Ilena took her gaze away from her hand and stared at the dark stage.

‘By the way, what is this play about?’

I was curious about it later.

Anyway, I only focused on the fact that the date is going on, and I came in without looking into anything about the play.

I couldn’t even remember the title of the play.

I saw something written on the sign, but I saw it too roughly.

‘Maybe there will be a fighting scene once… … .’

There was a sword among the props of the man who was promoting with a sign in front of the tent.

When Ilena guessed in her own way, the curtain of the stage was raised.

“Help me!”

The first scene began with a woman rushing out to the center of the stage.

“Someone can help! It’s a monster! Eat people… … Ahhhh!”

Seasoned actors acting made the audience keep their eyes off the stage from the start.

The play was consistently desperate.

There were also several battle scenes that Ilena expected in the middle.

It was a highly complete play.

The location and props were poor, but the stage direction and actors’ acting were good.

After the play ended and the stage ended, applause broke out in the audience seats.

Even after the light in front of the tent was lit, the applause seldom ceased.

“… … Ilena?”

Ilena sat down until then and didn’t move at all.

There was no fine motion.

When Kaifin, feeling strange, called her, Ilena’s mouth opened hard.

“… … I have to meet the person who wrote this play.”

I didn’t know about the actor who went to the play, the stage director, or the screenwriter who wrote the screenplay for the play.

Instead, it informed me who provided the script, so Ilena moved to meet him.

He was the owner of the estate where the festival was held, Baron Anaum.

“It is a great honor to see you. The Duchess, Your Excellency.”

The weak-looking man introduced himself by wiping the sweat on his forehead with a stretched handkerchief.

“This is the lord of this place, Baron Afro Anaum.”

“Baron Anaum.”

Ilena put out a thin booklet in front of the Baron.

It was a playbook that was obtained from the stage director and, to be precise, paid for.

The title was clearly written on the first page.

[Day of fate.]

“I want to meet the person who wrote this, is it possible?”

“Oh, this is… … .”

The baron who saw the script pretended to know.

“Oh, yes. Available. However, it will take some time to meet you because you are not here.”

“If it’s time, how much?”

“If you send a messenger right away… … You will be here by dawn.”

Anyway, he said he should stay here for the day.

Ilena turned to Kaifin. Kaifin nodded.

Ilena’s eyes turned back to Baron Anaum.

“I’ll ask you.”

“Okay. Then first of all, I will guide you to the room where you will be staying today.”

The Baron directly guided the two to their dwellings.

The rooms were spacious and had a dressing room.

Ilena went to the bedroom after receiving a maid’s service in the dressing room, changing clothes to something simple.

Kaifin took off his mask and sat on the sofa.

The maid who was serving Ilena’s clothes was surprised to see Kaifin’s face and then withdrew from the place.


Ilena was unaware of the reaction of the maid standing behind her.

She approached the seat across from Kaifin and sat down.

“Sorry. It took more of your time for personal work.”

“Fine. Is your wife better than that?”

“It’s me?”

“The complexion is not good.”

Ah. Ilena rubbed her face.

Of course, this did not mean that the color would improve.

“It’s okay. I was a little surprised… … .”

After hesitating for a moment, Ilena continued.

“The play I saw a little while ago. I think it was written by someone I know… … So I’m going to meet with you to check.”

There are some omissions, but it is not a lie.

‘It was definitely a demon.’

A demon appeared in the play.

That’s why Ilena wanted to meet the scriptwriter who wrote the play.

The name’Masu’ was not used in the play.

However, the monster described in the play was exactly the same as Ilena knew.

‘Is it no file?’

Baron Anaum guided the two to their dwellings and said that the scriptwriter was a young bard.

However, an old woman may be able to change her appearance with some power.

At least, the old woman Ilena saw was extraordinary enough to do nothing.

‘I’ll know for sure tomorrow, … .’

If the old woman really wrote the script, there must be a reason.

Even if it wasn’t an old woman, it was worth meeting.

It means that there is another person who knows the future besides Ilena.


Ilena sighed and leaned on her back on the couch.

My stomach was sore.

When I remembered the evil spirits, I naturally recalled the terrible deaths I suffered in the future.

That’s why the complexion is not so good.

‘What is this?’

It collapsed that the first date that came out was ended in this way.

There were also nasty thoughts and resentful feelings of not knowing where to go.

At that time, Ilena saw a bottle of wine on the table.

“What alcohol is it?”

It was something I hadn’t seen before entering the dressing room.

Replied Kaifin.

“A little while ago the maid came and left it.”


Ilena looked at the lumpy wine bottle and two glasses before reaching out for wine.

Alcohol can also help when you have a cluttered head or when you’re feeling a little low.

It was nothing but preparations for Ilena.

“Then, should I just have one drink? I gave it to drink.”

Ilena, who opened the cap of the wine bottle and filled it with an empty glass, delivered the glass to Kaifin.

However, there was no response from Kaifin.

Ilena stared at Kaifin without an answer, and soon stopped.

Then, her face rose red from the ear.

“Because you won’t?”


“You won’t get drunk and get rid of it like you did then.”

A painful memory of the past came to her mind.

When she was drunk, she didn’t know anything about it, and rushed to attack her husband.

In the end, instead of hitting the opponent, he couldn’t touch a single finger, and he had to sleep well until morning by curling up on a blanket in that state.

He was the last king of shame and embarrassment.

Ilena’s face is well-cooked.

Kaifin glanced at Illena’s reddish face and shook her head quickly, as if confused.

“Oh, that’s not it. I wasn’t worried about that, but because my wife’s complexion wasn’t good, I was wondering if I could drink alcohol… … .”

“That’s an excuse.”

I knew it wasn’t an excuse, but Ilena cut off Kaifin.

I’m dying to be ashamed of mistaking my feet.

“Lift up your cup.”

Ilena said deliberately and bluntly.

Kaifin, in no particular way, grabbed his share of the glass and bumped into Ilena’s.

Ilena militantly emptied the wine in the glass.

Because I was shy and sore throat.

Kaifin looked at it, smiled lightly, and took the glass to his mouth.

But as soon as he passed a sip of wine, his expression changed.

“Wait, Ilena. This wine… … .”


Afterwards, Ilena, who had emptied the glass, looked at Kaifin holding a clear glass.

Before long, Kaifin groaned rarely.

“… … this.”


What’s wrong?

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