I'll Be The Warrior's Mother

I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother C61-70

Chapter 61

            The maid carefully examined her appearance.

“I prepared it because it seemed to match the dress that my mother wore today. If you don’t like it, shall I change it to something else?”

“No, it’s okay.”

Ilena shook her head and put her earring on her ear.

Earrings with light green jewels shone in the mirror.


Anna was quite happy with her third meeting, Ilena.

However, there was a problem with the title, but Ilena was thinking about fixing that and letting it go.

It would be better to let them sing whatever they want to sing.

Ilena came out to the street with Anna.

“What do you want to do, don’t you?”

“Well… … I want to eat fruit candy.”

I asked what I wanted to do, but replied what I wanted to eat.

Anna’s interests were consistent.

Ilena, who smiled lightly because it was cute, took Anna to the store.

“Thank you, come again.”

After a while, Anna left the store, picking up two elongated fruit candies.

It seemed a bit difficult to hold both at once with one hand.

Ilena asked, holding hands with Anna.

“You want to eat both?”

Anna shook her head.

“I’ll give you one.”

Hans, who recently suffered from a lot of physical ailments, stayed at his house today without being caught out.

“You must have been close to Hans a lot.”

“I decided to get married when I grow up.”

“… … .”

“I’m worried because Hans is sick often and sometimes stupid, but it’s okay. I’m bigger than Hans in Edam, so I just need to protect Hans.”

Ilena recalled Anna and Hans from the future.

Anna was a lot smaller than Hans, and Hans grew up quite a bit bigger.

A warm smile hovered around Ilena’s mouth.

“Good idea. But Anna, if you ask the driver here to get some candy for Hans… … .”

It was then.

Some middle-aged woman ran away from afar.

“Big, it’s a big deal! I’m in trouble!”

It was an urgent voice.

The middle-aged woman looked around, found Ilena and Colin, and immediately hung up on Colin.

“A driver, are you a driver? Please help me.”

“what… … Is it work?”

“The monster appeared.”

The word “monster” shook his surroundings.


“Is it just a monster?”

In an instant, a sense of fear was created on the street.

“Oh My God… … .”

It was almost solved now, but no one knew that the monsters in the past were the main troubles of the estate.

“Because there is not one monster, it is not enough for the guard. Please help, driver. Please save my family… … .”

“Ha, but… … .”

As Ilena’s escort, Colleen, who was here, was embarrassed and restless.

Ilena said.

“Come back.”


“I won’t move here, so don’t worry.”

Ilena beckoned.

Colin eventually turned around reluctantly at a clear indication of intent.

“… … I will be back soon.”

As soon as Colleen walked away from the middle-aged woman, Ilena sat down on her knees and scrutinized Anna.

“Anna, it’s okay. Nothing will happen.”

“… … Yeah.”

Anna lost her father to a monster.

Although the monster did not appear in front of me right away, this situation itself could stimulate trauma.

Ilena fell in thought, patting Anna’s little back with an worrisome hand.

‘Suddenly a monster… … . It is also in the middle of the estate.’

I knew that monsters sometimes appear in the territory even after massive subjugation.

Even on the night when Ilena misunderstood that she was unpretentious, the monster left her castle.

However, I could hardly hear the problem of human damage, so even if it appeared, I thought it could only be seen in the outskirts of the mountain.

It was a central street with a lot of people here.

‘Moreover, the situation… … .’

Ilena was forced to send Colleen a while ago.

Everyone here saw and heard the middle-aged woman clinging to her begging to save my family.

If Ilena hadn’t sent Colin, it was almost as if what kind of public opinion would have arisen among Young Ji-min.

It was fortunate that I would rather stop criticizing the personality of one young-ju’s wife.

In the worst case, the distrust and anxiety toward the entire Dukeseong Fortress spread, and there might have been a movement for Young Ji-min to leave the territory.

Of course, Ilena would have sent Colleen even if there weren’t anyone around, but it was undeniable that the situation was just as uncommon.

Ilena stopped thinking about it.

“… … .”

It could be a leap from a simple coincidence.

nevertheless… … .


Ilena, who released Anna’s hand, took her hand to my ear and pulled out only one earring.

Then she sat down with her knees bent to match the eye level with Anna, and then held one of the earrings in the child’s hand.

“Can I just ask one request?”


“When I stand up, take this and go straight to Dukeseong.”

“Can you do it?”

Soon Anna nodded.

Ilena said Jo Gonzo, looking straight into Anna’s eyes.

“Go and grab anyone and ask the Duke to deliver this.”

“… … .”

Ilena stroked Anna’s hair as if she was bold.


Soon, Ilena raised her back with Anna.

Anna, who wanted to hesitate for a moment, quickly heard the sound of running.

Ilena frowned while looking at her small body cleverly blending in with people.


I smelled somewhere.

It was a pretty bad smell.

Shortly thereafter, Ilena, who found the source of the odor, glanced at the place, and a man in the spot took off the hood.

Even among many people, the man’s voice was clearly heard.

“It’s been a while, Duchess.”

“Inkan… … !”

The meditation maid was frightened earlier than Ilena and raised her voice.

But her words didn’t go all the way.

When the Inkan beckoned, a nearby group of him approached and struck the maid’s neck and stunned him.

It happened so quickly, it seemed as if he was supporting a woman who was stunned by the news of the monster’s haunting.


Inkan opened his mouth while Ilena looked back at the drooping meditation maid.

“I don’t want to make a fuss in such a crowded place either.”

“… … .”

“that… … Sir Colleen, are you? Thank you very much. What would have happened if the Lord didn’t help me… … .”

“I don’t want to see good Young Ji-min get hurt. So, the Duchess.”

Inkan asked with a good-looking smile that Ilena saw at the first meeting.

“I would like to serve you as gentleman as possible, but would you please cooperate?”

Illena clenched her fist while silently holding the Inkan in her eyes.

“Here you are, driver. here!”

Where the middle-aged woman took Collin, the guard was really fighting fiercely with several monsters.

‘Three trolls?’

Trolls are a type of monster, they are large and have three threats, but because they do not live in groups, it is rare to see more than one at a time.

Colin was wondering, but for now, he pulled his sword out of his waist and struck the neck of the nearest troll.

This is Colleen, who also participated in the monster subjugation 8 years ago.

There are some people who don’t know because of her usual behavior, but Collin’s skills were also at the forefront of the Duke Knights.

In the blink of an eye, Collin, who had organized three trolls, snatched his sword.

“Honey! Jennie!”


A middle-aged man and a child, who were hiding behind the guard, hugged a middle-aged woman.

Watching Colleen kill the troll, a guard approached him and talked to him.

Colleen did not respond, but silently stared at the body of the troll that had fallen to the floor.


No matter how much I thought about it, there was no reason why the three trolls weren’t in the mountain speed and suddenly appeared in the territory.

It wasn’t because someone caught it and released it on purpose… … .


Colin, feeling cool at the moment, urgently found a middle-aged woman.


“Oh, driver. Thank you so much… … .”

“How did you come to my place to ask for help? I could have gone somewhere else.”

The distance between the place where Colleen was and the area where the monster appeared was quite a bit.

The middle-aged woman seemed to hesitate a little, and then responded innocently.

“Well, someone told me while I was wandering crazy. If you go to the central square, there will be a driver, so explain the situation as loudly as possible and ask for help… … .”

A middle-aged woman, who added that she had done what her heart told her to do, looked at Colin’s attention.

The blood was gone from Colleen’s face.

Colin, who had become contemplated, hurriedly looked back on my way.


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