I'll Be The Warrior's Mother

I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother C71-80

Chapter 71

            “Oh, that child? Well, I am training hard.”

“Yes, that’s right! I do my best than anyone else to train in the training center.”

Thomas responded calmly, and Max tinkeredly avoided Ilena’s gaze.

Ilena took a step while watching the reactions of the two mixed up.

‘Sir Max is not good at lying… … .’

What’s going on.

But if it’s true that you don’t fall into training, it may not be something that someone else is worried about.

‘Well, while hanging out with the two, you may have suddenly felt a sense of self-destruction.’

Ilena envisioned several plausible possibilities.

How long have you been in Dukeseong like that?

While walking through the hallway on the first floor, Ilena accidentally ran into a happy face.



The maid, named Mina, walked with laundry, found Ilena, and greeted her.

I also made a snowy greeting with my father.

“I heard that I started working again today… … Is it really okay?”

“Oh, yes. It’s fine.”

On the day of the kidnapping case, Mina was a maid who was beaten and passed out by the Incans.

After being stunned for several hours in a rare place, I was rescued with Ilena, but fortunately, there were no major wounds or aftereffects left, so I took a few days off and returned from today.

“A few days off is a torch around me, what? I’m really brisk… … .”

Mina glanced at the end of what she was thinking.

“I don’t know if Sir Colin is okay.”

“Lord Colin?”

The name I thought in my head a little while ago came out.

Mina said as Ilena focused more on the conversation.

“Actually, my heart was used, so I recognized it a little, but I heard that Sir Colin’s face… … .”


“It’s far from being normal… … .”

Ilena naturally looked back at Max and Thomas.

This time, both Thomas and Max avoided Ilena’s gaze.

Soon Ilena said to her father.

“Let’s go to the training center.”

Colleen was in the gym.

It was true that Max and Thomas said they were working hard on training.

However, Mina’s words weren’t wrong either.

Colleen’s face was terribly messed up.

A spotted bruise and a blood scab sat down as if it had been squeezed anywhere.

While Illena lost her words and stared at Colin’s grotesque, Colin flinched and ran away when she found Ilena.

Confused by the condition of Colleen’s face, Ilena couldn’t catch him.

Instead, he returned to his place and struck the other two.

“I regret it!”

“We are innocent! That’s not what we do!”

Somewhere in front of Ilena, sitting on his knees, the two knights eagerly insisted on my innocence.

Ilena looked down on the chair, crossing her legs and crossing her arms.

“Isn’t it really?”

His eyes were full of doubts.

It was a reasonable doubt.

He would have already had similar records for the two.

There was a time when the three were entangled and beaten and fought in the fortress and were caught as the current offenders.

This time, unlike then, only Colin unilaterally popped, but there was nothing that couldn’t be explained if he said it was about this.

However, Max and Thomas reacted as if they were unfair and likely to pass it on right away.

“I bet my last knight life all over, no!”

“I’ll bet too! no!”

“So why is Sir Colin’s face like that? Who is that?”

It’s a bit hard to admit, but Colleen, Max and Thomas competed for the headlines within the Duke Castle.

Ben explained that if you put them in a line in order of skill, all three people, no matter how badly, will fit within ten fingers.

‘Especially Colleen.’

Because of his weak nature, he couldn’t go anywhere and shout loudly, but his career in defeating monsters 8 years ago wasn’t due to luck.

Colin, so to speak, was an elite among the elite.

But Colleen’s face is in that direction.

‘Who the hell… … .’

“If it’s not two, who’s the culprit?”

“We don’t know that either.”

“Yes, that is, it is. I do not know.”

Again, Thomas and Max’s reactions were visibly divided.

Ilena glanced at Max.

Then he sighed and muttered to hear everything.

“If anyone else knows, I believed Sir Max. I thought he was a knight who knew the faith, but cowardly with this thing… … Disappointment… … .”

“Lord Colin did it!”

Max exclaimed.

Although he immediately closed his mouth to see if he wanted to get sick late, it was already too late.

“… … What?”

Thomas with his forehead opened his mouth as if he couldn’t help it.

“that… … Yes. Actually, Sir Colin’s face, Sir Colin himself did it.”

Ilena blinked.

I was so embarrassed that the same words were spoken twice.


Through Ben, Ilena learned one thing she didn’t know.

On the day when the Incan died and Ilena was rescued, Colleen was kneeling in front of her place the whole time Ilena was unconscious.

It is said that only after Ilena woke up, Colleen also returned to her home.

I didn’t know.


As Ilena sighed, Kaifin, who was cutting the apple, stopped the knife.

“Are you worried?”

“You know, yesterday… … .”

In an upset mood, Ilena confessed her thoughts.

Kaifin put down the apple and asked.

“Are you bothered?”

“It’s used, of course. And… … .”

Ilena, with her knees raised, put her arms on top of her and squeezed her chin.

“… … I wonder why I didn’t expect this earlier.”

Colleen was with Ilena the day of the kidnapping.

And I couldn’t keep her.

Maybe I could have guessed in advance that I was indulged in self-confidence, but I missed it.

‘Hey, I never thought that Sir Colin was wrong that day.’

So I didn’t think this might be the reason Colleen didn’t show his face.


“Yes, Ilena.”

“What should I do?”

Ilena actually had a hard time understanding Collin.

You may feel guilty, but that makes your face that way.

It was over.

“Would you stop studying yourself if you called me and said it was okay, and that day was not the fault of Sir Colin?

Anyway, my husband knows Colin better than me, so I asked for an opinion.

Kaifin seemed to think for a moment, then opened his mouth.

“Rather, it would work better to punish them.”

“You want to punish me?”

Ilena was startled and opened her eyes round.

“But I don’t think Sir Colleen is at fault.”

“My thoughts will be different. On the contrary, if you are punished, you can feel a little more comfortable thinking that you paid the price.”

“still… … .”

I was unwilling.

To punish, in a different way, is to admit that the other person is guilty of it.

When Ilena’s expression wasn’t very good, Kaifin opened her mouth again.

“Or, how about doing this?”


After hearing all of Kaifin’s explanation, Ilena leaned a little.

“Would it be true then?”


“Well, good.”

Ilena accepted the offer.

Anyway, it really looked better than punishing.

As soon as I got the answer, I felt a little better.

Kaifin began to cut apples again.

Illena’s face, who was watching it silently, soon smeared her face.

“Is it a rabbit?”

The apple pieces that Kaifin had cut and put on the plate were shaped like a rabbit.

Rabbit shape apple.

It was the shape that I used to see, but since it was born from my husband’s hands, it felt more quirky and fun.

Ilena asked as a joke as she received a plate with apples on it.

“Do you like rabbits?”

It was a trivial question, but for some reason, her husband’s gaze stayed on her for a long time.

Her husband’s mouth opened when her cheeks were about to lighten slightly with a persistent gaze without knowing the English language.

“Yes I do like it.”

‘I have a favorite animal.’

No, but why did you take time to answer it like that and frantic.

As if trying to hide her awkward feeling for nothing, Ilena quickly took an apple with a fork and put it in her mouth.

The cute rabbit apple was sweet and crunchy.

That afternoon.

Ilena called Colleen.

Colleen, who ran away as soon as she saw Ilena at the training center the day before, was called to her when she was officially called.

“… … I heard you called.”

Ilena got up from her seat and approached Collin.

As soon as Colleen entered Ilena’s place, she bowed her head like a sinner.

Ilena looked at Colleen’s face.

Thanks to the difference in height, it was not very difficult to examine the face even if the other person was bowing his head.


When I looked back, the condition wasn’t talking.

‘No, it seems like a new wound was added last night.’

Ilena, who managed to swallow a sigh, opened her mouth.

“Sir Colin.”

“… … Yes.”

“Can you guess why I sang the sutra?”

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