I'll Be The Warrior's Mother

I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother C81-90

Chapter 81

            “… … ?”

“Siri, come here.”

Did I hear it wrong?

No, no.

I heard the same thing twice.

The pronunciation was also very clear.

Unless something suddenly happened to his ear, it was a situation where he could never have heard it wrong.

“… … .”

Sidion looked back.

I looked at the side as well.

Of course, there was no one.

Except for him,

“… … No way, did you call me?”

Sidion asked, pointing at himself with an expression not wanting to accept the reality.

Liliana smiled brightly.

“Huh. you. Siri.”

“… … .”

“Because it’s Sidrion, it’s Siri.

“No, why is that so… … .”

“Siri, come quickly.”

Cidion’s eyebrows are crumpled.

That guy’s Siri.

Even though it was a nobleman who said that the other party had spoken all over, the title of Siri was annoying.

Somehow, I thought I had to listen to whatever the other person was saying.

Sidion, who swallowed a sigh, quickly approached Liliana.

“Woo. ”

I was going to go closer and look at my face and formally think about that ridiculous title.

However, Cidion, who narrowed the distance with Liliana, soon realized that whatever he was talking about would be useless.

‘You’re drunk.’

At first glance, it looks fine, but there is no focus on the eyes.

Liliana was drunk.

Sidion, who realized that the other person wasn’t in good shape, refused to hold it and sighed.

Said Liliana.

“Come and sit here.”

She tapped the window frame over her arm.

‘How to sit there.’

Do you think it’s a little pet that gets drunk and is in front of me?

Well, I felt like I was dealing with animals that loved Siri’s name and tone.

It will be difficult to expect rational thinking from a drunk person, regardless of where there are animals talking to the world.

Sidion responded, standing in place, with arms folded.

“Just be here.”


“Just. Do you have anything to say? Then do it. I will listen here.”

“… … .”

Liliana, staring at Cidion far and wide, soon nodded.

“Okay. Then listen there.”

“… … .”

“You know, I have a younger brother… … .”

‘Edward Sorte? princess?’

“How long ago she got married?”

‘It’s about the duke’s wife.’

“I was married, I did… … .”

“… … .”

“I don’t know why.”

“… … ?”

“Isn’t it funny? Why did you get married… … Why did I have to be myself… … Don’t tell me the real reason. I can’t ask because I can see what I’m trying to hide.”

‘I know that it was a marriage due to a business deal, but is that not all?’

Sidion listened silently to the other person.

Liliana said.

“What the hell is he thinking?”

“… … .”

“With that delicate body, what are you trying to carry on your own… … .”

“… … .”

“I’m an older sister, but can I really know nothing like this… … .”

“… … I don’t know anything else.”

Sidion opened his mouth.

I wasn’t willing to kindly consult with the drunkard’s concerns, but I thought I could say this.

“The duchess I watched in the public space looked happy.”

“… … okay?”


I didn’t come up with words that weren’t meant to comfort the other person, it was true.

Cidion recalled the appearance of Kaifin and Ilena.

The two people, who haven’t been together for so long, got along well, as if they had to be together like that from the beginning.

When I see them, I know it inadvertently.

They need each other and give happiness and satisfaction just by being next to each other.

That something like that really exists in the world.

‘When expressed in popular words, it must be the opponent of fate.’

Does the opponent of fate exist for everyone?

Or is it a luck that comes only to a particularly lucky few?

If it were the latter, Sidion thought he was unlikely to be among the lucky ones.

“Happiness… … .”

Liliana’s voice suddenly rescued Sidion from her thoughts.

“You are happy, you see… … .”

“… … that is great.”

Liliana laughed brightly.

It seems that I am sincerely happy, that I am fortunate and relieved.


“… … It was nothing.”

“You know, you are really nice. Siri is a very nice person. Kind, kind, handsome… … .”


Liliana’s voice, who was giving praise from Sidion, stopped in the middle.

Is that all that?

Lying down with her arm on the window sill, Liliana didn’t even move.

In the midst of silence, Sidion opened his mouth.

“Lady Sorte.”

“… … .”

“Miss Liliana?”

“… … .”

There is no answer, no response.

Cidion slowly approached Liliana, who did not even move as if it were a doll with a broken thread.

Then I put a finger under her nose and pressed it.


‘… … No, of course I will breathe.’

There’s no way a person will suddenly fall down and die, just saying that he’s had some alcohol.

I know that well, but why am I surprised?

Cidion looked down at Liliana, who was supposed to have fallen asleep after retracting her hand, wondering at herself.

When I glanced, it wasn’t a bedroom that Liliana slept in, it was a room like a library or a warehouse.

Above the table she was sitting on, she saw empty glasses and bottles of wine.

After drinking together at dinner, they moved to another place and took another drink.

‘It’s like a bottle, not a cup, but… … .’

Anyway, what do you do to leave it alone, why don’t you take it to the bedroom?

Cidion stopped trying to lift her asleep with magic to bring Liliana to her bedroom.

There was a problem.

There is no way for him to know where Liliana’s bedroom is.

“… … .”

After a brief conflict, Sidrion went over the window and went into the room and hugged Liliana.

Then, after walking out of the hallway and wandering around the mansion, I was able to meet the maid.

“Oh my, Miss Liliana.”

The maid glanced at Sidion as she headed to Liliana’s residence.

“I stumbled upon me sleeping in a place without a bed. Where is the bedroom?”

“Ah, this way… … .”

Soon after arriving at the door of the residence, the maid took over Liliana from Sidion and supported her and entered the residence.

Cidion thought for a moment before leaving the place of residence.

Will the other person remember today?

Then Cidion turned.

Either way, it didn’t really matter.

Ilena has witnessed a very rare appearance from the morning.

It was none other than her sister Liliana’s red face.

‘Did you see it wrong?’

Rub your eyes once.

‘… … Are you still drinking less?’

Next, I doubted my head.

But even after looking back several times, Liliana was blushing.

It’s also in front of Sidion!

They wondered what they were talking about, and soon Sidion shook her head, and Liliana bowed.

‘What the hell.’

Ilena, unintentionally hiding in the corner of the corridor and watching all the scenes, soon approached Sidrian after Liliana left.

“Black Tower Master.”

“Oh, the Duchess.”

“What is it just? What happened to my sister?”

I endured intervening in the middle, fearing that it would make my sister difficult.

“Nothing much. I apologize to Young Ae for helping Young Ae the day before… … Well, thank you.”

“Help me? Your sister?”

“I was asleep in an uncomfortable place yesterday, and I moved it to the bedroom by a user.”


Ilena remembered the banquet that took place at the dinner table yesterday.

It was understandable.

‘You must have been embarrassed to be helped.’

Considering her sister’s personality, it was possible.

It was when Ilena thought so.

Cidion’s gaze stayed on Ilena for a moment.


“I thought there would be no more surprising title than Black Pagoda… … .”


“Blood is also thicker than water. I learned one thing.”

“What are you talking about?”

After saying something difficult to understand, Sidion just laughed.

Ilena quit trying to catch the opponent and go for a long distance.

After a brief breakfast-the chef made a good meal for the sea jang-Ilena headed to Marquis of Lyndon.

And there, I was finally able to clearly identify the problems I had in my mind throughout.

“… … Yes, you are right.”

“… … .”

“It was a lie. They were all sounds that weren’t even in my heart! This is all because of his ember child… … Wow.”

When Ilena returns, Mielre’s words that she will now take over the role of Ilena were just a word of excitement, not including a single word of sincerity.

The reason for Miele to say that was simple.

In simple terms, love fights.

That’s the reason I started talking about a petty quarrel with my lover, Amber.

“Listen, Ilena. Ember Do you know how stuffy he was? You’re always ready to step back for my happiness… … .”

“Yes, yes.”

“Whenever I don’t need myself, I’m always saying that I’m going to throw it away, so I… … .”

“Yes, yes.”

Anyway, Ilena was relieved.

I was fortunate if my cousin wasn’t crazy.

While visiting Marquis’s works, Ilena ate alone with her uncle, Marquis Linden.

It was the Marquis who first said to have a’single’ meal, but the reason was revealed at the dinner table.

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