I'll Be The Warrior's Mother

I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother C91-100

Chapter 91

            Ilena, who barely kicked Edward out of the room, looked at Kaifin with a glowing face.

“… … Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t exported for that reason.”

“I know.”

Kaifin smiled lightly.

“… … .”

As soon as I saw that plain face, Ilena felt the urge to somehow turn Edward’s illusion into fact.

However, I quickly gave up because I knew it would not work anyway.

Ilena coughed and settled.

“Hmm. That, before… … When you show up in your dressing room.”

“… … .”

“It was really nice back then. It was also very cool.”

“… … .”

“Of course you usually… … Well, it’s cool, but… … It looked like that especially at that time. Back, uh, it seems like there was a halo?”

“… … .”

“So I mean, thank you for saving me… … .”

Ilena, looking down and speaking the words of the week, raised her head in courage.

Then I was startled.


This is because the husband’s expression was dark.

No matter how much I looked at, that wasn’t visible to the person being praised.

“Why is your expression like that?”

Kaifin opened her mouth as Ilena looked back on what was wrong with her words.

“I am regretting it.”

“Regret? What regrets?”

“I regret not sending my wife to the capital alone.”

“… … I didn’t send it alone. There were three escort knights with black tabju.”

“I should have been there.”

“So now you mean, it’s your fault that I was attacked today?”

The answer did not come back.

However, Ilena already knew that non-response sometimes replaced positive answers.

She opened her mouth open in excitement, then tightened her chin and closed it again.

“you… … .”

“… … .”

“Listen carefully. Don’t think weird, don’t blame yourself. You don’t have any responsibility for today’s work, but you saved me.”

“… … .”

“I know?”

It wasn’t a face that I knew at all.

Oh, that stubborn.

Ilena swallowed a sigh.

As she pondered, she soon spoke.

“good. Then do it like this.”

“… … ?”

“Do you remember going to the festival with me?”

“I remember.”

“At that time, a lot of people gathered because of a turmoil, but do you remember that a man called my name? Because of that, people recognized you and just chatted.”

“… … .”

“It’s my fault.”


Kaifin looked at Ilena as if what it was talking about.

“If I hadn’t taken you to the festival in the first place, you wouldn’t have been so spectacled there. It’s all my fault.”

“What, it’s ridiculous. How is that at your fault? Calling your wife’s responsibility for what happened unexpectedly… … .”

“That’s what I mean.”

Ilena interrupted Kaifin and looked into his eyes.

“Did you know I was going to be attacked? You know, did you send me to the capital? No.”

“… … .”

“If, for the first time, don’t say that you should have prepared for everything with these words. There is no end when it comes to things like that.”

In that way, even if Ilena gets an upset stomach due to eating spoiled food, even if she accidentally falls and breaks her knee, it will be all the fault of Kaifin.

Ilena shook her head, thinking that her husband could really do that.

“Anyway, it’s your fault again in the future, so don’t say anything weird about regrets. If I did that one more time… … .”

“… … .”

What if?

Something seems like a plausible threat should come out from the flow of words, but nothing came to mind.

Ilena, who was rolling her head hard, suddenly said.

“I will use each room.”

After speaking, Ilena immediately thought.

‘You’re ruined.’

What if you use one bed.

It was an ambiguous threat to use while sleeping quietly without doing anything.

Surprisingly, however, Kai-fin was amazed.

“… … I’ll be careful.”

Was eaten.

It worked.

Ilena blinked and looked at Kaifin.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Somehow subtle silence fell between the two.

*** The

background of Kaifin suddenly appearing in the capital’s dressing room was a collaboration between Liliana and Edward.

Liliana and Edward set up an operation in advance from the day before.

one. Liliana takes Ilena to shop and draws the time.

two. In the meantime, Sidion goes to the estate and brings Kaifin.

Three. Edward takes Kai-fin, who came to the capital, to the dressing room where he had promised.


Sidion’s words about what happened to the Black Tower were a lie.

Had it been Liliana’s original plan, Illena would have tried on three or four sets of clothes in the dressing room that day for some reason.

Then, when I was exhausted, I tried on my last clothes and came out of the try-on room, I should have met Kai Fen and said’Tada’.

That was the painting by Liliana and Edward.

“It was thanks to the two… … .”

Ilena nodded when she heard a detailed story during breakfast.

At that time, Kai-hwan put the grilled fish and grilled vegetables, cut to make it easier to eat, on the front plate of Ilena.

When Ilena was injured, she grabbed the fork with her left hand instead of her bandaged right hand and grabbed the food.

When aiming for round or solid food, the fork was often missed.

With her eyes wide open, Ilena alternated between the round mushroom in front of her mouth and her grim husband’s face.

After a while, I just opened my mouth and ate the mushrooms my husband had picked up.

At first, I was awkward, and then as the number of times repeated, I opened my mouth as if it was natural.

“… … .”

Edward’s eyes narrowed.

“Should I do that?”


“Should I explain it with my mouth?”

Edward’s trembling voice raised Ilena’s injured right hand.

What happened anyway, she chose to be shameless.

“If you are dissatisfied, you can call up a name that heals the wound in one day.”

Of course, such a thing was impossible, even in no matter how many names.

Healing the wound right away was something that even magic couldn’t do.

I wonder if there are people who deal with divine powers that have disappeared from a long time ago.

“And what about this between a couple? My mom and dad used to do this often when I was young.”

Liliana and Edward were young and at one time risked their lives in school.

It was because of the competition.

So I saved myself until the time to eat and immersed myself in my studies, and naturally, except for the two, I often ate with the remaining three families.

At Ilena’s words, Edward and Liliana’s gaze quickly turned to Count Sorte.

The count quietly took his hand to his mouth.


After eating, Ilena looked for the drivers.


“Don’t move, stay still.”

Colleen, Max, and Thomas were occupying a bed side by side with bandages on their torso.

‘There is no separate room.’

According to what I heard from Edward, everyone said that they had injured ribs and intestines.

The doctor added, I’m glad I didn’t hurt my lungs though.

Seeing Ilena in her room, she calmed the three knights struggling to get up, and then she opened her mouth.

“… … How do you feel?”


“It’s fine. Bandages are faking. I can run right now-Cool luck luck!”


Max was coughing around his chest as if he had spoken too hard before he was motivated.

Screamed Thomas.

“Are you showing off a patient?”

“Sorry, sorry… … .”

Ilena laughed as she watched her crazy look.

Before coming, I had a lot to say, but when I saw my face, I only thought of one word.


“… … .”

“… … Thank you, everyone.”

After Max and Thomas, Ilena’s gaze stayed on Colleen.

“The cub … … Madam, no… … .’

I remembered the appearance of Colleen, who was injured and fell to the floor, grabbing the opponent’s ankle and sagging.

“It was cool.”

“… … .”

“I am proud that the lords are my escorts.”

“Oh, no.”

“Because we are not enough… … .”

“If our skills were a little better… … .”

“Don’t be useless and focus on recovering. Don’t just think about moving until it’s all healed.”

Ilena sternly warned, recalling the three men struggling to get out of bed.

“I know that I won’t let it go if the wounds get better.”

Ilena left the room so the three knights could rest comfortably.

But at that time, it seemed that I heard a whistling sound through the door crack.

“… … ?”

Ilena quit after a while thinking about turning around and reopening the door.

Apparently, she seemed to have had quite a bit of sensitivity as escort knights.

It wasn’t a bad thing.

Ilena’s right hand wound healed cleanly in a week.

The doctor who examined the wound could not hide his surprise.

“You recover quickly.”

“is it?”

“If I were an ordinary person, this week would have taken.”

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