Raised and Eaten

Raised and Eaten C101-110

FT C101


Chapter 101

I decided to keep it a secret from Gretel that Hansel was under the curse of Arnia.

If Gretel finds out, she’ll be very shocked.

If Hansel’s curse doesn’t work out, I’ll have to tell Gretel someday, but it won’t happen.

‘I’m sure I’ll solve it.’

I’ll take whatever I can to get rid of the curse on Hansel.

I read through the materials collected by Hansel and the emperors, burning my will.

There were some surprising facts that I learned from the investigation.

One of them was that the curse or magic of the race, which was weaker than Arnia, did not work for the imperial family.

It was because the curse of Arnia was already on the line.

‘That’s why the curse and magic of Maleficent didn’t work for Hansel before.’

Arnia is stronger than Maleficent.

It was not until ten years later that the question of the day was answered.

And the way to relieve the curse is not only to find a breakthrough condition.

There were some cases where the curse was offset by those who tried it and those who had the same or stronger power.

Just like the fairy changed the curse of Maleficent caught by Princess Aurora in the past.

“I can’t use the latter.”

Arnia was not only a witch but also the strongest witch of all races.

There was no ethnic group that could beat her by force.

That means that to solve the curse, you have to find conditions for a unconditional cancellation, which was not easy either.

I read more than 10 books from that day to today, but I couldn’t find what I wanted no matter how hard I searched.

“Oh, it’s frustrating.”

I’m so frustrated that I’m going crazy!

I would try something with hope if I had to show a little clue, but it was not, so my heart was stuffy and dark in front of me.

I threw down the book I was looking at and lay on the floor.

“As expected, you have to dream about Arnia.”

The problem was that it didn’t go my way either.

Oh, dirty world. Nothing’s going my way.

Looking blankly at the ceiling, I picked up anything I could get my hands on.

It was a note that organized the research conducted by the predecessor emperors.

I want to live. I want to live. I want to live.]

I don’t want to die. There’s still a lot I want to do.

In the randomly scrawled sentences, the emperors’ earnest desire to live was shown.

Other notes and books also had many of these sentences. There were often places with blood on them.

46 including Arnold.

So far, it has been the number of royal families who died at the expense of the curse of Arnia.

It included Hansel’s mother and the emperor.

Considering what Arnold did to Arnia, it was very natural for Arnia to curse Arnold.

If it were me, it would have been.

‘But this is too much.’

Curse to the descendants who have done nothing wrong.

I couldn’t think well of this even if I knew about Arnia’s situation.

“Now that you’ve killed 46 people, tell me how to relieve your anger and relieve the curse, Arnia.”

My words resonated in the air like echoes and disappeared in vain.

All the imperial families under the curse of Arnia did all sorts of things to relieve the curse.

One of the attacks was a witch hunt.

The witch hunt, which began with the absurd idea that drying the seeds of the witches might relieve the curse of Arnia, is now hardened like an empire tradition.

“Hansel’s killing of a witch has quieted down the witch hunt…”

This was a short one, too. If Hansel dies and another emperor ascends the throne…

“Crazy. Why would Hansel die?”

He’s a human being, so he’ll die someday, but not now! Absolutely not!

Let’s not think about it and find a way to relieve the curse.

I rubbed my sore eyes and read the book again.

How long has it been?

I heard the door open.

“There you are.”

It was Hansel who came in through the door.

I put down the note I was looking at and looked at Hansel.

Hansel put the tray he brought down on the table and sat next to me.

“It’s good to work hard, but don’t overdo it, Elle.”

“It’s not too much.”

And how can I not overdo it when your life is at stake?

At least, Hansel would nag me, so I rolled it in my mouth and swallowed it.

“Did you have lunch?”


“Lie. She said she didn’t eat.”

…… I know why you asked.

“I skipped it because I wasn’t very hungry.”

“But you have to eat it.”

Hansel brought the tray he had put down on the table.

On the tray were delicious beef soup and warm bread.

“Hurry up and eat, Eel.”

“Thank you for the meal.”

I was still hungry, but I couldn’t ignore Hansel’s sincerity, so I cut the bread big.

Hansel looked through the notes I was reading a while ago.

“Have you found anything?”

Keck, if you ask something like that all of a sudden, you get choked up.

I drank water instead of saying something.

“I don’t think I found it.”

Hansel, you’re quick-witted.


“There’s no reason for Elle to apologize. I couldn’t find it either.”

Hansel’s expression on his face was dark as to whether he could have said so to comfort me.

That’s how much I feel now.

I held Hansel’s hand tightly and said.

“I’ll try harder.”

“No, I’ll try harder.”

“No, I’ll try harder.”

“I’ll try harder.”

“No, I’m… …puhot.”

What kind of silly scuffle this is.

It was ridiculous, and Hansel, who said this seriously, laughed and I burst into laughter.

Hansel smiled lightly, too.

A serious look is handsome, but a smiling face is more handsome.

It was pretty.


I hugged Hansel’s neck.

“Would you kiss me?”

Hansel’s eyes widened for a moment.

I looked straight into Hansel’s eyes and asked again.

“Are you not going to do it?”

The wide-open eyes bent beautifully.

“Just a kiss?”

“You’re a fool, Hansel.”

I answered closer to Hansel’s face.

“You’ll take care of it after that. How far should I tell you?”

“I’m sure.”

The lips went up smoothly, drawing lines like whipped cream.

“I’ll take care of everything without asking from now on.”


“Yes, everything.”

It is sweet like cotton candy with a low laugh, but above all, hot lips have overlapped.

As Hansel watched the witch hunters’ actions, Duke Lancheau no longer left Andelov to work.

It was because it would be a big deal if the mistakes that had been committed were found out after leaving them for nothing.

Then, the duke called him in saying he had something to do all of a sudden.

What’s going on?

I don’t think you’re asking me to kill anyone in this situation.

Is he trying to get me to find something?

Antelope guessed the Duke of Langshua’s intentions and entered the study he was waiting for.

“Here we are.”

Duke Langshua looked very happy.

“You must be in a good mood.”

“There was. Let’s take a seat for now.

Andelov sat in the seat pointed to by Duke Langshua.

There was a constant smile on the face of Duke Langshua sitting opposite.

He was grinning to the point of ill luck.

“May I ask what made you feel so good?”

“Finally, I’ve caught the bad emperor’s weakness.”

If I were the Duke of Langshua, I would’ve told him not to be too curious and to be a hunting dog.

Seeing him answer me like that, I think it’s a lot of good.

Then let’s dig in a little bit more.

It was Hansel’s weakness, not anyone else.

I didn’t join hands with Hansel, but I couldn’t let it go because I was deeply related to Eel.

It took Hansel’s power to gain freedom from the Duke of Langshua.

“The Emperor’s weakness. You’re amazing. What’s your weakness?”

Andelov gave an unexpected compliment and peeked.



“The woman who is so fond of the Emperor that he made the Duke of Kadala’s love is actually a witch.”

Damn it, that’s the weak point.

Andelov, while reciting curses in his heart, pretended to be surprised faces.

“Is that true? I can’t believe it.”

I also couldnt believe it at first, so I checked it several times and its true. There’s evidence.”


“Ella Pero, she blew everything.”

Ella Pero was the woman whom Eel introduced to Hansel on New Year’s Day.

It was amazing that Ella Pero knew Eel was a witch.

I informed it to Duke Langshua. It was even more surprising that

And so did Eel, who saved Ella Pero from hell.

But instead of shutting her up for Eel, you drove her to the edge of the cliff.

“Did you avenge your kindness?”

It was not surprising because it was common, but I felt bad.

I didn’t like E-EL who didn’t join the team before.

If she hadn’t joined the club, she would have done it herself.

“So, Andelov, there’s something you need to do.”

Duke Langshua leaned deeply in the back and crossed his legs.

“Bring the witch to me alive.”

The Duke of Langshua sometimes asked to bring the witch or the people alive without killing them in order to achieve his “purpose.”

“It’ll be a week, right?”

“I’m sorry, but it’s going to be hard.”

Andelov made excuses to buy more time.

“The witch is favored by the Emperor and has the title of Duke of Qadala.”

“That’s true.”

Did it work? It was a relief.

Before Duke Langshua made any other plans, I tried to tell Eel about this and figure out what to do in the future.

“Then we can reveal her to the world that she’s a witch.”

Duke Lang Shua, who made a new plan for a short time, smiled eeriely.

“Then no matter how emperor I am, I can’t stop him. I’ll try to push the Duke of Kadala away.

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