Raised and Eaten

Raised and Eaten C121-128

FT C121


Chapter 121

I suddenly came to my senses as if a light bulb were coming in.

But my body couldn’t move. Someone seemed to have bound their limbs. It was hard to lift my finger.

All I could do now was blink like a doll.

But I’m glad I can see the front.

Taking comfort in it, I looked at the ceiling with colorful yet familiar patterns.

That’s the Imperial Palace sentence.

‘Are you back alive?’

Or is it a dream?

He or she died and came to the underworld. Is this what the underworld looks like?

I don’t think so.

It must have been either a safe return or a dream.

I don’t know which way it is, but it was when I breathed out a small breath satisfied with the premise that both were alive.

Click —

The door opened. I wanted to see who came in, but I was frustrated because I couldn’t turn my head.

The slow footsteps stopped for a while and it became very fast. His popularity has come to a close.


I grinned as soon as I saw my proud face before me.

“It’s Hansel…”

The body didn’t move at will, but fortunately, I could speak.

It wasn’t easy. Every time I spoke, I suffered as if I had a splinter in my throat, but I tried not to show as much as I could.

Hansel’s eyes got bigger for a moment, and he dropped what he was holding on the table and walked toward the door.

“Bring the court right now!”

Hansel gave orders to the people waiting outside and came back to me.

And I sat on the bed and held my hand tightly.

“You’re finally awake.”

Only the new car was wet in the eyes.

“How much, how much…”

Hansel stuttered and buried his face in my hand.

Hansel’s reliable shoulders tumbled.

Seeing my hands wet little by little, I think I’m crying.

“Don’t cry…”

I want to wipe off my tears and pat my back, but I couldn’t, so my heart was stuffy and heartbroken.

In my words, Hansel could hardly stop crying.

Hansel, who stopped crying only after the palace arrived, watched the palace examine me with a swollen face.

It’s a fraud to have such a swollen face.


When the court touched the wound, I groaned unintentionally.

Then Hansel’s eyes sparkled.

“You have to do it right.”

Hansel glared as if he were about to chew on the court, and said one word after another.

“Ell’s in pain.”

The court’s lips quivered and answered.

“Well, there’s nothing we can do to heal the wound.”

“You don’t have to hurt me.”

“He, that’s impossible…”

“Nothing is impossible.”

Hansel smiled a sly smile.

“If she gets sick one more time, she’ll return the pain she felt several times.”

The sincere words turned the court’s face blue.

“Stop it.”

I stopped Hansel because I thought the court would collapse if I left more alone.

“Hansel, you stay out until you’re done with the treatment.”


Ugh, if you make such a hurt face, your heart will shake.

“But get out………”

Glitter —

“It’s a long way from….”

I feel new, but I’m too weak with that poor look on Hansel’s face.

Hansel obediently followed me.

“Put down the canopy.”

Having failed to get Hansel out, he lowered the canopy to cut off the court and Hansel as much as possible.

“Thank you, Kadala.”

The court thanked him with tears in his eyes.

“No, so what’s my condition?”

“The nerves in the whole body are paralyzed. But I’m not completely out of my mind, so I’ll be right back if I take my meds and get enough rest.”


I couldn’t believe it completely because the court was human, but I had a slight hope because the human medicine was not ineffective at all.

I thought I’d ask Rose about my physical condition later.

“Then I’ll leave.”

As soon as the court went out, Hansel brought watery soup.

Hansel put the bowl of soup down next to the table and sat me up.

“I haven’t eaten in three days, so simply fill my stomach with soup.”

“Did I sleep for three days?”

I thought it would be a day at the most.

“So I was very worried.”

My voice trembled gently.

“I was worried about not waking up forever.”

It was the same with the hand holding the bowl of soup.

How worried Hansel was about me was clearly visible in his expression and behavior.

Well, if I were in Hansel’s shoes, I would have.


“There’s nothing for Elle to be sorry about. I’m more sorry.”

Hansel held my hand tightly with a bitter smile.

“I said I’d protect him, but… I didn’t do anything.”

“I can’t do anything. Thanks to you, I won Arnia’s bet.”

If Hansel didn’t recognize Arnia, who turned into me, he would have died without doing anything.

“So don’t say that. We’ve been good enough for each other.”

Hansel nodded with a very moved face.

You look like a big puppy. I wanted to pat you on the head, but it was just a pity that you couldn’t.

The gloomy story calmed the atmosphere down heavily.

“I’m hungry.”

I deliberately spoke with a slight whine.

Hansel took a big spoonful of soup and brought it to my mouth.


“Ah —”

I’m a little shy, but I don’t have eyes to look at, and my hands are paralyzed and I can’t move, so I just accepted them.

Maybe because I couldn’t eat anything for three days, the thin soup felt like honey.

“I want to eat meat.”

“Then, it’s a big deal if you get burnt, so I only eat thin soup for the time being.”

“It’s okay. I can eat meat.”


Hansel seems weak to me, but he’s determined in an unexpected place.

You know what Hansel is worried about, but it was too boring to eat only watery soup.

“Then even bread…”


……chett, you’re so determined.

Hansel laughed as I grumbled.

“My teacher will come soon, so I’ll see my teacher and it’s okay. Then I’ll prepare soft bread and meat.”

“Where’s Rose?”

“I don’t know. My friend said he’s coming to see me.”

Rose has another friend besides me. I’m a little shocked.

“Hurry up and finish the soup before it gets cold, Elle.”


I diligently ate the soup Hansel was feeding me.

After eating the soup, I took the medicine prepared by the court.

“Oh, come to think of it.”

I asked Hansel because I suddenly remembered something.

“What happened to Duke Langshua and Andelov?”

Hansel and Rose were saved by me, but not by Andelov and the Duke of Langshua.

Don’t tell me you were crushed to death.

Even though the Duke of Langshua died, Andelov’s death bothered me.

Andelov saved my life from the Duke of Langshua.

You tried to kill me, you tried to leave me behind, and I wondered why you saved me.

“The Duke of Langshua is dead, and Andelov is alive.”

“Andelov lived?”

I thought I didn’t want you to die so I could ask why you saved me, but I really didn’t expect you to live.

“How did you live? What did you do?”

Hansel stared at me when I asked in surprise.

“Why do you look at me like that?”

“I don’t think I remember anything.”


“Ell saved Andelov.”

I saved Andelov?

“I really don’t remember.”

“Yes, I fainted with magic on the roots of the tree.”

I’ve cast a spell and asked you to protect me and everyone, but… you know, does that all belong to Andelov?

“How did I save Andelov? Tell me the details.”

When I asked him like a pester, Hansel put the empty soup bowl down on the table and answered.

“There’s nothing special about it. Andel’s magical tree roots protected not only you and me, but also Andelov in a collapsing lab.”

As expected, Andelov must belong because I asked you to protect everyone.

……wait, but why is Duke Langshua dead?

“Didn’t the roots of the tree protect the Duke of Langshua.

“Yes, I didn’t.”

Why? You’re not protecting the Duke of Langshua because you don’t have enough mana?

I wondered, but there was no way to find out.

“The Duke of Langshua died, but thanks to the research and records he obtained, he captured all the men who helped him.”

Hansel’s explanation followed.

“I will interrogate them and get a clearer testimony, and make sure that witch hunts and witch hunters are not for the sake of the Empire, but for the study of Duke Langshua.”

Hansel held my hand again.

“Then the witches can live free and confidently without hiding anymore.”

Come to think of it, Hansel’s persistent search behind Duke Langshua was to eliminate the witch hunt.

Eventually, the Duke of Langshua was reduced to a tool for power, but the witch hunt was basically an institution created to solve the curse of the Arnia on the imperial family.

And Hansel was not yet aware that the curse of Arnia had been lifted.

But I’m willing to kill the witch hunt. The heart was so commendable.

I laughed because it was so good that you loved me constantly even though you knew I was Arnia’s daughter.

A man like this likes me.

I was so glad to love this kind of man.


You should give a good boy the right gift.

“I have good news.”

“Good news?

“Close your ears.”

Hansel wondered, but leaned his upper body and put his ears close.

I whispered quietly into Hansel’s ear.

“Arnia’s curse has been lifted.”


“You don’t have to worry about dying now.”

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