Raised and Eaten

Raised and Eaten C21-30

Chapter 21

Hansel and Gretel nodded without hesitation.

If I were to say it, I felt a little guilty seeing children who followed my conscience slightly.

It’s caught using children to cheat.

But what can I do? This is the only way to survive.


I told Hansel and Gretel my operation in a small voice.

The children listened to my story carefully.

“… ..and you understand everything, right?”

The children nodded loudly.

“Okay, let’s get this started.”

As soon as I finished speaking, Gretel grabbed her stomach and fell to the floor.

“Oh, my stomach hurts! Gretel, I’m hungry!”

Then he began to use evil enough to leave the checkpoint. He stomped his feet and shed tears.

“Oh, my God, Gretel!”

I didn’t know you were this good at acting!

Gretel’s acting was so good that even I was fooled when I knew Gretel was acting.

“Are you okay? Does it hurt a lot?”

“Gretel, are you okay?”

Gretel couldn’t stay still when she was playing hard.

Hansel and I acted worried about Gretel.

“The child must be sick.”

“Are you all right?”

People around us murmured at us like that.

All right, there’s a reaction. I smiled inwardly and worried about Gretel on the outside.

“Gretel doesn’t look very good. What should I do?”

“Doctor, call a doctor right now!”

Hansel looked around the people around him and shouted urgently.

The sound of people buzzing grew louder, and the security guard came toward us.

“What’s going on?”

“My brother has a stomachache.”

“Oh, it hurts…”

Gretel looked mournfully at the guard with tears in her eyes.

“Madam, it hurts……my stomach……it hurts so much.”

Gretel, if I get out of the checkpoint safely, I’ll buy you 10 cookies, or 20 cookies you like!

The guards who were deceived by Gretel’s performance turned around in a hurry.

“Wait a minute. I’ll see if the senator has left the office yet.”

The lawmaker’s working hours on the notice board were until 5 p.m.

It is 5:30 pm to close the checkpoint, so there cannot be a lawmaker so far, but it was just in case.


Please don’t have it. It shouldn’t have.

I prayed desperately inside, and finally, the security guard who went to find a doctor came back alone.

“What should I do? The congressman’s gone home.”

“Oh, my…!”

How can I be so happy?

He hugged Gretel, who was singing “Cheerful” inside but was still performing well on the outside.

“Then what should I do?”

“I’ll open the door to the checkpoint. Why don’t you go back to town?”

Wait, what’s wrong with the options?

That’s not what I want.


Hansel stepped up on behalf of me, who was embarrassed and unable to speak.

Hansel held the guard’s pants with a very poor look on his face.

“We can’t wait to find my father.”


“Yes, my father is not coming back to the Kingdom of Lün.”

There was tears in Hansel’s eyes, too.

Hansel clenched his two-weeks of rice and closed his lips as if he was trying to hold back his tears.

However, tears that he couldn’t hold back fell on his cheeks.

“Sorry, I’m sorry.”

Hansel hurriedly apologized as if he had committed a serious crime and wiped the tears off the back of his hand.

“My father said men shouldn’t cry…”

Tears that had not been wiped off before hit a man and hung on his long eyelashes.

“I told you I had to protect you and Gretel…”

“Oh, my…”

“He’s brave even though he’s young…”

Hansel’s appearance drew sympathy from the people around him. More people felt sorry and kicked their tongues than when Gretel yelled at them for being sick.

“Let’s start with the kids.”

“That’s right. That’s the rule.”

If anyone is uncomfortable, let them examine first. It was kindly written on the last line of the checkpoint sign.

“If I let you out now, you’ll have to wait three days.”

“I can’t wait to find my dad. Let me go.”

People clamored to let us go.

“If that’s what you’re going to say… …yes, go ahead.”

“Thank you!”


In the meantime, Gretel did not forget her duty and pretended to be sick.

I grabbed Gretel and headed to the checkpoint. Hansel followed me.

The long line of people stood aside so that we could pass.

“Thank you, thank you!”

I stood in front of the checkpoint, greeting each and every one of them.

The employee kicked out his tongue when he saw the retel, who was still suffering, and Hansel, who still had tear marks around his eyes.

“Come on, give me your ID.”


I gave out the ID Godlen had prepared.

I thought he would ask me this and that, such as why I was leaving the empire, but the staff slammed the stamp on the permit without asking me anything.

“I hope you find your dad.”

Hansel received a stamped permit and ID on behalf of me holding Gretel.

“Thank you.”

Since then, everything has been in full swing.

After leaving the checkpoint, I rented a waiting carriage and headed for the village.

Gretel, who was performing her best until the end, jumped up and asked, looking at me.

“How was Gretel?”

“Yes, good job.”

“How well did you do?”

“As good as the sky and as good as the ground.”


Gretel stamped her feet and hugged me.

I patted Gretel’s head and praised Hansel sitting across the street.

“Hansel did a good job, too. Especially the last act I did to the guard, it was great.”

The story about his father was not in the script, but was improvised by Hansel. Thanks to you, I was able to overcome the crisis.

Hansel smiled slightly reddened with my compliment.

“Thank you.”

The carriage arrived in a nearby village smoothly.

I purposely put on my hood and headed to the inn so that I wouldn’t be able to see the color of my hair and eyes back.

The inn was crowded with people with various purposes. The mercenaries were quite visible.

“Wahaha, this body has caught a witch!”

When he heard that he had caught a witch, he even stood up with fluffy hair.

Do you think they’re witch hunters?

If so, there was nothing good about bumping into each other.

I’m going to pay quickly and go up.

I hurried to the counter.

“Oh, not one, but two?”

Fortunately, they didn’t notice that I was there, and they were in a hurry to talk.

“Yes! It was a mother-daughter relationship!”

Mother and daughter… between?

“Until the moment the mother witch was burned to death, she shouted that the young witch was not a witch, that she was the lord’s biological daughter, but not this kelen who would believe the other crap…”

I couldn’t wait any longer and grabbed the mercenary by the collar.

“Tell me what you just said, from the beginning.”

“A witch suddenly returns her daughter, who was kidnapped 15 years ago, but who would believe that?”

What the mercenary said lingered in my head like an echo.

“Of course I tested this and that on a girl who claimed that the suspicious lord was the lord’s daughter!”

There were two tests: a mana test and a reagent test. Through this test, I was able to confirm that the girl was really human.

That’s what happened.

“After the mana test, I did the reagent test right away, and… there was no response.”

Humans had to take reagents and show special reactions, such as red spots on their bodies.

However, there was no response to the girl who claimed to be Young-ju’s daughter.

That means the girl is a witch, not a human being.

“The furious lord ordered the girl to be burned at the stake, and 15 years ago, there appeared a witch who kidnapped her daughter.”

“Then the girl hanging from the stake called the witch mother anxiously.”

The girl’s mournful call provided clear evidence that the girl was a witch and that the relationship between the girl and the witch was mother and daughter.

“But the witch who appeared claimed that the girl was neither a witch nor her own daughter, and that she was the real daughter of the lord. I’m asking you to do a paternity test.

However, Young-ju, who had already confirmed through reagent tests that the girl was not human, carried out the sentence.

“The witch jumped into the fire pit to protect the girl. Into the sacred fire.”

divine fire

It was a special fire made by the gods to catch the witch.

No matter how much the witch flies and crawls, she was helpless in front of the sacred fire. I couldn’t even use my superior magic.

“Like that, neither the girl nor the witch was burned to death.”

……no way.

Godlen and Rapunzel are dead.

My head turned white. When I came to my senses again, I ran out of the inn and was running toward the checkpoint.


Hansel rushed after me, but I couldn’t stop.

How can I stop? Rapunzel and Godlen were burned to death by a witch!

‘It’s because of me.’

This happened because I encouraged Godlen to send Rapunzel to his biological parents for no reason.

Otherwise, Rapunzel would have been burned as a witch.

Godlene wouldn’t have died trying to save Rapunzel!


At the moment, his steps got tangled and he fell unexpectedly. The skin on the floor was bitter and stinging.

I felt a throbbing pain in my ankle, but I stood up without hesitation.

I had to go back right away. I had to go back and check if what the mercenary said was true.

……after confirming the facts?

What do you want to do after that?

Are you going to kill the lord who killed Godlen and Rapunzel?

“I… ..kill people?”

There’s no way you could do that.

But to avenge Godlene and Rapunzel, we have to kill him…

The thought of killing people with my hands made me sick.


I sat down, covered my mouth with one hand, and repeatedly muzzled.

I scratched the floor hard enough to dig sand between my nails with my other hand.

Because of that, the fingernails broke and blood flowed out.


Hansel, who followed me right behind him, called me breathlessly.

“Why are you scratching the floor? It’s bleeding!

Soon Hansel, standing in front of me, grabbed my hand scratching the floor.

Hansel wiped the sand and dust off my hands, regardless of his dirty hands.

After wiping everything off my cheek and arm, he looked at me with a sad face and said,

“Go back, Elle.”

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