Raised and Eaten

Raised and Eaten C31-40


FT C31


Chapter 31

Rose turned lightly and avoided the giant running toward her.


The body of Geo-han, who lost his goal, faltered.


Of course, Geo-han fell towards me, and I almost fell for him.


Hansel, who was standing next to him, managed to avoid it thanks to his quick pull on his arm.

Whoops, I’m alive. If that was stuck in the gutter, I’m sure it would have been a pancake.

I was genuinely relieved and looked at the giant lying on the floor.

It must have hurt as much as it sounded, but Geohan smiled casually and stood up again.

“Rose, you’re here!”

And I tried to hug Rose again.

Rose kicked her tongue out as if she was bothered and pushed Geohan’s chest out of her hand.

“How many times have I told you not to do this?”

“But I’m so glad.”

“Just say it. Do you know how much it hurts when you hug? This forearm is a murder weapon!”

When Rose slapped Geohan’s bumpy forearm and shouted, Geohan looked upset.

Then, the giant blinked his eyes when he found us.

“Who’s this side?”

“Oh, you should introduce yourself first.”

Rose pointed her hand at the giant and told me.

“This is the half-in-lohan I mentioned before.”

“Nice to meet you.”

Lohan smiled plainly and held out a big, furry hand.

He looked big and scary like a bear, but he looked nice because of his speech and behavior.

“Nice to meet you, too. It’s E-L. This is Hansel, and the girl is Gretel.”


Gretel greeted him with her signature cuteness, while Hansel bowed bluntly.

“Cute kids.”

Lohan smiled happily and looked at Hansel and Gretel.

It was like the face of a grandfather looking at a cute grandson and granddaughter.

He wants to have a grandchild.I guess that’s true.

I need to find out more, but my first impression was passing.

Lohan’s bakery was as small and compact as a local bakery and had a friendly atmosphere.

But why are there so few kinds of bread?

There are only ten kinds at best. There were only basic bread such as bread and baguette.

Is a place like this a business? I don’t think so.

I was sitting at a table on one side of the store and looking around, and Lohan brought a full tray of bread.

There was milk, too.

“Try it. It’s all my bread and it’ll be delicious.”

Oh, you’re so confident.

“Thank you for the meal.”

That’s how much I was looking forward to it. I ate a big slice of the bread that Lohan brought.

It’s okay.

Overall, it wasn’t bad, but if there was something to be desired, the taste was too boring. It’s a perfect bread to eat with jam on.

“Is there no jam?”

“Sorry. There’s no jam in our store.”

I can’t believe they don’t sell jam at the bakery. I was a little curious, but it was the characteristic of this store, so I handed it over lightly.

All the other breads were bored, too. When making bread, I don’t season it at all or do only a little bit.

‘Then it won’t be popular with customers.’

Healthy low-salt foods are good, but the basic food sold was ‘taste’.

Untasteful food looked good and was not sold no matter how healthy it was.

It would be hard to do business like this.

I was worried that the monthly rent would be lowered properly.

“The second floor of this building, you haven’t washed it yet, have you? I’m going to stay for a few days. Is that okay?”

“Of course. You can stay through the winter.”

It was no use worrying.

I didn’t think he was the owner of the building who said he was greater than the Creator.

“I’m not going to stay that long, and how long, Elle?”

“Well, maybe two weeks.”

Lohan, that’s enough to find out about him.

“Did you hear that? I’ll be there for about two weeks.”

Rose leaned arrogantly against the back of the chair.

“By the way, is this bakery still open? I can’t believe I just quit and rent it. It makes more money.”

“But I love making bread. It was my dream to open a bakery since I was a kid.”

Rose snorted and crossed her arms.

“What’s the point of that? No guests come at all.”

“That’s after lunch…”

“You didn’t even come at lunch.”

Rose pointed to the bread on the display.

“If you’re here, there’s no way there’s that much bread left.”

Lohan drooped her shoulders sadly, perhaps because she was stabbed to the point.

“Am I not talented?”


I think Lohan is too depressed.

I said something that would cheer him up because the bread wasn’t good enough to say that.

“The bread is delicious. Right, guys?”

“Yes, it’s delicious.”

Hansel responded to me with tact, but Gretel wasn’t.

“It’s not good.”

I took a bite of the bread and put it down on the tray.

As a result, Lohan became more sullen and dropped her head.


I hurriedly noticed Gretel, but it didn’t work.

“Ell’s bread tastes a hundred and a thousand times better than this.”

I would have felt good if I heard it at another time, but now I can see Lohan’s attitude.

Lohan stayed still with her head down. I hope you don’t feel too bad.

I looked sideways at Lohan’s condition.

Lohan stayed still with her head down.

Should we say words of consolation?

Or should I stay still?

“What are you timidly banging your head on?”

I was thinking about it, and Rose slapped Lohan on the back and said loudly.

Only then did Lohan’s face, which raised its head, be determined. His eyes flashed unexpectedly.

“You said Elle, didn’t you?”

“What? Oh, yeah…”

“Can I ask you a favor?”


Lohan, who nodded violently, held my hands tightly and said.

“Please make bread.”


“I’ve seen this woman before.”

The owner of the inn who saw the portrait of Andelov said.

“He used to stay at our inn with his children. By the way, is she really a witch? I thought you had kids with you…”

“It’s a witch. It’s a very wicked witch.”

“Oh, my God, I let you stay at the inn without knowing.”

The owner of the inn shook his head in fear, and Andelov replied, rolling up the portrait and putting it in his arms.

“Don’t worry. Because you knew nothing, you would never be punished for being involved with a witch.”

“Well, I see. I’m glad.”

At last, the innkeeper swept away his chest with confidence.

“Have you ever heard of this woman going somewhere?”

The owner of the inn directly recommended to Eel that it was better to go to Villen, but he hid the truth and answered.

“They said they were going to the port city of Tilene.”

“I see.”

“Then I’ll go.”

After the innkeeper left as if he were running away, Ken, who was next to Andelov, murmured as if he was embarrassed.

“That witch, she really crossed the border. How did you get over it? “No matter how witch it is, it would not have been easy to smuggle two human children into the country.”

“He must have passed the checkpoint, not the secret entry.”

“Huh? Does that make sense?”

Ken replied in a ridiculous tone.

“Even if the witch didn’t have an ID, and even if she stole it, the inspector wouldn’t have let her pass, because it’s different from the way it looks.”

Andelov turned indifferently and said.

“With dye, it’s not impossible at all.”

Ken followed in Andelov’s footsteps and asked.

“Dyeing pills? What’s that?”

“It’s a magic pill that changes the color of your eyes and hair.”

Ken came to a standstill. After stopping, Andelov looked back at Ken.

His eyes were full of surprises. Ken muttered with an absurd face.

“Does that… exist?”

“What are you so surprised about? Witches are good at making things out of the ordinary.”

“Well, that’s true, but it doesn’t make sense! What’s the point of such a portrait if it exists?”

Ken shouted, waving a wanted flyer with a portrait on it.

“If you change your hair color and your eyes color, you’ll be a completely different person!”

Andelov shrugged lightly.

“There’s nothing to be so angry about. As far as I know, it’s hard to make hair dye. It doesn’t last long, and most witches don’t even dare to make it.”

“Then it’s…, wait a minute. Which means this witch is bigger than we think?”

“I suppose so.”


Ken, who was pouring out a laugh, covered his face with his hands with tears.

“I suddenly feel less confident about catching this witch.”

“You can do it.”

Andelov took a step that had stopped, cleaning up the collar that had been slightly disturbed by the cold wind.

“I’m the one who’s going to catch that witch anyway.”

You’re a bad boy.

But because it was true, Ken followed Andelov without saying a word.

“So where are you going now? Are you going to the port city the innkeeper told you about?”

“I’m going to go, but I’m probably not there.”

“Huh? How do you know that?”

“Don’t you remember what happened to Böllen five years ago?”

“Huh? Wait… ah!”

Ken, who briefly recalled his memory, soon recalled it and let out a small exclamation.

“You kicked out the young lord and his uncle took over the lordship.

“Yes, and the uncle hates witches very much.”

How much they hated it a long time ago, they broke all the statues in honor of the witch who helped their ancestors become heroes.

“If you have an idea, you can’t stay there long.”

“Then where did he go?”


Antelope said, riding on a horse in front of the inn.

“You’ll find out once you get to Büllen.”

“Oh, what do you mean, Büllen? We have to go far.”

Ken grumbled and got on the horse one after another.

“You don’t have to go if you don’t want to.”

“Hey, you don’t want to go.”

Ken smiled brightly and took the reins as if he had ever grumbled.

“There’s 2,000 gold at stake, of course I’ll go. It’s hard for you to catch the witch alone, too.

“Tough? No way. You can catch a witch like that on your own.”

“Huh? But you missed it before.”

“I would have told you. I didn’t miss it. I let it go.”

“Wasn’t that an excuse?”

At Ken’s words, Andelov smiled positively.

Ken smiled awkwardly, feeling unknown anxiety even though he had a pretty smile like a flower.


“Uh, huh?”

“Get out.”

That’s all that was left, and Andelov slipped away.

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