Raised and Eaten

Raised and Eaten C41-50


FT C41


Chapter 41

Thump, thump–!


Ken collapsed after eating. The same was true of the others in the inn hall.

Andelov tapped Ken with his toes.

Eventually, he kicked it hard enough to bruise, but Ken didn’t break it.

“Yum, yum, yum. I’m full.”

I was deep asleep talking even in my sleep.

What is it?

After staring at Ken, Andelov suddenly came up with one fact.

“Is the curse triggered?”

It was a famous anecdote that Princess Aurora of the Kingdom of Lün was cursed by a witch as soon as she was born.

It is also true that the fairy defending the kingdom of Lün has been purifying the Jeju to fall asleep.

Although the side effects left the princess as well as everyone in the kingdom asleep, the stupid king and queen were just happy that the princess would not die.

Of course, it was said that the princess was entrusted to the fairies to prevent that from happening, but the curse seems to have been triggered.

“That’s why we should have gathered witch hunters and killed the witch.”

The king was protected by a fairy, and he held out that he would never accept the help of a witch hunter who was his enemy.

The result was the same as it is now as you can see.

You’re a fool.

Such a man was the king, so the people suffered.

“Well, I’m comfortable.”

Andelov left the inn with a smile and a gold coin on the table.

As soon as I came out of the inn, the cold came. My exhaled breath was white.

Wearing a deep hood, Andelov looked toward the capital.

“Still in the capital.”

Two days ago, when I asked Dowager to locate Eel, he said he was in the kingdom’s capital.

It’s been a while since I went to the capital, but I think I’m going to spend the winter in the capital.

So I’ll be there until I get there.

The curse on the princess would have been invoked by the children, so they would not have left the capital.

“I wish I could stay.”

I want to see the hunter’s face now.

Andelov’s thin lips on the horse tilted at an angle.

Come to think of it, Gretel, Lohan, everyone on the street fell asleep, but why didn’t Hansel fall asleep?

I looked at Hansel out of curiosity.

Hansel also looked embarrassed.

“Kid, do you know why?”

Hansel shook his head small.

“Well, there’s no way you’d know what I don’t know.”

Rose thought for a moment and said again.

“Anyway, this curse will be lifted when Princess Aurora wakes up. I don’t know when it’s going to be released.”

“You don’t have to worry about that. It’ll be released soon.”

“How do you know that?”

I saw the ending in a fairy tale book.

“Fairy tale book? What kind of story?”

“Huh? Oh, nothing.”

Gosh, I forgot Rose could read his mind.

Rose squinted at me as I roughly glossed over.

“Ha, ha, ha…….”

I laughed awkwardly and hurriedly turned away.

“Well, it’s gonna be okay anyway. The fairies and the wonderful prince will work together to save Aurora, so you don’t have to worry.”

“That means you’re not going to come forward?”


Things would work out quickly if I and Rose came forward, but I couldn’t guarantee that they would work out well.

You might mess up after being as nosy as you were when you were Godleen.

So I will never intervene.

I made a firm commitment once again.

“Please help me!”

Why do interrupters always appear in things they decide to do?

It was that evening that the fairy defending the kingdom visited our store.

The fairy I saw for the first time in my life was small and cute.

I feel like I’m looking at Princess Umji.

But there are only two of us. I heard that there are three fairies defending the kingdom.

Did he leave out one?

The curiosity was soon solved.

“Flona’s dead.”

A fairy named Pona said as she stamped her eyes with a sleeve.

Mary Weather, a fairy named Lee Pona, patted her on the back and added the words with a sad face.

“The witch hunter must have killed it.”

“Witch hunter?”

Which means the witch hunter has come all the way here!

Rose, who looked like a human, asked the fairies.

“If it’s clear that the witch hunter killed a fairy named Flona, we should go to the Continental Federation, not us. ‘Cause he did something illegal.’

“That’s… …”

Pona wiggled her finger and bowed her head.

“There’s no clear evidence.”


Rose made a big impression.

“Is that just a guess?”

“Well, yes, but I’ve seen it for sure!”

Pona clenched her fist and shouted.

“I saw the infamous, silver-haired witch hunter wandering around our woods!”


If you’re a silver-haired witch hunter……the crazy one?

“Andelov, is that you?”

Rose also gritted her teeth to see if she knew him.

“Is that silver-haired witch hunter with silver hair and eyes and a face …….”

I asked Pona for an overall impression to see if I knew him.

Then Pona gave a big head.

“That’s right! He’s the witch hunter we’ve seen!”

Oh, my God.

So to translate Pona’s words directly, it means that the crazy witch hunter is in this kingdom.

‘You must have come after me.’

You’re such a persistent bastard.

With so much bounty at stake, I understand being persistent to some extent, but it was very annoying.

“We have to go save Princess Aurora as soon as possible, but we can’t beat the witch with our own strength.”

Maryweather asked me earnestly with her hands tightly together.

“So please help me, witches.”

“You want us to kill our own people?”

Mary Weather shook her head when Rose asked back as if she was upset.

“No! Just buy me some time!”

“Then we’ll get the prince in the witch’s hands and take him to Princess Aurora.”

“If the prince kisses Princess Aurora with true love, everything will be solved.”

The fairies were not wrong, but the problem was when they failed.

Then things could have been complicated, such as the death of an innocent person like Godlen.

It’s already twisted.’

Flona, the fairy’s dead. To the witch hunter who followed me all the way here.

I didn’t want to because if I intervened more here, things would be more complicated.

One, and Gretel and Lohan, who fell asleep under a curse, were on my mind.

“If we don’t help, will the curse on Princess Aurora never be solved?”

Maryweather nodded with a gloomy face.


That means Gretel and Lohan will also fall asleep forever if the curse on Princess Aurora is not resolved.


The heart of vowing never to intervene collapsed for a moment.

“I’ll help you.”

To save Gretel and Lohan, not to save Aurora Princess, I was forced to intervene in fairy tales again.

While Rose and I are turning the witch’s eyes, we rescue the prince and take him to Princess Aurora.

It was a very simple and absurd plan. There was no solution.

How we will turn the witch’s eyes and how we will save the prince from prison.

And how to take the rescued prince to the princess, the fairies had no detailed plans.

I’m just going to save you! There was only a goal.

‘You don’t mind if I help you, do you?

I have a strong feeling that I’m going to fail.

I was nervous, but I won’t do it anymore. I couldn’t say.

I had to save Gretel and Lohan.

I looked at the palace that there was a witch in question.

According to the fairies, the witch who put the people to sleep took over the palace and was using it as she pleases.

“Oh, but Rose.”

Suddenly, I was curious about something and asked Rose, who was in my arms in a cat’

“Why did the fairies ask us for help, not witch hunters? It would have been more reliable to ask the witch hunter for help.”

“The fairy will never ask the witch hunter for help.”


“The witch hunter mistook the fairies for witches and killed them a lot. Because of that, fairies hate witch hunters very much.”

Rose jumped down from my arms.

“But there’s no way a witch hunter would ask them for help because he wandered into their forest, and his fellow fairies were dead.”

“I see.”

I finally understood and nodded.

“Well, there’s more to it because the witch hunter who was hanging around was Andelop.”

Andelov, it was the name of the crazy witch hunter I met then.

“He must be famous?”

Rose, who turned into a human figure, tilted her lips at an angle.

“It’s famous. In many ways.”

“What do you mean by many things? What do you have?”

“For example…”

Rose was about to speak, but the gate opened.


Rose looked at the open gate with her arms crossed.

“I can’t believe you opened the gate for me to come in. They’re welcoming us.”

“If you come in, I’ll kill you. You didn’t mean to open it, did you?”

“Well, I don’t care much about that.”

Rose shrugged lightly and strode into the castle without fear.

“Come with me!”

I hurried into the palace. The door didn’t close even after we came in.

I saw people sleeping here and there in the royal palace. All the knights were asleep.

“But how do I find a witch?”

The palace was very large. It will take a long day to just take care of everything.

I was thinking about where to start, but Rose turned around.

“This way.”

“Huh? Do you know where the witch is?”

“I know.”

Rose said with a big impression.

“It smells so terrible, I can’t believe I don’t know.”

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