Raised and Eaten

Raised and Eaten C51-60

FT C51


Chapter 51

“Is it really… is it Hansel?”

I couldn’t believe it, so I asked with a trembling voice, and Hansel smiled with his mouth up like a picture.

“Yes, it’s really Hansel.”

“Oh, my God.”

I really met Hansel.

My eyes turned red as I got emotional.

I put my hand on Hansel’s cheek, which I was looking for with tears in my eyes.

Then Hansel smiled as if he was about to break down, closed his eyes and leaned his cheek on my hand.

It was cold and warm. I felt the opposite feeling of not matching at all on my palm.

“It’s not a dream, is it?”

“Do you want it to be a dream?”


I shook my head loudly.

“I’ve already had enough of the dream of reuniting with you.”

I didn’t want to feel the terrible emptiness and loss that I felt every time I broke that dream again.

“I thought we might never see each other again. ······ It’s like a dream.”

“This moment is like a dream for me, too.”

There were all kinds of complicated feelings in the eyes of the black man who opened again. The most noticeable thing was the joy of meeting me again.

“I thought Elle was dead.”

“I’m alive like this.”

“But people said that Eel died. She said, ”

Yeah, that’s what the rumors were.

Maybe Andelov saw me fall into the sea and reported that I was dead.

In fact, he was almost dead. If Usla hadn’t saved me, I would have died.

“Thank you for being alive.”

Hansel slapped my lips on my palm. Every time he spoke, the hot tickled the inside of his palm.

“Thank you very much. E-L’s alive…. I’m so happy.”

Tears flowed constantly from his wide smiling face.

“Our Hansel. He’s big, he’s still young.”

I stretched out my arms and hugged Hansel tightly.

Hansel hugged me and buried my face on my shoulder.

Hot breaths and tears mingled over the shoulders.

I could feel Hansel’s reliable shoulders shaking.

“I’m sorry.”

With a small breath, I said what I wanted to say when I met him.

“I promised to write a letter, and I promised to visit you once a year, but I’m so sorry I couldn’t keep it.”

“It’s all right.”

My arms held me close to my arms tight.

“Eel, I’m satisfied with your existence.”

The small and desperate wind made my heart ache.

It was heartbreaking to see how much Hansel must have suffered in the meantime.

“Are you crying in your teeth?”

“I’m not crying.”

“I think you’re crying.”

I think so. I swept the snow away. Then, something damp came on.

How does Hansel know that I don’t even know that he has a face on my shoulder.

“How do you know?”

“I know anything about Eel.

“That horse, it’s like a stalker.”

Hansel smiled small when he jokingly said to raise the slightly depressed atmosphere.

And he looked at me with his head up.

I also looked at Hansel’s face like that.

I often imagined Hansel growing up, but he grew up much better than I thought.

Her neat hair and eyes look like she’ll be bewitched if she stares at her.

The rising nose, a little sunburnt skin, couldn’t be more perfect.

It used to be similar to my level, but now it has grown so much that I have to look up for a long time.

The feeling has changed completely, too. In the past, I used to be like a cute little puppy, but now I feel like a wolf that’s all covered up.

Attractive, beautiful predator.

But a carnivore who seems to be loyal to me.

“Our Hansel, you’ve grown up so beautifully.”

“You’ve changed your hair color, too.”

“Oh, this.”

I swept down the black hair that ran over my shoulder.

“I took a magic pill and changed it. Is it weird?

“No, it’s pretty. She looks good in everything she does.”

This is true, but I’m embarrassed to hear it in person.

“Come here. Let’s hug again.”

I wanted to double-check whether it was really not a dream or if I was sure he was in front of me.

Hansel smiled brightly and hugged me as I stretched out my arms.

And I rubbed my head on my shoulder.

You look like a puppy, not a wolf.

I leaned my face on Hansel’s head with a small smile.

The soft hair like silk smelled good. It smelled like a cool ocean.

“I’m so happy to see you again, Hansel.”

Hansel smiled small and hugged me tightly when I whispered.

“I’m so happy to see you again, Eel.”

After the touching reunion, I was worried about reality.

In particular, the fact that I was dragged here came as the most worrisome.

“Hansel, I want to ask you something.”

“Tell me.”

“Do you happen to know why I was brought here?”

“I’m attracted… to you?”

Hansel’s beautiful face was slightly cracked. Hansel looked at me with a serious face and asked.

“Eel, have you been brought here?”

“Didn’t you know? I thought you’d know because we’re both imperial knights.”

“The same imperial knight?”

Oh, did I get this wrong?

He’s wearing a sword, so I thought he’d be an imperial knight.

Aren’t you a knight of the Imperial Palace?

“…No, that’s right.”

Hansel answered a beat late, avoiding my gaze.

It looked like he was hiding something, but he didn’t ask.

“Then can you find out why I’m being dragged here? I don’t think I’ve been caught being a witch, given that I’ve been wearing ordinary handcuffs, not manna’s.”

“Are you even handcuffed?”


Surprised by Hansel’s unannounced loud voice, I opened my eyes wide and looked at him.

“Why are you suddenly raising your voice? You’re surprised.”

“I’m sorry.”

Apples are so fast.

It was not a bad thing to admit your mistake right away and apologize, but I was a little nervous because it was too fast.

“So, did they really drag E-L? And handcuffed?”



“Really. There’s a mark here, too.

I showed Hansel my wrist in handcuffs.

Hansel frowned and washed his face dry with a deep sigh after seeing his red wrist swept by handcuffs.

“I’m sorry, Elle.”

Then I jumped out of my seat, kneeled down in front of me politely and bowed my head.

What’s wrong with him?

“Hansel, wake up.”

I was surprised at Hansel’s sudden behavior.

I stood up from my seat.

“I can’t believe I got a scar on Eel’s. It’s my fault.”

“Why is this your fault? Don’t do that. Just get up.”

“No, it’s not my fault. I’m….”

Perhaps he was filled with emotion, but Hansel couldn’t finish his words and blushed.

Oh, my dog. Even though I’m an adult, I still cry a lot.

“It’s really okay.”

I bent down to the level of Hansel’s eyes on my knees and wiped them off with my sleeves.

“So let’s get up, okay?”

As a good boy, Hansel stood up from his seat without being more stubborn.

“I’ll call the court immediately.”

“That’s enough. It’s not a big injury, and if you leave it like this, it’ll be gone soon.”

“It bothers me, so get treated.”

I had no choice but to nod at the seemingly encouraging but firm words.

Hansel’s gaze was still fixed on my wrist.

The gaze was somewhat persistent, so I tried to hide my wrist, but Hansel grabbed my hand before I could.

“…….. ! “

And I kissed lightly on the wrist with the red mark.

The soft texture that touches the skin is strange. My hands and feet felt like they were curled up without realizing it. I felt strange and mysterious.

“What, what.”

“I’m sorry.”

After a while, his lips fell with a short apple.

The place where the lips touched was hot as if they were burned.

My face got feverish and I was embarrassed for no reason, so I rubbed my wrist avoiding Hansel’s eyes.

“I won’t let this happen again.”

“That doesn’t mean you’re gone.”

Because of the rising embarrassment, the words went out bluntly regardless of their will.

“That’s enough for the Emperor to give orders to do so.”

The thought of the emperor made my irritation soar.

“What the hell did I do wrong to bring you here?”

I shook my head.

“Gosh, I’ve recognized them since the witch hunt, but they’re all weird. They’re bad boys.”

“…the bastard? The bad guy?”

Oh, my. I was so annoyed that I said what I meant.

“Sorry, I’m still the Emperor, and I’m your lord, and I’m sorry, didn’t I speak too harshly?”

I was worried about what if I didn’t like it, but fortunately Hansel shook his head. Although he still has a long face.

“Anyway, you didn’t do anything wrong. Everything that’s bad is the Emperor. Okay?”

So I told him to open his face, but Hansel’s strong impression was hard to resolve.

He took a step back with a more serious face.

“Let’s look into that right away. Please wait a little longer here, Elle.”

“Do we have to wait? Can’t you go back home?

I’m nervous about staying in the palace.

“Is there something urgent?”

Unlike the soft way of speaking, the look at me was somehow chilly.

It seems like we should never say that there is an urgent matter.

“No, there isn’t.”

I answered right away because it wasn’t urgent.

“That’s a relief.”

Only then did Hansel get rid of his hideous spirit and be friendly.


And he grabbed my hand and put me on the sofa. All the actions were smooth as water, but they felt strangely foreign.

I don’t think it’s Hansel I know.

“Then it may be inconvenient, but please wait here a little longer. I’ll be right back.”

How long does it take? Can I go back home then? You’re not going to jail, are you?

I tried to swallow the words that were up to my neck.

It was because of Hwang Myung-myeong that he was brought here.

But what are you going to do by rushing Hansel, the knight of the palace?

He had to appreciate the situation just by recognizing it.

“Thank you.”

Instead of asking more questions, I smiled brightly and said hello.

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