Raised and Eaten

Raised and Eaten C61-70


FT C61


Chapter 61

The greeting of the meeting, which was somewhat noisy and tearful, lasted longer than expected.

We hugged each other like children, cried for a moment, and finally calmed down, and smiled back at each other’s swollen faces.

“Ell, you look like a steamed bun.”

“The same goes for Gretel.”

“It’s okay because Gretel is still pretty!”

This princess bottle doesn’t disappear even when you get older.

Please don’t do this in front of others.

I think Gretel looked pretty no matter what she did, but she wouldn’t be anyone else.

“Ell, the weather is great outside!”


“Yes! So let’s go on a picnic!”

Gretel smiled brightly and pulled my arm.

“A picnic, where?”

“Go to the palace garden!”

“Can I use the garden as I please?”

“Of course! Come on, let’s go!”

Can I really go?

I had a question, but I guess it doesn’t matter because I saw the women in law don’t stop me.

Guests can go on picnics freely, and the palace life is more free than I thought.

But why is Gretel in the palace?

Is Gretel working at the Imperial Palace?

It doesn’t look like that when you look at it.

I followed Gretel’s lead, wondering inside.

Upon entering the office, the Duke of Langshua and his followers, who were waiting for Hansel, greeted him with respect.

“I see the sun of the great empire.”

Hansel lightly nodded to answer, then passed the nobles and sat at the head.

And I looked at Duke Langshua with cold eyes.

There were some things that he didn’t like, but Hansel didn’t like him even more because he obstinately interfered with what he was going to do this time.

I didn’t want to shamelessly push my daughter into the position of the Empress.

I was disillusioned because it was so obvious that I was trying to take power somehow.

“Your Majesty, the reason we’re here…..”

“I’ve already heard of it.”

Hansel raised his hand and intercepted the Duke of Langshua.

“You don’t like controlling witch hunters?”

The reason Hansel tried to control the witch hunter was simple.

For Lee Elle.

I couldn’t wait to see her hiding only in the dark because of the witch hunter.

Hansel tried to control the witch hunter from the moment he saw with his eyes that Eel was alive.

However, the plan has yet to be implemented due to strong opposition from the aristocracy.

As the empire persecuted and hunted witches for a long time, the power of witch hunters was that great.

He also had close relations with the nobles. When witch hunters poked around the empire to catch witches, it was all the nobles who saw their convenience.

So I expected it wouldn’t be easy, but I didn’t expect such a strong backlash.

Until now, it was just annoying, but now I’m angry.

It was because I heard Eel’s story a while ago.

The fact that she had been in a coma for more than two years after being beaten by a witch hunter did not disappear.

I wanted to catch a witch hunter who hurt Eel right away and make a premature death.

I wanted to cause pain to the point where it was better to die.

To do so, I had to control the witch hunters, but my anger soared to the top of my head as I kept opposing it.

However, if you get angry here, you will give them room, let alone solve the problem.

So let’s put up with it. I’m putting up with it for Eel.

Hansel controlled the simmering anger with the utmost patience.

“So what’s the point of opposition?”

“For the eternal prosperity of the imperial family.”

Duke Langshua responded as if he had waited.

“And I think it’s right to guarantee their freedom, even for the sake of the Empire’s safety.”

Hansel smiled and leaned back.

“That’s not it, you need a shield to block in front of you.”

The shield that will keep the nobles from doing bad things.

Witch hunters were forgiven for violating the law in the name of catching witches.

For example, killing a person who is not a witch.

There were times when people who were not real witches were mistaken for witches and killed by mistake, but there were times when they were asked to kill by aristocrats.

Hansel knew more than dozens of cases.

Nevertheless, he could not say anything because the power of witch hunters was so strong.

It was because there was a reason to be seen well by witch hunters in the imperial family.

‘Not me.’

There was not a grain of heart to be seen by witch hunters.

Rather, I wanted to kill them all.

Because they had to separate Eel from tears.

They put Eel’s life at risk.

The thought of it sent blood back up.

Hansel glared at the nobles with his eyes, clutching his fist so tightly that his fingernails were penetrating.

The nobles faltered, looking at Hansel’s perception.

Only the Duke of Langshua stood nonchalantly.

“Your Majesty, they are the only ones that will make you safe.”


Hansel crossed one leg and answered vaguely.

“There have been more than 10 emperors so far who have been thirsty for witch hunters, but they are not all safe, so I don’t really trust them.”

Duke Langshua, who was stabbed in the head, couldn’t make fun of his snout more and bit his mouth.

“And if they’re holding my life line, I’ll have to control it even more.”

Hansel stood up from his seat and continued.

“I can’t let the people who hold my life run wild. Isn’t that right, Earl of Syrden?”

“That’s right, Your Majesty.”

The Earl of Syrden quickly took Hansel’s side, noticing which rope he had to catch.

When Duke Langshua stared at him, the Count of Sirden turned his head in a cold sweat.

“My idea of controlling witch hunters remains the same. If you want to change what I mean, give me a good reason.”

I don’t want to change it for any reason.

“Then if you’re done talking, let’s get out of course.

After waving his hands, Duke Langshua spoke again when he was about to see what he had not done because of breakfast, which was longer than expected.

“When are you going to take the Empress in?”

You’ve got a big day today.

Hansel showed a blatant dislike, but Duke Langshua did not care.

“As you know, there is no heir in the imperial family to succeed him. So I think it’s right for you to meet the Empress as soon as possible and succeed her.”

“It would be better if your daughter came into the throne.”

Duke Langshua laughed when Hansel pointed out openly.

“I’m a child who is infinitely lacking in my eyes, but I’m also embarrassed by the recommendations from people around me that it’s not the case with other nobles.””

You’re good at lying without salivating.

It was so ridiculous that I couldn’t even laugh.

As Hansel stared silently, Duke Langshua took a step back.

“If you feel pressured to bring in the empress right now, it would be better to fill in the concubine first. It’s the first thing to do before anything else.”

“I refuse. I have no intention of filling my concubines now and in the future.”

“Your Majesty. “Then, after His Majesty…”

“That would be the Duke of Langshua.”

Hansel’s lips tilted at an angle.

“Wouldn’t it be good news for you who wanted to hold power so badly?”

Duke Langshua smiled dimly.

“I wanted to be in power. What nonsense is that?”

“No, you saying no?”


“Then don’t step forward and stay still, Duke Langshua.”

The eyes of Sacaman looking at Duke Langshua flashed dangerously.

“If you don’t want to take this cursed position.”

The Duke of Langshua lowered his head as he hardened his face.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

That’s where the idle talk of no nutritional value ended.

Hansel, who sent out all the nobles, called Izak.

“What’s he doing?”

“I’m talking to the lady right now.”

“Didn’t you notice anything strange? Maybe E.L. said he wanted to go out.”

“I haven’t seen or received anything like that yet.”

Then it was a good thing.

It was somewhat early, but it was worth putting the Gretel on Eel.

“Your Majesty, may I ask you a question?”


“Is it only because you are in the palace of silver that you are trying to control the witch hunters?”

Hansel didn’t answer, but that was enough.

Izak’s face was filled with surprise.

“Your Majesty, he is…”

“There you go, Izak.”

Hansel stood up, cutting Izak’s horse.

“Don’t try to know too much. Don’t take what you know out of your mouth.”

Hansel put his hand on Izak’s shoulder.

“That’s the only way you can live. Do you understand?”

The hand holding the shoulder was tense.

Although his grip was quite strong, Izak bowed his head calmly without showing any signs of pain.

“I’ll keep that in mind. Your Majesty.”

Hansel glanced at Izak and lowered his hand from his shoulder.

“Call the accessory craftsmen right now.”

Hansel turned around and stood in front of the window.

“I’m going to make a hairpin that suits E.L.

I was going to make a necklace and a bracelet.

“I’ll be right back.”

“Oh, and.”

Hansel called Izak again as he tried to go out to carry out the order.

“Ready to make a snack castle.”

“Snacks… last name?”

Why did you say that?

It was immediately understandable to call the accessories craftsmen, but the last name of the snack was completely incomprehensible.

Is this related to Eel?

After a brief pause due to the unexpected remarks, Isaac quickly bowed down at the sharp gaze of the moment.

“I’ll be ready right away.”

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