Raised and Eaten

Raised and Eaten C81-90


FT C81


Chapter 81

When Andelov left, the hypnotic spell of the horseman was lifted.

“Why am I here…”

The horseman looked around puzzled.

“I can’t wait to go to the palace.”

I couldn’t say that I had been under hypnotic spell so far, so I urged him without saying much.

“We’ll start right away.”

The horseman drove the carriage right away.


I sighed deeply and leaned against the wall of the carriage.

‘Lohan’s dead.’

The shock wasn’t as great as I thought.

It was thanks to the implicit thought that Lohan might be dead.

That doesn’t mean you’re not sad.

I was sad enough to cry, and I felt sorry for Lohan.

What should I tell Rose?

Rose must be sad if she finds out.

Hansel and Gretel, too.

A sigh came out.

I closed my eyes slowly hoping Andelov was lying.

How long has it been? The carriage stopped again. He arrived at the palace.

“We’re here. Get off.”

I just found out that the only thing that could enter the palace was a wagon that was authorized by the imperial family.

The unauthorized carriage could not fit no matter how much the duke’s carriage.

That means you have to walk from here.


How wide is the palace? Do you want me to walk?

He cursed inside, but smiled outwardly and went inside.

Let’s see, where can I go to meet Hansel?

“Kadala Young Ae?”

I was measuring the direction of the palace when I heard a familiar voice.

It was Izak. He came to me with a slight surprise.

“What are you doing here, Kadala?”

“Hansel, no, I want to see the Emperor.”

I’m going to wake up and call him by his name themselves.

“Where can I see you?”

Isaac smiled awkwardly at my question.

“To see the Emperor, you must apply for an audience in advance.”

“Oh, is that so?”

I didn’t know. Well, it’s weird to see the Emperor anytime.

“If I apply for an audience now, when can I see you?”

“It’s three days from now.”

What, three days later at the earliest.

It meant that Hansel was busy.

‘Oh, no.’

It’s a shame I just got here and went back.

There were many things I wanted to ask Hansel about, including snacks and Andelov’s work.

……I have to tell you about Rohan.

“That’s the original principle.”

I was thinking about what to do, but Izak said with a smile.

“Kadala Young-ae is your benefactor, so she will gladly meet you even if you don’t apply for her in advance.”

“Should I?”

“Of course. You’ll probably make time without it.”

Then, it was comfortable for me, but I felt a little burdened because it seemed to be a nuisance to the people who had previously made an appointment.

“What are you doing now, Your Majesty?”

“I’m looking at work.”

“Really? Hmm.”

Then can I take a moment?

“I’m sorry, but would you show me to your Majesty?”

“Of course. Please come this way.”

I followed Izak to the palace of the sun, where the emperor lived.

The stinging eyes poured out all the way. All men and women of all ages were busy.

“That young girl is rumored to be…”

“I heard your majesty put you in the Duke of Kadala to enter the concubine.”

It was so small that humans could not hear well even if they listened, but they could hear well in my ears, a witch.

‘Here comes the story of the concubine.’

It also made sense that people were so whimpering.

Rose also saw the day she was brought to the palace and wondered if she was going to enter the government.

‘Wait a minute.

Rose already knew Hansel was the Emperor.

Then why did you say that?

You know Hansel likes me?

Questions hung over his tail.

I thought it would be better to ask Rose as soon as she gets back.

“When you see that you’ve been inducted into the Duke, aren’t you trying to be the Empress?”

“Oh, no way. I’ve done my identity, but I’m still bleeding….”

Oh, I’m telling you, his blood counts a lot.

It must be the same red blood that flows in the body, but it was ridiculous to argue that some were vulgar and others were noble.

How long did he walk by listening to the sound of people whispering and watching the beautiful scenery of the palace with his eyes?

I finally arrived at the palace of the sun when my legs were a little sore.

No matter how big the palace is, isn’t it too wide?

Make sure you have a mobile device that anyone can use!


As soon as I entered the palace of the sun, I saw Hansel running breathlessly.

It looks like I saw and received my coming in advance.

“How am I supposed to be here…”

“How can you come. I came in a carriage.”

Hansel said embarrassedly when he replied bluntly as if asking what was so obvious.

“Ell, everything’s going on here… Oh, let’s go in and talk.”


I was happy to follow Hansel because I wanted to.

It was an antique reception room where Hansel took me.

“Sit down.”

Hansel saw me sitting and sat on the opposite side of me.

Soon after, the maids brought tea and cake.

It was my favorite chocolate cake, but now I don’t feel like it.

It was because I had a very important job ahead of me.

So when I looked at Hansel, Hansel smiled awkwardly and avoided my gaze.

“Then can you explain?”

There were only me and Hansel in the drawing room.

I didn’t have to speak up even when the two were together, so I asked without hesitation.

“What happened?”

Hansel smiled visibly relieved when I spoke informally.

“Fortunately, you’re not very angry.”

“I’m very angry.”

I was definitely very angry. That’s why I’m here to argue with Hansel.

But… as soon as I saw Hansel’s face, I was relieved like a lie.

It wasn’t completely undone, but it wasn’t enough to get upset.

But if I say it, Hansel might try to hide things again, so I stiffened my face.

“You’ll have to explain what’s going on. Why did you avoid me?”

Hansel sighed softly and washed his face dry.

“That day… a witch hunter disguised himself as a baker and infiltrated the palace.”

And he continued in a heavy tone.

“The witch hunter named Andeloff who put Eel in a coma.”

Ho, he must have infiltrated the palace again.

I wasn’t surprised because I’ve already experienced it once.

“I’m not surprised.”

Hansel looked at me strangely like that. Doubts were cast from his eyes.

Gosh, I’m going to make a fool of myself before I get caught up in the past.

“I already knew. I met Andelov on my way to the palace.”

I promised not to tell Andelov what happened in the cooking room, but not in the carriage.

To find out if what Andelov said is true.

And I had to tell Hansel everything to get help, so I dragged it in and covered up Hansel’s suspicions.

“You met him?”

Although Hansel was a little excited about it.

“Where the hell… no, is it better than that?”

Hansel leaped up from his seat and quickly swept through my body.

“Didn’t he do anything to you?”

“It’s okay. Nothing happened.”

“But just in case, check up with the court doctor…”

“I hope you don’t forget that I’m a witch.”

In the past, only red marks on the wrist had to be treated, so I was treated by a court doctor.

Overall, it was dangerous to have a checkup. He could have been found to be a witch.


Only then did Hansel return to his seat with a brief exclamation as if he had realized it. But he still seemed worried.

“Are you sure you’re all right?”

“Yes, he didn’t do anything to me. Rather, he asked me to join him and get rid of Duke Langshua.”

Hansel’s forehead narrowed.

He looked like he didn’t understand what I was saying at all.

“So what’s going on here is…”

I told Hansel about the conversations I had with Andelov.

Of course, the fact that Andelov sneaked into the duke of Kadala and that Lohan died was not mentioned.

The former did not intend to speak until the end, and the latter intended to speak after organizing the whole story.

Let’s talk to Rose first.

“……so I decided to hold hands with Andelof.”

“Do you believe him?”

“I don’t believe you. That’s why I’m actually checking with you.”


“Looking at the reaction, everything he says must be true, right?”

Hansel remained silent, but it was a good answer.

If they’re all true… that means Lohan’s work is very likely to be true.

Lohan is dead.

The death of a confirmed death made my heart heavy. It was as if someone was pressing his chest with a heavy stone.

“I’m not blaming him.”

Hansel opened his heavy mouth after a long silence.

“So you don’t have to look so dark.”


I guess you didn’t control your facial expression again.

It’s not because of Andelov, but I couldn’t tell you about Lohan, so I laughed awkwardly.

“Anyway, holding hands means you can’t do anything about him until everything’s settled.”

“That’s right.”

“Are you okay? He was trying to kill Eel.”

“It’s not okay.”

I ate a big piece of chocolate cake.

The sweet smell of chocolate spread in my mouth and I felt a little better.

“So I’m going to get back at him as soon as this is settled.”

Holding hands did not forgive Andelov for what he did to me.

It was just a pause for each other’s benefit.

Andelov was still a hard nut to grind.

“You’re gonna help me, aren’t you?”

“Of course.”

Hansel smiled brightly and nodded.

“As soon as things are sorted out, let’s cut his throat and dedicate it to Eel.”

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