Raised and Eaten

Raised and Eaten SSC1-11



Side story ( 1 )

an early morning when the bluish dawn wore off

Hansel suddenly woke up and smiled lightly when he found Eel sleeping in his product.

If anyone can be happy just by looking at him, he was saying this about Eel.L.

It was good to just look at her like this, but it was better to hold her tightly, kiss her, and bury herself in the deepest part.

I still have a lot of desire to do that.

Hansel, who entered his mid-20s this year, was full of energy in many ways.

Especially in bed, Lee El, a witch, exceeded her physical strength. Lee El said it was too hard and begged him to stop.

Only a few hours ago Hansel had bothered Eel. The evidence was that the blush left on her body.

But if I tried to do it again as soon as I woke up, I held it in because Eel might despise me.

Instead, she kissed her white forehead.


Then Lee El talked in his sleep and dug into his arms.

Nothing was worn, so the skin felt dry even as it was soft.

As the distance got closer, the sweet smell of the body made my eyes dizzy.


Hansel frowned when the desire he had suppressed came out again.

In his heart, the desire to commit this kind of thing and the reason that he had to endure when thinking of Lee Elle fought fiercely.

“I’m full. I can’t eat anymore…”

In the meantime, Lee Elle constantly mumbled her tiny, dainty lips and talked about what kind of delicious food she dreamed of eating.

I couldn’t stand still because it looked so pretty.

Hansel kissed Eel, gently sweeping his hair down his face.

She swallowed all the breath she was spitting and went inside.

When I touched even teeth and a shy child hiding in them, Elle shook her body.

“Oh, yeah.”

The sound of breath I was choosing to wake up from sleep became more and more harsh.

Hands that lay defenselessly on the blanket slightly pushed Hansel’s chest away.

The wind caused the saliva to stretch as long as a thread.

Lee El looked up at Hansel with eyes with poor sleep.


Hansel kissed again instead of answering. He moved dainty, licked his seductive lips and licked every inch of them.

“Huh, yeah.

Eel groaned quietly and hugged Hansel’s neck. The long eyelashes trembled.

Hansel smoothed her thin legs while coveting Eel’s lips.

Cute toes, slender, lovely ankles, and hands that came up to the thighs through smooth legs without a scratch firmly grasped the inside.

At that moment, Eel’s eyes folded thinly and grabbed Hansel’s shoulder.

“You’re gonna do it again.

“Can’t you?”

Lee Elle tried to say no of course, but when I saw Hansel’s desperate look at me, she couldn’t do it and swallowed the sound.

Lee El also caught fire with desire. It was strange if you were so blatantly seducing, and your body wouldn’t run away.

‘But it’s too hard!’

Starting with the embarrassing part of the mouth, the lower half of the body, including the waist and legs, was as numb as if it had muscle pain.

In this situation, I’m sure I’ll have to stay in bed for a few days, so I think I should also refuse.


“Joe, just a little bit. Just a little, very little.”

Mouth couldn’t resist Hansel’s earnest request and accepted it.

When Eel allowed it, Hansel smiled brightly as if he had the whole world and kissed again.

The covers covering their bodies fell to the floor.

Hansel’s lips, which were coveting wet, gradually went down and hovered around the collarbone.

Eel clung to Hansel, feeling the pleasure of his lips.

Hansel had already memorized the number of dots on Eel’s back, but it was new every time he saw it.

It was lovely.

I was so thrilled that she was my wife.

I guess all the hard work so far was to get E.L.

“I love you so much, Elle.”

With a sincere confession, a new white leg rose above Hansel’s shoulders.

Hansel, who had settled down in the meantime, smiled with his eyes bent like a crescent moon.

“It’s completely wet.”

Eel was surprised and covered Hansel’s mouth with his hands.

“Well, I don’t have to tell you that, but… Oops!”

Hansel licked his palm, and Lee Elle raised her hand in a different sense.

“Why, why are you licking your palms!”

“You can’t lick anywhere else.”

Hansel slipped his gaze down, saying so.

Eel’s face turned red when he noticed what he was looking at.

I tried to curl my legs in shame, but it was impossible because there was Hansel between them.

I wanted to pull up the blanket and cover it up, but Hansel didn’t accept it.

“Oh, ….!”

Rather, he dug deep into the deepest part, and he groaned and grabbed his arm tightly.

Hansel did it several times, but he still gritted his teeth with a feeling he didn’t get used to.

I wanted to move as much as I wanted, but I’m holding it in to take care of Lee El, who was struggling.

“Hansel, come on…”

Lee Elle stirred Hansel with blurry tears.

Hansel’s eyes became hard and his hand, which held Eel’s leg, was filled with strength.

“Oh, wait, Hansel, oh…!”

As much as the movement became intense, the sound of Eel’s communion became intense.

The more intense their movements became, the worse the bedclothes crumpled. That much flying pillow rolled around on the floor.

Under strong pressure that seemed to penetrate me, Eel felt his eyes flashing white again and again.

Hansel sat him on his thigh and kept moving and kissing him countless times.

Then Eel’s whole body turned red like a red persimmon. The lick tasted sweeter than the red persimmon.

I’m glad you did it.

If he hadn’t, he would probably have regretted it and concentrated on coveting Lee.

The relationship, which began early in the morning, continued until late in the morning.

After finishing it once in bed, we were tempted to wash it while we were exhausted and went into the bathroom together. It was because somebody did it again.

So Hansel was late for the morning meeting, and I was lying in bed without a proper actor.

“Oh, my back.”

Not only my back but also my whole body hurt like something hit me.

As I lay in bed groaning, I became an empress and asked anxiously about Count Asral, who was selected as my exclusive maid of honor.

“Should I call the court if it hurts a lot?”

“It’s all right.”

It wasn’t a problem to be solved just because I was examined by a court doctor.

Above all, I couldn’t bear to say that the reason why I slept violently when the court asked me where I was sick.

“What time is it than that?

“It just passed noon.”

Is it past noon already? No wonder I was hungry.

“Can I have lunch in bed today?”

“Yes, I’ll be ready right away.”

After eating lunch prepared by Count Asral’s wife, he took a little more rest and began his duties as Empress.

Even so, there wasn’t that much I could do.

There are some things I don’t do besides simple tasks because I haven’t gotten used to working as an empress yet.

It was because I temporarily suspended my external activities because I was a witch.

I agreed with Hansel and announced that I was a witch at the wedding fatigue.

The witch slaughter was noticeably reduced as Hansel officially announced that he would not reject the witch by banning witch slaughter under the common law of the continent, but only that.

Still, the perception of witches among people was not good.

It was natural that the perception that had been stuck for more than 300 years could not change in the morning.

Other countries were fine because their perception of witches was not so bad, but the problem was here, the Empire.

Because of the curse of the imperial family, the empire had long rejected and slaughtered witches.

People had a lot of cramming education about witches being mean witches.

It was a big gamble to announce that I am a witch because my perception of a witch is worse than that of other countries.

Hansel was also worried about making a public announcement, but he made it clear that it was impossible to hide it until when.

People’s reactions were different, but most were shocked and worried that I, a witch, became the empress.

Fortunately, the Duke of Langshua disappeared and the remnants of the party were sidelined, so there was no talk of abolition.

It was best to show those who were worried that I could play the role of the Empress, but my level was too low for that.

None of them, including politics, history, and etiquette, were suitable for the empress’ lumber.

Therefore, I reduced my foreign activities and work and concentrated on education.

When the level got better to a certain extent, I tried hard to win the hearts of the nearest aristocrats.

“Your Majesty is very intelligent.”

“That’s all, sweetheart.”

Perhaps it was through my efforts, but people who opposed me becoming empress began to see me well little by little by little.

“I don’t know how happy I am to have someone like Her Majesty take care of the Empire.”

Well, this is a lie that doesn’t even salivate.

But I felt good. That’s how much they acknowledge me.

So I gradually built up a positive perception of people.

Making a snack castle went smoothly.

As I had planned before, I decided to do a pretty, troublesome and cumbersome work surrounding the castle with glass to prevent it from rotting.

It was a problem that would be solved simply if I cast a preservation spell, but I decided not to use force beyond human ability as I still have a bad perception of witches.

So everything went smoothly as planned. It was like a sailboat caught in a fair wind.

So let’s just do this.

I thought I could be recognized as an empress by people without any problems as I am now, but it was my mistake.

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