Raised and Eaten

Raised and Eaten C1-10

Chapter 1

Where did it go wrong? 

“Eye Frank.” 

Is it wrong to distribute leftover snacks to the children yesterday? 

Or was it wrong to use magic to scold the bad guys who come and pick on the fight? 

I didn’t know what was wrong, but I was sure something was wrong. 

“You are under arrest at the command of the Emperor.” 

Otherwise, there’s no way the Knights of the Imperial Palace will come to me from the morning breeze. 

I looked at the imperial knights standing proudly, swallowing their dry saliva. 


I was going to ask what’s wrong with me, but before I did that, my hands were clenched and handcuffed. 

It was not the mana-controlled handcuffs that are often used to capture witches.

That means I’m not caught being a witch yet. 

Was it wrong to hand out the leftover snacks to the children? 

Did the kids get food poisoning after eating that? 

But that can’t be true. The snacks I made never go bad! 

And there’s no way the palace driver would come to get me for food poisoning! 

“Then let’s go!” 


A strong hand pulling his arm blew out a scream of its own. 

I held on not to go, but I couldn’t beat the force of the imperial knight who pulled mercilessly. 

“What’s going on?” 

“I don’t know, but Elle must have done something wrong.” 

Since the appearance of the imperial palace knights, people who have been surrounding me and watching me have been whispering. 

“If the Knights of the Imperial Palace were to step out of the way, would they have staged a conspiracy?” 

What nonsense are you talking about? 

My dream was just to build the biggest and most spectacular cookie house on the continent!

“I feel wronged! I feel wronged!” 

I swear I’ve never done anything so wrong as to be taken away by the Imperial Household Agency.

“I am innocent!” 

I screamed my throat out the whole time I was being dragged, but sadly, they didn’t even listen to me. 

In the end, I was trapped in a cart with bars that escorted sinners and taken to the palace.


What is this place? 

I looked around. 

First of all, the sofa with the butt attached was very luxurious. It was embarrassing to sit down. 

Not only the sofa, but also the paintings, flowers, and furniture that decorate the spacious room like the playground were all colorful and luxurious. 

It’s already been 10 years since I came to this world, but it was my first time to come to such a fancy room. It smells like money everywhere. 

But why am I here, not in prison? 

I’m sure I’ve been arrested by the Imperial knights. 

Are all the palace prisons this luxurious? 

I doubt it. You can’t do such a crazy thing unless your money is rotten. 

Then he seriously considered why he was detained here, but there was no answer. 

I don’t even know why I was brought in in the first place, but I couldn’t have known it. 

Ignorance soon turned into anxiety, and his mouth was dry with rising tension.

Do I have to run now? 

What’s the probability of success if you run away? 

If you fail, you’ll be dead, so I’m carefully thinking about it, and the moon opened. 

It was a tall man who had to look up for a long time when he opened the door. 

The black hair was impressive like the night sky, where there was no light.

A man with black eyes and a shaved face was as handsome as his high nose and hair. 

His cold impression was a bit of a flaw, but he was handsome enough to forgive everyone. 

But you look strangely familiar. Where did you see it? 

I looked at the man who was gradually approaching me and thought back to my memory, but there was no one in particular that came to me. 

Is it just a sense of wit? 

Well, I guess so. If you’ve seen such a handsome man, you’ll never forget… 

‘I’ll be sure to visit Eel later. So, don’t ever forget me. ‘

Of course. How can I forget a handsome face like you? ‘

Uh, wait. Did I talk about this before? Who did you do that to? 

At the end of the memory of constantly stuttering, a brother and sister’s name popped out. 

Hansel and Gretel, the main characters of the fairy tale book I possessed. 

I was originally a stupid witch who tried to eat them but got rejected. 

Of course, I survived without doing anything stupid like the original witch. 

“Eye Frank.” 

While I was thinking about one thing or another, a man who came to me called my name.

His low, husky voice gave off the scent of an adult man who had passed through his metamorphosis. 

The solid figure seen over the thin clothes made me guess the man’s job.

This guy must be a knight of the Imperial Palace. 

I think his position is a bit higher than the ones I saw earlier.

 Then if I tell this guy well, he’ll let me go. 

I don’t know what’s going on, but I think something’s wrong, and I didn’t do anything wrong enough to be dragged into the Imperial Knights. 

“Have you been waiting long?” 

“How long have you been… Why are you speaking formally to me?”

Wasn’t he a knight of the Imperial Palace, too. 

I asked out of curiosity, and the man folded his eyes lightly and laughed. 

Then the cold impression quickly softened. 

Hansel laughed so beautifully. 

Come to think of it, you look like Hansel. 

Her voice is a little different, but maybe Hansel grows a little bit more, and after her metamorphosis, she sounds like that. 


Is this man…? 

Suddenly, I opened my eyes wide and looked at him thinking through my head. 

Then a fascinating smile hung around the man’s mouth. He bent his back slightly and kissed me lightly on the cheek. 

“Now I see you again, Elle.” 



That day was no different than usual. 

As usual, I broke up with my boss and stopped by a bakery to relieve my stress after working overtime. 

I was going to buy the cheesecake that I always ate, but it was sold out that day. 

There’s nothing going on today. 

A sighing employee approached me kindly and recommended something else.

“What about Hansel and Gretel?” 

“Hansel and Gretel?” 

“This is it.” 

What the staff pointed to was a cake decorated with a cookie house on white whipped cream like a cloud. 

So the name of the cake was Hansel and Gretel. 

The cookie house decorated with cake was very pretty. My dream was to live in a house like that when I was young. 

“Give me that.” 

“It’s 32,000 won.” 

Why is the cake so expensive? 

It was twice as expensive as the usual cheesecake. 

I wondered if I could buy it, but the cookie house was so pretty that I ended up buying it. 

But I’m glad the cake is delicious. The snacks were crispy and the whipped cream bread was soft.

I came back to a small room with less than 5 pyeong of land, and after finishing the cake, I fell into a sweet sleep, tapping on my stomach. 


When I woke up, I became a witch, Elle Frank. 

I did something that I’ve only seen in books. 

At first, I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t do anything and wandered, but soon I decided to adapt and live in Elle Frank. 

No one will find me who is an orphan anyway. 

My boss always scolded me for being useless like you, so he wouldn’t be disappointed if I disappeared. 

In addition, the witch’s life, which she enjoyed leisurely in the forest, seemed happier than the present life, where she was run over by work every day. 

Through the rare memory of E-L, I could roughly know what kind of witch E-L is and what the world is like.

El Frank, a forest witch with bright golden hair and fresh green eyes that seem to have melted sunlight. 

She was quite beautiful, but her personality was very gloomy. I liked to stay at home like a closed-door neighbor. 

What are you doing staying at home like that? 

It was a bakery. Lee El’s only hobby and specialty was making bread and cookies. 

As evidence of this, the kitchen was full of confectionery ingredients such as flour and egg cookie molds.

I didn’t like my gloomy personality, but I liked my hobby. 

Because my dream was to be a baker. 

I promised myself that I would make bakery as a hobby if I got a place someday. 

But I can’t believe that I can achieve it like this.

“It’s not bad to be possessed.” 

In addition to being able to escape from the fierce reality, she has become a beauty that anyone can look back on at least once. 

Is that all? I got a chance to achieve my long-cherished dream. 

I was sorry for Eel, but I was very satisfied with the body. 

I don’t want to go back to the way I was.

“Let’s make some exciting snacks.” 

I began to make snacks and bread in earnest, searching for the rare memory of E-L. 

Since I’m making it, I’m going to make a lot of chocolate and candy. 

As I tried to relieve my long-standing resentment, cookies and bread piled up in piles of snacks and bread. It was too much to eat alone. 

How am I supposed to handle this? 

I couldn’t because I thought I would be caught as a witch to sell it to the village. 

This is the world where witch hunts exist. 

If he was found to be a witch, he was burned. 

This was the reason why Lee El lived in a deep forest without hanging out with people. 

In fact, I hate humans and have a bigger dark personality. 

“Should I make a cookie house…? 

It just came to mind, but it seemed like a pretty good idea. 

After you make a cookie house, you should put a permanent preservation magic on it so that it doesn’t go bad forever.

What do you mean, a cookie house that never goes bad?

Just the thought of it makes me thrilled! 

I started making a cookie house right away so that I could get rid of the iron horn.

They baked a big biscuit that would be the wall of a cookie house and glued it together using melted sugar.

“The windows should be made of transparent candy, and the roof should be decorated with cotton candy.” 

Since we’re doing it, we’ll build it very big. So that it can stand out even from afar. 

At this time, I tried to fulfill my dream of finding a house that I couldn’t achieve where I originally lived, but it was foolish. 

“Wow, I’m dying.” 

Making a cookie house was a lot harder than I thought. 

The government decided to give up building a large cookie house and make a proper cookie house. 

After three months. 

“Wow, I’m finally done!” 

Finally, I finished my dream cookie house.

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