So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince

So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince C1-10

Chapter 1

Some love begins at the end of life.

My love was like that.

* * *

The person I believed in love was the second prince

It was the second prince who was the most miserable in the glorious ecliptic who I believed in.

Raised from mother of a dancer, who is nothing other than a slave, he grew up in the ridicule of nobles.

“Rita, you’re really the only one for me.”

My heart ached at the sound of his hoarse voice.

I devoted all my youth to making him emperor, and even married a man I didn’t love.

That’s how much I loved him.

No, because I thought I loved him.

I believed I couldn’t have loved other person more than George, until I met my little child, Yvonne.

The moment Yvonne’s little hand clenched my finger.

I realized that my heart for George was never love.

I didn’t hesitate to do dirty tricks to make George emperor, but seeing his smiling face didn’t make me as happy as having the whole world.

It was an unwanted marriage and a child I never wished for, but the smile of the child nevertheless brought me such happiness.

Yvonne has completely changed my life with a small step she took, her eyes bursting with laughter and folding.

Yeah, it’s not been love that I’ve ever done.

It was a night that I realized so much.

“Yvonne, you must never come out.”

At that time, when I noticed a strange smell from George, who became emperor and enjoyed power, I made Yvonne hide in the secret passage of the Grand Duchy using hide and seek as an excuse.

“Madam, madam!”

The screams of the maids of the Grand Duke rang out.

“Run, Madam! Come on!”

Yvonne’s nanny run into my bedroom, and the knight, who grabbed her by the hair, raised his voice.

“Where is the child!”

He is the same person who always bowed his head to me for being the emperor’s mistress.

“What a bummer this is!”

When I frowned after I had taken a man away from the nanny, the emperor’s personal knight, Sir Robert stepped forward.

He was the one I personally chose as captain of the knight for George.

Because he knew how to calculate profit and loss quickly.

What George, who had a mother of low birth, needed was not a loyal vassal, but a heartless human being who greedy for power.

Knowing everything about my relationship with George, he opened his mouth with a cold face I had never seen before.

“Oh my! You look surprised, Lady Cardinale. No, should I call you Lady Katan now?”

I felt a strange quirk in his cold-hearted attitude towards me as if he had never seen me before.

“Your Majesty’s order is to find Yvonne Katan, so you’d better hurry up and get your daughter.”

“……Why Yvonne? Why is George looking for Yvonne?”

Yvonne is not the daughter of George as people suspect.

She is daughter of me and my husband, Joseph, who stood by my side for seven years, even though it was only a fake relationship.

“There’s no reason for George to seek Yvonne!”

But Robert didn’t even pretend to listen to me.

Forgetting his gentle chivalry, he called his colleague and poked his head under the bed to find traces of the child.

The blanket that was thrown recklessly burst and feathers fluttered everywhere.

I began to scream so that even the sound of Yvonne’s breathing behind the wall will be hidden.

“Sir Robert! What rudeness is this now!”

“We found evidence that the Grand Duke was plotting treason! If you don’t want to be taken too, watch your mouth!”


It can’t be.

The Crown Prince, whom my father chose as my political marriage partner to put George on the throne, is originally a man who is not interested in the succession rights.

‘There is no way that a man who has laid down the crown and locked himself in Katan will claim throne now.’

“……what, what is it?”

The knight that pushed me, who is embarrassed and dumbfounded, and glued his ears to the wall as if to find a hidden space.

‘No…, no!’

“I can hear breathing here! Find the hidden door!”

It was only then that I realized that I had told George the secret passage of Katan Castle.

“Stop it!”

Running away from the knights’ hands, I ran to Robert and pushed him away, but his rock-like body wouldn’t budge.

“If you don’t stop, I will use my alchemy……!”

I threatened them and pulled a chalk to draw an alchemy circle from my pocket.

‘I didn’t use it as much as possible because I hated being called the Cardinale wittch just because I am an alchemist,’

In an emergency like this, I couldn’t help it.

But Robert grinned and smirked at me as I slipped the chock I had hastily pulled out.

“Try it, where.”


I didn’t put up with Robert’s provocation and activated the Alchemy Circle.

However, no response has occurred to the alchemy circle, which have drawn poorly in a hurry.

‘……how come?’

I wonder if the problem is because I haven’t draw it for a long time.

‘Joseph, where’s Joseph?’

Only then did I notice my husband who didn’t show up.

If it is Joseph, if it is Joseph……he could drive this man out.

Forgetting his usual absence, I shamelessly turned my head to find him.

“Ha! There you are!”

But before I could find him, Robert ripped off the locked closet door and pulled Yvonne out.

The child’s light body floated in the air.

“M-mom! Mommm!

Screams scattered all over the place.

I couldn’t tell if it was my scream or the cry of my child.

“Sophie, bring your majesty! Joseph, come on!

I looked back on Yvonne’s nanny urgently, but she had long since lost her breath when Robert’s men caught her.

“Yvonne, no Yvonne!”

I scurried and stretched out my arms to retrieve the child being taken by Robert.

“Mom, mom!”

The crying of the frightened child seemed to tear my heart to pieces.

“Let go! Yvonne Katan will not escape treason!”

That’s absurd.

Yvonne is too young to be involved in the dreadful sin of treason.

“Take me instead. Sir, please!”

Although I was only an illegitimate child, the noble blue blood of my mother running through my body, which is my pride.

I was so arrogant that I had never knelt down to anyone, and now I bowed humbly in front of Robert.

“Sir, I beg you. Please, Yvonne…… Yvonne is the only one!”

“I told you to let go!”

“George, no, I’ll talk with Your Majesty……”

If I appeal with tears, George will also fold.

I am his friend and lover who stood by him who had nothing.

Even when he took Ibelina, not me, as Empress, I…….

Tears poured down on the back of my hand.

Robert, who looked down at me shivering with fear of losing Yvonne, he let out a sigh of laughter.

“Madam, do you still not know?”

“Your Majesty has abandoned you.”

“You, the Grand Duke will surely punish you for your sins.”

My husband is the only card I could give to threat Robert.

But as if my threat was funny, he twisted the corner of his mouth.

“Did you hear I’m saying that your daughter is a treason? The Grand Duke is already dead.”


“For disobeying the Emperor’s command to bring you and Yvonne Katan.”

That day, Yvonne, who was taken to the palace, never came back to me.

The same was true of my husband.

The only thing that returned my arms was a nameless container of ashes from my husband and child.

The sinner who committed treason could not even buried, so I scattered my child remain in a small river without a name.

“……you said you’d protect me.”


“You said you would protect my child even if it is not your child. My child isn’t even a boy.”

I got too much blood on my hands to make George emperor.

In a dishonest way, They dragged the Prince Carlo out of the city, formed a force and framed him, and did not honor Joseph as my husband.

But my daughter didn’t do anything wrong.

No, she did nothing and she died.

“The oracle has come down for Yvonne, Rita.”

George, who came to me alone, caressed my tear-stained cheeks with his disgusting hands.

“You’re thin.”

He kicked his tongue short as if he felt sorry for me.

“……what oracle?”

What kind of bloody oracle came down and weaved the little girl to a treason?

“It was an oracle that said half-king would come out from the North.”

“……you mean that’s Yvonne?”

“She’s a girl, but she’s Joseph’s daughter mixed with Angelos’ blood……you know I haven’t completely have the imperial power yet.”

George make a face that he believed I would understand him.

“Joseph was supposed to be removed with Carlo. Well, it was a little late because the Count pushed you to marry him.”

He smiled kindly, as if he were heartbroken at the sight of me crying and as if he were back to his days as a friendly prince.

“I’m really sorry.”


“But you can have a child again.”


No matter what child he brought in the world, they couldn’t replace the child I lost.

“I’ll let you have my baby this time. She’s probably more lovely than Yvonne.”

George’ hot breath touched my neck.

I pushed him away with all my might to the damp bug-like touch.

“Get out. You son of a bitch.”

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