So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince

So I Married An Abandoned Crown Prince C101-110

Chapter 101

“George, I need to discuss something.”

Ursula, who opened George’s bedroom door without permission, frowned at the shallow scenery before her eyes.

“I told you not to let courtesan into the Imperial palace. Are you ignoring this mother words?”

“…Everyone, stop.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

George, who was enjoying played with naked women until the sun rose, yawned, sending embarrassed women out.

“George, the succession ceremony is just around the corner, so be more careful! There are rumors circulating that you created and spread the scandal of Prince Carlo….!”

“I’m being more careful. At least I don’t go in and out of the red light district.”

Interrupting Ursula’s words, George frowned.

“I think mother should be careful.”

“What, what?”

Ursula was surprised by George’s sharp words and opened her eyes wide.

Whether she was startled or not, George, who got out of bed in a gown, sat on the couch and crossed his legs.

“I’m already an Emperor within the Imperial Palace. If you keep calling me by my name, what would the people below think?”


‘Someone put me on the spot, but this guy dared to…!’

As if it was funny, Ursula, who chewed her lips, turned to the tea served by the attendant with sips, and George waved his hand and gave order to his mother.

“Mother, please stop. I’m tired today.”

“Didn’t I say I had something to say?”

“Then make it short and get out.”

Ursula was embarrassed by George’s cheeky attitude, which had changed drastically.

Although mean, her son was timid.

How many times did George said that he didn’t want to go to swordsmanship class because he was afraid Joseph and she had to comforting him.

‘He was more afraid of me than anyone else.’

However, there was no fear in George’s eyes looking up at Ursula.

‘What the hell is he believing?’

He cannot change his attitude by believing in the throne alone.

The Queen slowly opened her mouth with her eyes wide open to find out what George’s was thinking.

“You’d better prepare for the army, George.”

“Your Majesty.”

Georges, who did not pretend to listen to Ursula’s words with his ear, sighed, sweeping his back neck.


The Queen, who did not understand what her son said, twisted her face.

“Call me Your Majesty.”

“You haven’t had a succession ceremony yet, what kind of your Majesty are you!”

“You have to practice slowly from now on. You wouldn’t call me George in front of other people, would you?”

Ursula was startled, but George only smiled with his blue eyes lit up.

‘Not that my holy power is equal to my mother.’

Given the inability of the Queen to grasp his increased holy power, his power might be a little more dominant.

‘The day I come to you is over.’

“…Yes, Your Majesty. I think it would be good to prepare for the army.”

“Army? What kind of army are you talking about all of sudden?”

“The movement of the North is suspicious. This mother suspects Joseph or Carlo is up to something.”


Georges, briefly tongue-tied by Ursula’s words, tilted his head sideways.


Carlo, who has grown fear of his power through divine punishment, will probably never dare to challenge the throne again.

Moreover, since the succession of George has already been confirmed, if you challenged the throne now, it would be treason, not a battle for throne.

‘Neither of them can be the vessel of the half-king.’

In the first place, Joseph gave up the throne on his own fear of harming Raspechia.

“You don’t have to worry about that.”


“Oho. Mother, wouldn’t I, a man, know better about the war or the military? Someone who has never stepped on the ground of battlefield knows what movement is.”

‘This bastard…!’

Ursula wanted to tear George’s face apart, ignoring him, but now that’s all she had left.

‘Let’s see. I’ll be sure to find out why you’re so strong.’

She smiled softly, hiding her trembling fingertips.

“But you’d better be careful. Think of it as alleviating the worries of your old mother, and prepare yourself.”

“Relly, let’s just arrange flowers in the room……”

George snorted and shrugged at Ursula’s words.

Suddenly, he remembered Joseph pressing him on the throne, but he tried to ignore it.

* * *

It was of little use, but the sense of Queen Ursula was accurate.

Joseph formed an army as soon as he returned to Katan.

“I won’t forcefully requisition even those who don’t want it.”

Upon hearing the news that Joseph was calling an army, the Northern knights began to gather one after another.

“I have no intention of forcing you to do anything against your faith.”

At a gathering of knights and soldiers from the North, including Katan, Joseph calmly continued.

“Failure to regain the throne will only result in death.”

Whether it was a warning or persuasion, he didn’t know what to say, but the knights didn’t change their firm resolve.

In the first place, Katan’s knights were mostly monster hunters who were persecuted in Raspechia.

“Still, will you come with me?”

The knights raised their swords high in excitement at the thought that they could repay the lord’s kindness, who had reached out to them during their most difficult times.

“I’m ready to give my life for your Highness!”

The first man to speak out is a young knight who was about to reach adulthood.

“Please use me, Your Highness!”

He was born with a contaminated aura and was abandoned in a group of monsters, but if it were not for Joseph, he would not have saved his life, let alone a knight.

“For the glory of Katan!


The roar of the knights rang the square.

* * *

“Prepare yourself, Carlo.”

Carlo didn’t open his mouth even though he was hit by the cold North wind all over his body.

As Joseph approached, he clapped his lips as if agonizing over a standing position in the fast-moving knights.


The boy hesitated to open his mouth to a deafening roar.

“I’m honestly scared.”

Enduring the divine punishment was a terrible pain that was too harsh for him as a young man.

I felt wanting to throw the Crown Prince position or whatever to George and run away.

But I couldn’t say that to Joseph’s neat face.

‘Hyung came forward to help me this much.…’

I couldn’t run away again.

Ironically, Carlo was able to harden his mind when he recalled Rita’s cold face.

‘My sister-in-law will laugh at me if she is known that I have fled.’

“I think hyung want it, so I’ll challenge the throne again.”

Carlo gulped down as if he had made a big decision.

Joseph, who had been staring at his boyish face for a while, shook his head.

“No, you are not the one who will challenge the throne.”


“I am the one who will sit on the throne. Carlo.”

At Joseph’s words, Carlo opened his mouth with a blank face.

“Hyung? Weren’t hyung forming an army to put me on the throne?”

Unlike Carlo, who was neither born with holy power or monster hunter aura, Joseph’s power was clearly attributed to contaminated aura.

“Will the holy throne be stained?”

There was no one who didn’t know about the throne of the Angelos.

The white silver throne, where even dust doesn’t sit, maintained its integrity with holy power of Lorenzia.

‘On the day when the undefiled throne is stained, the noble dynasty will fall.’

Recalling Lorenzia’s prophecy, Carlo soon shrugged and grinned.

“Yes, well, what if Angelos falls apart?”

He wasn’t attached to Angelos’s name either.

“I understand you.”

At Carlo’s words, Joseph raised his pitch-black helmet without answering.

“I also want to get revenge on George. I will help hyung.”

“I don’t want revenge, Carlo.”

Giuseppe, wearing a black helmet unique to the demon hunter, was dressed in contrast to a sex knight who enjoyed wearing white armor.

Carlo, who thought Joseph had finally pulled his sword to punish George, frowned at his answer.

“Then what?”

“Because it will be easier to find if I become Emperor.”

“…are you talking about sister-in-law?”

Carlo smiled in vain at Joseph’s short answer.

Are you saying that people who don’t know about the circumstances will gossip because reason of the treason committed only to find one woman?


When asked by Carlo, Joseph looked down at his rough palm and nodded.

He could do anything.

Only if he could get her back, he really had everything.

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