So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince

So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince C11-20

Chapter 11

“Isn’t that a letter from Prince George? You wanted to show this to the Madam?

When I didn’t respond much to the letter, Sabrina changed the subject and showed Rona her letter.

“Yes, I guess he want me to be his wife.”

“This is totally bullsh*t.”

I grinned at the sound of Rona’s voice coming from the corner of the carriage.

George wanted to be Emperor, and the Emperor’s official wife is the Empress.

‘George would never give the Empress position to a commoner.’

He thought his mother’s origins is his only flaw, which he believed perfect.

In fact, George had never given Sabrina official status until he ascended the throne.

He only married her to Marquis Letty and made her as Emperor’s concubine.

Just like he used me to marry Joseph.

Seeing me frowning on Sabrina’s future, she lifted the corners of her mouth with a strange face.

“Your Highness is married to the Grand Duke, so you are no longer in a relationship with Prince George, right?”

She asked straight to the point.

Did she forget her sin when George, known as my lover, shouted and begged, saying he was forced to do so?

This is a society where one’s status changed depending on who one marries.

So I could understand Sabrina, who believed she had won George’s heart, acting like she stood on top of me on the subject of being my maid.

In fact, there were also noble ladies who made their debut in society by using beautiful women as their maids and solidified her power by leading their maid marriage with a powerful man.

‘Who really stood on top, that’s another question.’

I nodded roughly because I couldn’t even be bothered to argue causality with the bossy Sabrina.


“If Sir George become emperor…… am I going to be the Empress?”


Ignorantly responding to Sabrina’s question, I rose to my seat when the horseman said We had arrived in the Kensteen Plain.

Kensteen is a desolate land that is closer to wasteland than plain.

The Southern plain is called the golden sea full of wheat, but the plain of Kensteen is so dry that it is hard to see a single grass.

‘It’s definitely gray.’

Looking at the gray soil, which was rustling without any nutrients, I took the bucket from Rona’s and handed it over to Sabrina.

“Bring the soil, Sabrina.”

I tilted my head obliquely at Sabrina’s words.

She continued pointing at Rona, as if to persuade me that her answer is no.

Since Rona came with me, I waited for a moment for Sabrina, who bit her lips at my comands.

But her tiny body didn’t even move.

“Bring me some soil.”


I put a fan on Sabrina’s shoulder, who didn’t answer.


The folding fan that I made with alchemy is an artifact that greatly increased the user’s power.


So I could knock her over a muddy plain just by pushing her with that fan.


She pounded on her buttocks and woke up in a hurry, but the green dress that George had given her had already been soaked and dirty.

“Madam! What are you doing!”

Sabrina, who was overcome with evil, raised her voice.

“If Sir George finds out about this, he won’t stand still!”

“I ordered you to scoop up dirt in a bucket, Sabrina.”

I repeated the same thing in a quiet voice, with my head tilted at an angle with a fan open.

“If I say the same thing one more time, you’ll have to be prepared to walk to the Duchy.”

Sabrina’s pretty face turned white when she realized I meant what I said.

“Ugh, turn it off!”

I stared at her covered in mud and turned my back.

* * *

“Madam, It’s a monster!”

Rona poked her head out the window of her carriage and shouted at her in amazement.

“What should we do? I think the horseman ran away!”

What Rona pointing to is a monster with the appearance of a wolf.

A silver-colored monster, which boasts a larger body than an ordinary wolf, showed it threateningly sharp teeth.

“……can the knights come on time?”

Sabrina, who is sniffing in the corner hugging the dirty dress, asked belatedly.

“Well, I don’t know.”

Katan’s guards were diligent in patrolling compared to other territories, but they did not always show up at the right time.


A wolf-type monster that is growling out like threatening us rushed to the roof of the carriage.

The sound of one side of the wooden roof collapsing rang out.

I found the eyes of the monster twinkling between the holes in the carriage roof.

‘That’s just the way to go.’

Looking into the eyes of the blue-shining monster, I smiled with a smile of resolution.

‘There is no excuse for Sabrina’s behavior.’

Sabrina had already socialized with the servants of the Duchy enough to spill bad rumors about me.

In addition, her face is swollen because she kept crying and scooping the soil.

‘I’m in trouble if people think I’m bothering her.’

Sabrina was bound to grab people as soon as she got back to the Duchy and tell them I pushed her into the mud.


I glanced at Sabrina and Rona, who were trembling with fear, and then opened the carriage door.

Then I grabbed Sabrina hair, which was hiding in the corner, and threw her outside.



“Ma-madam! Madam! Save me, save me!

The monster, who turned to Sabrina, who had fallen from the carriage, came down from the roof and slowly began to approach her.

Scared Sabrina started screaming and begging me for forgiveness.

“Madam, madam! I was wrong! I was wrong Madam!”

Up until now she tried to intimidate me with George.

As expected, a close fist is scarier than a distant power.

I gently jumped off the carriage, looking down at the quivering Sabrina with a sullen face.

‘It looks like they are almost there.’

Just before I dropped Sabrina from her carriage, I heard horseshoes rattling from a short distance away.

‘If there’s a bunch of people riding horses late at night, there’s only knights.’

Running to Sabrina, I dirtying the hem of my dress, I sat on the floor and covered my body with dust.

“…Madam? What are you……”

Sabrina opened her mouth as if she were dumbfounded.

“What are you doing?”

Ignoring her, drawing the alchemy circle with my bare hands on the dirt floor, I was able to look like a beggar.


Staring at me with both arms outstretched as if to protect Sabrina, the monster violently showed its teeth.

“Sabrina, run away!”

I looked back and shouted in a loud voice.

But before I could speak, she is already running without looking back.

As soon as she faced the knights who appeared over the ridge and was running away, the snorting monster quickly began to rush to me.



I had no choice but to fall back when the front paws of the giant beast pressed my shoulder.

‘I fell down on purpose.’

Now is the chance.

‘Oh yeah!’

It was the moment when I tried to deal with the monster by activating the alchemy circle with joy inside.


With a faint scream, the monster flew away in instant and crashed to the ground.

‘Is that even possible for anybody to pick up and throw the monster in that size with one hand.’

Swallowing my saliva, I lifted my head and looked at the face of the knight in the backlight.

“Are you all right?”


His small addition made my face hot for some reason.

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It’s irritates me when some1 decided things for some1 else. I mean who do you think you are deciding what’s good and beneficial for some1 else that you don’t even know/understand what they like and dislike?! You don’t even know his life, everything is just based on your assumptions either in the past or present time. You don’t even learn to know what he wants.

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