So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince

So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince C111-120

Chapter 111

“What? The Emperor is gone?”

Sitting in an elegant posture on a golden chair decorated with rubies and diamonds, Ursula distorted her face at the priest’s words.

“Yes, Your Holiness, I have just discovered that Your Majesty has left Raspechia and went to Odobelli.”

“Why would the Emperor of Raspechia secretly visit that barbaric country?”

“W-We don’t know. We haven’t figured that out yet.”

“Isn’t that I even gave you power to find out about that, Maxi?”

Frustrated by Ursula’s sharp voice, the priest bent over and began to break into a cold sweat.

“I’m sorry, Your Holiness. I’ll be sure to find out why before the regular meeting of the Holy Society is over.”

“If you don’t want to lose even that wretched power, you’ll have to work a little more.”

Ursula kicked her tongue and tapped the priest’s dry cheek with the tip of her fingernail. The red nails gave a small scratch on the face, but the priest couldn’t even speak. Because Ursula is the only human being loved by Lorenzia and a Pope who is able to share God’s grace with others.

‘Beside, she’s also a person with a terrifying ability to take away holy power.’

The ability is the reason why Ursula remained firm on Pope position for more than half a century. Unlike the previous Pope, who ruled the sins committed by priest with corporal punishment and discipline, Ursula directly took away their power as God’s representative. Naturally, there is a group of opposition. However, it was impossible to prove that she is not loved by Lorenzia, whomaintained her youth by using holy power that seemed close to eternal life.

“Get out, Maxi.”

The priest, who swallowed his saliva at Ursula’s command, left the room with trembled hands and feet.

“I’m going to have to pick up the priest again.”

While watching Maxi’s running away from her in a relaxed manner, Ursula let out a sigh, plucked her nails.

“To make up for the holy power wasted on George and Ibelina, I killed all the good guys, and there are only idiots left.”

Ursula, who rose from her seat with a kicked her tongue, approached the podium where the Holy Grail, the most precious object the temple, is place. She tapped the Holy Grail filled with transparent liquid with the tip of her fingernail, stamped her feet nervously.

‘I’am already running out of power!’

It’s because Georges died without giving her all his holy power. Her holy power, which had overflowed out of the Holy Grail, had already been exhausted to the point where she could see the bottom. This happened because she failed to recover the holy power she gave to Ibelina.

“That’s because such a fool gave away my tolerance to the child.”

To be exact, it wasn’t the full power of ‘Ursula’, but it was a waste.

“It’s enough to replenish your holy power, Ursula! Calm down.”

Ursula patted her trembling shoulders and bit her lips.

“The truth will be revealed in the northern dawn light!”

As if to read her fears, the Holy Grail twirled and began to vomit out the oracle of Lorenzia.

“Shut up!”

Ursula opened her eyes, clutching fiercely at the roaring holy grail.

“No one is curious about the truth!”

She raised her voice, pressing roughly as if the Holy Grail were alive.

“So shut up! I don’t want to hear such oracle!”

“The truth will be revealed in the northern dawn light.”

Despite Ursula’s dissuasion, the Holy Grail did not stop vibrating. Eventually, she rolled the Holy Grail around her robe and hid the sound.

“I’ve definitely made a blood pact with Joseph, so why doesn’t Lorenzia Holy Grail stop talking nonsense?!”

Ursula is uneasy because she couldn’t understand the current situation.

The Holy Grail predicted that there would be a half-king in the North, and the oracle is definitely not of Ursula’s, but the ‘child’ to be born.

‘So I thought I’d just have to stop Joseph from seeing his child.’

It was Ursula’s mistake.

When the blood pact prevented his baby for being born, the Holy Grail should be changed the owner of the oracle to Ursula and began to recite other words.

‘They must not find out that the oracle about the North is different from the oracle that people have been informed of. There’s no such thing as truth!’

Biting the tip of her fingernails to the point of bleeding, she threw the Holy Grail wrapped in a robe to the floor.


Since it is an object protected by holy power, it couldn’t be broken, but Holy Grail is an object that no one could treat recklessly. Without a moment’s hesitation, Ursula, who threw away the Holy Grail left behind by hundreds of years of history, exhaled a sigh with anger.

‘How did I get to this place!’

Staring at the barely quiet Holy Grail, Ursula bowed her head, hugging her chair, which is more gorgeous than the throne of Angelos.

“No one can ever take it away.”

Unlike the predecessors, who ascended to the Pope simply because they were born with vast holy power, Ursula is the one who achieved the position of Pope after all her hard work.

“Anyone out there? Tell them to convene the Holy Society! The Queen has found a child who will protect the Holy Throne!”

Even if the effort was wrong.

* * *

“Are you saying that Queen Ursula is the Pope?”

“Yes, I saw it with my own eyes. Queen Ursula is the same Pope who has kept her face hidden and stood on the throne for more than several decades.

Joseph listened, holding my hand tightly, while I am explaining how I escaped to Odobelli.

“I’m sorry I didn’t notice right away.”

He couldn’t have noticed Ursula’s disguise, which had deceived everyone for a long time. Nevertheless, Joseph smiled bitterly as if he was to blame for my hardship.

“Don’t keep apologizing, Your Grace. Ah, should I call you Your Majesty now?”

“I’m most pleased when wife calls me by name.”

I bowed my head to Joseph’s calm reply and made eye contact with the man who is kneeling in front of me.

“I don’t think I’m the only one who’s endured the past time. Why are you so emaciated?”

Putting my hand on Joseph’s dry cheek, I lightly kicked my tongue. He looked more manly because of his cheekbones, but it didn’t mean I like the way he looks now.

“He doesn’t eat or sleep because Madam is missing. I think it’s a miracle that Your Majesty is alive now.”

Manuel, who followed Joseph into the cabin, pouted his lips.

“Long time no see, Manuel.”

“I’m glad you’re all right, Madam.”

Manuel stopped being sarcastic about my greetings and bowed politely. While I didn’t see him, a tall boy glanced wary of Oscar staring at us in the corner.

“Now we have to go back to Raspechia. Your Majesty has been away for too long.”

I nodded sympathetically to Manuel’s words.

“We don’t know what Queen Ursula, who lost Ibelina and even George, is up to.”

The Pope was the one who wanted to place her son, George, on the throne, purely to control the Imperial family.

‘It wasn’t because she cared for or loved George.’

Having lost her useful hand, she could have sought the throne with another puppet.

“Yes, Your Majesty. The Holy Society is already making fun of Your Majesty’s aura that has colored throne with an ominous color, and Your Majesty should return to the Imperial Palace as soon as possible.”

“Did the throne change color?”

At my question Joseph nodded calmly. He hinted at the monster hunter aura.

“There was an oracle for the Imperial Family of Angelos. The day a man with a unique aura sits on the throne, the throne will be blackened.”

‘Because that damn oracle is the problem.’

I sighed, narrowing my brows at Joseph’s explanation.

‘A unique aura…..’

No matter how much I thought about Ursula’s holy power, there is something absurd.

“Joseph, have you ever heard a person that can take someone’s holy powers?”

“No, holy power is just like aura, so it is innate.”

“…Yes, I knew that too.”

I sighed for a moment and licked my lips before continuing.

‘But if it’s a monster, they sometimes steal each other’s mana.”

At Joseph explanation, I clapped my hands and stood up.


Why didn’t I think of that?

The mana of the monster could be transmitted to other through blood.

‘That’s why the people of Odobelli used the purified monster’s blood in various ways.’

“Joseph, I think I just discovered the Pope’s secret.”

If that true, it is a hypothesis that would overturn not just the Imperial family of Angelos or Hoy Society, but the entire of Raspechia.

“Queen Ursula is actually–”

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