So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince

So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince C121-126

Chapter 121

There is no official succession ceremony yet, but I was assigned to the Empress’s palace after Joseph declared me as his one and only wife. One of the newly formed imperial knights, centered around Katan’s monster hunters, came scurrying up to me.

“Your Majesty the Empress.”

He was one of the knights who assisted Joseph in Katan.

When I raised my eyebrows to welcome the familiar face, he opened his mouth with a face of relief.

“It looks like Queen Ursula has escaped from dungeon. I don’t know how to apologize for my poor surveillance.”

The Queen was charged with interfering the meeting between the Holy Society and the Emperor, so she was temporarily imprisoned in the Imperial prison. I tilted my head at an angle, looking down at the knight who was kneeling down before I could stop him.

“That’s great.”

Ursula is the owner of a mighty power of unknown origin. Since she was locked up in a general prison without a restraint, the escape was expected.

‘She’ll be heading straight to the Holy Hall now.’

The Pope will be the only one left to her who lost the Queen’s power.

“Yes? What do you mean…?”

As I stared at the embarrassed knight’s face, I smiled and opened my mouth.

“Good. Spread the Queen’s portrait throughout the capital.”

“Do you want to put the Queen on the wanted list?”

“No, simply missing.”

It was endless to list the sins of Ursula, but now her sins were nothing more than an obstruction of business. I shook my head at the knight’s question and added words for him, who opened his eyes wide, expressing that he didn’t understand.

“It’d better add as much as touching story as possible. Her longing for the Prince, who died at young age, mad her go crazy.”

Dante, who was just listening to me, nodded loudly.

“Ho, Obviously, if you ad such story, people will pay attention to the potrait.”

At Dante’s words, the knight clapped his hands as if he had noticed what I meant.

“You’re going to let people know the Queen’s face.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Queen Ursula’s face is not as undisclosed as the Pope. However, it was not as widely known as George or Carlo.

‘It would be better to make people remember Ursula’s face so that they quickly realize that the Queen and the Pope are the same person.’

“She’s a noticeable person, so it’s easy to make people remember her face.”

It was fortunate that Ursula is a great beauty.

Dante, who had only his head clenched, added softly to my words.

“It makes me feel strange to hear that from Her Majesty.”


Dante, who turned his head to his words and made eye contact with me, bowed his head with a polite face.

“Isn’t Your Majesty is the one who stands out more than anyone else.”

“That’s right. I think I can recognize Her Majesty from a few dozen meters away.”

“Didn’t you find me too away to say that?”

Shrugging at the knight who was making a fuss as if he were responding to Dante’s words, I picked up the succession dress that Rona had brought and raised my chin.

“Let’s go away now. I’ll have to get ready for the succession ceremony.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

I had no choice but to make an ambiguous expression when Dante and the knight stepped down.

Your Majesty the Empress

“……It’s a title that I can’t get used to even hearing it a few times.”

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty the Empress!”

As soon as she was unfamiliar with the title of Empress, Rona, who suddenly opened the door, raised her voice in a loud voice.

“Rona, why are you making such a fuss?”

I felt a sense of dejavu on her pale face and frowned.

Bad things always happened to me when Rona looked like that.

“The baby is gone!”


I dropped the dress I was changing at Rona’s words.

‘In order to protect Yvonne, Joseph would have increased the number of escorts to Katan’s knights, but Yvonne disappeared?’

“What do you mean. You’d better explain it straight, Rona.”

“Masha said Manuel had taken the baby, but Manuel was still with Her Majesty. Manuel never took the baby away!”

‘Someone took Yvonne in the guise of Manuel.’

There is no alchemist in Raspechia who could perform a perfect camouflage like me. I distorted the impression that someone had played a special trick.

“…It must be the Queen’s work.”

“What if it really is? Should I inform the Emperor?”

It was the moment when Rona, who had a very tearful face, stamped her feet and zipped up my dress. Joseph’s escort knight politely knocked on the door.

“Your Majesty, we are ready for the succession ceremony. Come on out.”

I let out a gentle sigh at the knight’s polite voice.

“Don’t worry too much, Rona. I didn’t leave Yvonne to you without any preparation.”

There was no way that Ursula could not have known the oracle entangled with Yvonne.

She’s not sure if Yvonne is really Joseph’s baby, but the fact that she’s my baby, there’s enough reason for her to target Yvonne.

‘I had alchemy circle had been drawn so that if Yvonne’s life was in danger, she would be summoned to me immediately.’

The fact that there is no response yet meant Yvonne is safe.

“Rona, is the festival prepared by Pope is held for today?”

I chewed my lips nervously looking down at the annuity I had drawn on my wrist.

‘It’s obvious where the Pope will take Yvonne.’

‘It’s obvious where the Pope will take Yvonne.’

“Yes, madam, oh, no, Your Majesty.”

“I should stop by the Holy Hall at the end of the succession ceremony.”

“The Holy Hall?”


I nodded my head, trying not to let Rona see my pale hands.

* * *

When I got on the carriage for the festival, Joseph reached out to me as if he had waited.

I smoothed his long fingers and forced my mouth into a locked voice.


“Yes, wife.”

“…Yvonne is gone. I think Ursula took her.”

Joseph, who was flinched at my words, moved as if to open the carriage door right away.

“I’m going to release my man right now. Even if there is a limit to delaying the succession ceremony-”


I shook my head firmly with my hand on Joseph’s arm, which was about to stop the succession ceremony.

“I have a good idea.”

Joseph wasn’t a man with mood swings on his face, but I could clearly feel that he was very worried about Yvonne’s disappearance. I continued calmly, facing his worried face.

“Today, the Pope is going to bless the babies, so Yvonne must be among them.”

Joseph’s pupils, who understood what I meant right away, grew slightly.

“Is the Eye of truth ready?”

I nodded softly at his question.

“Yes, this is an opportunity. Ursula won’t even be able to look around properly because she’s obsessed with Yvonne right now.”

It was the moment I tried to pretend to be calm to reassure Joseph. Oscar, who was sitting without showing when he hid in the carriage, suddenly raised his head.


“How did you get in here?”

It was me who called by Oscar, but it was Joseph who answered him first. Oscar, however, shrugged as if he didn’t care whether Joseph stared at him or not.

“I’ll be back.”


I opened my eyes wide open to his meaningless words.

“Where are you going to go?”

“The Holy Hall.”


“Queen, even if you didn’t say that, you look like you’re going to go crazy.”

I gulped down Oscar’s gold eyes, which seemed to penetrate my heart.

When did Oscar notice my nervous trembling fingertips?

‘If there’s something going wrong with Yvonne, I won’t be able to live any longer.’

It is natural.

No matter how much I love Joseph, Yvonne is my everything.

“Yvonne, I’ll get her. So don’t worry.”

I just glanced up at Oscar stroking my head with his big hands.

“The Queen moves as planned.”


Oscar, who faced me, who I couldn’t find anything to say to him, grinned.

“If you’re grateful, live with me. Otherwise, I don’t need a word of mouth.”


I wrinkle my nose without nodding or shaking my head at his joke-like words.

“And Yvonne is a precious child to me too.”


Oscar, who kissed me lightly on the cheek, jumped out of the carriage before I could stop him.

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