So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince

So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince C31-40

Chapter 31

Note’s auction started from tomorrow night, so we had some free time.

‘Notte is quiet during the day.’


Joseph still had a mountain of work to do to as lord of the Grand Duchy.

I was out of the market alone because I didn’t want to bother him with being busy.

‘I didn’t expect Manuel to follow me.’

No matter how secretive I was, Joseph had come forward, so I expected that there would be several his vassals, but I didn’t know that Manuel would come to Notte.


The boy whose eyes met with me wince like a frightened mouse with a cat in front of it.

“……h-hello, madam.”

When I ran into Manuel in the middle of the market, I accepted the greeting of the boy, who bowed his head with a shaky face.

“Yes, good afternoon.”

After I scolded Manuel harshly, he got hard time with me.

“Yes, ma’am, but did you come out alone?”

Manuel looked me in the eye and asked carefully.


Staring into the boy’s round eyes, I nodded slowly.

“Then I’ll guide you around.”

He had a clear face that he didn’t want to serve me, but he seemed to have thought of treating me as a superior.

“Okay, thank you.”

“Of-of course that what I should do!”

I glanced at Manuel’s frizzy hair as he bowed overly polite.

“Is your body feeling better?”

“Yes? Body?”

“The calf I hit.”

“It still hurts a little, but it’s okay.”

To say that it is not pain at all seemed to be an empty word.

At Manuel’s honest answer, I burst into laughter and followed the child who took the lead at the downtown area.

“Lady, come here lady!”

We were about entering the alley entrance to go to the central square.

I turned around, startled by the sudden touch of someone holding my skirt.

“Please help this old woman once!”

“Uhuh! back off!”

Before I could answer the old woman’s words, Manuel jumped out and blocked the way.

“You know who she is!”

He seemed afraid that Joseph would scold him if he didn’t protect me properly.

I put my hand on Manuel’s shoulder, who threatening the old woman with exaggeration.

“It’s alright, Manuel.”

And frowned on the old woman’s face over Manuel’s little back.

‘I think the wrinkles on her face are too artificial.’

It looks like she used a bad camouflage potion.

I am an alchemist with experience making camouflage potions for George, as no ordinary person would know.

The highly effective camouflage potion did not only change the face, but also the body.

The face belongs to an old woman, but if the body belongs to a young woman, there will be a sense of incompatibility.

‘Just like that person.’

There were people in any city who cheated on the weak by mimicking the weak, such as the elderly and children, and Notte is a commercial city with a huge auction, so it is natural to be filled with frauds.

“My grandchild got sick at an early age, but I don’t have enough money to feed him properly, let alone medicine.”

I tilted my head at the words of the swindler dressed as an old woman.

‘Is there anyone who believes in such an obvious lie?’

“Lady, I think you are precious person, but please do me good for those in need.”


The person in front of me is definitely a scammer because there is no way that a sane person would be dressed up as an old woman and begging around.

But I didn’t want to step up and call the security forces.

‘This person is so clumsy that no one seems to be able to beat her.’

It wouldn’t be good to have George’ ear hear that I’ve been to Notte.

“Isn’t the young lady a person with a kind and beautiful heart?”

When did you see me?

“You’ve got the wrong person. I’m not very nice.”

I shook my head calmly at the old woman’s question and turned around, holding Manuel’s hand who standing still.

“Uh, a-are we just go?”


For noble lady, ‘a heart to look after people in need’ is like a necessary virtue.

“I was worried that madam would give the old woman money. She is like a scammer.”

It is a trend in society for ladies from prestigious families to jump into charity.

So Manuel obviously thought I’d help the old woman.

“Why me? Even if she’s a real beggar, she’s not our people. Notte’s situation should be looked after by Notte’s Lord.”

“Why me? Even if I’m a beggar, I’m not Young Jimin. Note’s situation should be taken care of by Note’s lord.”

“Y-you’re right.”

Manuel opened his eyes wide and nodded at my words.


The old woman, who had been muttering at my reckless refusal, eventually approached the woman who was standing close to me, crying as if she had bitten her next prey.

‘Of course she won’t be fooled.’

It is a camouflage that even Manuel, who didn’t know the alchemist at all, could recognize.

The woman who pressed her hood down deeply is the one I couldn’t see her face but I could feel her power.

Anyone who deals with divine power or the aura will be able to sense that person face is fake.

It was when I was about to leave, anticipating the old woman’s failure.

“Oh my, what a pity!”

I frowned at the voice of a woman in a pink hood.

‘I’m sure I’ve heard this voice somewhere.’

It is rare to find a person with divine power.

If it’s woman I’ve ever heard have the divine power……

“This is all my fortune, but I’ll give it to you.”

I could be sure of her identity at her next words.


The hair sticking out of the hood is light pink, like cotton candy sold at the festival.

“Here you go, take everything.”

“Oh, my God, thank you so much, miss! Thank you!”

‘No, who ever gives all their fortune to a beggar?’

I guess who as Joseph’s lover, she seems to be a more serious pushover than my husband.

“Wait a minute.”

I don’t know why she’s in Notte at this time, but I couldn’t let the swagger rip away Ibelina’s entire fortune.

I grabbed Ibelina’s purse and squeezed the neck of the old woman as she scurried out of the alley.

“This person is a scammer.”

I shrugged at the shape of Ibelina’s mouth, then triggered a alchemy circle drawn on the wall.


“This person is not even a real old woman.”

“L-let go of me! Let go!”

The face of the old woman surrounded by green light began to melt slowly, and soon the face of a man with perilla-like freckles is revealed.

“Let go of me!”

The man struggled to get out of my hands.

But my power to amplify with alchemy circle is more powerful than just a knight.

I scoured the swindler’s face with a dry stare and threw him at Ibelina’s feet.

“You’d better give her the money back when I say it nicely.”


Perhaps scared of my alchemy, the fallen man hurriedly pulled out Ibelina’s pocket.

“Please forgive me once, miss!”

“……Oh my God.”

Ibelina grabbed the hem of her own skirt and opened her mouth alternately looking at me and the swindler appealing with tears.

“Did you lie to me?”

The corner of her gentle eyes lowered as if her heart had been wounded.

“I-it’s true that I’m not an old woman.…! All the stories I told you earlier are true!”

‘I can’t believe that.’

He is a man begging for money by selling his grandchild.

It cannot be true that there is a ‘grandchild’ even though the fact that he is an old woman is a lie.

I snorted and watched Ibelina pick up her purse that had fallen to the ground.

“……I see.”

“Yes, yes! So please don’t tell the security forces……!”

“Then take this money.”

Ibelina nodded enthusiastically and held out her purse to the man who pleading for her pardon.



It was so shocked that I couldn’t stand it and had no choice but to step forward.

“I told you this man is a scammer. But why are you trying to give your money?”

Ibelina, who met my eyes, bit her lips as if rebuking me again.

“He’s such a poor man.”

Manuel standing next to me must have thought similar to me.

The child raised his voice, distorting his impression before I could even answer Ibelina.

“What do you feel sorry for?”

“How hard things must be for him to go around saving money by dressing up as an old woman.”


“I understand.”

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