So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince

So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince C41-50

Chapter 41

“Come on, sister.”

Ibelina reached out her hand as if to rush me.

“The mermaid will need Lina’s care before returning to the sea.”

Ibelina, of course, is good enough in the past to take care of the black dragon Geneva alone, even though it is now the future. She is excellent at dealing with monsters and other races.

But I felt somehow prickly inside bottle as I looked at the mermaid.

‘……besides, goofy is avoiding Ibelina’s hand.’

A small fish in a glass bottle was seen swimming around to avoid Ibelina’s gaze.

I eventually turned down her offer.

“No, I think it would be better to send it right back to the sea.”

Holding a mermaid in my arm, the mermaid flapping its fins in fear, I looked straight at Ibelina.

“Why don’t we go to the sea of mermaids that Ibelina knows?”

“Hmmm, I see.”

I was worried that she might want a mermaid.

Fortunately, Ibelina shrugged and easily gave up the mermaid.

“Thank you.”

In my thanks, Ibelina added briefly, pointing at Joseph, who happened to be here to check the room where I would stay.

“As expected, my sister is strict.”


“You want to make the mermaid strong. It look young and weak, so let’s throw it into the sea right away.”

I was going to let go of the sea beautifully, never thought of throwing a little mermaid on the rough waves.


I slowly blinked, looking at Ibelina, who misinterpreted what I was saying.

‘Is she doing this on purpose in front of Joseph?’

I could understand Ibelina even if she didn’t like me.

From her point of view, I am the woman who suddenly took away her lover.

“Anyway, you’re gonna take me to the sea of mermaids, right?”

I didn’t want to waste my time with Ibelina, but I listened to her and shrugged my shoulders.

Biting her lips a little embarrassed by my reaction, she nodded impatiently.

“Sure, shall we go now? It’s near the monastery.”

“I’ll come with you.”

Joseph, who had been silently listening to Ibelina and my conversation, intterupted.


“No, oppa. I want to go with my sister. I have a story to tell.”

She shook her head first and pushed Joseph out of the room before I could finish answering.

* * *

‘What do you have to say to me?’

Following Ibelina in the lead, I rolled my brain imagining what she is going to say to me.

‘Stop getting away from my man?’

Ibelina, of course, seemed a far cry from such vitriolic lines.

But I didn’t really know much about her.

What am I supposed to say if she hold me and urge me to divorce Joseph right away?

‘I’m going to returning him to you soon, so can I ask you to be patient?’

As I was choosing a line to persuade Ibelina, I narrowed my forehead to a sudden pain in the chest.

“We’re almost there, sister.”

Ibelina snapped at my hand, wondering about the unknown cause of numbness.

Following her to the edge of the cliff, I was mesmerized by the white waves that hit the rocks.

In the distance, the sound of sea birds squealing rang out.

“It’s a beautiful place.”

“Because it’s a deserted sea.”

The emerald-colored sea, where mermaids are known to live, is a place to be called a magnificent view.

The sun is setting slowly and warmly embraced the sea.

“Ibelina, can you call a mermaid?”

I asked this to Ibelina, glancing at mermaid in my hand, just in case.

“No, I’ve only talked to the mermaids that come out on land.”

I looked at the bottle with a slightly difficult look at her firm answer.

Was it the first thing that Ibelina said to take good care of it so it could find its strength enough to return to the sea by itself?

‘I should have sent the mermaid back to the sea.’

“Did you really save the mermaid?”

Ibelina sprang to me, who opened the cork and hesitated over the bottle.


“Mermaid, did you really save it?”

I bit my lips for a moment, trying to figure out what she wanted to say to me.

How she interpreted my silence, and as she sank down at the end of the cliff, she smiled back at me.

“Are you doubting me?”

“I’m just asking without meaning.”

Ibelina, shrugging at my question, added lightly.

“Even if my sister is bad person as the rumor said…… Lina doesn’t care.”

“No, I wish you are a bad person.”

I raised my eyebrows obliquely at her muttering words.

Looking at my distorted face, she slowly opened her mouth.

“That way, oppa will come back to me as soon as possible. Joseph, he is originally mine.”

As expected, I knew you’d say this.

I’ve confronted Ibelina this way before.

It was a time when my relationship with Joseph was bad, so I think I bought less of Ibelina’s boundaries.

“Is that all you have to tell me?”

I was even prepared if Ibelina grabbed me by my hair.

I was relieved by her bland words.

“I’m not that good person, as Ibelina hopes.”

My lukewarm response is surprising, and she was only biting her lips.

“……does sister have nothing to say to me? Now that I’ve said such a mean thing, I’m sure you have a lot you want to ask.”

“No, Ibelina.”

If I didn’t know what the relationship between Ibelina and Joseph, I could have poked around, but I already knew they are lovers.

‘It seemed like they had loved each other for quite some time.’

Joseph’s eyes, which said he loved someone, were very affectionate.

Joseph was able to find the beginning of his love in the distant past, but he once lamented in front of me, saying he realized it too late.

I leaned down beside her, silent, and carefully turned the bottle towards the sea.

‘Monsters remember each other’s smells, so if there is a mermaid looking for it child, it will recognize it right away.’

Although mermaids aren’t monsters, but with their developed senses, they might be able to notice the existence of young mermaid.

“I’m glad that sister know your position well.”

I am staring at the calm sea while suppressing my pounding heart with anticipation.

Ibelina looked back at me with a strange face.

“I don’t think I’m going to have a fight with my sister for nothing.”

I also had no intention of making any trouble with few supporters of Carlo.

“Does sister know Joseph is Lina’s man?”


It is like what Sabrina used to say, who was wary that I might steal George away.

“Why don’t you answer?”

I tried to nod my head like I did back to Sabrina.

But I couldn’t overcome the unpleasantness of the moment and my mouth became stiff.

‘……but he’s my husband now.’

I don’t know what the hell this feels like.

I concentrated on the mermaid swimming in the bottle, trying to suppress my emotional state.


As I murmured a small starter, the previously drawn alchemy circle is activated, and the water surrounding the goofy began to vibrate slightly.

The waves swept over and led the fish to the bottom of the cliff, with my heart wishing that the young mermaid returned safely to it family.

“Be careful on your way back.”

Goofy, who fluttered its tail fin as if it was greeting me, turned into a boy mermaid that I saw at the auction house as soon as he touched the sea.


At that moment, a gigantic mermaid rose from the deep turquoise sea.

“Oh, my sweetheart! My poor baby!”


The waves fluttered along the movement of the mermaid hugging the boy mermaid.

‘I’ve never seen such a huge mermaid before.’

Like the flames of hell, the red-haired mermaid is as big as the cliff we stood on.

I guess she’s like the grandmother of the grandmother of the grandmother mermaid.

I heard that mermaids grew in proportion to their age, so they lived for a very long time.

I glanced over the face of a smooth mermaid without a wrinkle and grabbed Ibelina as she almost slide over her back, perhaps because surprised by its size.

“You’re the one who saved my child.”

A little mermaid, the size of a boy, precious in her arms, opened her mouth to me.

I nodded slowly, a little startled by her heavy voice.

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Yes, there are some good people out there.”

As she is looking at Ibelina with wise but slightly casual eyes unique to transcendents, she clings her tongue.

“If I were you, I’d watch out for that kid.”

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Well that confirms my suspicion of ibelina. I wouldnt be surprised if she wanted the mermaid for the eternal life thingy. Yikes

I think that she’s a b*tch and doesn’t want Carlos to be healthy, because if its happen Joseph will not come to the monastery anymore.. and we see that she could make terrible things only to satisfying her own ego. Like she made monsters attack the monastery… I think that in the past she was ally with trash George to have Joseph, because this she was so obedient…

Who much Rita was hit in the face in her life to be “ready or prepared ” to be hit? Who much she suffered… I can only say that her father is trash, George is trash, and maybe Joseph because he didn’t know to express his feelings and didnt say that he care and want to protect her, was too a little trash, but little… because when he didn’t talk, she will never know… Rita isn’t a dense MC, she’s extremely clever and wise one.. in the past life and now…

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