So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince

So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince C51-60

Chapter 51


“If you’re that good for Carlo, Ibelina should try it herself.”

I gave back the potion Ibelina gave me and opened my mouth coldly.

“Come on. Ibelina has strong power, so she doesn’t die easily.”

If you suspect that the medicine your childhood friend takes may be poison, you should show your sincerity to try it yourself.

‘If you don’t have that determination, you’re just a bunch of children.’

But Ibelina’s tightly closed her mouth showed no sign of opening.

I shrugged and raised the potion higher.

“If Ibelina can’t decide……”

I had no qualms about proving the harmlessness of my potion in place of Ibelina.

“I’ll do it.”

There aren’t any side effects.

As soon as I opened my mouth with a light heart, someone snatched the potion in my hand.

Wouldn’t that be a bit too much to drink?

“….Your Highness?”

I opened my mouth as I stared at Joseph’s rough Adam’s apple, which I don’t know when he came into the room.

“Kyaaa! No!”

Ibelina, who had been quiet while Carlo took the potion, began to scream as if Joseph would die right away.

“Joseph, are you all right?”

What Joseph drank isn’t poison, so there is no reason why he isn’t fine.

“I’m fine.”

He returned the empty bottle to Ibelina with a calm look, as if he had no reason to doubt me.

I inadvertently put my hand on Joseph’s chest, rather than glancing at his insensitive face, which was rarely seen.

‘Why are you throbbing?’

It was a strange feeling.

“So I hope you don’t doubt my wife.”

Jospeh believes me.

He isn’t a man who doubted people, he is a man of faith.

‘There’s nothing to be surprised about, so why do I feel……’

“Ibelina, I will not tolerate any further disrespect.”

At Joseph’s warning, Ibelina bit her lips in anger.

“I’m just worried about Oppa and Carlo.…”

Even when Ibelina was crying, Joseph didn’t let go of his stiff face.

“That’s enough! Everybody take care of it, then!”

Ibelina turned roughly as if she was shocked by his cold attitude.


I stared blankly at the back of Ibelina, who closed the door and left, and looked back at Joseph.

“…aren’t you going to follow her?”

“She’ll need time to cool off.”

I can’t believe he warned his beloved lover so coldly for my prestige as his wife.

He’s a man of good manners.

“Thank you for helping Carlo.”

Instead of the potion Joseph had eaten, I take out a spare potion and handing it to Carlo.

I tilted my head at his sudden thanks.

“You really don’t doubt me.”

It wasn’t that I didn’t know he is pushover, but this level of trust is more worrisome than grateful.

“Then you’ll get hurt.”

But Joseph just stared blankly at me smiling.

* * *

Joseph really wanted to give Rita a necklace he bought from Notte today.

She’s a person who gets cold easily, so I want her to stay warm.

‘…….come to think of it, I’ve never given anyone a gift.’

Born as a prince, it was impossible for him to have had any experience in trying to win the favor of anyone.

Since he was deposed, he has lived alone, so he has never gave or received gifts.

‘She may feel pressured, so let’s just say I picked it up.’

I don’t know who will spill the necklace stuck in the middle of Ruby, who is the size of a thumb nail and has extraordinary transparency, but Joseph grabbed the door handle, thinking of a ridiculous excuse.


He stood in front of the tightly closed bedroom door and hesitated to open his mouth.

“Wife, it’s me. Do you mind if I go in?”



There is no answer from Rita, who could hardly fall asleep.

It’s still early in the evening, so she couldn’t be sleeping.

Knock, knock

I knocked on the door in a hurry, but still didn’t get a reply.

Maybe there is an attack of a monster that I didn’t notice.

The journey of the monsters that took place in Rhodes is so unfamiliar that even the monster hunter had never experienced them.

Worried, Joseph opened Rita’s bedroom door, precisely the bedroom they should have shared.


It was an unexpected sight to greet her.

Because Rita is asleep on the sofa without even realizing his presence.

I have to go out. Right now.

It is not the job of a knight to sneak a peek at a sleeping person.

Joseph, however, watched Rita’s disheveled appearance, like paint scattered incorrectly on the white sofa.

I couldn’t get out of my way.

“…I’m going crazy.”

I thought my heart is overwhelmed just by looking at her with breathless.

It was a waste of time to blink for a moment.

At this rate, he was quite serious.

I thought getting her out of Roscoe Cardinale would solve everything.

But would this mean that I didn’t accept the demands of her freedom from Count Cardinale?

Joseph let out his self-assured smile and then approached her as she fell asleep.

“Excuse me for a moment.”

I was going to move you to bed because it would be uncomfortable to sleep on the sofa.


As soon as he approached Rita and bent down, Joseph shuddered at the strange smell.

‘It smells like alcohol.’

He raised one eyebrow with a strangely sweet scent mixed with Rita’s body odor.

And soon I could find a smooth glass bottle that fell under the sofa.

It is a distilled liquor that the mercenaries enjoyed.

He was getting more upset because he thought something upsetting had happened.

Rita, who was caught in the air, opened her eyes wide open.


The drunken green eyes sparkled and caught Joseph’s attention.


“Yes, wife.”

“Joseph, you’re my husband!”

“Yes, I am.”

I am your husband.

While calmly responding to Rita’s murmuring, I suddenly thought that Rita’s green eyes are as solid as a recording of a midsummer old tree when faced very closely.

“Did you drink alone?”

Joseph, who carried her carefully onto the bed so that Rita wouldn’t feel dizzy, opened her mouth like a sigh.

“Yes, I like it.”

Her eyes were bent to the extent that she answered his question with a smile.

“What make you feel so good?”

“It’s just… it’s good that I’m successful in making potions, and it’s good that Joseph trusts me.”

“Did you like me to trust you?”

Rita had always reacted negatively to the trust Joseph saw.

When Joseph’s eyebrows soared up at an unexpected remark, Rita burst into laughter.

“Good. Someone trusts me.…it is nice.”

She is smiling like a fool, but she burst into laughter in an instant.

“Oh, but Joseph shouldn’t like it.”

Joseph tilted his head as he looked down at Rita, who was suddenly serious and muttering words of promise.

“What do you mean?”

“You can’t trust me.”

Rita jumped up and grabbed Joseph by the collar.

No, I tried to hold her

Joseph let out a soft sigh, holding Rita’s wrist with one hand, which only clasped in the middle of the swing.

“You’ll feel dizzy. Lie down.”

“No, don’t worry about me.”


“How are you going to live because you’re worried about me?”

Rita raised her voice as Joseph contorted his face.

He felt that her apple-like cheeks were a little dangerous.

“But you’re gonna get hurt, really.”


“Trust anyone, be nice to anyone……you can’t do that.”

Joseph raised the corner of his lips obliquely at Rita’s stuttering words.


“…I can’t leave because I’m worried.”

” What’s the point of having my fortune called, I’m afraid you’ll end up ripping it all torn apart…….a pushover……. you’re too much of a pushover….and you will be in big trouble……”

Rita added such rude words with a crumpled pronunciation.

Holding Rita, floundering like a paper doll, Joseph sighed softly over her forehead.


Trapped in her two muscular arms, she soon collapsed onto the bed.

Joseph blinked slowly as he looked down at Rita, who looked up defenselessly.

A bright yellow lamp flashed over the delicate eyelashes.



“You may get hurt.”

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