So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince

So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince C61-70

Chapter 70

I stared down at the top of the girl’s brown head and moved my mouth.

“If you want to say something, you can say it. But you don’t have to kneel.”

“I’m sorry, I’m in a hurry to think that I might not have a chance to greet you.”

Perhaps she noticed my embarrassment, Norma stood up and bowed her head as if she had been relieved.

“Thanks to Madam’s Neuronia potion, my arms are all healed. If I ever sees madam someday, I thought that I would have to thank madam in person.”

Norma trembled and grabbed the hand I reached out as she got down on her knees.

“Thank you very much, madam.”

The girl’s eyes full of admiration were a little burdensome, but except for Carlo, it is the first time I had seen someone who had treated their injuries with Neuronia.

“Was your arm always bad?”

“Yes, I stumbled and rolled off a cliff when I was young. Somehow, my bones were attached, but it didn’t move at all.”

The girl jumped out of her seat and opened her arms in front of me.

“But I’m all better now, look!”

I shook my head, closely observing Norma’s freely moving arms.

‘It’s really moving.’

Today’s Neuronia is inevitably a little different from the Neuronia developed by Bruno before returning to the past.

My memory was limited, but alchemists never fully released their recipes.

‘In the end, I had no choice but to apply and fill in the empty materials.’

Although I found Bruno and conducted research together, the current Bruno is a beginner alchemist with less skill than Bruno who developed Neuronia.

‘So I was a little worried about commercializing the potion.…’

The effects of clinical trials conducted on soldiers seem to have been quite great.

“That’s a relief. Do you have any pain? All the angles are back?”

“Yes, madam. I’m all better.”

I groaned proudly, fiddling with Norma’s perfectly cured arm, with no sign of side effects.

“Well, madam.”

Jenia clasped Norma’s arm and put her hand on my shoulder, smiling softly, giving a troubled voice.

“If you go up and down like that, her arm that didn’t even hurt would be sore.”

“Ah, I’m sorry. I’ve never seen a successful subject before, so I’m excited because Me and Bruno fully responsible for the clinical trial of the potion.”

At Jenia’s words, I let go of Norma’s arm, which I had been holding on to like an experiment.

Still, she shook her head in excitement without letting go of her displeasure.

“Madam, would you mind not calling our staff a test subject?”

“I-I’m fine! I’m welcome to be madam test subject!”

Norma, who snuck in as if to stop Jenia blaming me, spoke up.

“Well, me too…”

“I’d love to be madam test subject.”

Jenia pointed her temple at the words of the clerks following Norma.

* * *

Mirecasol that revitalizes the skin.

Neuronia that connects broken nerves.

And Numagold, which promotes bone growth.

These three are the representative products of Genevite, and they were the most distinguished contributors to making its name known.

‘It’s called the three-piece set of returnees.’

The story of the Prince, who treated his leg with Neuronia, had the most definite advertising effect.

Having succeeded in making a comeback at Rafael’s trial, he returned to the Imperial family and applied for a match with the emperor’s bodyguard, and managed to win and prove his health.

Neuronia, where Carlo announced its effectiveness externally, is even certain in demand.

Raspechia is the only continent’s Empire and had many enemies.

The Western barbarian, who were barely put to calmed down by army led by Joseph, still waged a small guerilla warfare to expand their territory.

And the mountain, where spring does not come in the North, is always full of monsters, and if you let your guard down a little, the barrier would collapse and the monsters would likely come down to the Capital.

‘In addition, Odobelli, which extends to the northeast, is not on good terms to be called the enemy of Raspechia.’

The Mage Empire, Odobelli is a country that boasted a sorcerer’s legion, comparable to the strength of Raspechia’s powerful military power.

‘It is natural that wars are frequent, since this is a country that would tear their limbs if there is something misunderstood.’

As I was looking at the map of the wide continent on my desk, I suddenly wondered if Joseph is the only one guarding the border of Raspechia.

East, West, South, and North of the Empire.

All borders except the South, which could be called the only safe place among them, were guarded by Joseph’s force.

‘If it’s a problem for the Imperial family to pretend to be blind when it comes to Katan’s services, it’s a problem.’

Furthermore, the southern lords, who had accumulated wealth based on the Empire’s only granaries and huge rivers, rarely offered a donation to Lorenzia to support the returning soldiers in the name of lack of money.

‘That’s why wounded soldiers are often crippled because they don’t get treatment on time.’

Whether it was injuries from war or scars from everyday life, it was almost impossible for ordinary people to obtain holy water that worked well for treatment.

So it was only natural for three-set of returnees Genevite to be sold like hot cakes.

‘If I can maintain this level of income, there is no need to sell all the mana stones to Odobelli.’

As an aristocrat in Raspechia, it was a little uncomfortable to continue to sell Mana Stone to the enemy, which could serve as the foundation for its strong military power.

Looking at the sales report piled up on the desk in the office, I smiled and clapped my fingers.

‘Yvonne, I can make sure you don’t have to worry about money for the rest of your life.’

It was a time when I am sitting at my desk and thinking of the gold and silver treasures that would pile up in the safe.

“Wife, can I come in?”

I hurriedly arranged my seat at the gentle voice coming from outside the door.

“Yes, come on in.”

Several papers swept by my movements fell at Joseph’s feet, as he entered the room.

He slowly approached me, picking up white paper with his long, straight fingers.

“I’m glad your business seems to be booming.”

Joseph, who added congratulations in a small way, kissed the back of my hand as if greeting.

I stared at his lips, which looked particularly red today, and blinked slowly.

‘Come to think of it, Lorenzia’s feast day is just around the corner.’

‘It was the day I had Yvonne on that feast day, which was mixed with snow and rain.

‘I thought it would be better not to give birth because it would put her in danger again….’

Cardinale is on the verge of bankruptcy, and George remained in the humble state of the second Prince, not the heir to the throne.

Carlo, on the other hand, is loved by the common people as a Prince who performed a miracle of cleaning up injuries on the battlefield.

Katan, who supported him, had achieved unprecedented growth, so all the Imperial family were sure of Carlo’s victory.

‘This time I’ll be able to protect my daughter.’

I looked into Joseph’s eyes, holding down my chest, with hope that I would see Yvonne again.

‘Now the question is, how to get Yvonne.’

Previously, we both were drunk and in despair.

We are still just a couple in name, even though we weren’t a couple who despised each other as before.

‘He’s not the person who will betray his lover, Ibelina, so how am I supposed to bring it up?’

Should I confess that I only want to have child?

When he saw me looking at his face, Joseph quickly opened his mouth.

“Ah, it’s said that Katan’s knights have succeeded in subduing the monsters in the Black Forest.”

Though not as busy as I am these days, Joseph is quite a tight schedule.

I tilted my head sideways and opened my mouth because it was not important enough for him to come to my office and deliver the news.

“That’s great. From now on, we’ll be able to trade with Odobelli without going through the top of Jenia. It’s only a matter that requires the permission of the Imperial family.”

It is time for the Emperor and the Pope to be conciliated for the throne to Carlo.

Joseph looked at me tapping on my armrest, hesitatingly sweetened his lips.

“Do you have anything else to say?”

“…Your Majesty wants to see wife. I think he heard rumors that it was wife, who cured Carlo’s leg.”

Joseph added slowly, fearing that I would be offended.

“I’m sorry to ask wife such an unreasonable favor, even though I know you hate the Imperial family of Raspechia.”

When on earth did I tell Joseph that I hate the Imperial family?

I narrowed my eyebrows at Joseph’s words, and I clapped my hands in my seat, thinking it would be an opportunity.

“If I promise to come and see the Emperor for Crown Prince Carlo, will your Highness grant me a favor?”

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