So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince

So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince C61-70

Chapter 62


I bowed to Roscoe Cardinale, who was sitting on the sofa in the parlor.

‘I knew you’d come.’

Through Rafael’s trial, I revealed to the world that my father is a man who committed embezzlement without hesitation.

As a great aristocrat and the head of the Holy Society, he couldn’t be thrown into prison right away.

However, it must have been a flaw enough for the royal faction to seize the opportunity.

“What brought you all the way to Katan, Father?”

He momentarily flinched his mustache as if the title ‘father’ was offensive.


But he didn’t raise his voice out of the blue because of the eyes of the maids behind me.

“Send out the servants. I want to talk to you alone.”

“Just do it. You’re the one who taught me that servants aren’t people, so I don’t have to care.”

“Even animals have eyes and ears, send them out.”

I shrugged at my father’s firm orders and gestured to Rona.

Anxiously looking at me, she led the other maids out of the room.

It was the next moment.


My father raised his hand and slapped me on the cheek as soon as the servants left the room.

“How dare you hit me in the back?”

Slap-! Slap-!

I heard a series of rough slaps on the cheek.

“Bad bitch!”

When my father told me that he visited me, I took medicine in advance to relieve the pain, otherwise tears would have come out a little.

“The grace that raised you, the illegitimate child, to be the daughter of the Count! This! Way! You’re paying me back!”

Shouting, he grabbed me by the collar.


His breath was suffocated, but I felt worse than him.

‘He still same.’

Because he’s a man who doesn’t change terribly.

Even though I came back seven years ago, he’s always the same.

“Did you make eye contact with the Grand Duke of Katan? Is that why you’re taking sides with the royalists?”

My father shook his eyes threateningly, grabbing my hair.

“You are Cardinale! Not from Katan, but from Cardinale!”

As I looked at his fierce eyes, I tried not to laugh out loud at the words.

“Father, calm down.”

Roscoe, who was raising his voice like a seizure at my calm words, flinched.

“I know better than anyone else that I’m a Cardinale.”

No, I didn’t know.

It was natural that he had never recognized me as a Cardinale to the point where he couldn’t even accept the embroidery of the roses on my dress.

“I know I owe my father so much that I can’t bear to pay back.”

‘But now I have no choice but to say this.’

He frowned as if he had come into contact with an insect when I brushed his fingertips with me.

‘The cheap one.’

In addition, he was the one who locked me in the basement simply because he didn’t want to see my face.

‘What do you mean grace to a man like that?’

But so far, I still haven’s been able to reveal my dark side to him.

“I’m sorry to hear that father think I betrayed you.”

I calmly chose my words and moved my tongue to persuade Roscoe.

“It’s all for the Cardinale and the Prince George that I ‘pretended’ to treat Carlo.”

“…. pretended? So you’re saying that Prince’s legs aren’t better?”

Roscoe Cardinale frowned as he tightened his hands that grabbed me by the shoulders.

“Of course, Father. Why would I treat Prince Carlo?”

I made up a calm smile to reassure him.

“His legs look better, but he’ll soon be crippled again.”

“Huh! How can I believe that?”

“How can I betray my father and George? But if you don’t believe it……”

With my tongue clenched beyond hearing the suspicious Roscoe’s words, I smiled kindly, pretending to be a gentle daughter.

“I’ll give my father the inheritance of the Cardinale and all of Katan’s property, which fell to my share.”

“All the property? Really?”

“Yes, Father.”

Considering the inheritance of the Cardinale and the wealth of Katan I shared when I married Joseph, it is only a fingertip in comparison to the wealth I would accumulate.

“Ho? Are you going to give me all your property?”

However, the disgusting face of Roscoe Cardinale, who did not know the truth, softened for instant.

‘I mean, he’s such a shameless human being.’

It was so ugly to see him nervous about his accumulated power and wealth falling apart.

“Yes, I am the one who exists for my father and Prince George.”

A satisfied smile rose on Roscoe’s face at my calm reply.

“There’s no way I’m going to need private property.”

“……I guess you finally know your subject.”

“Yes, Father.”

“All right, you seem to be reflecting on yourself, so let’s just skip this one time.”

Roscoe nods his head as if he is satisfied and continues to talk.

“But in the future, if you do such a rash thing without my permission, I will tell the Grand Duke how dirty you are.”

I momentarily frowned at Roscoe’s vulgar remarks.

But without noticing my hard face, his mouth moved without knowing how to close.

“Men want their wife to be pure and virtuous. Not a woman who makes fun of her body as lightly as four years old. So be careful. Do you understand?”

It was the moment when he briefly kicked his tongue and grabbed me by the collar.

“What are you doing?”

When did the door of the drawing room open?

Joseph’s face, which quickly approached and roughly removed my father from me, was stiff.


Joseph, who hid me behind his back as if protecting me, called out my father in a low, subdued voice.

“I asked what are you doing now.”

“I think that’s what I have to say.”

My father, who was suddenly pushed back by him, stared at me with his hands on the floor.

“What rudeness! No matter how many times I tell you, are you pushing me, your father-in-law?”

My father gasped with excitement, but Joseph is no longer looking at him.

“…Are you all right?”

He chewed his lips, quickly examining my swollen cheeks, and crumpled dresses.



I opened my mouth at his small murmur, but he only shook his head and called the knight.

“Let the Count out.”

“Yes, sir.”

“In the future, no outsider will enter the castle without my permission.”


Two knights dressed in dark armor grabbed my father’s arms.

“You’re making a mistake! I was just admonishing my daughter!”

As if he could not be dragged out like this, my father stood on the door and raised his voice.

At my father’s shout, knights flinched and looked back at Joseph, but he shook his head and opened his mouth like a sigh.

“Let him go.”

When my father’s figure was completely out of sight, he came up to me again and began to look into my face.

“Are you hurt?”

Whether he could touch my swollen cheeks or not, he licked his lips.

“I’ll call the doctor.”

I shook my head quickly at his words, wanting to wrap things up quietly.

“No, it’s okay. There’s no need to bother.”

This kind of wound can be treated with potion.

“Why is wife enduring it every time?”

Joseph’s neat forehead is wrinkled if he doesn’t like my answer.

I raised the corners of my mouth, looking at his face, which was incredibly white as a knight who went on a daily dry run.

“It’s because I’m really fine.”

I laughed to reassure him, but Joseph’s face was more disastrously distorted as if it had looked different.

‘I’m not holding it in. It really doesn’t hurt.’

I had taken a paralytic that kept me from feeling pain and I had no idea how much I was hurt.

Judging from his reaction, it seems that I am in a pretty rough shape, so I half closed my eyes and smiled.

“Why are you laughing?”

Joseph tilted his head sideways, as if he didn’t understand my sudden laughter.

“Just, I just want to laughed.”

I feel like someone is worried about me.

I couldn’t say that I laughed because I realized that something is filling my heart.

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