So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince

So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince C61-70

Chapter 63

“Madam, I think we’re almost there.”

As soon as I raised my upper body, which had been buried in the cushions at Rona’s words, the carriage that was rattling stopped moving.

‘This is the village where Bruno lived.’

With the help of the coachman, I stepped on the ground, stopped in the middle of the shabby road, and looked around.

It is a slum.

At the end of a road lined with houses, one of the smallest and shabby houses stood out.

“I think that’s the house.”

“I’ll go check it out.”

Rona ran to the house where my hand was pointing and started knocking on the door.

Knock, knock

“Anybody home?”

Knock, knock, knock.

“Is Sir Bruno here by any chance?”

The old hinges creaked at the impatient maid’s knock.

“What’s going on?”

I glanced at the brown hair that looked through the cracks in the door that were barely enough to fit in one hand.

‘Were he this young?’

Before the regression, I knew Bruno after the Neuronia potion was released to the market and his name became famous.

At that time, he certainly looked like my age…..’

It seems that he was so overworked that he seemed much older than his original age.

‘I didn’t know you were such a child.’

I slanted corners of my mouth on Bruno’s apple-like cheeks, which looked feisty but had a child’s unique vitality.

“Hello, Sir Bruno, I-.”

“I know who you are. You’re the daughter of the Count of Cardinale, Rita Cardinale.”

The young boy, who I thought he is sixteen, answered boldly.

“I’m not an idiot, so you don’t have to introduce yourself.”

It wasn’t as tired as I remember him, but he did look a lot more feisty than I remembered.

“What’s the deal with me at the Cardinale?”

I scratched my cheek at Bruno’s face, who is very wary of me

Don’t tell me you’ve already had contact with the Cardinale.

“I have something to tell you. Can I go inside for now?”

“Okay. B-but you can’t bring in mercenaries or knights.”

When I was going to go inside, he looked behind my back and rolled his eyes.

I opened my mouth to reassure him at his timid, mouse-like appearance.

“My maid is the only one I’ve brought.”

Only after half-twisting and showing Rona did Bruno slowly open the door.

“As I said before, I don’t want to sign a deal with the top of the Cardinale.”

As soon as I sat in front of the table, Bruno opened his mouth first.

“Even if you send someone to threaten me, it’s no use!”


I frowned at the firm words of Bruno.

‘Is someone threatening him?’

“I’ll never put my research material on the top, so don’t be greedy?”

“Research material?”

“That’s right! I can never hand over my valuable research records, especially to families like the Cardinale!”

I could guess how in the past, my father’s top had made him stamp the contract with the Bruno’s frightened voice.

“There seems to be some misunderstanding…….I have nothing to do with the top of the Cardinale.”

He looked at me and I shrugged at Bruno, who curled up like a rabbit.

“I’m here to propose partnership with Sir Bruno.”

“A partnership?”

“I’m trying to establish a pharmaceutical brand. I’d like to hire Sir Bruno as the co-research director.”

“If I’m a co-research director…… C-can I proceed with my research?”

Bruno opened his eyes to see if it felt like an unexpected suggestion.

“Of course.”

The curly brown hair is soft and reminds me of a small animal, so I laughed out loud.

“And since Sir Bruno will be the co-research director, there will be no need to hand over the research data to the top.”

I continued, gently stroking Bruno’s hand on the back.

“Because the top will just act as intermediary to sell the products we have developed.”

“But research director, I was almost at the bottom of the tower.”

As Bruno said, he was kicked out of the tower because he couldn’t adapt.

‘Too smart is also a problem.’

Scholars at the tower were unhappy that he, who is young and a commoner, is doing better than them.

In the end, they even bullied him, who was only a child, and kicked him out.

‘They didn’t beat their credentials.’

“I know, but you didn’t get kicked out because you weren’t good enough.”

I caressed Bruno’s hand, which was timidly wriggling his fingers on the table.

“Aren’t you looking for someone who will appreciate Sir Bruno’s worth?”

I knew what he wanted to hear the most now.

“I need you.”

Because that’s exactly what I wanted to hear.

When I was locked up in the basement and no one was looking for me.

I had devoted myself to research to being exactly what someone needed.

‘The problem was the person who recognized me are human being like George.’

“……But I’m still not good enough. You’re a much better alchemist than I am.”

Bruno moved his aesthetic lips as if he had lost confidence.

“Would it be okay if you appointed a humble scholar like me as the co-research director?”

“If you think so, wouldn’t you want to learn alchemy while working with me?”

“It’s my constitution to study alone.”

“There are limits to be alone. For example…..”

I pulled out the last bastion to persuade the hesitant Bruno.

“Rona, take out Genevite.”

Like the Black Dragon, giant-class monsters are rare.

Therefore, the opportunity to study closely is more likely to come only once in the alchemist’s life, or not at all.

“Th-this is…….! Is it a black dragon cub?”

Bruno’s eyes, which had been sinking timidly, became lively as soon as Rona checked Genevite out of her arms.

“Yes, it hasn’t been long since it hatched.”

Sooner or later I’ll be boast of his size as a house, but Genevite is still ababy dragoin with its head the size of my thumb.

“Oh my God. So cute!”

Bruno covered his mouth with both hands in admiration.

“It is still cute. Soon it will grow into a fearsome black dragon.”

When I touched its head with my fingertips, the dragon spat out a weak fire as if displeased.

“Fire breath! T-the black dragon just fire breath, Madam!”

It was too shabby a fire to give a grand name like fire breath, but Bruno’s eyes lit up as if he couldn’t believe the sight in front of him.

“I can’t believe I’m witnessing fire breath!”

“Do you like the dragon? If you work with me, you’ll see it every day.”

I grinned at Bruno, who couldn’t think of getting his hand out of me.

“As a down payment, I will give you all the profits we will earn from the Neuronia potion. How about it?”

All the profits.

It may sound like an outrageous proposition, but Neuronia is the drug he would make in the future.

I used his method of manufacturing, so it is a natural reward.

“Ne-Neuronia potion?”

“Yes, Neuronia potion.”

“Isn’t that potion advertised in Madame Delacroix’s chatter?”

Bruno opened his mouth with tears in his eyes, as if he was very moved.

“Why are you so……”

“I know the value of your research.”

No exaggeration, Bruno is literally a genius of the century.

‘He is too precious to be buried like the past.’

The value of the techniques, artifacts, and high-performance potions he developed was endless.

‘Although it was the result of my father’s slaving him away.’

If I were to assist him, who already knows his major research, Bruno could achieve more accomplishments than before.

“Okay, I’ll trust you, Madam.”

“Call me Rita.”

“Okay, Rita.”

I smiled and nodded at Bruno, who grabbed my hand.

In this case, Roscoe Cardinale lost all of its flagship sales products that could increase the size of his top.

Sirta’s Mana Stone.


And me too.

‘I’ll pay you back in double.’

No, double is not enough.

Because I am going to pay you back all the times, even the share of Yvonne.

I bit my lips, stroking my cheeks that still had redness left.

My revenge hasn’t even begun yet.

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