So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince

So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince C61-70

Chapter 65

“…Are you kidding me?”

I wanted to move on with a clumsy smile, but Oscar’s half-shadowed face is too serious.

“If it is not a joke, are you going to run away?”

Her mouth, which had always been sly, didn’t think of moving today.

‘What should I say?’

I didn’t mean to hurt Oscar, but I couldn’t afford to understand his feelings in this situation where I couldn’t do anything.

‘If it’s not just a simple desire, but a serious like to me…..’

I couldn’t find a word to answer his question, so I hesitated to answer.

Then Oscar, who tilted his head obliquely, shrugged.

“Just kidding, my queen. Don’t be scared.”

Oscar smiled and picked up the bill as if it were about to fly away.

“Do I have to pick up this bill?”


Oscar tapped the bridge of my nose with his fingertips as if teasing me for not being able to come to my senses because I was contemplating his confession.

“You’re going to bankrupt the Imperial Bank. In order to do that, you’ll have to pick up the bill.”

I nodded indignantly at Oscar’s words, who knew exactly what I was planning.

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“I’ll be right back, so don’t go anywhere.”

Still smiling, I glanced up at Oscar’s handsome face, which somehow seemed weak.

‘Where’s the hound-like assassin who shows his teeth to everyone… “

I don’t know if there is only one such large dog left.

Is my relationship with Oscar twisting as I return to the past?

I smiled as I stopped him biting his fingers nervously.

“Katan is like my home now, where am I going?”



“You’ve always wanted to run away, my queen.”

I was heartbroken by Oscar’s leaking words, but shook my head without showing it.

“I’m not going anywhere, so go ahead.”


With a sight of relief at my words, Oscar pushed his curly hair to me.

“I know I’m just a dog that listens to you now.”

As I stroked his hair like a inertia, he opened his mouth like a whisper.

“I won’t cross the line.”

Oscar swallowed his breath as if he were swallowing his emotions.

“Just don’t run away.”


I’m sorry I couldn’t give him any confidence.

* * *

A bill is like a kind of debt owed by bank to its investors.

Roscoe Cardinale took advantage of the fact that the Imperial Bank is Raspechia’s largest bank and raised funds after issuing huge bills to investors.

‘And the cargo ship loaded with the things that he bought with the funds raised like that will soon be wrecked.’

Because I’ll make it like that.

At the northern end of Katan, a mountain of snow that does not melt in the summer, and at the eastern end is the Red Sea, which is impossible to make a port due to waves that didn’t not fall asleep.

I sat on a gray cliff where the rough waves clashed and pulled out the emerald I had received in exchange for saving the mermaid boy.

“O God of the sea.”

I solemnly called the name of God, but there is no answer except the sound of the cool waves washing my ears.

‘Isn’t this how you call it?’

Alchemists were basically profane people who did not believe in God.

However, it was impossible to deny the existence of a real god.

Kiera, the goddess of the sea, is not a divine being believed by humans, but she is the king of all mermaids and a transcendent being.

‘Should I call your name?’


I knocked on the emerald, calling the name of the goddess who had no answer.

However, the brilliant emerald, which represents the new green season, only shines without a movement.

‘I’m sure she said Kiera would grant me a wish if I offered her this jewel.’

I laughed in vain in a feeling of despondent mood.

Didn’t you believe in mermaids?

Holding an emerald in my hand, I looked down at the white bubbling cliff.

“I didn’t have to wreck a cargo ship to make Roscoe bankrupt.”

I was too desperate to believe in the mermaid’s fleeting infirmities and not prepare if that doesn’t work.

‘But the quickest way to bankrupt the Imperial Bank is to use this jewel.’

That’s why I’ve been waiting for Roscoe Cardinale to invest a lot of money to buy in the cargo ship.

“There’s nothing we can do about it.”

I sighed and threw the useless emerald down the cliff.

If I couldn’t summon the god of the sea, that little emerald thing, it was nothing compared to the jewel mountains rolling in my vault now.


I turned my back without hesitation after seeing the sound of emerald, the size of a fist, falling into the rough sea.


At that moment, I would have gone back to Katan without hesitation if I hadn’t heard a scream under the cliff.

‘Did someone fall off or something?’

But now no one has climbed this cliff except me.

Standing tall in place, I turned my back slowly and bent down.

As I held my head close to the edge of the cliff for fear of falling, the blue waves swept toward me.

“You don’t have a place of honor!”

White waves, like beer foam, immediately swelled up and formed the shape of a child.


“Don’t you have a place of honor? Why throw a sleeping old man into the sea!”

I looked down obliquely at the child screaming at me.


“How dare you talk down to me! I would be thousands older than you!”

Do gods even get one year older every millennium?

The child who claimed to be the god of the sea is small enough not to come to my waist.

I asked, looking down at a little bubble boy who thought he was barely of Yvonne’s age.

“Didn’t they say you’re a goddess?”

“Do you think gender matters to God?”

I nodded bitterly at the child’s reaction to my question.

‘Come to think of it, yes.’

“Anyway, Sir Kiera, thank you for accepting my call like this.”

“It’s a shame to answer the call! I was taking a nap and you threw me! Don’t you just knock on my door!”

I scratched my jaw at Kiera’s shout in anger.

“I didn’t know you were living in this jewel.”

The mermaid gave me emeralds to use when calling out the god of the sea.

But I never dreamed that the god lived in the emerald.

“You…. live in very simple life.”

I thought the god of the sea would build a temple bigger than an Imperial Palace in the deep sea.

“What? Simple? Are you laughing at my house?”

“No, I’m not laughing. How could I.”

I kept trying to curl up at the pointy lips of the furious Kiera.

“Anyway, what did you wake me up for?”

“I have a favor to ask of you. The mermaid who gave me the emerald said the god of the sea would help me.”

“Darn it, that seaweed-assess kid sold me out again?”

Kiera distorted his expression at my words.

“Well, all right, a promise is a promise. What’s your wish?”

I drooled down at Kiera, who blinked his fluffy white eyelashes.

“My wish is…..”

“Wait, you have only one chance to call me with this emerald, so you’d better be careful.”

As I was about to say my wish, I found a loophole in the child’s biting warning and flinched my nose.

I have one chance to call him?

“Then can I say a few wishes?”

“Ha? Don’t roll your head. There is limit extent for God can be personally involved in the affairs of human.”

I didn’t mean to pry, but Kiera added proudly, facing my blank face.

“The existence of transcendent like us should be great. If you get too involved, the continent will fall.”

I quickly understood the habit of Kiera, who likes to show off, raised my thumb as if he is amazing.

“Somehow, I felt a great energy in the jewels.”

“Really? As expected, right? It’s the jewel I chose as my home. It’s made of hundreds of pure mermaid tears.”

Wow, Kiera started to talk about how he collected the mermaid’s tears, as well as how he liked my reaction by clapping my hands.

‘Mermaid have a weakness for tickling.’

The mermaid’s tears are one of the treasures of great value, so I should remember them.

“But Sir Kiera is the best of the gods, right?”

“Huh? Uh, well, that’s what do you think so?”

“If I dare to judge from my humble eyes, it seems so.”

“Yes! You know something.”

I smiled beautifully, stroking the back of Kiera’s hand, nodding coolly.

“……So, how many times can a brilliant God like Sir Kiera get involved in human affairs?”

“Other gods are once every five hundred years at most, but I am twice……! Oops.”

Kiera, who was responding excitedly to my question, realized his mistake and quickly shut his mouth.

But the water had already been spilled.

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