So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince

So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince C61-70

Chapter 67

Why divorce all of a sudden…..?

“Yes? What do you mean?”

I tilted my head curiously at Joseph’s abrupt remarks.

Only then did I remember him saying to me, ‘He didn’t sign the contract’.

“Do you have any complaints about the contract?”

It isn’t even a bad marriage contract for him, as the conditions are to develop Katan and help Carlo ascend to the throne.

‘Is there anything else you want?’

When I asked, Joseph’s hand held on to my shoulder gave me strength.

It didn’t hurt, but I looked down at the blue veins that stood out on the back of his hand and blinked.

“If you didn’t like the terms, we can rewrite them.”

The contract I gave Joseph is to reassure him anyway.

To tell him that I won’t do any harm to Katan and I won’t interfere between him and Ibelina.

“…I don’t want to write.”

I opened my eyes gently at Joseph’s slow-moving lips.

“I don’t want to write such a contract. I’m with my wife……”

His last words became blurred.

Feeling a little frustrated, I tapped the ground with my heel, tilted my head and put my hand on Joseph’s hand.

“Your Highness, I understand you don’t want to write a contract, so please listen to my request first.”

I showed Joseph the emerald in my hand, recalling the meeting with Kiera.

“It’s a jewel given to me by the god of the sea in exchange for helping the mermaid. to summon him one more time.”

Kiera’s power has already been used once to overthrow the cargo ship at the top of the Cardinale.

Two wishes were given to me because a childlike god even told me that he could be involved in the affairs of humans once more.

“I’d like to use Kiera’s help to build a port that can trade with Odobelli.”

The reason Katan, facing the sea, has been so slow in commercial development because there is no port.

‘Even if Kiera is quieting the rough waves, Joseph must subdue the dark forest monsters that are connected to the sea.’

A much safer route than now is needed to allow a large number of people to enter and exit the port.

“All right, I’ll organize the subjugation squad.”

Joseph nodded neatly at my explanation.

“Thank you.”

I looked up at my husband who willingly believed and followed my will and closed his eyes.

“Let’s talk again about what you’re complaining about with the contract.”

“I’ll tell you when I’m done thinking.”

I nodded at Joseph’s words.

“All right.”

“And I have a favor to ask of you too.”

“Yes, go ahead.”

He slowly opened his mouth, looking at me slowly.

“Can I borrow an Oscar Spina?”

I opened my eyes wide at the unexpected words that popped out of Joseph’s mouth.

“Do you need something to move Spina? Your Highness?”

Oscar is an assassin.

Spina also served as intelligence guild, but it is basically an assassination guild.

Katan is a place that always had to risk life and death to fight monsters, and it wouldn’t be a territory that required politics or assassination.

“Yes. There is an urgent need to use secret agents, and all of Katan’s secret agents are being used by Carlo.”

Is it a matter of the throne?

I nodded to Joseph’s polite face, as if I had nothing to worry about.

“Okay, I’ll tell you.”

Oscar is basically an informant working for the Roscoe Cardinale.

But it had already been months since he had not returned to the Cardinale.

‘Probably lost interest in Roscoe.’

The object of his interest is me, and as long he didn’t lost interest in me, he would do all my request.

“Where should I send Oscar?”

“I have a secret letter to deliver to Tiu, the mercenary king of Dome.”


At Joseph’s words, I opened my mouth slightly.

Dome is so far away that it couldn’t even be considered as a neighbor.

The small Allied Dome, attached to the eastern end of the continent, had to cross the desert to get there.

By the way, how does Joseph know Dome’s mercenary king?

‘If it’s Oscar, he would be able to go there in a month.’

Joseph smiled softly and put my side hair behind my ears, as if he had found a curiosity in my eyes.

“He’s a mercenary hired by Raspechia for the Western War.”

As I stepped back, blushing at Joseph’s natural skinship, I nodded in a hurry.

“Okay, I’ll tell him.”

It must be important if he barely brought it up because he never asked me a favor.

* * *

Returning to his office, Joseph quickly began to write a letter.

[Tiu, I’m doing fine.]

Eight years have passed since we won the war against the Western Allies.

The friendship with the comrades who bumped shoulders on the battlefield is also long enough to fade.

Joseph slanted his eyebrows to recall the face of King Mercenary, who had a vague memory, and smoothed his pen point, which he did not even think about moving.

“…Your Highness, what are you doing?”

Manuel, who returned from Dante’s errand, walked up to Joseph.

He glanced at the young servant and turned to a letter-paper filled with white space.

“I’m writing a letter to Tiu.”

“Tiu? The mercenary king Tiu?”


“Did something happen to him?”

Manuel loved the story of the Western Conquest where his master acted like a hero, and he also liked the mercenary king who helped Joseph and led the mercenaries.

The boy, who was disappointed at Joseph, who did not give news to the people he was with on the battlefield, turned back with his eyes glistening.

“Oh, that’s it?”

Joseph’s letter is so simple that it couldn’t be considered a letter.

What kind of letter is that contain ‘I’m doing well’?

“Why on earth would you send it?”

Manuel opened mouth at Joseph, who sealed the piece of paper, which could not be considered a letter, as if it were confidential.

‘He’s not the kind of person who would do something useless.’

Joseph was already dethroned but more imperial than anyone else, with no laws of crossing the line with a sharp observance of courtesy.

And when he crosses the line every now and then, it always-

“Aren’t you trying to send Oscar Spina to the Dome?”

Manuel frowned and grabbed Joseph’s arm pressing down on the wax on the envelope.

“To get him off from Madam?”

Joseph glanced at his quick-witted young servant, but did not give an answer.

“Well, it’s not that I don’t understand your heart.”

Manuel shrugged when he heard from Dante that Oscar had visited Joseph’s office.

“Because when I had a crush on Bonite, I did everything I could to separate Bonite from Daniel’s son.”

He was only a sixteen-year-old, but had more experience in women than Joseph.

“That’s what unrequited love is all about. I understand your Highness.”

There was a difference of 1 and 0, but Manuel kicked his tongue and even patted his naive master on the back.

“…because of your private feelings.”

“I’m not doing this, Manuel.”

Joseph turned his head, cleaning Manuel’s hands as if they were annoying.

“Oscar Spina is a dangerous person. I just need time to judge if he’s really worthy of my wife side.”

“But Madam is not a child.”

Far from being a child, she is wiser and more mature than anyone else in Katan.

“Wouldn’t it be okay if she chose to keep him around?”

Manuel shrugged, reciting Rita’s reputation, which had been completely overturned within Katan.

“Besides, even if he’s a really dangerous person, what would you do if Madam said it’s okay?”

Giuseppe’s neat mouth flinched at Manuel’s question, but he opened his mouth firmly without hesitation.

“Then you have to respect the will of Madam.”

The difference is that the feelings he had for Rita is different from the ‘unrequited love’ described by Dante and Maneul.

Joseph intended to respect Rita’s choice if she finally chose Oscar.

Because he had accepter Cardinale’s marriage talk to set Rita free in the first place.

She wanted to get out of Raspechia, and he had to protect Katan, so he couldn’t keep her by his side.

‘It’s only because I’m worried that my heart is hurts.’

Joseph is quite adept at self-control.

Neither the golden throne nor the Imperial family from which he had spent all his childhood, he gave up too easily for his brother and for the safety of the Empire.

‘I can’t be greedy for my wife.’

So when he thinks of Oscar and Rita, his mouth gets bitter, it must be because he’s worried.

Joseph concluded so.

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