So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince

So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince C61-70

Chapter 69

Sabrina trembled with betrayal and glared at George’s flat head.

I was so angry and ashamed that my whole body felt like blood was being drawn to my face.

‘You’re bald.…!’

How dare you call me humble when you’ve lost all you hair at the age of thirty?

The door that Sabrina swung open made a bang sound.


The face of Georges who found her turned white.

“Now, what do you mean? I must have heard it wrong, right?”

Sabrina bit her lips as she tried to calm her trembling mouth.

“How can you say such a thing about me who has been waiting for you Highness for so long?”

When Sabrina says she’s pregnant, he’ll take her to the palace. It’s George who promised.

However, under the pretext of Queen Ursula questioned her status, he did not even take Sabrina as his Imperial maid.

Eventually, she was forced to stay in Katan, living in dog food and acorns.

Even after Rita risked her life although it was a planned move- to save Sabrina from monsters, Katan’s servants regarded Sabrina as a despicable maid with no loyalty.

She hasn’t even threatened anyone since she made a fuss about pregnant with George’s child.

‘Even if I try to talk to Manuel, I get rejected, and the Grand Duke, who is obviously an eunuch, doesn’t even look at me!’

She wanted to get back into Rita’s eyes again and restore her condition, but it was impossible because Rita didn’t come to the Grand Duchy for a long time to treat Carlo’s leg.

‘In the end, I was left alone in this empty castle and had to be looked down upon by the people.’

Even though I am a maid, I’m Sabrina, who received the Count’s love at the Cardinale.

Her work used to be to hold her precious lady’s dress and go to the ball, but now her hands and feet are all swollen from doing chores.

‘Why did I follow her all the way to Katan!’

It was all for George.

“Sabrina, I didn’t mean for you to hear me. I’m sorry.”

George continued without raising his head as if he was really sorry.

“I’m sorry for Sabrina, but I mean everything I just said, Rita. She’s the only one who misunderstood.”

But it wasn’t meant for Sabrina.

George knelt in front of Rita on the sofa with his back turned away from Sabrina.

“I love you. Not your maid.”

In order to confess his love, he fearlessly dares.


A big smile burst out between Sabrina’s bright red lips.

‘You’re crazy!’

I wanted to jump in right away and strangle myself to death, but I couldn’t.

Because I’m just a lowly maid, as he said.

Sabrina walked out of the parlor, swallowing her trembling anger.

* * *

I squinted the pale face of George kneeling in front of me.

It’s gross.

George, who had lost his once-shining beauty, has become such an unpleasant man that I don’t want to keep looking at all the time.

‘Even his skin has lost is appearance, so it’s natural.’

At a certain age, the personality is revealed in his appearance. That’s exactly how George looked like that.

“Rita, don’t abandon me, will you?”

George, in a very sad voice, clinged to  me and buried his face in my lap.


But it was just disgusting.

The reason why he’s begging me now is obvious.

‘He noticed that Cardinale is in jeopardy.’

George is not brilliant, but he is quick to sense and a man who avoided the crisis.

If the financial power of the Cardinale runs low, he will have problems, so he is clinging to myself, who has started to make a fortune in the alchemy business.

‘Because if he lose me to the royalist faction, he will think that it will be difficult for him to ascend to the throne.’

George never loved me, but he wasn’t stupid enough not to know I am a talent.

“Don’t do this, Prince.”

I glanced at the back of George’s shiny hair and clicked my tongue.

“There is no need for the Prince to kneel to me.”

I frowned at the feeling that my knee against George is rotting.

“Your face looks uncomfortable. As expected, you’re not happy because you still love me, right?”

It’s not that. It’s because I’m offended.

I couldn’t stand the physiological reaction and ended up sickening on top of George’s head.


“…Why, what’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?”

“No, I’m fine, so could you step aside?”

The smell of lilies wafted all over George, as if he had been bathing in perfume rather than spraying perfume.

The lily is a poisonous flower that would kill a person to fall asleep in a closed room full of lilies.

“The perfume smells so bad.”

“Oh? Ah, sorry. I’ve been trying to make it up with you.”

I rubbed my nose while staring at George’s drooping eyes.

“Prince, you don’t have to tell me not to abandon you.”

At my words, George’s blue eyes shone with hope.

I added quickly because I didn’t want to see him happy even for a moment.

“Because I’ve never had prince.”


“How can I abandon the Prince who has nothing?”

I got up from my seat, beating Georges’s deluded body.

“But I will not betray you.”

So far.


Georges smiled with relief at what I said, but I left the drawing room without giving a look.

‘Now I’m hanging on.’

I had already left the ship.

A ship that left the harbor a long time ago, shattered and sunk in the open sea.

* * *

“Madam, Genevite’s headquarters are just around here. Would you like to take a look?”

Jenia raised her hand to stop the carriage as I nodded willingly.

“The reaction is very explosive.”

It was in the gray square in the inner city of Katan that she escorted me instead of the knight.

Katan, which is far from the capital, is naturally slow to develop compared to the South, which is full of goods.

A tall red brick building stood out between Katan’s old wooden buildings.

[Genevite 1st Store]

I glanced at the sign of the building with the black dragon’s tail wrapped around it.

“The construction of the fifth store is about to be completed.”

In the end, Genevite was forced to increase its branches because it could not handle the surging demand.

“These days, I can’t even go home because I’m busy.”

It hasn’t been long since we opened our first store, but we’re already opening our fifth store.

It was natural that Jenia, who runs the brand in earnest, was much busier than me, who focuses only on the development of recipes and artifacts of potions.

I entered the store with a smile on my face at the contradictory proud sound of Jenia’s.

“Welcome, my lord!”

“Yes, you’re working hard, aren’t you?”

“Oops, ma’am!”

“Guys, the Lord is here!”

When the clerks found out that I am the Grand Duchess of Katan, they were startled and bent down.

“Madam is smart, but you’re also very kind-hearted. You wanted to build the first store in Katan for the people of Katan, right?”

In front of the clerks, Jenia began to flaunt me.

I answered with my eyes slightly open to find out what she was up to.

“…Katan is a place where there is a shortage of jobs.”

Although the land for farming was increased due to the success of artificial red soil development, Katan is still a barren land.

“Oh my God, it was thanks to madam that you were able to sell Genevite’s products as Katan’s specialty!”

“Ah, really?”

“I heard madam is the one who developed artificial red soil for the people of Katan!”

At Jenia’s words, the clerks made a fuss and stamped their feet.

They didn’t say anything wrong.

Still I blushed because I am shy.


The young clerk, who hid in the corner and rolled his eyes shyly, popped out when I was about to take a step following Jenia’s guidance that she had created my own private space in the first store.

“My name is Norma. I have something to tell you.”

A girl clerk named Norma knelt before me without waiting for me to stop.

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