So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince

So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince C61-70

Chapter 61


Someone’s exclamation caught my ear sharply.

“It’s Prince Carlo! Everybody, set an example!”

Carlo is not enough to break into the courtroom, so he had his attendant slowly stomped on the road paved with the red carpet and appeared.

“Priest Rafael just said he is crippled!”

People began murmur at the sight of Carlo, who is not fine but in high spirits.

He hasn’t appeared in public for quite some time, so it is a natural reaction.

“Long time no see, Sir Conti.”

“I see the little sun of Raspechia.”

As Carlo swept his bangs up to show his forehead, the judge quickly came down and knelt down.

“Carlo Raspechia Angelos. Will you allow me, the first heir to the throne of the Empire and the Emperor’s heir, to stand as a witness?”

“Yes, Sir  Carlo. The sinner is related to the Prince, so do as you please.”

At the permission of Sir Conti, Carlo spoke clearly with a clearer pronunciation than usual.

“Rafael, you said it was impossible for me to walk on two feet again.”

“I, Prince……”

Carlo approached Rafael, who was surprised and could not even shut his mouth, and spoke leisurely.

“Unless Lorenzia does a miracle, I will never be on the war again. Do you know what that means to me, the heir to the throne of Raspechia?”

Carlo’s red eyes, with his molars clenched tight, is burning as if he is about to tear Rafael to death at any moment.

“It meant that I had to give up the throne. Trusting you, I had no choice but to be stuck in a monastery like a scoundrel.”

“But I’m sure……! It was definitely an incurable disease!”

“Are you saying you can’t see my fine legs in your eyes? After refusing your treatment, my legs are getting better in just two months.”

Carlo grabbed Rafael by the collar, who shaking his head in disbelief.

“Argh, argh!”

Rafael’s paper-thin body fluttered in the air, but even Sir Conti could not stop Carlo.

It was clear that he, the most promising prince in the Empire, almost gave up the throne because of the lies of the priest who he believed and he followed like his father.

‘Well, I’m sure he wasn’t lying to be exact.…’

Carlo’s legs couldn’t be cured with the holy power or medical developed so far.

Neuronia potion is only available seven years from now.

‘But it’s true that he said that Carlo is cursed and he locked him in a bedroom out of sunlight.’

A man who can’t comfort a frustrated boy and take care of his heart, trying to use his weakness to destroy his mind.

The reason Carlo was cut off from the outside world must have been to isolate him and make him depend only to Rafael.

In fact, even Joseph has not met his brother for a long time because Carlo refused to meet people.

“Let me testify again. Rafael, the priest, had deceived me that the injury to my leg was an indelible sin and a curse.”

Standing upright in the center of the judge, Carlo took off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves.

“I wasted my time in the bedroom as a prisoner, believing in him that sunlight would make it worse.”

As if to prove what he said, his forearms were not white and pale, so there was no sign.

“Such a terrible thing!”

Sir Conti, who tipped off Carlo, but did not know exactly what had happened, struck the table with his fist.

“How could the priest have so brutally violated the Prince, who has the right to succeed to the throne so horribly!”

It would have been unacceptable for him, the main axis of the Imperial family.

“What are the holy knights doing? Prison the sinner Rafaell! Your Highness, not me, will bring you down!”

Tak! Tak! Tak!

When Sir Conti knocked hard on the table with the baton, the holy knights who had stayed to hold me changed their direction and reached out to Rafael.

“L-let go of me! Let go!”

Rafael struggled in panic, but there is no way a priest can stop the movement of the trained holy knights.

“Saint, help me! Saint!”

Rafael, who was dragged away by the Holy Knights, began to cry and shout Ibelina’s name.

However, Ibelina, who had been turning a blind eye to Rafael since the moment Carlo appeared, approached Carlo, as if she had not heard him shout.


As if she had missed Carlo very much, Ibelina, who held his hand, smiled brightly.

“You’re really all better. Lina is so happy.”

But Carlo’s face isn’t so bright.

“Yes, I’m all better.”

Carlo backed down half a step, hinting a little disappointed.

But Ibelina didn’t care and got close to him.

“I guess my prayers have finally reached Lorenzia! I prayed every day for your leg to heal quickly.”

‘She doesn’t seem to want to admit that it’s the effect of my potion.’

It was too revealing, but it didn’t matter because I didn’t really want to get her approval.

The eyes of me and Carlo, who were watching Ibelina with indifferent eyes, were intertwined.

With a refreshing smile, he soon came up to me and bent down.

“Thank you, sister-in-law.”

I smiled at Carlo, who kissed me lightly on the back of my hand.

“It’s all thanks to my brother-in-law.”

I was a little surprised by the first name I heard from him, but I nodded nonchalantly without showing it.

“You showed up at just the right time.”

“Of course, it’s my sister-in-law’s request.”

You’ve never recognized me as Joseph’s wife, but you’re a good talker.

I glanced at the slick Carlo without hating him.

“Carlo, are you mad at Lina?”

Ibelina, who was watching Carlo’s back swaying in front of me, suddenly stuck her head out.

“I think there was some misunderstanding about Sir Rafael. Lina really never imagined Sir Rafael would lie like that.”

Ibelina was almost about to cry, but Carlo only looked down at her hand, which held her arm tightly, with his red eyes that look cold.

‘I thought they are brothers with no resemblance.’

Carlo’s face, which seemed like a rich man who is immature, looked quite like Joseph when he became cold.


As he looked down at Ibelina’s hand, which held in vain, he soon lifted Ibelina’s chin with his fingertips.

“I’ll trust you just once, Ibelina. Thinking of the years you and I spent together.”

At Carlo’s calm warning, Ibelina’s eyes quickly became moist.

But there is no one to comfort her.

* * *

★Lopez Top Exclusive

The legendary Elixir that healed Prince Carlo’s leg, on a limited sale!

“…is this the advertisement you were talking about?”

“You don’t look good. Don’t you like the advertisement?”

I clicked my tongue lightly at the rather exaggerated phrase on the glittering billboard.

“My potion is not like an elixir. It’s just a drug that connects broken nerves. You can’t make a leg that isn’t there to grow.”

Not dissatisfied with my indifferent reaction, Jenia frowned and opened her mouth.

“But it’s an advertisement in Madame Delacroix’s chatter. You know it’s the most popular newsletter on the Capital.”

Jenia picked up the teacup, kicking her tongue as if she were giving me a pebble.

“In addition, the advertised newsletter is due tomorrow, but orders are already pouring in. It must have gone viral.”

“That’s a relief.”

I needed Capital to move before the mining of Mana Stone was finished, but Neuronia potion seemed to solve my problem unexpectedly.

“Did you find the alchemist I asked for?”

“Yes, as Madam said, he lives in a estate close to Katan?”

I nodded lightly at Jenia’s words.

‘I knew it. The closer the territory is to Katan, the more generous they will be toward alchemist and people who study magic.’

The person I asked Jenia to find is none other than Bruno, an alchemist who will develop Neuronia potions in the future.

‘He had a natural talent, but he died without seeing the light.’

I put a bitter smile on my mouth, recalling Bruno’s tired face I had last seen in the past.

As a rare genius, he introduced a unique and highly effective potion to the world.

However, he was caught up in unfair contracts at the top of the Cardinale and ended up died of overwork.

‘I hope he hasn’t already started trading with the Cardinale.’

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