So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince

So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince C81-90

Chapter 81

Lorenzia’s Feast is just around the corner.

Biting the tips of my nails in nervousness that I couldn’t miss the chance to meet Yvonne again, I turned my attention to the Red sea of Katan, which had just begun to build a port.

‘How can you make such a rough wave so quiet.’

Even though it seemed like a child to show off its strength, Kiera seemed to be a transcendent.

‘It’s not easy for Joseph, who has eliminated all the monsters on the way to the port.’

Besides, Isn’t Joseph human unlike Kiera.

Joseph, who removed all the goods on the way to the harbor, is a formidable one.

He has frightening force to be measure.

I shrugged as I gazed at the turquoise color sea, which looked so calm that it looked like a lake.

‘We’ve secured the export route for Mana Stone, and the Imperial Bank has gone bankrupt as planned.’

As I expected, Roscoe Cardinale first sell his mine when the Imperial Bank faced bankruptcy.

He wouldn’t have even dreamed that ‘Anndantes’ couple, who bought his property, is the name of Katan’s butler, Dante and her wife, Ann.’

We  bought only a mine owned by Roscoe that could be actively mined in the future, so the mine he had in his hand would soon be useless as a piece of tissue.

‘But that’s not enough.’

All I wanted is the complete downfall of the Roscoe Cardinale.

Because it was not enough to simply take away part of his property.

“Madam, the carriage has arrived.”

I stood up nodding at Rona’s words.

“Madam is always beautiful, but today you’re really blinding.”

Smirking at Rona’s exaggerated compliments, I pulled up the long lace gloves covering my elbows.

‘It’s been a long time since I’ve visited the Cardinale.’

Dressed up like a typical Southern lady, I got into the carriage heading to my hometown, which I no longer miss.

* * *

“What brings you to such a humble place, Grand Duchess?”

I slyly raised the corners of my lips that appeared out of the veil on the fat face of Viscount Vicenze.

“Long time no see, Viscount.”

“Come in for now.”

Although he seemed disappointed, he stepped aside from the door to see if he could not ignore the Grand Duchess.

Unlike Katan, which strictly regulates gambling, Cardinale is a city of pleasure.

I knew Roscoe Cardinale frequently went in and out of Vicenze’s own gambling house.

“There’s a lot of rumour that your Highness has been raking away your money these days.”

The Viscount, who had his servant to bring the tea, glanced at me, decorated with expensive valuables.

All of them were jewels that Jenia gave me, saying thank you for giving her the opportunity to distribute Genevite.

“Hmm. Well, I would be lying if I said no.”

I reached out to the teacup, waving my finger with a ring studded with the ruby the size of a fist.

“By the way, I heard my father is having a hard time paying the bills on time these days.”

“How do you…..?”

“There is no such thing as a secret between father and daughter.”

I replied with a smile on Vicenze’s face.

Of course, it is a blatant lie.

‘I was just guessing that the Cardinale didn’t have enough money to pay the debt to the gambling house on time.’

“I’m here today to pay off my father’s debt.”

“Oh my God! I thought that your relationship with the Count wasn’t very close, but there’re filial piety.”

Vicenze opened his eyes and hurriedly brought the books.

‘It seems that my father owes him a lot of debt.’

However, Roscoe’s gambling debt on the books was only a small sum of money compared to what I earned from Genevite and what I will earn in the future.

“Please keep it a secret that I have payed my father’s debt. He would be ashamed to have opened his hands to his children.”

“Is there any possibility. Why didn’t I ever know that Grand Duchess is so filial to the lord.”

His greedy face showed signs of regret that he did not find me to collect my father’s debt.

“My father is more shy than he looks. So I don’t think you’re going to tell my story to outside.”

“I see.”

“By the way, I want to surprise my father for his upcoming birthday. Can you help me?”

To celebrate Roscoe Cardinale’s birthday, I, who had hidden my dark wish inside that would completely drive him into the abyss, patted the back of Vicenze’s hand, pretending to be filial daughter.


Vicenze’s face, which made eye contact with me, instantly turned red.

‘At time like this, just smile with my eyes folded…..’

“I’ll do you any favors. Just tell me.”

Most people would be anxious to do my request.

‘It’s been a while since I used this method, but it still works.’

I smiled contentedly as I recalled the time when I was pretending to be the social flower.

“I want to play a big game for my father. He told me that life is boring these days.”

“If it’s a big game, how much are you talking about?”

“About half a million blois?”

“H-half million blois?”

Vicenzo’s gambling house wasn’t that big, so he freaked out and opened his jaw.

“Yes. But the Viscount know that It’s just a joke compared to the wealth of Cardinale.”

If it was a Cardinale in the past, it wouldn’t be heartbreaking to lose 500,000 blois.

‘But for the current Roscoe Cardinal, it’s all his property.’

It would have been about that much, including my inheritance and all the shares of Katan absorbed by Cardinale.

Imperial Bank.

A cargo ship where a huge amount of money was invested.

And mines, the main source of income for the estate.

Roscoe Cardinale, who has lost everything, must have planned to use my inheritance to reclaim his fortune.

Roscoe Cardinale is a man with great sensibility when it came to dealing with goods.

So he might make a comeback, but I had no intention of watching him build his fortune again.

“That’s right. Half a million blois for the Count might be a good amount to bet for entertaiment.”

Vicenze nodded briefly, accepting what I said.

“And I’d like to join the game. Of course, it’s a secret from my father.”

I handed the half mask I prepared in advance to the Viscount.

“It’s a surprise gift.”

“Oh, we sometimes hold masquerades as a special event, so he won’t have any doubts.”

“Thank you, Vicenze.”

As I whispered and gently stroked his shoulder, his neck turned red.

Satisfied with his obedient response, I stood up.

‘The trap is ready…..’

Now it is time to trap the rabbit.

* * *

“What are you doing here?”

Leaving Vicenze’s gambling house, I quickly ride a carriage to the mansion of the Cardinale.

“Without contact. That’s rude.”

As soon as Roscoe Cardinale, who had a bitter face, checked my face in the drawing room, he distorted his expression.

“I came because I was worried about my father. I heard the cargo ship was wrecked.”

It was none other than me who wrecked the cargo ship loaded with Odobelli artifacts, which he had invested all of his fortune.

But I bit my lips as if I was very sorry about the incident.

“There’s even a rumor going around that Imperial Bank is on the verge of bankruptcy.”

“W-who’s talking such nonsense! Cardinale is still alive!”

My father trembled and raised his voice as if I had been exposed his secrets.

“Before you worry about Cardinale, find out and report any weakness of Joseph Katan!”

I covered the corners of my mouth creeping up with caution not to laugh at Roscoe’s wicked words.

‘If Joseph’s weakness.…’

There is no way that I could find what I couldn’t even find in the past when I tried my best to dig up his weakness.

He is an incredibly clean lord to me who grew up watching a poor aristocrat like Roscoe Cardinale.

“I’m glad you’re all right. I heard something strange from Vicenze.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

I continued, picking words to scratch his nerves.

“He said that father didn’t show up at the casino these day because you’re ran out of money.”

“Wh-what! How dare that bastard Vicenze frame me like that!”

Roscoe is the most horrible human being to have an old, poor, shabby modifier put before my name.

I pretended to wonder at Roscoe’s anger, who is so angry that  a vein is standing on his nack.

“That’s what people who used to love gambling say because they don’t go to the gambling house.”

“I was just sick and tired of it for a while! I must go to Vicenze right now and press his nose.”

“Do it, Father. You’d better do that.”

I walked out of the Cardinale mansion with a light walk, leaving the raging Roscoe behind.

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