So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince

So I Married an Abandoned Crown Prince C91-100

Chapter 91

The man who called the Pope his mother on his knees was George, who ran all the way to Katan and hung on to me.

“Mother, help me! I have to be Emperor so I can protect my mother!”

His desperate words relaxed the Pope.

She stroked the grown George on his hair as if he were a child.

“George, I know your subject. Who are you saying you can protect?”

Her voice was cold, unlike her delicate touch.

George bit his lips, unable to resist the Pope pulling his hair back.

“Mo-Mother…… but I did everything my mother told me to do. I seduced Rita Cardinale, abandoned Sabrina, and eventually followed my mother’s will and even proposed to Ibelina.”

“Yes, you left the vulgar woman named Sabrina and you promised to make Ibelina your Empress. However.”

The Pope’s eyes shone in behind the white veil.

I gulped down my saliva, lest she pierce through the bookshelf and find me at her unusual gaze.

I gulped down in my unusual eyegloss to see me through the pages of a book.

‘If the person George called his mother……’

“The seduction of Rita Cardinale has failed miserably, my dear son.”

As I was looking at the disheveled pope’s blonde hair, I breathed in the Pope’s beautiful face slowly appearing in the veil.

‘Queen Ursula!’

Although he lost his brilliant beauty due to the side effects of the camouflage potion I made, the identity of the woman who looked exactly like George, who was once very beautiful, is Queen Ursula.

“It’s like a livestock that’s not even worth throwing away, and it’s uselessly ingrained.”

George’s face was horribly distorted by the sharp criticism of Queen Ursula.

I started drawing alchemy circle behind the bookshelf with my wrinkled face and trembling hands.

‘First, I have to hide my body.’

Oscar, who had an excellent hidden talent, was less likely to be discovered, but I wasn’t.

Holding the chalk in a hurry, I began to paint the alchemy circle of hiding without breathing.

Squeak. Squeak.

It was almost time for me to complete the formula when I started drawing alchemy circle on the back of a Bible book made of hardcover.

“For a moment.”

Ursula, who was criticizing George in a soft voice, raised her thin hand.

“George, check the back of the bookshelf.”


George, who was lying on the floor like a dog abandoned by his master, slowly rose from his seat at Ursula’s command.

Ursula briefly kicked her tongue, as if she didn’t like his aesthetic body moving.

“Hurry up, it looks like a rat is hiding.”

“Yes, mother.”

George, who came closer, put his hand behind the bookshelf where I hid myself.


I took a deep breath and activated the alchemy circle.


“There’s no one there, Mother.”

George, who was just around the corner, wrinkled his nose and swept through the dusty bookshelf.

If you pay a little attention, you will notice that the space is distorted.

However, George is not a human with such delicate eyesight.

“It must have been a real rat.”

George, who shrugged his shoulders, went back to the Queen and lay flat again.

“Mother, please tell me what to do next.”

It was a similar attitude to slaves subordinated to their owners rather than ordinary mother-and-child relationship.

I frowned at George’s stupid face, which looked more like a moron than usual.

“You couldn’t carry out my order to separate Rita Cardinale from Joseph Katan.”

“They weren’t even close enough to separate.”

“Do you have no head or no eyes? That’s why you didn’t get hold of a woman’s heart! You idiot!”

“…I’m sorry.”

Ursula licked her tongue and raised her elegantly crossed legs in the air.

“The oracle has come that the half-king would born in the North. We need to stop Joseph’s blood from leaking out.”

I shrugged at the Pope’s nervous muttering.

‘Why is the Pope so worried about the fall of the Angelos dynasty?’

After being discriminated against by the Emperor for being a bastard for the rest of his life, George hated the Angelos dynasty.

She, the Queen, didn’t have to try so hard to protect the dynasty.

‘I don’t think it’s half-king.…’

Didn’t it mean the person will be the king who would overthrow the Angelos dynasty?

I hugged a ship that I hadn’t even called yet.

“If you’re worried about the oracle, wouldn’t it be better to kill Joseph Katan?”

“If I could have killed him, I would have killed him sooner! I try all kinds of traps to kill him, and he never die. He’s a monster.”

Biting her nails, Ursula distorted her impression.

“So what about killing Rita Cardinale?”

“The important thing is not that woman, but his child.  You must kill Joseph’s child. That child will be the next Pope.”

Opening my eyes at the words of Queen Ursula, I forgot to breathe and pounded my chest in surprise.

If I hadn’t used alchemy, I’d be caught.

I couldn’t come to my senses because of the sudden influx of information.

‘Yvonne oracle is the next Pope.’

Yvonne’s oracle was not the half-king from North.

Lorenzia chose my child to be the next Pope, and Queen Ursula didn’t want to give up her power.

“I need to make a deal with Joseph Katan. Bring him to the Holy Hall.”

“What kind of deal are you going to make?”

“I intend to use Carlo’s life to make a blood oath.”

A blood oath was a kind of contract, risking one’s life.

“Are you going to get a promise that you won’t follow up the successor? But if you take a blood oath, it’s going to be hard on mother.”

George opened his mouth as if to gauge the will of Queen Ursula.

“Yes, if Ibelina had succeeded in seducing Joseph, things would have been easier, but she can’t help it, can she? I’m the only one who suffers from having stupid children.”


To the Pope, no, the Queen have child other than George?

She sighed as she moved her elegant lips.

Soon I was stunned by their conversation and had no choice but to open my jaw.

“Ibelina is the daughter of mother, but she is not as wise as mother.”

“Yes, but I’m glad  she’s born with beauty.”

‘Ibelina is the daughter of Queen Ursula?’

It didn’t make sense.

Then it means that George married his half-sister before I returned to the past.

‘Aren’t you crazy?’

I knew George was a madman for the throne, but this was unexpected.

“It would have been nice if Ibelina had Joseph’s first child. She’ll be the one to sacrifice her child if I say I want her child to be sacrificed for Lorenzia.”

“I know right. She’s like a stupid bitch.”

George pouted his lips as he watched Ibelina’s blasphemy following Ursula.

“The Roscoe Cardinale has already become a useless hand, so shouldn’t you at least sacrifice your holy power to fix the situation, George.”

“M-My holy power?”

“Yes. So you think I’m going to use my holy power for the oath of blood? I’ve already used a lot of it to curse Carlo.”

“But Mother, will the nobles recognize me as Emperor because I have no holy power?”

“George, I wanted to put you on the throne because I believed you could be a loyal dog to protect my place.”

“I-I’m still your loyal dog. You know I only have mother.”

Ursula raised the corners of her lips as if to sneer at George, who frowned in embarrasment.

“Dogs are dogs. Useless dogs.”


Geroge’s eyes widened in surprise.

Her pointy red nails quickly dug into the vicinity of his heart.


I covered my mouth without closing my eyes properly to the blood that was fluttering in the air.

Ursula, who had her nails nailed to Georges’ heart, was absorbing his strength.

Her face, which was beautiful as a picture but looked a little tired, soon began to shine brightly like a star decorating the night sky.

“Mo-mother! Stop! Stop!”

It was similar to how monster sucked up human energy.

The toes of George, who wept only tears, unable to shake Ursula, slowly rotted away,

“Useless dogs are always eaten, stupid son.”

“Ugh, arrgh!”

“This is the last instruction that this mother gives you, so keep it in mind.”

“Gasp, gasp.”


Georges’ body, with her fingernails removed, fell to the floor like a paper doll.

There was no sign of affection in the face of the Pope, or the Queen, who looked down at him, who was shedding tears like an abandoned child.

“Ah, by the way, don’t forget to deal with the Rita Cardinale, George, if you fail……I don’t think this mother will feel the need to keep you alive.”

Leaving George, who barely breathed out, the Queen Ursula leisurely left her study.

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It hurts me that Joseph is far away from Rita. I hope they’ll meet soon, he hasn’t know about her pregnancy yet. Omg how happy he must be if he knows that. This story really—. Please Julia tell him that Rita is safe HUHU.

And I kinda sad for Oscar because he’s radiating 2nd male lead vibes now and it’s getting stronger, I hope he will be happy somehow and can maintain the friendship with Rita, and someday will obtain his own happiness and love. AHH THIS MAKES ME REALLY WANNA CRY. Is there a sneak peak why Oscar love her so much? I just feel so sorry for him huh. UGHHH.

Thank you very much!!

I hate Ibelina… but that was soo cruel… and George is a crazy man… crazy!!! And Oscar… Wtf man??? I want Rita and Joseph together!!! I want mkre chapters!!! Me and i greed for more chapters…

The author didn’t know how to prolong the story and instead of showing a realistic situation where Rita would’ve quickly explained why she looks like the saint and showed simple alchemy to prove her identity, the author wrote her to not say anything “b/c she didn’t have time”. It’s kind of… I enjoyed the story but this part is so stupid.

How easy it is to tell them that she is Rita in disguise as Ibelina like gurl if you have time to write a letter you also have time to tell the butler or your maid. Or maybe you can just stay at the duke’s mansion I don’t think george would kill you in the duke’s residence since he still is not an emperor and is hiding the “accidental” murder of Ibelina from the pope.

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