The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C101-110


            There is no betrayal like this.

I personally felt the proverb that I had to get my feet stamped with an ax I believed and trembled at the feeling of betrayal coming from Danjeon.

‘How did I raise me!’

I hurried to collect the money and jewels from Yuric’s embarrassed hands.

“I was trying to steal my money now!”

“Anissa, you have to.”

“What is the misunderstanding! Knowing how I saved that money!”

I raised my voice as I recalled the countless days of ascetic passing by before my eyes.

Do you know if it was easy for a child to open their eyes and search for scammers and to open their pockets.

‘If I use this for a long time, there are a lot of times I’ve been sick because I’m tired!’

“No, it’s real. Listen to me In fact, this wasn’t what I was going to take.”

Yuric gets excited, grabs my fat and grabs my shoulders shaking squeezed.


“Yes, then who was going to take it?”

I glanced at the voice I heard behind my back. For some reason, Dietrich, who comes back to my room, leans against the door.

“Say it.”

He sharply raised his mouth and grabbed Yuric. I watched Yuric and him alternately, holding my pockets in my arms.

“Huh? Tell me, Yuric. If it wasn’t what you wanted to take, who did it?”

“… … no. sorry. I coveted the money on your nose, Anessa.”

Yuric, who roughly rubs my forehead, confesses.

At first glance, it seemed unfair to the subject of the current criminal, so I touched my side and kicked my tongue.

“The world is the end, the end. Yuric has more money than me, right? It’s really so good.”

“Yeah. I am trash. I’m a bad guy under the world, Anissa.”

Yuric smiled with only the tail of his mouth and admitted calmly. I shrugged my shoulders because the killer lowered his tail so easily that it was not fun to investigate.

“What, is there a rush for money? Please lend me?”

When I open my eyes in a circle and ask, Yuric slowly shakes his head. He began to take an aesthetically pleasing pace with a slightly depressed face.

“No, that’s it… … .”

“What really happened to you? Tell me.”

You won’t need money anyway for the time being, so I can lend you enough money, but Yuric just shook his head.

As if something urgent had happened, I glanced at Yurik leaving the room in a hurry and looked up towards Dietrich.

“Why is Yuri like that?”

“I do not know.”

The neat face that shakes his head slightly looks very honest. Still, I felt a little suspicious, so I tilted my head and asked again.

“You really don’t know?”


I can’t help it if I don’t know. I nodded as I watched his unwavering aura with thin eyes.

“If you’re being scammed and something like that, Dietrich can help. There’s a lot of money now.”

It was natural that all of the private property of the Grand Duke of Lagrange would have fallen into his hands.

The problem was that there was no infrastructure that could afford luxury like the capital in the north, and as a resource, it was a family comparable to the imperial family.

‘I think there were several tops that went overseas.’

“What are you going to do if you have money?”

Dietrich asks in a slow tone. I felt like trying to figure out something, but I replied without thinking.

“Well, travel.”



“Can’t it go now? There are plenty of villages to explore in the north as well.”

“No, not like that. I want to backpack. Just going around the world.”

Right now, the triplets will not be able to leave, even if they are worried, but once Lagrange is stable, I wanted to ride the famous Balier Cruise.


“Huh! I really want to see you like that!”

I dreamed that Dietrich in my heart would make my wish come true, so I was filled with a swelling dream and glared at him.

Then he slowly opened his mouth, looking at me with an uneven gaze.

“I have no money.”

“Huh? Why?”

It’s unbelievable that Grand Duke Lagrange has no money. I opened my mouth, flagging.

“Why does Dietrich have no money?”

“I ran out of your bail. I don’t have a penny.”

“Does that make sense? Was my bail so great?”

I didn’t even know what I was doing, but what kind of bail is the bail?

In addition, the bail money of the serial killer may be said to be, but not as much as the hair to take away the property of the Grand Duke of Lagrange.

Dietrich nodded quickly at what I asked in amazement.

“uh. That was great.”

“Then is it ours?”


When I was young, I hated that Dahlia didn’t have money, but now she quickly admits that she doesn’t own it.

“no! I should have said that if I asked for such excessive bail, of course I couldn’t give it!”

“You said you want to go home quickly.”

I had no choice but to shut up at Dietrich’s vulgar words. As he stares at me, he firmly emphasizes me.

“For the time being, no. money.”

“Princess, look at this. It’s dark because it’s all gold.”

Lancel smiled as he pointed to the magnificent fountain that harmonizes with the enormous garden of nature. The devil’s statue in the center flashes golden eyes and exudes an expensive smell.

“Gold? All that?”

“of course. Take a slow tour of the garden.”

The garden, filled with green hawthorn trees that reflects my taste, was worth seeing as he said.

“The princess said that flowers are good. I remember saying that there weren’t too many flowers in the withered rose forest, so Tada!”

Yang Lancel, who asks for praise, points to a garden where bright summer flowers sway.

He began to shout, saying that he even built a small greenhouse in the middle of a garden full of light blue hydrangeas.

“This glass is not ordinary glass, Princess. Because it is an artifact, it is made into a greenhouse that can bloom spring flowers even in the middle of winter.”

“Artifact… … . Artifacts aren’t that expensive?”

“of course! It’s a greenhouse built for a princess. Of course it’s very, very expensive! Would you be able to buy a mansion for the cost of building this greenhouse?”

‘Do something this guy didn’t even tell you to do!’

The butler’s luxury is like this, so if I paid a little bail, my fortune was wasted!

Of course, I would say that I didn’t have enough cash right away, but there was nothing without money.

I followed Lancel, who caught me, avoiding the impending reality with blurred eyes.

The scale is not large, but the glass greenhouse seen up close was reflected in the sun and glowed as if it would soon ascend.

‘It’s pretty, it’s very pretty.’

The crystal decorations that make the rainbow look so expensive, so I opened my mouth.

Lancel opens the door to the greenhouse with a laugh at the room without knowing my speed.

The sweet-scented greenhouse was covered with white pebbles, and the tapestries hung all over the place were embroidered with fairies with gold thread.

“How much is all this?”

After knowing that Lagrange had a financial crisis, it was impossible to look at the splendid and luxuriously built nature at all.

I held my breath and leaned on a wooden chair that was incomparable to the decaying chair of Dahlia.

“Do you like it so much? Just enough tears come out?”

Lancel asks as he wipes my face as a rule. While I wasn’t looking, I gazed at the wrinkles of his eyes, which seemed quite old.

“I have a sin I committed against a princess. So I tried to decorate it as much as possible for the princess to like it.”

“You don’t hate me now? Because of me, Camille, no, she said she hated her so much because her mother died.”

“Have I ever said that to a princess?”

Of course, I never told you to listen.

I heard the curse that I muttered in front of a newborn baby by myself.

I contemplated his face, instantly stained with guilt.

“that’s… … .”

Lancel stutters with a face that is about to burst into tears.

“I must have been crazy with sorrow. If you still want to punish me now, I will take it sweetly. But Princess.”


“I never really imagined that Camille-sama would die so vainly. He was a really strong person.”

I nodded as I listened quietly to Lancel’s excuses that weren’t.

“done. I don’t intend to punish.”

The reason Lancel hated me was because of the curse.

‘So it turns out that Lancel was Camille’s man.’

Camille was a member of the unknown group of Marquis Deus.

‘It’s just a form that wasn’t just a slave.’

“What kind of person was your mother?”

“You look really like your sir.”

To put it all, my son, Dietrich, may resemble her, but I haven’t corrected his words.

Lancel connects with a hazy voice as if dreaming.

“He was beautiful, strong, and proud. He was the one who gave us hope to change this hellish family.”

“change? how?”

“I don’t know that well either. I haven’t told you in detail. There is a prophecy about salvation -.”


I grabbed his collar at Lancel’s horse.

‘You mean, Camille knew about his prophecy?’

It is said that it is the secret of the temple at some point, and I wonder where there is a secret that everyone in the world knows.

The moment he opened his mouth to inquire more about Camille, the greenhouse door opened and a maid entered.

The maid who politely bows to me clears her voice loudly.

“Princess, a guest has come.”

“Huh? who?”

“It’s a young poem named Charlotte Vallandia.”

I buried my face in both hands with the damn name.

“… … Close the door.”


“No, I put up the drawbridge so that I can’t even come near the door.”

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