The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C11-20


            I only remembered it later, although Yuric was the son of Liattris, who was in power, but was harassed and ignored by his siblings.

This is because the northern people have blue eyes.

‘The color of the eyes may be a little different.

It was the same reason Anissa’s birth mother abandoned her.

‘That’s why I was so impressed that I gave you a cookie.’

In my previous life, I was alone in my family because I wasn’t as talented as my brothers like Yuric.

‘You were like me.’

I decided to do better the next time I met him, but I was confused by Dietrich, so the child never visited Dahlia Palace again.

Growing up in the meantime, I have now reached the point of stealing Lancel’s snacks and breaking into his pocket while taking a nap.

‘I’m not going to be a thief cat, but a thief baby.’

Ransel always complained that he was the least paid among Lagrangian employees, but he wasn’t even stuck with his conscience.

No matter how much I think about it, it seems that the time to eat milk has passed a long time ago, but Lancel was only giving milk.

‘I’m done with this too.’

I held Lancel’s mirror with both hands and opened my mouth. Although the tooth that came up above the pointed gums was cute, it was definitely a tooth.

“Volleyball… … ”

To eat only milk every day, I was always starving.

You might rather hunt like Dietrich.

I don’t know exactly how old I am, because nobody told me the time or showed me the calendar, but the second spring right in Lagrange has arrived.

‘I think I’m roughly two years old.’

Lancel was a man who was terribly unwilling to take care of me. It seemed that I only knew I had to live with my life.

“Momma did.” (Give me rice)

He brought me more milk when I swarmed for food.

“character. Here is milk.”

“This is mamma.” (Give me rice too.)

“This is Mamma, stupid princess. Do you know how hard I got this too?”

Lancel’s voice was irritated. Buying that’milk’ also shows Derek’s eyes.

‘And while I’m eating well!’

“I’m tired, so I need to rest a bit.”

Lancel mumbled like that, lying on the sofa in my bedroom.

‘If you feel comfortable inside, you will fall asleep so quickly.’ I struck Ran Cell’s forehead, sleeping or taking a nap without taking care of me because the medicine was up for nothing.

“Ouch! Hmm. Home?”

It doesn’t even wake up though.

“Hey ing…”

I was more hungry today. I slid an empty bottle on the floor and jumped up from my seat.

‘Let’s go to the kitchen.’

No matter how poor the Dahlia Palace is, seeing that Lancel’s belly fat increased day by day, it seemed that there was food hidden inside the palace.

‘If not, Lancell couldn’t get fat like that.’

The kitchen that I had been to one day was sleek without even utensils. But it may be different today.

I left the room with little hope. Fortunately, the main room, where I walked very hard, didn’t give up on my precious expectations.

It looked empty on the outside, but I detected a sweet smell from the sense of smell developed by smelling Dietrich’s aura.

‘It looks like I’m flying there.’

After pursuing the sweet scent, the place where I arrived was the cupboard located in the corner. As I eagerly climbed up the sink and opened the door, a jar full of chocolate appeared waiting for me.

‘Come on eat me!’

It seemed that the jar was talking to me.

“Kaah! Shit! Squat!”


You were eating this precious chocolate by yourself. After all, Lancel is a deadly adult. I won because it is dry.

‘I have to eat it quickly before Lancel comes.’

He clapped his hands and said he liked it, but the kitchen door that I had tightly closed opened and someone came in.

The sound of the kitchen rumbling over and over, I turned around, frightened.

“What are you doing here?”

The owner of the murky voice was the maid I encountered occasionally when cleaning my room.

‘Is your name Janine?’

“Oh! What are you eating now?!”

She hated Me and Dietrich enough to refuse even simple treatment. Of course I can’t welcome you to secretly eat food in the kitchen.

‘I don’t feel good.’

I hurried to put my hand inside the jar, fearing that she would lose her chocolate, wrapped in a red aura.

You have to eat it before it is taken away!’

It’s the first chocolate I’ve tasted in this life, but I have to eat it like this. But it was better than not eating at all.

As I squeezed my fists full of chocolate and squeezed it in my mouth, Jenin ran to me with fright.

“miss! That’s my chocolate!”

‘Oh, it wasn’t Lancel’s.’

But that didn’t make me think of giving up the chocolate.

I was hungry but had no business, and my conscience was already covered with fur, so I was wearing a fluffy coat of fur.

“Because you can’t eat it!”

I swallowed the chocolate collet, ignoring the maid’s words.

“Don’t eat!”

“Ah, not far away!”

It was unclean, but it was already covered with chocolate in my palms and around my mouth.

“Not staying away, I’m staying away!”

Only words reassure the maid, I squeezed another fist of chocolate into my mouth.

“You mean you’ve been eating and haven’t eaten anything?!”

“Ahhhhhh… … . Yum.”

“Give me it!”

“Ah, hungry!” I tried hard not to lose the jar, but what power would the baby have?

I ended up taking the jar from the maid.

‘No, the baby, who was starving, wants to share some chocolate, but does it come out like this?’

“Oh, it’s annoying! The chocolate is all crushed!”

Jenin rebukes me with a high-tone crackling sound.

‘I’m more annoyed! It’s really nasty!’

As I looked at the pot that had been stolen, I sucked my finger in sorrow. I am glad that the chocolate that had been on my fingertips remained.

After tasting it a little, it became more tantalizing. I cried out and reached out to the jar again.


“Because this is mine! How did Lancel teach the hell a princess?!”

Janine was irritated as she was and struck the back of my hand hard. The back of my hand is all tingling at how hard I hit it.

I was greeted by her, and I cried as I wrapped my right hand in red.

‘I’m hungry… … ‘

“Heying… … “

“What do you cry for good?!”

“Khing. class!”

Suddenly, I became so sad at the maid’s curse.

‘Why aren’t you giving me rice like this because you’re a princess?’

I’m hungry, my right hand is tingling.

I was so sad that I didn’t have this one to take care of, so I ended up crying.


“No, because it was a princess who stole, why did you cry and scream?’

The maid got nervous at me crying and pinched my face.

‘Ah, it hurts!’

“Because I was wrong, I have to be punished!”

“A stomach, Mary is hungry!!!”

“Aren’t Lancel going to serve you?”

I only give you milk! Only milk!

If you ask him to live with only milk for the rest of his life, he will say that he may not know if his stomach is stuck on his back.

However, the maid, whose ability to empathize with a hungry child, was close to zero, did not recognize my discomfort.

“Hey, I have to lock the kitchen door at all.”

I leave the kitchen with the jar?

I quickly followed the maid trying to get on her body. Even if I asked for something other than milk, Lancel never listened to me, so now the maid is my only partner.


As I grabbed the skirt, the maid looked at me as if it was annoying. I was depressed by her cold gaze, but I continued to speak steadfastly.


“I, Jeongmaru volleyball.”

“Speak straight.”

“Hey, I’m really roo, I’m hungry.”

I thought the maid would take out a piece of chocolate if I said this. Humans usually feel a protective instinct for babies.

However, it seems that the maid wasn’t even human. She laughed coldly and shoved me with her hand, as if awesome.

“What to do? Do you eat wild animals in the woods like Confucius?”

When the maid said that, she left the kitchen. I was sitting alone in an empty kitchen where there was nothing now and swallowed crying.

“Off, off. class!”

Until a while ago, I was able to withstand only milk, but was my body covered too much?

‘Why is Anissa the only talent of Eredia!’ If there had been the Shadow Devil, or Tae Yang-shin’s abilities, he would have been able to hunt like Dietrich.

Several times I watched Dietrich roast and eat the animals he hunted, but I couldn’t ask for these very little rabbit-like meats.

‘I mean, he didn’t seem to have enough to eat it.’

I knew that Dietrich, who was called the Devil Grand Duke, was a great glutton.

People who eat well even when they grow up will usually eat well from childhood, but Dietrich’s stomach is not as tight as a rabbit.

‘Ha, let’s stop crying. I feel hungry more because I cry.’

After squatting on the floor and crying, I wiped my tears with the back of my hands and woke up.

‘Because it is spring, even the fruit may be open in the garden.

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