The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C111-120


            “Lancel, open the glass greenhouse. Tea Patty is open in the garden.”


“And you dress up too.”

“Me too?”

I raised my head to Lancel, confused and asked back.

“Huh. Usually nobles don’t have butlers.”

It was an opportunity to show you how great Lagrange is. Lancel’s appearance was pretty good as long as he kept his mouth shut, and he was basically dignified.

“Would you like to dress up and bring Yuric?”

“To Master Yuric… … ?”

Dietrich was more handsome than Yuric because of a little selfishness, but Yuric with a sweet atmosphere was the best in favor of the ladies.

‘And there’s no way Dietrich could cooperate with this kind of occasion.’

Dislike of people was the only thing in common with the Lagrange brothers and sisters, but Dietrich was particularly severe.

By creating a bloody atmosphere, the nobles almost came to fear, let alone their favor.

“Huh. Decorate it as brightly as possible. The clothes must have already been sent by Celine’s salon.”

I looked at the dress Marilyn was bringing and smiled. It is obviously outstanding that it is beautiful to my eyes, a stranger in such a dress.

‘It won’t be cold because it’s a brushed lining.’

I opened my arms while tying the frills adorned with the sky over the light blue velvet dress.

Marilyn takes off my clothes as if waiting. I breathed out, surrounded by a blanket like a pupa.

“The person I invited is all coming, right?”

“If you don’t want to die, will you come?”

“Kill you because you’re not coming?”

“Oh my God, Princess. Would you dare to save a sneaky nobleman who ignores LaGrange’s invitation?”

At my question, Marilyn shrugs off bloody words that don’t go well with her graceful face.

‘I’ve been working as a maid in LaGrange for a long time… … .’

It seemed that it was quite difficult to lead the employees. I scratched her chin at her words and actions, which seemed to have a lot of stress.

After relaxing in the bath with the perfumed oil, the preparations followed by the massage took quite a long time.

I thought I was ready as soon as I opened my eyes, but as I started to decorate my hair, the time is already running out.

“I have never seen a person with flowers like a princess.”

While weaving freesia in braids and decorating them, Barnetsa gives off elasticity.

“Yes. How is it so cute? I think I believe it is a real fairy!”

I can’t get used to listening to the loud praises of Vanessa and Tally a few times. I got a little embarrassed, so I blushed and checked myself.

‘Well. This should be enough.’

The soft, wavy hair and the light blue dress match very well, so I am very impressed with Madame Celine’s skills.

“If I go out by now, people will be waiting, right?”

I deliberately took a leisurely look for jewelry and was aesthetically pleasing. It was a tea party that I hosted, but it will attract more attention only when it appears at the end.

I got up from the seat only after receiving a report from Lancel that the people were all together.

“Everyone attended without exception – huh.”

Lancel, who looked at me for tea party preparations, finds me who has just grown up and opens his eyes wide.


Clap clap. I laughed lightly, contentedly, at the reaction of applause, saying I couldn’t express it in words.

As she walks through the corridor along Lancell, Yuric, dressed in a dark gray frock coat, leans against the garden door, finds me and reaches out.

“It’s cool today.”

Even when I was wearing only one shirt, I was beautiful, but it was dazzling when I decorated it. Yuric, staring at me in the clear wall, soon kissed the back of my hand.

“I tried to say something because it looked like a dress from the morning and the people were left out.”


“I can’t even do that because you’re so pretty.”

“The glass is prettier.”

I was serious. Because of his brilliant appearance, Lagrangjuchi chose him as a partner for the tea party.

When I crossed my arms with him and entered the garden, I heard people talking from afar.

“Why go back?”


I broke it and went back to grasp the atmosphere. Usually the tea party is held in a small scale, but it was noticed that a group had already formed because the number of people invited was quite old.

“Isn’t it your first time to have a tea party hosted by LaGrange? I am looking forward to seeing what the Princess is thinking.”

Gamu has long devoted loyalty to Lagrange.

“But if you say you’re a princess, isn’t you the granddaughter’s sister anyway? Unless you’re the Duchess, you’re just a vassal.”

A family that seeks the opportunity of hosittamtam and covets the authority of the north,

“My relatives saw it in the capital, but there are rumors that it is sloppy and insignificant.”

And even the families who play a night rat between the south and the north.

‘It seems like all the invited people gathered.’

The families I’m aiming for today were the Northern Royal Family, except for the bats.

I nodded lightly, recalling their portraits and personal information that Lancel had brought beforehand.

Pure white lace was overlaid on the long wooden table through the door of the greenhouse, and each table was decorated with flowers of different colors, so it was as bright as a spring garden in late autumn.

“Hi everyone.”

As if covering myself over that brightness, I smiled brightly and was escorted by Yuric.

“Thank you for all accepting my invitation.”

“Greetings to Princess Anissa, the most beloved picture of LaGrange.”

I noticed the Countess Devonsha, who responded first to my greetings.

‘It was one of the few families who devoted loyalty to Dietrich.’

Although the Grand Duke of Lagrange had taken over the northern nobles with his mighty and ruthless power, he did not get even deeper loyalty.

Because it wasn’t an environment that deserved a respectable leader.

‘If you can get a seat, the devil will eat your soul or your full-grown successor will cut your throat.’

I opened my eyes and looked at each aura.

“As a member of LaGrange, I prepared because I wanted to be a little neglected by the’family’ in the north.”


I looked at the lady tilting my head as if puzzled by my words, and smiled while spraying.

“It’s like family, ma’am. Isn’t everyone in connection with Lagrange somehow?”

It’s all thanks to the great duke of the past. I clapped my hands only inside and beckoned the desserts the maids carried.

“Thank you for taking care of me, but it’s a tea party. Are you not trying to follow the southern culture too much?”

I glanced at Young Ae by Tuli, who looked a little stiff in her neck.

Although young, she was a man of great pride as a northerner, for example, a spearhead with a’bat’s group’ and pretends.

“Do you see it? What do you think of your wife?”

At my question, the Countess Rosie scratches the temple in amazement to see if he wants the arrow to come to me. Her daughter Eulie, who made her debut in the capital and went to study abroad, shouted and set a nose instead.

‘Did you say you were the fiancee of the 2nd prince?’

“You seem to have copied it too clumsy, Princess. I would have been able to help you if you had called me in advance!”

I smiled and listened to her. When I didn’t stop her, she began to squirm.

“I understand that these are mistakes that Princesses are not familiar with in the social world. Like in the capital.”

“Capital! Oh, I only remember now. Is it our sphere?”

I flicked my fingers as if I only remembered the face of her who had laughed at me in the crowd of Charlotte.

‘Well, I called it on purpose.’

“Isn’t Yeong-ae often going to the capital?”

“Yeah. His Majesty the Prince gave me this dress as a gift again.”

She got up from her seat and rotated around as if showing off her southern style dress as if she were looking.

People send enviable gazes. Ollie shrugged as if enjoying their envy.

No matter how different the social circles between the south and the north were, the center of the social circle was the capital. Since he was active in the capital, there was no reason not to buy people’s envy.

‘Because it’s the social world of the North to follow the southern style while swearing.’

I heard that Rosie is a manor who is anxious to be absorbed in the south, though not.

I glanced at her skyly lace dress and opened my mouth.

“Isn’t it cold? It seems difficult to endure the northern weather.”

“It’s about the cold, so there’s no reason you can’t endure it for beauty.”

“Olie Young-ae really speaks like a heavenly southerner.”

I smiled brightly as I put on a thick, soft, yet shiny fur shawl in the breeze.

I agreed that when I go to Rome, I have to obey the laws of Rome, but in the north there are laws only in the north.

“They are a little bit silly.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“I am not cold at all right now. But.”

Something to say that I am pretty with my mouth, so I woke up from the seat instead of talking.

Each of the wives opens their eyes wide when they see my dress swollen next to her.

“In addition, it seems that Youngae knows the meaning of the social world a little differently. Doesn’t the social world really exist for exchanges with those in power?”

So, the social circle of the capital returned to Euclid with the emperor and Charlotte, who received the love of Donna.

But in the north, the words are a little different.

“… … Yeah?”

I said, putting my finger on the tip of Ollie’s stupid chin.

“I must be the northern socialite itself to you.”

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