The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C121-130


            A week has passed since I opened my eyes.

“Mister, can you walk now?”

“Huh. I think it’s worth walking around now.”

Even though I answered that, I was out of breath even though I only went around the bedroom once. Marilyn smiled sadly as if she knew I was trying to hide it.

“Don’t try to overdo it. You’ve been lying down for a year, and it’s natural that your body couldn’t be well.”

“Okay. I’ll be careful.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to have such a monster-like body, like Dietrich, who could get up and wander through the mansion the next day, even if his skin was torn and a knife in his stomach?

Unfortunately, I was an ordinary girl with nothing special except for Eredia’s abilities.

‘I’m already aching because I moved a little.’

It was obviously two fine legs attached under the waist, but it wasn’t moving as much as I would with my will.

I groaned and went to the mirror and tried to stand upright.

The body, which was originally without flesh, is thinner and thin enough to be anxious to see on its own.

“… … I want to eat something, Marilyn.”

“Now? I was hoping that even after eating only Mieum, he made it harder.”

“I think the fruit will be okay.”

After a long time, the stomach intestine refused to work, even though Marilyn chose only easy-to-digest things with her heart.

‘But what do I eat to keep me invigorated?’

I heard that they had no food in their mouths for a year, and they were the priest of the sun god, the priest of Eredia, and they were gathered together without covering up, beaten the divine power, and had only their lives.

So it wasn’t a strange phenomenon that my body was stiff after a long time.

‘I’m not a general doctor, and how much should it be to call a priest for treatment?’

I don’t have any money.

Cash is my sin, I give it to the imperial family as my bail, so I know I’m the only one, but I think it was all a lie.

Veronica didn’t tell me that amount, but she laughed at her because her literary expenditure was inadequate.

‘But it’s this one that doesn’t come to see it.’

I guess it’s because if I face my face, the money I’ve poured into me will be worth it, and Dietrich doesn’t even light up his nose.

I wondered if he wasn’t in the manor, but it seemed that even an unnoticed useman like Lancel rolled his eyes and avoided my gaze, so it seemed like he was in a castle.

“What about Dietrich?”

“Because you’ve been busy these days… … .”

Marilyn notices my heart and blurs the end of her speech.

“Shall I have you wait and tell you everything the girl is looking for?”

“No, that’s it. Never do that.”

I laughed at her question and laid back in bed.

‘It’s like this.’

I had no energy for a few days, so I couldn’t even think of looking for him, and I couldn’t find it first because I was angry.

Half of it was coming and half of it was sad.

“I don’t want to see Dietrich either. Don’t open the door even if you come.”

Marilyn laughs at my harsh orders.

Despite his opposition, I understood that I was angry because I left Ragrang, but didn’t I get the holy sword in the end?

Before I let go of my dark mind, I clearly checked the blackened holy sword.

My purpose is to achieve.

‘If you couldn’t take it, how would you handle Herman with a holy sword?’

Although Dietrich is strong in Amman, the Holy Sword was originally a cheatky in the original to give Herman the strength to defeat him.

‘You have to figure out how much of the rest of the relics have been preoccupied.’

I mumbled only with my mouth, buried my face in a soft goose feather pillow.

“What about the Marquis of Deus?”

“I received a reply saying that I will visit soon.”

He wasn’t the kind of person to leave the debt. If I had heard the news that I wasn’t happening, I thought I would have grasped the trend even if I didn’t ask for it.

“Princess, I brought some fruit. I only picked fruits that are easy to get over my neck.”

The maid served a plate with a few grapes and a few slices of peaches.

“Thanks. Marilyn can also go out now.”

At the same time, I wanted to put a well-baked pork and gi in my mouth, but it seemed that I couldn’t even use the energy that came from vomiting.

‘I’m upset for no reason.’

After moving the small plate in my hand to the window, I buried my face on a cold marble ledge.

It was fortunate that the northern part was running properly without any major distortions in my plan.

‘Are you going to get mad like this?’

It was me that I just woke up, and even if what happened in the temple seemed like yesterday, it was a year ago for Dietrich.

I didn’t think he wouldn’t worry about me, but that’s why I don’t understand more.

‘Are you angry enough to be ahead of your worries?’

Although I screamed a little, it is also narrower than it looks.

I stomped on the cold marble for no reason, but only my hand hurts.

I closed my eyes to the night breeze by the open window. It’s summer, so the moderately cool breeze blows my cheeks comfortably.

Even though I was still asleep as if dead, I found peace in the silence.

‘I have to go to bed and sleep.’

The windows of the three were wide and comfortable enough to lie down, so when they lie down on their arms, their eyelids quickly become heavier.

‘It moves at dawn, what.’

I don’t have a bad sleeping habit, so I didn’t try to get over my sleep because I wondered if it would roll on the contrary.

“… … .”

I felt popular when I felt the wind got a little chillier.

Without opening my eyes, I could see whose shadows were falling over my cheeks.

It smelled cool like the cold air of dawn.

Dietrich came quietly and hugged me without making a breath.

When I opened my eyes to the rustling sound of cloth and cloth, I grabbed it from my neck, hoping that he might run away.

“Aren’t you sleeping?”

The first thing I encountered was eyes. It grew as if it was a little surprised, but there was no sign of agitation.

A bit more ferocious eyes or a strong jaw line are next.

“Why did you come?”

“When I look outside, I think the window is open.”

In a place where there is no light, the dark black eyes are calm, so I feel a little dark.

“What does it matter whether you sleep with the window open?”

“Then, was it that I was getting all the cold winds in my mind?”

Feelings don’t get entangled in blunt bruises. The aura that became thicker was incredibly dark, but there was no flurry of words.

‘Aren’t you angry?’

Dietrich let me down, sighing indifferently, as if there was no realization that he was running away from me in a year.

‘Isn’t it really just annoying so you didn’t come?’

“I have a white face. Close the window.”

“Hate. I’m hot.”

It wasn’t hot or cold, but after a long time, the feelings of goodwill on the face that I see aren’t reflected as much as my fingernails, so I feel grumpy.

He got up with him, pushed my shoulders reaching out to the window and laid it back.

“Why push! hurt!”

“How many layers of cotton are you complaining that it hurts?”

“Is it hot? Don’t close the window.”

Dietrich disregarded my words and closed the window hard to make a crackling sound. I was worried that the glass might be broken by the wicked power, but everything is fine.

I turned and grabbed his sleeves as he tried to leave the room.

“Uh, where are you going?”

“my room.”

“Why are you here?”

“I would have said that I came in to close the window.”

I was firmly minded that if I was angry, I would release it, but I couldn’t get the blood to go about how to respond because it had a cold chill, but my attitude was calm.

I opened my mouth without even forgetting that I was sorry for him too.

“No, haven’t I seen it in a long time?”


“What is it not? It’s been a week since I woke up.”

“Because I saw it when I was sleeping.”

“Why doesn’t it come when I’m awake?”

At my question, he inevitably sharpened his teeth as if he was swallowing something dissatisfied. The handsome eyebrows are deeply pitted.

At the clear irritation that I saw for the first time, I flinched and clenched my fist.

“We have a lot to discuss. Euclid or war -”

“When you feel refreshed, talk to me. Goto sleep.”

He cut off my horse and shakes my hand from my sleeve.

“Wait a minute!”

After getting my fingers floating in the air, I woke up in a hurry.


Luckily, Dietrich was not quick to brace himself up and roll over the floor. A fierce moan falls over the embarrassing back of the head.

“I’m lying down. Do you think my words are a joke.”


It was also because I was angry. That’s when my anger is revealed for the first time.

I raised my head because I was just glad to see him showing his feelings.

“Why didn’t you come when I was awake?”

“I’m afraid you’ll fall again.”

“Why am I falling? I have finished recovering.”

As Dietrich was energized and gazed at his raised forearm, he shook my neck, as if he couldn’t bear the irritation, as if he couldn’t hold his breath.

“Get rid of it. I’m proud of that kind of dry firewood.”

The words are pretty.

I poked out my mouth at his poignant pincup.

“Anyway, why am I falling again?”

“I think I can’t hold my eyes and get angry now.”

“By the way?”

“It’s because I don’t know if you can endure this anger that I can’t handle with the kind of bloody skin.”

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