The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C131-140


            I frowned at Hermann’s outrageous words.

“What do you want to say?”

“The Grand Duke will cherish you. Stopping pampering was seen in the temple.”

“Why do you talk so badly knowing that? Who kills who?”

“No matter how much the Grand Duke cares for you now, you won’t be able to remain human soon. What does it matter?”

“It doesn’t happen.”

Asmodeus, who had been joking around Lagrange, had already disappeared, and the curse lost its power.

If you exert too much of this ability, you could have been eaten by the shadow, so why not gather the relics more wickedly?

“It’s okay to deal with shadows only indirectly through sacred objects. If you agree to the non-aggression treaty, it will be easier to solve.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could leave the ceasefire and end the war at all? Thinking it was an opportunity, I wrote a short story about the advantages of the past.

Herman, who listened quietly to my opinion, pressed his frowning forehead with his fingertips.

“… … You really don’t know anything. A contract with a princess or the devil is not a kind that can be destroyed by Eredia’s power. Even if the evil spirit disappears, the contract does not remain.”

Herman hesitates and continues, as if the hope I had was sad.

“There is no way to turn back a soul once it has started to be stained. Especially like the Grand Duke, whoever has contracted with several demons is even more so.”

I knew that Hermann wasn’t lying, but I didn’t believe him.

What does the Duke of the South know about the demons of the North?

“How do you know that?”

“Because there were often people dealing with shadow abilities in the south even in the past.”

I was confused by Herman’s words and bit my lip in my voice.

“What did you say now?”

The children who can handle the devil are not born only in the northern part of Asmodeus’ blood?

“Have you ever wondered why a tragedy that couldn’t happen in the South only takes place in LaGrange?”

It was a topic that I always worried about.

But I opened my mouth as I couldn’t believe the question came from Hermann’s mouth.

“Humans didn’t want demons to infest the whole country, demons just needed a soul to fill a hungry boat.”

“… … .”

“So, I promised to hand over the North as the prey of the devil. It is a part of history that exists as a record.”

I was guessing, but when it was clearly organized, I couldn’t breathe. I was stunned by Herman’s gloomy face and pushed him with both hands.

“While knowing its history, have you brazenly treated LaGrange as evil?”

He replies without resentment while falling back.

“It’s unfortunate, but I can’t help it. Evil is nothing but evil, even if it is created evil. My mission is to hold the demons in their hands and prevent them from crossing the north.”

Herman’s pretty face looks very sad. I felt deeply sorry for this situation, so I was even more excited.

‘So, did you just seal it without killing it?’

Because you’re sorry for Dietrich?

No matter how just the protagonist, however, it was doubtful that he would not completely punish him as a villain, which seems to have been the reason for this.

If Dietrich dies anyway, a new Demon King’s contractor will be born, so sealing may have been best.

‘What does it mean that you cannot remain as a person?’

I’m not saying you’re going to be like Derek.

I was terrified, but I clenched my fists, clenching my teeth without being noticeable.

“… … Still, I won’t ever go back to Euclid.”

“Are you not believing what I say is dangerous?”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s dangerous. If Dietrich really became a monster, I wouldn’t be able to leave him alone anymore.”

Herman’s mouth opens at my answer. He opened his eyes wide, disbelieving, and grabbed Damon’s arm, standing next to me.

“Please check again. Isn’t there a really bad magic on my sister?”

“no. There is no such trick for the Grand Duke.”

Damon’s assertion he frowns heavily.

“I didn’t know your heart was this much. Oh, you have become a grand-duke’s lover?”

“What about a lover! It’s not like that!”

I’m going to die awkwardly with Dietrich, but I’m freaking out.

“… … I know someone who has ever terminated a contract with the devil. Although there is only one person in history.”

“Who is that?”

I pretended that there was no way before, and I wanted to hear something different from now, but I had no choice but to listen to the inviting words.

“If you care so much about the Grand Duke, I will help. Instead, there are conditions.”


“Come back to Euclid.”

He opened his mouth to refute Herman’s words, but he spoke faster than me.

“I’m not saying to stay alive. I just need to be able to confirm that I am not deceived by the Grand Duke and have such a heart.”

“… … .”

“I am an older brother who has no qualifications for you, but I really only want you to be happy.”

Hermann’s aura did not tremble. As usual, it means that even a single lie wasn’t mixed up.

“The armistice will soon end. When the war begins, I will send people to look for a break.”

“… … .”

“Only until then, decide.”

“Call me a baal.”

If I, who kept avoiding my face, come to me and ask for the summons of the devil, I would ask why, but Dietrich summoned Baal without saying anything.

I grasped the fat of the devil procrastinating in his shadow.

“It’s been a long time, Princess.”

“Follow me.”

“It’s been a while since it’s been a while, so you welcome me so vigorously?

These were things I couldn’t ask in front of Dietrich, so I dragged Baal out of the office.

“… … What the hell is this going on?”

While complaining, I opened my mouth only after I tied the poor devil who followed me with the roots of purified water.

“Baal. Didn’t you say that the devil can’t die outside the demon world?”

“Why do you ask about that again?”

“Answer me. It’s an important question.”

“Yeah. It will take a very long time to come over again because of loss of power, but the extinction of the evil devil has a different meaning from the death of a human being.”

“Yes, that’s fortunate.”

I was relieved and held both hands together.



‘Be white, be white!’

I had a strong will to unite in evil and purify the black Baal’s aura.



The roots flashed as if hit by lightning, and Baal’s body began to smell like grilling meat.

“Oh, save the devil! Save me!”

‘Isn’t it possible that this kind of spell will work?’

I muttered the memorized cleansing spell and locked Baal in prison.

“Hey! Hi profit! sick! It hurts, Princess!!!”

Vaal, whose human form had disappeared again, had no eyes, perhaps because he stayed in the demon world for too long. Tears run through the eyes of a subject that has no eyes.

“No, turn it off! Derek Lagrange didn’t do such a terrible torture!”

For a moment, I was reaped by Baal’s sorrowful cry.

‘No matter how painful it hurts, do you compare it with Derek?’

“Ugh, huh. Even though the princess is not even Lagrange! Oh my, the devil is dead! T_T!”

“… … sorry”

“Why are you doing this all of a sudden?!”

It hurts to watch Baal, who took care of me like a nanny, hurts. However, I once again showed my abilities by biting my lips.

“I’m sorry, but please die, Baal.”

“Oh! Why, why the hell are you doing this?”

Baal began to cry as if it was unfair.

“hurt? Then go back to the demon world and don’t come back for a lifetime. Then I will stop.”

I lowered my hand, which had weakened my heart. Ba Al is struggling to breathe, saying he is the devil king.

“Go back? What do you mean by that?”

“If it disappears, it loses its strength and only returns to the demon world. Then can’t you just go back?”

“That can’t be done. So who eats Your Majesty’s soul? Taken by Amon or Jagan?”

I strengthened my fisted hand at Baal’s screaming reply.

“What to eat! Why are you eating it!”

After all, no matter how close you were, the devil was a devil. After all, helping Dietrich was because of coveting his soul.

I was angry as I was and grasped Baal’s fat.

“Whenever I have a chance, I’ve been looking for it from the time I can taste it, I! Because of you, Dietrich is going to be a monster!”

“Ugh. How did you know that?”

Baal could not know that Dietrich would lose his humanity because of himself. I was amazed and rushed again toward Baal, a tumultuous wave.

“How do you know! Deepacio!”

‘You purposely hid it, this devil child!’

“Oh! Ouch! Now, wait a minute!”

Baal reaches out to me as the medicine rises and burns himself tightly.

Still not stopping, the devil began to scream whale whales with blood on his neck.

“If I disappear now, your Majesty will also die!”

“What? Do not lie.”

“It’s real. Your Majesty is my contractor. The moment the covenant with the devil ends is when humans die. If I force the contract to be terminated by my extinction, humans will die too!”

“… … Then there is no real way.”

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