The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C131-140


            Dietrich was a little annoyed.

His face was still neat, as if he were insensitive, and his eyes that were cool like glass grains did not show any emotions, but his excited fingertips trembled little by little.

“What is this doing now?”

“… … .”

“Are you crazy?”

Herman, who had his hair caught, groaned and asked, and he calmly admitted.


Crazy. I felt angry and going crazy.

The blood on my forehead stood out, and the boa was dense, so I couldn’t stand it.

My eyes turned to vulgar words.

“Shall I kill it.”

Contrary to his intentions, Hermann’s pupils shake because of the worries that protrude from his mouth.

“What, what?”

Dietrich exercised extra patience, releasing the strength of his hand trying to break his neck. Hermann stuttered and opened his mouth.

“Anti-aircraft, rotation is the day after tomorrow. Are you going to end the war in such a barbaric way?”

“… … .”

“Do you have a cause? What would people think if I killed me now?”

Hermann’s breathlessly suffocated, shed his beaked eyes at Dietrich.

The inside of the clean wall emits bright eyes in the dark.


He laughed low, as if the peacock’s words were funny.

“Duke, I guess you didn’t realize it because you were young, but our war is a justification fight.”

“… … .”

“The moment you kill me, Lagrange is like losing a war!”

Who is the younger Chigi.

The peacock opened his mouth without fear even at the moment of threatening his life.

“What about Anissa-!”

Dietrich snapped his elegant face back again to stop his speech.


“Fuck, someone cares about that.”

Dietrich was stunned by the blame for himself.

Soon he took out a letter from Anissa’s letter to Hermann.

“I didn’t know you were such a moral-seeking human being.”

A crumpled, unrecognizable piece of paper flew into the air.

It seems that he thought it would not be stolen if he sent it through Damon, but his spy was not in Lagrange in the first place.

“Well, that’s it!”

Hermann’s surprised eyes wide open. He grasped Dietrich’s hand, who had grabbed my legs.

“Duke, I wasn’t trying to hurt Anissa! I just wanted to take it home!”


“exactly! Because Euclid is Anissa’s house!”

Dietrich clenched his fist and slapped Hermann in the mouth.

Pak, the peacock’s face rotates and the sound of crushing bones resonates in the quiet room.

“I didn’t hear it well before, but tell me again.”

“… … .”

Hermann lowered his head, pressing the blood flowing from his mouth with both hands.

Now I wasn’t just angry with Hermann. The one-sided letter he sent to Lagrange by himself was tolerable.

I believed Anessa’s words that there would be nothing to leave.

The reason I didn’t speak to her is because I thought I would ignore it for granted.

It was simply a word that was raised to intimidate himself.

But in the end, Anissa responded.


He said it was for himself, but it was a logic that he couldn’t understand.

I have never said that I need none of the loyalties of the other families of the damn Russendo North.

There was only one thing Dietrich said he wanted.

That she never leaves me.

I don’t know why it’s so hard to be asked to stay within reach. I just have to do it if I don’t move.

‘Did you want to win like that?’

Anissa announced the end of the war on the condition that she returned to Euclid.

Seung-ri does not bleed from Lagrange.

The South had nothing more to gain from the war in the first place, so Euclid would have readily allowed it.

‘Did you think you couldn’t win?’

I thought I had never been weak in front of her.

The plan is wrong.

Anyway, time was tight for Dietrich.

I didn’t know how long my worn-out body would last.

So he grabbed the head of the peacock of Euclid, who slept like a fairy tale princess in the early dawn, when the promised day wasn’t bright.

“I’m curious what face would it look like if I kill it and go with my head?”

Gongjak’s face is pale and tired of the blunt murmurs.


It was also similar to Anissa’s white, soft face and red lips.

The dark pink hair was similar to that of the baby rabbit I saw in the garden.

I didn’t know if it really resembled, or if all things look like her because someone had cut my hair these days.

Dietrich glanced down inside the wet peacock’s wall and lifted his sword.

“!#[email protected]%!”

“Huh? what?”

It seemed like Lancel was talking more about what, but I was distracted by the tight time and began to pack up.

The boss of the house, who was watching my actions, holds my hand.


“I’m busy. If you have anything to say, do it later.”

“Don’t do that, but look at the door.”

I listened to Lancel’s words, and then raised my head belatedly.

‘Is it hallucinations?’

Did I miss Dietrich that much?

There is no corner that has changed a little from the last time I saw him, and he is leaning against the door at an angle.

Like turning back the time.

“Look what happened to my eyes, Lan Cell.”

“If it’s what you can see, it’s perfectly normal.”


However, his campaign was only the day before yesterday.


Looking a little tired, he slowly stepped into me with an expressionless face.

Whether you have stepped on the mud, your footsteps are loud. Dirt splashed on the clean floor.

‘Is it really Dietrich?’

The blade he is holding in one hand shines extraordinarily brightly.

‘The war couldn’t have ended already, and you mean you came back after going?’

But why?

I questioned myself and woke up in an awkward posture.

Every time he gets closer to me, the smell of fishy blood gradually thickens. It was the smell that flowed out of the window earlier.

‘What the hell does this smell like?’

I wondered if Dietrich was injured, but the distant face was rather lively.

“How have you come already? What happened to you?”

“You are.”


“What is all that baggage?”

He answered the question with a question.

“I just emptied my last name for one day. Is it another idea already?”

I covered the load that Dietrich pointed to with the gruesomely shining tip of his sword.

“Don’t you say you’re not going to leave?”

He laughed coldly as I avoided the answer.


“… … .”

“I don’t think you have any plans to do it.

The tail of his mouth is raised, but his eyes are not smiling at all. I hurriedly shook my hand over his seething aura.

“Ah, no? I was just going to visit the neighborhood for a while to cool off.”

“Leave me?”

Yes, leaving you.

However, to nod honestly, Dietrich’s expression was unfamiliar and bloody.

Instead of urging for my answer, he reached out his hiding arm.

“What is that?”

The dark pink hair in his hand dangles powerlessly.

I was so amazed that I screamed and solidified in place.


It was self-evident if it was a human head that was in that hand right now. The cockscomb-like hair was smeared with sparse blood.

“… … What is it?”

At my rush, Dietrich dropped the lump of luggage he was carrying, as if passing it over to me.


A heavy sound resonates in a quiet room.

I looked at the huge bag that had rolled in front of me.

“… … Hermann? Is this Hermann?”


Dietrich nodded. I was amazed and closed my mouth with both hands at his insensitive face, without any emotion.



I thought I had only a neck, and I got goosebumps all over my body, but it looks like I was completely attached to my body.

I leaned over to look for the lump of burden that was breathing hard.

‘Fortunately, it doesn’t seem dead.’

Still, it was against the morality to kidnap Hermann. If we do this, the war will not end, but will endure.

“The war hasn’t even begun yet, but you kidnapped the opponent and brought it?”

What crazy is this?

I turned white and took turns with Hermann. He nodded as if it were nothing.



“Because you don’t listen to me.”

I twisted my mouth at Dietrich’s cool words.

“Because I didn’t listen to you?”

“okay. you.”

“… … .”

“Because you didn’t listen to me so dirty.”

Dietrich’s black eyes, whispering low, flashed bloody.

Suddenly, the black color, shiny like a pebble submerged in water, reminded me of the fact that he had traversed the battlefield dozens of times that I did not know.

“So I really can’t stand it now.”

Without asking what I had endured, he grabbed my back neck.

“Wait a minute.”

I reached out in amazement at Dietrich’s bowing, as if touching his nose.

An open breath touched my forehead.

“shut up.”

He came close to him, not the usual nasty smell, but a fishy smell peculiar to a murderer.

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